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  • Suffocation chat to eGigs - Terrence Hobbs gives us the lowdown on new band members, & more - eGigs.co.uk
    well received I really like the artwork on it Raymond Swanland did the artwork We ve been touring for a year and a half on and off sporadically so sooner or later we ll be done with our new record and we ll have something new for you guys but Pinnacle is a good record so if you guys don t have it go out and get it If you can t go out and get it go and download it something like that Spotify it whatever How would you say it compares or contrasts with previous Suffocation albums I think it s very aggressive It s almost like a blend between Despise the Sun and Pierced from Within in my eyes just the structures of some of the songs and things Everybody has got their own favourite but I think it s a really good record solid production on it good players on it sound quality is good cool arrangements and vocal patterns If I were to give it a one to ten I d give it an eight out of ten personally It had a lot of work to it but this next one is going to be better than that Just give me some time to get it together laughs What was it like working on an album without your long time drummer Mike Smith It was fine Dave was a really good drummer We ve worked with him before and we went back into the mix It was pretty seamless but it was kind of weird the way all of that had transpired in general We were like what are we going to do with this record We have to do something different Basically I d written most of the material with Derek Boyer bassist and then we posed that to Dave a month maybe a month and a half before we actually went into the studio Dave being the super awesome drummer he actually really is learned all that stuff Me and him went to the studio and did our scratch tracks together and went from there It s pretty cool very fast It was actually a really fast recording as far as going in there It has a really clear production Yeah that was all Zeuss Do you still speak to Mike No me and Mike don t talk that more He s got his own thing going on so I wish him all the best It was just too sticky It was really bad attitude things and stuff of that nature That s just the way the cookie crumbles and some shit you just can t control I guess we re both happier where we re at Fair enough Returning to your new album when do you think that will be released I m hoping next year We go to the studio at the end of this year beginning of next year We still have some fine tuning to do some lyrics to

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  • Johan Ericson of Draconian talks to eGigs - about new vocalist Heike Langhans - eGigs.co.uk
    She wrote some lyrics How did she find the process working with you She s been with us for two years already The thing is we had to sort her stay in Sweden as well It took us almost two years Then we began the album and got to know each other even more We re like friends now old friends You must have really wanted her to do all that rather than get a European singer Yeah we had some auditions and she was the one She was dead serious I m coming to Sweden and I m doing this She sold her car just to get the ticket to Sweden and she is really interested in the music and dead serious Lisa was not so interested in the music as much as we were she didn t come up with her own ideas This is right Why did you choose the word sovran as the title for the new album It s the same word as sovereign but in older English or language or whatever Basically we found the word very fitting because this album is not all about here on planet Earth It s about the universe It s about our existence on Earth and stuff like that and you re part of the universe and other forces A bit different from the stuff you ve been singing about before Yeah we tried to change it up You can t do the same lyrics as before Heike is very into that sort of stuff How did you find her in South Africa We basically sent out some stuff we had previously without vocals and they had to record them and send them across She was the one with the most interesting voice How many people applied About

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  • Weird Al Yankovic comes to the UK for 3 live dates - - eGigs.co.uk
    our shores in five years and this top selling comedy recording artist will be touring his Grammy nominated new album Mandatory Fun which reached number 1 in the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and is his 14th album release This show has finished a five night run at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas so be sure to catch him and his versions of songs like Pharrell Williams Happy Tacky Robin Thicke s Blurred Lines Word Crimes Lorde s Royals Foil and Iggy Azalea s Fancy Handy as well as some classics from his huge back catalogue article by Danielle Millea published 08 09 2015 13 23 more about Weird Al Yankovic more about O2 Academy 1 2 and 3 Birmingham more about Eventim Hammersmith Apollo Hammersmith more about O2 ABC ABC2 Glasgow Search eGigs co uk BANDS all bands VENUES all venues sign up for the eGigs weekly newsletter Latest Tourdates Georgie Foil Arms And Hog Imam Baildi The Correspondents Blaenavon Wilko Johnson Nathaniel Rateliff The Night Sweats St Paul and The Broken Bones Chas Dave Tommy Emmanuel Beyonce Jackals Rose 10cc Seal Roxette The English Beat With Dave Wakeling The Christians Vaults Otherkin Eliza and The Bear Fort Hope

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  • The Wildhearts are back with a 20th anniversary tour - - eGigs.co.uk
    20 September O2 ABC Glasgow Tue 22 September O2 Academy Leeds Wed 23 September Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton Thu 24 September O2 Academy Bristol Fri 25 September O2 Shepherds Bush Empire London article by Danielle Millea published 08 09 2015 13 18 more about The Wildhearts Search eGigs co uk BANDS all bands VENUES all venues sign up for the eGigs weekly newsletter Latest Tourdates Georgie Foil Arms And Hog Imam

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  • Brujeria talks to eGigs - interview with vocalist Juan Brujo on new materiaL, narcos country music, & more - eGigs.co.uk
    the early 90s and you have so few albums out We never really toured We started our first live gigs that were official in 2002 I think What happens is when we do the records the members all go in there and are like Yeah it s good or whatever Then all of a sudden the members get famous in other bands They ll be gone for three years touring When are we going to do the next thing I ll be back next year Aw Everybody who joins Brujeria right away they become famous in some other band I m the only one who hasn t got the famous thing going on No one s ever called you up and asked to join their band No I d never do that I m not about that Everybody else gets the famous thing and they go off and do that or whatever I don t care I just want to have fun Touring to me is just for fun I don t have to make a living or whatever The other guys like doing it too We fight a lot and it s just funny So you ve got a lot of superstar guys and they re really picky let s say I don t know it s just fun for me You have been going for so long you re probably Mexico s most popular metal band What was death metal in Mexico like in the earlier days No one knew who we were or where we came from It was guys just doing this metal and chopping off heads and sharing the crap out of people Mexico needed that they didn t have it It was all calm and Don t do that then we came out and destroyed everything That was our intention to make something in Spanish and give them something they really wanted because no one was doing it over there They were listening to bands singing in English All the metal guys in Mexico love it because my example is Napalm Death and they re all like makes impression of barked shouts like Napalm Death no one understands it and it s like it could be any language anyway So we were like let s do something Spanish that they could understand and see what happens and it just hit them hard Yes but not just Mexico but internationally I was like Let s hit Mexico and it exploded right away We had a little single out that cost 100 to make and there were only 20 000 of them or something We didn t get nothing we were just like Put this out and we gave it to somebody to put out for free Jello Biafra was the second one of Dead Kennedys Put this out on your label What do you want for it How about some t shirts and a Dead Kenndys CD or two I don t wanna put it

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  • PJ Bond speaks to eGigs - hoping to become a household name - eGigs.co.uk
    the end At those times it starts with a chord progression and a melody In these cases the lyrics do not come until way later Other times if I am on the road I may write a lot of lyric ideas in a book as it s easier to sit with a pen and paper than to find a quiet place to play guitar and sing So then I will take these lyric ideas and try to apply them to a melody A third version is if I m just walking around I may come up with a melody and then try to fit a lyric to it Then I ll do my best to get to a guitar and figure out what the chords are that fit the melody and try to fill in the rest of the lyrics So it really depends In the end I just hope I get a good tune out of it and if I do I don t care how it happened It seems you split your time between NYC and Asheville why s this Do you get different influences from both places I didn t have a place of my own for about 5 years and so when I was off the road I would spend time with with my family and great friends In Brooklyn I was able to see my best friend and stay with him take care of his dog Loki and visit lots of my friends who are up north Other times I would go to Asheville and enjoy the peace of the mountains and hang out with my older brother Chris and his lovely family Between the two I get to satisfy my love of two extremes And they do both really inspire me in different ways I d started to appreciate and like country music more around when I started spending time in Asheville and down there I got to live a little closer to the feeling But I was also introduced to some other really great music and am constantly excited about new ideas when I am there Brooklyn provides more of the metropolitan uptown vibe When I m there I feel my faster pace dig into a more modern hard nose approach I think my life and music benefit from having both And these days I am staying in Philadelphia which somehow combines a little bit of the two It s very much a northern city but more laid back than NYC and provides a lot of opportunity that I might miss up there What inspires you to write I am inspired to write by the desire to make sense of things and to try and recreate or capture emotions With that inspiration can come from so much more than music the way you feel when you re sitting next to someone you wish you had the guts to talk to how you feel when you see your grandmother s ring that she left

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  • ahab talks to eGigs - we chat to bassist Stephan Wandernoth - eGigs.co.uk
    you are big literary fans Yes kind of We have to read the books before we start the writing process because we like the idea to have some pictures in mind to make music It should fit on some level We read about three or four books before We read I don t know the English title of the book The Ice Sphinx by Jules Verne It s the same in English Also 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea and stuff like that but it wasn t what we were searching for Somehow it was too friendly and we were searching for something dark a mix between a horror and a fiction book It s great I love the story Who recommended the book Well actually it was a fan on Facebook He said Have you ever heard about the book by William Hope Hodgson And we said No let s try it We read the stuff and it turned out it was great That s amazing Did you let the fan know that he was the inspiration We can t find him anymore So if he reads this interview please please please write us a note It s a shame We don t know who exactly that guy is You might be getting more recommendations after this interview Yes maybe laughs We ll have lots of CDs to send out So before you wrote the album you all got together and said These are some books that we should read if we haven t already read them Yes we spend a lot of time choosing a book and reading We tried to make music without the idea of an album in the back and it didn t work out We wrote about three songs but none of these songs are on the album now because it doesn t work I don t know why So we found an idea to integrate this book and somehow there was a change and it worked Ahab s career has been fairly varied On The Curse of the Wretched Sea there was more prominent funeral doom and now there are more distinct post rock influences How do you explain this evolution in sound We re getting older laughs No actually it sounds so stupid but it just happened We don t want to do another Call of the Wretched Sea album That s not the point we like to throw We want to work as a team as a band So we can stay at one point and do that funeral doom all the time We have a lot of different influences of course and that s what you find in our music Maybe that was the reason I don t know It s just what comes out of us at that moment It s a natural thing We are not those guys sitting and saying Let s do a post rock song What s the point You don t play live often

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  • eGigs talks to Flotsam and Jetsam - with bassist Michael Spencer - eGigs.co.uk
    files in once they have had all the drum edits done to them and can track everything else at Michael s home studio and that way you have a little more control over where it s going and timing on when you can get things done I heard there was talk of new songs being collecting together some leftovers from the 80s days of Flotsam and Jetsam that you are planning on putting out on a new release Have you got any information on this forthcoming album Yeah we have 17 tunes tracked already with drums six tracked with guitars and bass and there are four of them that were written back in 86 87 that were the things I wrote Two of them would have been songs that would have ended up on No Place if I would have stayed with them So we might at least revisit those and one or two of the others as bonus tracks or an EP because we have too many songs for an album and it s not like any of them are necessarily filler songs because we had 22 24 and we ve already shaved those off so we have 17 strong songs The band has had a varied career with so many different sounds What do these new tracks sound like Some are old school some have a modern sound We all have different influences but the whole goal is to still have the energy Michael s into Slipknot and Rammstein and industrial stuff too so he s always been a sample guy even after No Place so on our third and fourth albums they were doing sample tracks even back then so nothing s really changed in that respect The goal has always been heavy and never to take away from that slow tempo fast tempo With Jason in the band Jason s got a lot of energy he s a pretty fierce player so it s kinda cool what he s laid down for the songs and you start hearing all the bass and hear everything put on that and hear a new rhythm aspect because he doesn t play like Kelly so that s kind of fun to hear all those pieces get put together for new music When will this album be released We re hoping October or November The tours that we have in Europe are affecting us being productive but we re gonna be back in the US for three and a half weeks before we come back to Europe for another two and a half weeks so that makes it harder for us to be even more productive on the album than we should be but it s not like we want to cancel the tours The goal is to put out good music and album sales is just a different beast anyway these days Absolutely Flotsam and Jetsam have been going consistently since the 80s whereas a lot of thrash metal bands

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