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  • ELAFLEX Home UK - elaflex.co.uk
    Gas Refuelling Loading and Unloading Ships Bunkering Loading and Unloading Rubber Expansion Joints for Piping Systems Defence Welcome to Elaflex Ltd UK ELAFLEX Ltd established in 1988 is associated with ELAFLEX of Germany the headquarters of ELAFLEX and is the UK Eire supplier of ZVA nozzles nozzle spare parts and accessories rubber flexible hoses TW couplings ERV expansion joints and Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Doupling for the petroleum LPG and petrochemical industries Safety in your hands As an engineering based company with ISO 9001 accreditation we have the technical resources to ensure that solutions provided to these two complex industries are always state of the art Form follows Function ZVF 50 the new overwing nozzle for aircraft refuelling More News Elaflex Ltd A fresh look for the website of Elaflex LTD Here you go a fresh look for the website of Elaflex LTD UK Always up to date fast access to technical documentation more content and more Our next exhibitions Offshore 2015 Aberdeen 8 11 September AECC Aberdeen Exhibition Conference Centre World LPG 2015 28 September 2 October more Elaflex are exhibiting at APEA Elaflex are exhibiting at APEA live November 5th and sponsoring the lifetime achievement award Have you

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  • ELAFLEX LTD - Profile - elaflex.co.uk
    products Location ELAFLEX LTD Riverside House Plumpton Road Hoddesdon Herts EN11 0PA Tel 44 1992 45 29 50 Fax 44 1992 45 29 11 E Mail sales elaflex co uk Staff Employees 14 History ELAFLEX Ltd was established in 1988 originally located in Hendon The business has evolved and grown over the years and In 1992 we moved to our present and larger facilities in Hoddesdon Hertfordshire in the South East of England with easy access to the airports of Stansted Heathrow Luton and Gatwick Distribution Products and services Aircraft Refuelling Hoses YELLOW BAND NEON COUPLINGS OVERWING NOZZLES Tank Truck Hoses YELLOW BAND HD TW LTW Chemical Hoses UTS UTL ELAFLON PLUS FEP PTFE Hose Fittings and Tank Pipe Fittings PAL High Quality hoses for Chemical Industry POLYPAL CLEAN TECNOPAL Pharma Hoses ELAPHARM and clean connections Rubber Expansion Jointsfor water and waste water Petroleum based products and LPG Chemistry and Foodstuff ERV G R ROTEX Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZVA Slimline 2 ZVA Slimline 2 GR Non Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZV 19 ZVF 50 ZV 500 Safety Breaks SSB 16 CSB 21 We specialize in ZVA Nozzles Rubber bellows Mann Tek Dry break dry disconnect and safety break away couplings and ball valves and Elaflex technical rubber hoses and hose end fittings Our hoses are true smooth bore extruded construction We supply long length coils or cut assemblies to customer s specific requirements From our HQ in Hoddesdon and with our representatives we cover the UK and the Republic of Ireland At our facility in Manchester we provide additional specialised technical work with LPG as well as training service repair testing and maintenance of hoses nozzles and couplings Aviation We specialise in Into plane aircraft refuelling hoses and nozzles rubber expansion joints for tankers and Dry disconnect couplings for off take

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  • About us - elaflex.co.uk
    a sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits ELAFLEX is organised according to competencies to provide our clients in all industry sectors with best consulting and customer care ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH with its profit centers SAT hose and fittings department and ERV expansion joints department supplies hose assemblies rubber expansion joints and fittings for suction and discharge of fuels chemical products and other liquids ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH is a leading manufacturer supplying aircraft refuelling hoses and Rubber Expansion Joints throughout the world ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG EHT brings together the ZVA nozzle petrol pump hose and refuelling accessories In recognition of the importance attached to this market ELAFLEX Hamburg and the producer of the nozzles HIBY partnered in 2010 Our range of automatic nozzles under the brand name of ZVA was developed at the beginning of the 60 s together with our premium dispensing hoses EHT is active world wide and indeed is one of the world market leaders in nozzles and petrol pump hoses especially in the vapour recovery sector Stage II We are a commited partner to our customers Knowing their problems and challenges enables us to develop and manufacture products which meet the market requirements The active participation in the preparation of official standards qualified employees our safety philosophy and a quality that deserves its name are also very important to us Daughter and affiliated companies as well as our distribution partners provide that our products are available in all important markets and regions Our customers can count on reliable counterparts who understand the local conditions and requirements Please click on blue text to get further informations Examples for Elaflex Products Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZVA Slimline 2 ZVA Slimline 2 GR Non Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZV 19 ZVF

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  • Profile - elaflex.co.uk
    Elaflex Group Media Library Images Videos Contact Elaflex Ltd UK Distributors Elaflex International Elaflex Group Website to top PDF to Print Elaflex Group Profile Profile The ELAFLEX group of companies bases on the closely interconnected firms ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH and ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG with their three sales divisions SAT hoses and fittings all sectors except forecourt ERV rubber expansion joints and EHT petrol station equipment Business Sector refuelling equipment Development and distribution of products for the safe transfer of fuels chemical products and other fluid media ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH Managing Directors Jürgen Harengel Achim Aehle Stefan Kunter Sales Division SAT Hoses and Fittings Sales Division ERV Rubber Expansion Joints ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG Co owned in equal parts Thomas Hiby GmbH Co KG ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH Managing Directors Sales Division EHT Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik Facts and figures Company incorporation 1923 Business Sector refuelling equipment Development and distribution of products for the safe transfer of fuels chemical products and other fluid media Export ratio 70 Employees international 450 Products Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZVA Slimline 2 ZVA Slimline 2 GR Non Automatic Dispensing Nozzles ZV 19 ZVF 50 ZV 500 Safety Breaks SSB 16

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  • History - elaflex.co.uk
    in a range of 1 000 and 1 Mio Ohm It takes some time to convince customers like oil companies to skip the common B fully conductive versions and specify the C types A defined conductivity range is clearly safer to use The first chemical resistance chart N 60 is published It informs about the suitablility of Elaflex hoses in relation to 400 different media A clear trend for wet hose type refuelling equipment can be seen in comparison to dry hose systems where the hose is emptied after use Several new refuelling equipment developments are initialised Begin of ZVA Slimline serial production the new type superseedes ZVA 19 ZVA 20 in the following years The nozzle is easier to use slim and lightweight reliable and robust and shows clearly improved automatic cut off properties as well as less pressure drop ZVA 25 for LKW and bus refuelling The silhouette is similar to ZVA Slimline functioning and many spare parts identical to ZVA Slimline Coloured smooth surface dispensing hoses Contitan Color C 15 5 8 and coloured ZVA scuffguards bring colour to the forecourt For the first time a good adoption to the company brand colour of oil companies is possible PTB approval of Conti Titan dispensing hoses among other a safe dissipation of electrostatic charges is being attested Construction of additional stock larger ramps and pallet adopted stockkeeping provide higher effiiency on our premises LTW 100 the famous lightweight road tanker hose with corrugated cover now is available in 4 as long awaited supplement to MK 100 VK100 TW couplings Maximum flowrate for the petrol station supply logistic Green Band acid hoses HYW with Hypalon lining suitable e g for concentrated sulfuric acid ERV White Band Rubber Expansion Joints supplement the known types Yellow Red and Green Band All types are now available until size DN 300 ERV steel flanges are equipped with a leading nose later called stabilising neck which improves lifetime of the bellows especially if it is subject to high dynamic strain Vacuum support rings for ERV now also available of PTFE Self service at the forecourt is gaining ground The optimal highly flexible dispensing hose the new Conti ELAFLEX Slimline smooth cover lead cured production DN 15 16 50 year jubilee of the family business Gummi Ehlers GmbH and Elaflex GmbH merge to ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH The combined company concentrates on petrol station equipment hoses and fittings and expansion joints The range of standard traded wholesale goods like aprons gloves and boots is stopped PTB approval for ZVA Slimline Meanwhile this nozzle is the most used nozzle type in Western Europe Development of TW coupler levers with spring improved lever arresting and coupling lock for TW female couplers All MK couplers are conform to the current DIN 28450 standard and at the same time they are better than the standard due to their improved coupling lock The defined conductivity range between 1 000 und 1 Mio Ohm for refuelling hose is patented Coloured Anti Kinking Sleeves KT 15 of soft PVC for dispensing hoses are being introduced optionally with brand or advertisement imprint ZVA Mix connectors for twin hoses Octane Oil mix HD Yellow Band hoses now in reel lenght up to 80 m ex stock The use of hold open latches on forecourt nozzles is admitted in Germany The functioning automatic cut off and the safety cut out ball valve guarantee sufficient safety for self service with latching Car tanks can get filled up fully now during the refilling process oil is checked and the windows are cleaned Reduced ZVA unleaded spout BF OD 21 mm to avoid mix up with leaded fuels Initially only available as long spout version for export SPANNFIX two part safety clamps connected by a hinge The system superseedes the old one piece version Made of hot stamped aluminium and a stainless steel pin The system is easy to assemble highly pressure resistant PN 25 and reusable Confronted to standard clamps it is lighter and more compact Klemmfix Nylon double connectors for the still famous twin hoses superseed the previous Mix type of Neoprene ZVU DN 19 and ZV 25 DN 25 nozzles ZVA Slimline and ZVA 25 in special version for solvents and chemicals Spannfix hose connectors with double shank TSV for the compact connection of hose assemblies suitable for hose reels Spannfix in size 75 All standard sizes 32 75 are now available ERV Rotstahl Rubber Expansion Joints for heating systems up to permanent temperatures of 110 C are introduced The predicessor of the ROTEX compensator Improved ELAPAC quality with high resistance against aromatics and solvents Coloured KT 16 old KT 15 anti kinking sleeves optionally with advertisement imprint Hiby the company is now led by Thomas Hiby family tradition in third generation The compact manual wet hose nozzle ZV 40 superseedes ZV 35 and ZV 50 Flow rate up to 600 l min suitable for reel hoses DN 32 40 with spout or MK coupling Special types for solvents or as dry hose delivery Pressure peaks are optimally dampened low pressure drop lightweight and economical The manual nozzle ZV 19 superseedes ZVU Universal Flow rate up to 100 l min It is more robust lightweight and the flow can be dosed very easy EK 145 Slogan Badges for ZVA nozzles They serve to show the selected fuel type and therefore avoid misfuellings Hiby the assembling premises and turning department is enlarged A QS quality check system is introduced Approval by TÜV Rheinland for Rubber Expansion Joints ERV Rotstahl New hose types enlarge our product range e g alcohol foodstuffs and silo hoses After official burst tests Elaflex aircraft refuelling hoses are specified by several international oil companies Oil tank lock OS 50 E as VK 50 anti theft protection device Manual nozzle ZV 25 new Manual nozzle ZVF 40 for aircraft refuelling Manual nozzle ZV 500 superseedes ZV 50 Manual nozzle ZV 400 superseedes ZV 40 The new series ZV 350 ZV 400 ZV 500 gaines acceptance as standard heating oil nozzles for road tankers The low pressure drop soft closure due to dampening mechanics and a new version of DS 2 with ball bearing are convincing Detail improvents for ZVA Slimline scuffguards in new shape with guiding ribs to divert diesel fuel rests spout tips with protecting ribs and a new sensing port swivels with patented pressurised flushing self lubricating avoiding pollution decreasing metal wear WPX hose compenstors for heat pumps The automatic nozzle ZVA 32 in new version more compact and easier to handle larger usable spout length slightly bent spout for refuelling environments with limited space lower pressure drop minimum cut off at 10 l min many spare parts now interchangeable with ZVA Slimline and ZVA 25 TRbF approval Universal hose UTW with smooth lining of Polyethylene PE X for a large range of industrially used media up to max 60 C The previous type WR 25 is not longer produced All threaded hose couplings DN 25 now also with Spannfix clamps MX 25 VX 25 Red Band saturated steam hoses now available in reels up to 40 metres previously max 20 metres Brass TW couplings MKX MKC 100 one part versions if the customer wants to save weight The ERV programme of Rubber expansion joints is enlarged now ranging from DN 25 to DN 600 Lockable fill pipe coupling with TW connection TS 80 Rubber Expansion Joints ERV G now also suitable for the new lead reduced fuels with increased aromatic content ERV steel flanges receive an improved corrosion protection by acombination of zinc plating and yellow chromating Vakuum support spirals VSD for ERV permit a higher vacuum resistance ERV for L P Gas from 1990 called ERV Orange Band Further improved ELAPAC blue quality free of asbestos conform to DIN 28463 no leaching shrinking media discoloration hardening or sticking to the flange ZVA Slimline the standard and HiFlo type H Type are unified Standard version up to 80 l min flow rate The company moves to their new premises in Schnackenburgallee 121 in Hamburg Eidelstedt Lot size 14 000 m2 4 000 m2 for assembling and dispatch pallet shelving system with stacking up to 5 mtr height 2500 m2 circulaton area Large stock capacity fast workflow improved assembling conditions new testing and quality control facilities Introduction of unleaded fuels necessary aromatic and methanol additives cause swelling and leaching of many rubber and plastic materials as well as increased permeation New challenges for refuelling equipment which now must be matched by new material compounds for many components in our product range ERV CR of chloroprene as economical Rubber Expansion Joint for water is introduced ERV R Red Band is approved to KTW regulations for drinking water ERV flame protection covers FSH are now asbestos free Crimped cone threaded fittings for dispensing hoses are superseeded by threaded M and V Ferrule Fittings The company founder Karl M C Ehlers dies at the age of 88 years Karlheinz Ehlers becomes the sole owner One piece TW hose couplings of stainless steel we are starting to build up the programme Standard stainless steel hose couplings e g with threaded connections now ex stock Fast delivery times for most Elaflex standard products becomes to be a decisive edge over competitors E 84 the first version of our E Spare Parts Pricelist containing many important information related to nozzle maintenance and repair Due to the introduction of unleaded fuels since beginning of the 80s the product range does not only change technically but also colours get more important to distinguish products Green stands for unleaded in the refuelling sector Approval to stringent AQAP 2130 quality assurance concept for hose hose assembly and rubber expansion supplies to NATO forces Hose couplings of Polypropylene First E CTFE coated stainless steel hose couplings couplers threaded and flanged couplings where the surface in contact with the medium is coated with E CTFE ZVA VA automatic nozzle of stainless steel for chemical applications ZVA GBZ for cognac and other drinking alcohol special applications of cast bronze ELAFLON universal hose Nearly universal chemical resistance and always clean media Initially available as type UHD F UTW F F Fluorine with white green white marking bands Aircraft refuelling with JET fuel spouts receive a JET A1 adapter enlargement piece and marking at spout tip to avoid misfuelling mixing up with Avgas Acquisition of the company Dessoy Flexible Tubing Antwerp Belgium Distributor of hoses and fittings technology with own production In 1992 the company is renamed Elaflex NV The export ratio of Elaflex Hamburg exceeds 50 New company logo The ELAFLEX catalogue system with continuously updated single pages starts Foundation of the daughter company Elaflex Italia Srl in Brescia Italy EA 720 3 Swivel for ZVG with ball bearing Hiby the foundry is modernised sand regeneration recycling sand core production model and tool making state of the art foundry methods External Drip Catcher for ZVA Slimline nozzles helping to keep the diesel dispenser area cleaner Foundation of L G Equipment Ltd in Australia by John Treloar ERP Red Dot Rubber Expansion Joints highly flexible for sanitary installations Spare Parts Price List E 87 for nozzles all parts now with drawings to avoid incorrect ordering Elbow Swivel Break ESB 16 the first reusable reattachable Safety Break for drive away incidents at the forecourct with integrated two plane swivel Foundation of Elaflex Ltd in Great Britain transfer of the sales business petrol station equipment of Permex Ltd to the new company New VCI Industry Standard for chemical hoses Elaflex has contributed in the development of the standard Among other the new system suggests to mark chemical hoses with different colour markings depending on the hose lining This provides more safety and clarity The colour system is adopted for the distinctive Elaflex Band markings of our hoses Introduction of active vapour recovery at petrol stations initially only at test sites in Germany and Switzerland ZVA GR nozzles for gasoline with active vapour recovery In the beginning we offer a modified ZVA Slimline externally attached vapour recovery channel Harmful vapours containing hydrocarbons are pumped back from the nozzle spout area via nozzle hose and vapour pump back into the underground storage tank COAX hose assembly for the European active vapour recovery system with highly kinking resistant inner vapour hose The GRV 1 vapour regulation valve externally mounted to the dispenser and the Coax adaptor splitter valve ZAF 1 supplement the vapour recovery product range ELAFLON hoses now available ex stock in all standard sizes Spannloc safety hose clamps now available also of stainless steel Harmonisation of the tanker hose sizes DN 63 and 65 mm the internationally most used dimension 63 21 2 is standardised New version of the forecourt sight glass SG 1 cr of chrome plated hot stamped brass It can be mounted either to the dispenser or the nozzle and is conciderably more economical than previous versions Step by step our refuelling hoses are fitted with the permanent and well readable continuous embossed marking Apart standard related information type name siza and Conti Elaflex as manufacturer all hoses additionally the procuction date many types also a batch number as it is common praxis with our nozzles The longevity of our products now is more transparent to our customers ERV Rubber Expansion Joints now up to size DN 800 Yellow and Red Band from stock Red Band approved by DVGW for drinking water the German Navy specifies Elaflex ERV stainless steel flanges for expansion joints ex stock vacuum support rings VSR for large bore compensators from DN 250 available Stage II vapour recovery is prescribed by law in Sweden as first European country ZVA GR with their active vapour recovery are preferred against the previously used vapour balance systems According to German law 20 BImSchV for the fuell delivery between refinery road tanker and petrol station storage tanke vapour recovery Stage 1b is prescribed For this application we supply the GPL 50 vapour recovery balance hose in DN 50 mm SPANNLOC VA safety hose clamps of stainless steel are now available in 10 sizes Serial production start of ZVA 200 GRV with integrated vapour recovery channel and integrated vapour regulating valve Accessories for vapour recovery to check the functioning or the vapour recovery system dry test connector TMA 1 wet test connector CMA 1 First European type approval for ZVA GR New anti kinking system KST for all dispensing hoses KS anti kinking sleeve of polyurethane and colour sleeve of soft PVC NR non reusable non reattacheable ferrule type fittings 25 NR M 25 NR COAX hoses in highly flexible MPD version for Multi Product Dispensers with hose retrieval system Step by step the inner vapour hose of all COAX hose assemblies is supplied with the new GRS 8 PU of polyurethane COAX hoses abailable in LT version Low Temperature for especially cold regions Elaflon E CTFE coated TW couplings of stainless steel couplings now available ex stock TW couplings of stainless steel now also in 4 The new ROTEX Rubber Expansion Joint successor of ERV Rotstahl for heating system applications is an instant international success The reusable re attacheable Safety Swivel Break SSB 16 for direct nozzle attachment is introduced A compact combination of swivel and safety break The coupling can separate in axial and angular direction Gründung der Gesellschaft ELAFLEX SNC France In 1993 we sell 1 300 000 metres 1300 km refuelling and chemical hoses To demonstrate this is the distance between Elaflex Hamburg and our daughter company Elaflex Italia in Brescia Italy TÜV Rheinland effects efficiency tests and certifies the proper function of ZVA GR and ZVA 200 GR vapour recovery with GRV 1 COAX hose assemblies After ZVA 200 GRV 1991 serial production of ZVA 200 GR with partially integrated GRV 2 On Off vapour valve begins Ready for dry testing which is preferred compared to wet testing The new DIN 2823 chemical hose standard developed on basis of the VCI industry standard is met by Elaflex Conti Premium Quality chemical acid sovent and universal hoses with further improved properties which partially are far exceeding standards requirements ISO 9001 certification for Elaflex Hamburg Space saving square shaped flange for road tankers of weldable hot stamped aluminum type TQFA Aluminium sight glasses for road tankers SG 4 Al TSG 4 Al DIN 2825 standard for steam hoses ContiTech and Elaflex participated in the formulation of high standards Elaflex SD hoses for saturated steam hoses fulfil them since years One example the pressure test at 90 bar Due to product liability reasons the standard version of COAX henceforth is NR with non reattacheable hose couplings Reusable type couplings for self assembly continue to be available ZVA 200 GRVP with proportional vapour regulation valve partially integrated into the nozzle This is a very cost effective solution for dispenser manufacturers as previously the regulation valve had to be built into the dispenser The new nozzle type soon gets liked especially for the retrofitting of older type dispensers to the vapour recovery system ZVA 200 GRV 3 On Off vapour valve fully integrated into the nozzle It opens and closes with gravity Clearly more economical than previous version GRV 2 The Stage 1b vapour recovery vapour balance hose for road tankers GPL is equipped with electrical conductors to be able to transmit electronic signals for ASS QSS systems without any disturbance Foundation of the company Mann Teknik AB Mann Tek in Sweden assuming production of Dry Disconnect Couplings Safety Breakaway Couplings for railcars ARK 100 with BAM TÜV approval Elaflex Hamburg administration office enlarged a building with four levels is being annexed UTD UTS universal hoses with white lining of ultra high moliecular polyethylene UPE superseed the previous UTW type with PE X lining Improved swellling properties and strength of the material better temperature resistance suitability for foodstuffs and flexibility Universal hoses with plastic or fluoropolymer liners which should be attached with well adhesion to the rest of the hose construction increasingly displace pure rubber constructions of

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  • Organisational structure - elaflex.co.uk
    Hoses and Fittings and ERV Rubber Expansion Joints fall within the competence of the ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH EGE The sales division EHT Petrol Station Equipment is supervised by ELAFLEX HIBY GmbH Co KG Co owner in equal parts are EGE and Thomas HIBY GmbH Co KG in Plettenberg EGE Thomas HIBY GmbH HIBY Tanktechnik SAT ERV EHT HIBY Sandguss Please click on the boxes to get further informations Translate to Englisch ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH Schnackenburgallee 121 D 22525 Hamburg Tel 49 40 540 00 5 0 Fax 49 40 540 00 5 67 E Mail info elaflex de ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH develops and distributes products for the transfer suction and discharge of fuels chemical products and other fluids Sister and daughter companies among others ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG ELAFLEX NV Mann Teknik AB Managing Directors Jürgen Harengel Achim Aehle Stefan Kunter Commercial register no HR B 7788 VAT Identification no DE 118546641 Bank account numbers IBAN BIC upon request E Mail ritter elaflex de Tel 49 40 540 00 5 1816 Thomas Hiby GmbH Co KG Grünestraße 32 D 58840 Plettenberg Tel 49 0 2391 925 0 Managing Director Thomas Hiby ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG Schnackenburgallee 121 D 22525 Hamburg Tel 49 40 540 00 5 0 Fax 49 40 540 00 5 67 E Mail info elaflex de Branch Plettenberg Auf dem Stahl 9 D 58840 Plettenberg ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG develops and distributes petrol pump nozzles petrol pump hoses hose fittings and accessories Sister and daughter companies among others ELAFLEX AB ELAFLEX FRANCE SARL ELAFLEX SRL LG EQUIPMENT PTY LTD GasGuard Co owned in equal parts Thomas Hiby GmbH Co KG ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH Managing Directors Stefan Kunter Thomas Hiby Jürgen Harengel Commercial register no HR A 90671

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  • Daughter and Sister Companies - elaflex.co.uk
    Flow nozzles ZVA Slimline 2 GR series Stage II vapour recovery nozzles SSB 16 Elaflex Safety Break swivel fits to nozzle ZVA spare parts and accessories splash guards Elaflex Slimline petrol pump hoses to EN1360 lightweight and extremely flexible Elaflex COAX vapour recovery hose CSB 21 Elaflex Coax Safety Break LPG nozzles hoses and safety break couplings Please contact us for literature prices or other information ELAFLEX LATIN AMERICA S A Talcahuano 925 1ºpiso B1640CZE Martinez Buenos Aires Tel 54 11 4836 3510 Mobil 549 11 4403 4967 E Mail frank depoli elaflex com ar Web www elaflex com ar ELAFLEX Italia SRL Via Industriale 28 I 25086 Rezzato BS Tel 39 030 24 96 100 Fax 39 030 24 96 180 E Mail info elaflex it Web www elaflex it ELAFLEX ITALIA srl belongs 100 to the parent company ELAFLEX Group with headquarters in Hamburg Germany Our target is to offer a speed and safe service throughout the Italian territory in all countries of northern Africa and also in former Yugoslavia and on up to Greece Our most significant customers are numerous oil companies AGIP BP BREGA ERG ESSO IP MOBIL KUWAIT Petroleum SHELL TOKHEIM TOTAL and last but not least TAMOIL dispenser manufacturing companies GILBARCO TOKHEIM DRESSER chemical petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries ELAFLEX puts on the market and distributes rubber and composite hoses fittings Mann Tek safety couplings and rubber expansion joints for fuel chemicals foodstuffs and LPG delivery ELAFLEX ZVA nozzles for fuel delivery and associated products are renown all over the world For some years now we have been appointed sole distributors of Carter products for the Italian market Our commitment to keep high quality and high safety standards as we have been doing over these last 75 years of activity will be maintained also in the years to come ELAFLEX PACIFIC PTY LTD Unit 29 58 Box Road Taren Point 2229 Sydney Tel 61 2 8058 9258 Fax 61 2 8058 9240 E Mail info elaflex com au Web www elaflex com au ELAFLEX France SARL Aktipark 50 Rue des Chardonnerets Lot Nº 3 F 93290 Tremblay en France Tel 33 0 1 41 84 06 22 Fax 33 0 1 48 63 21 92 E Mail info elaflex fr Web www elaflex fr ELAFLEX FRANCE SARL is a daughter company of ELAFLEX Hamburg This structure has been created in the year 2003 in order to make distribution of the entire Elaflex product range in France The two main branches of the Group are represented by ELAFLEX FRANCE SARL The industrial and aviation product range from ELAFLEX Gummi Ehlers GmbH EGE Products for service stations from ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH Co KG EHT The industrial branch distributes all petroleum hose types chemical hoses Yellow Band Polypal Plus Elaflon Tecnopal UTS FEP etc hose couplings ZVF aviation overwing nozzles and rubber expansion joints all media diameters from DN 32 to DN 1000 We also specialize in Dry Disconnect Couplings DDC from Mann Tek The Service Station

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  • Production - elaflex.co.uk
    technological properties Petrol Pump Fuelling and Chemical Hoses ContiTech Fluid Korbach Germany We share decades of reliable and trusting coorperation with Continental AG among others regarding the production of hoses for petroleum based products and chemicals The products are devoloped in partnership manufactured by ContiTech exclusively for us and distributed by Elaflex as reels or complete and tested hose assemblies The tried division of labour result in premium quality High Tech products which are well worth their price Regarding ContiTech this is ensured by constantly updating plant equipment safeguarding high capacities and flexibility and natuarally also due to their many years of experience and competence in the rubber industry We also would like to highlight their large amount of available specialised rubber compounds adopted to each requirement our common policy to use braided reinforcements as standard in contrast to wound textile reinforcements these have major advantages and ContiTech s innovation ability e g in regards to modern manufacturing processes for the integration of media resistant plastic linings into a flexible rubber hose construction Rubber Expansion Joints ContiTech Airspring Systems Hannover Germany Just like for hoses the following is also valid for rubber expansion joints if you compare new products just by an external look there are very few discernable differences between low and high quality bellows Details make the difference between cheap and premium quality The rubber bellows of our ERV expansion joints co developed with Elaflex are manufactured exclusively by ContiTech This is one of Conti s core competences of the Hannover plant in Northern Germany Its technical lead to the competitors shows in many factors e g a vast choice of specialised rubber compounds modern and flexible manufacturing facilities a stringent quality control over the entire production chain continuous testing of material batches etc for the user this will show in a superior lifetime At Elaflex the bellows are complemented with flanges and accessories thus becoming ERV rubber expansion joints to customer requirement tested and certified Dry Disconnect and Break away Couplings Mann Tek Mariestad Sweden Safe environmently friendly and cost effective Dry Disconnect Couplings Made by Mann Tek in Sweden have become a quality reference As part of the Elaflex group of companies the Mariestad plant manufactures DDC DAC DGC and DCC Trockenkupplungen Break away Couplings swivels ¾ up to 10 and ball valves for a clean and efficient loading and transfer of petroleum based products chemicals liquid gases and cryogenic media The basis for the international success of Mann Tek products does not only lie in its wide product range of state of state of the art couplings and long term experience but also in their efficient one piece flow production based on the modular construction of Mann Tek products this production system ensures short lead times Composite Hoses ELAFLEX NV Antwerp Belgium Our daughter company in Antwerp assembles and supplies our FWS Type composite hoses in sizes DN 25 up to 250 mm Standard qualities are of PP und PTFE many other types are available

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