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  • Maintaining Company Culture Across Your Business During Periods of Growth – Elite Leaders
    lives and breathes these values will ensure that the new employees will understand the culture and represent your brand and business in the same way Don t Make Assumptions As your business grows further don t make the mistake of assuming your culture will spread with it The process of hiring somebody into your business will evolve and other employees will be included in this process when others start to get involved is when you are at risk of losing the culture ensure your key employees are just as comfortable with your culture as you are Communication Communication is key to any change employee engagement induction training etc that occurs within your business Communicating about your culture will let your employees know you are committed to the values and culture that exist within the business Identify Company Ambassadors Identify those individuals who understand and represent your culture aka culture ambassadors incorporating these individuals into any induction process will give new employees an understanding of what working in and for your company is all about Live Your Culture How you induct someone into your organisation is a reflection of your company and the culture if you say you are one thing but your actions are the opposite no one will truly grasp your culture For example if part of your culture centres around teamwork and learning from each other yet in the induction process new hires are left in a room on their own to read through your induction pack this clearly gives the wrong impression of your business Have you designed all the activities that new hires will be doing during their induction process with your values and culture in mind Meet Regularly Geographical restrictions can make it tough for employees across all offices to meet regularly so where possible

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  • Guest Blog Post: Top tips for recruiters to be THE champion in customer service – Elite Leaders
    a consistently excellent customer experience builds an emotional response with candidates and clients alike enhancing their loyalty and advocacy Think outside the box for inspiration It s perfectly acceptable to look outside the recruitment industry for aspirational examples of customer service Other businesses can help us take a refreshing look at what we could improve on in terms of customer service and what we could do to enhance both client and candidate loyalty Looking at John Lewis outstanding customer care for example there are definitely some lessons recruiters can learn In particular the company has built a fantastic reputation by putting great customer service at the heart of their culture training protocols and hiring policies No isn t a word when delivering great customer service In the recruitment industry using more friendly personal and direct language can distinctly improve client relationships A first step is moving from a negative to positive state of mind in your day to day business and reflecting this in all your communications A simple example is to avoid saying no where possible Also be consistent in adding value to your customers experience Always ask yourself what can I do to offer that little extra over and beyond what others are providing And don t hesitate in asking your clients for a little bit of feedback It will help you realise what you re doing well and what s missing from your approach You could find out more about their overall impression of your agency and or how you maintain contact and update clients for example Feedback can also help ensure you completely understand the needs of your clients and have a strong grasp of their industry Personalisation is key If you want to deliver great customer service take time to deal with each task independently

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-top-tips-for-recruiters-to-be-the-champion-in-customer-service/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Finding the Next Leader – Elite Leaders
    business to become a leader We often see businesses promote their top billers to this position but this doesn t always work out Here are a few key points to remember when looking for future leaders Write down the skills and attributes an individual will need to have to do the job this should include all areas of the role not just desirables Identify candidates within the business who posses these attributes and skills attitudinal traits will be the most important as skills can be taught Be honest with yourself when identifying potential leaders try not to pick the people you like or who bring the most money into the business and make the role fit around their traits and skills When you have identified future leaders within your business start watching them with this new role in mind get a feel for how they would cope by seeing them deal with everyday situations Talk to your future leaders discuss openly what you are thinking for the business and listen to them You may find they have no desire to lead and enjoy billing every day Following those discussions you should now have a short list you now need to develop their leadership skills Really invest in them as leaders find development programmes outside of the business so they can learn what it takes to be a leader Let them lead Once you have invested in your future leaders you need to give them the opportunity to lead It can be a tough transition for individuals to be seen as leaders within the business so you need to ensure you let them lead and view them as leaders Elite Recruitment Network run several programmes designed to develop the leadership skills of future leaders Elite Future Leaders is an exclusive programme

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/finding-the-next-leader/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Benchmarking to Drive Growth and Help Outperform the Market – Elite Leaders
    were indeed outperforming the market Working with Belinda Johnson Associate Research and Knowledge Director at RIB we were able to share with our members at the recent Global Recruiter Exhibition in November that Elite members significantly outperformed market turnover growth while the REC s Recruitment Industry Trends Survey showed that the UK industry had grown by 8 2 in FY 2013 14 and forecasts 9 growth for 2014 15 data for RIB and Elite RIB members shows encouraging signs RIB members which represent over 20 of the industry turnover experienced 16 5 year on year turnover growth in Q3 2014 July September By way of contrast Elite Leaders turnover grew on average by a fantastic 28 2 in the comparable period Elite members were more profitable in Q3 of 2014 Elite Members significantly outperformed the market with NFI GP of 34 6 compared with other RIB members delivering who delivered NFI GP of 27 8 The all industry average for 2013 14 as recorded by the REC s Survey was 27 5 James Osborne CEO of Elite Recruitment Network commented on this significant outperformance of Elite members I believe this growth that many of the Elite members are experiencing is testament to the time they are investing into their strategies enabling them to adapt quickly to the way the business environment is evolving and to working collaboratively with like minded recruitment owners and industry experts with proven experience in outperforming the market This organised sharing of best practice and the willingness to be challenged on their strategy and performance is clearly proving to be highly effective when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge That said Belinda Johnson suggested to Elite members that the ways in which we currently measure performance may potentially need to be adjusted in the future

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/benchmarking-to-drive-growth-and-help-outperform-the-market/ (2016-02-17)
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  • 60 Seconds With… – Elite Leaders
    demand for good Tech Recruiters We have been very lucky to attract a good number of experienced people this year and we are continuing to look to grow our team but it has certainly taken a great deal of time and effort to get these great people and we also face stiff competition from our competitors Despite the challenges these are great headaches to have How are you preparing your business for next year to increase your performance and meet your strategic objectives Mark Barnicoat Oasis HR Our financial year actually starts on 1st September so we are approaching the end of our Q1 which thus far has been really positive At the beginning of this period we made a really strong commitment to being much more selective on the quality of roles we work and turning away the roles that we do not feel we can achieve success on Having now used Salesforce Jobscience for over two years we were able to pull out some really interesting data which highlighted what parameters equalled success and conversely what essentially equalled a waste of our time and money One really stark example of this was that we were able to factually define that in instances where we d met the client we were eight times more likely to fill the role which is quite obvious really Therefore in instances where clients are apathetic about a meeting we have empowered the team to be free to challenge a client on this and ultimately the freedom to walk away The same applies for all the things we as experienced recruitment professionals know our true exclusivity retained business agreed timescales and so on The difference is we have hard data to back up our instincts and encourage others to expound the benefits of this approach to their teams Why work on something with four other agencies and give yourselves a 20 chance of success The results have been extremely encouraging and we ve won more retained business in the last three months than in the whole of FY14 Alex Wiffen Cherry Pick People We will have a big push in the early months of 2015 to increase head count by almost 40 taking us from 13 to 18 by April 2015 Much of the work done these past 6 months has been towards this goal We have recently launched our training academy which is an in depth training programme to take trainees to billing consultants within 3 months which means we aren t reliant on having to recruit consultants with previous experience We therefore have a much larger pool of people to source from which ensures we get people that 100 match our company values We have put strong KPI s and processes in place over the past 12 months that should mean an increase in productivity of each consultant into 2015 and beyond and we will continue to review this on a regular basis We are also investing time and money into 2015

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/60-seconds-with-9/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Award Winning Agencies – What are the elements of a great company? – Elite Leaders
    Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Toggle navigation Home About Executive Team How We Work Services Elite Leaders Future Leaders Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Elite Leaders News Award Winning Agencies What are the elements of a great company Award Winning Agencies What are the elements of a great company Next Post 24 Nov 2014 Search Search for Categories Case Studies Events News Performance Newsletter Updates Contact 0844 993

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/award-winning-agencies-what-are-the-elements-of-a-great-company/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Guest Blog Post: Successfully place contractors and boost your business’ worth – Elite Leaders
    team dynamics By getting to really know both sides you ll be much better placed to perfectly match up contract with client Communication is vital Placing a contractor with an assignment is just the start of the journey It s very important to keep in touch throughout the contract period to ensure they are happy and feel confident in the role In the day or so before a contractor is set to start work with a client get in touch to check they are still looking forward to the assignment After the first day give them a quick call just to make sure everything went well and to see if there were any issues If it s a long term assignment it s a good idea to catch up on a periodic basis ideally monthly or bi monthly for a casual lunch and chat about how everything s going And remember a happy and confident contractor is much more likely to result in a content client Use intuition and be brave Contract recruitment is dynamic in nature There s always a chance a contractor could find a better offer just before a contract is about to start potentially leading to a no show on day one During the first few weeks of an assignment a contractor may simply not enjoy the role and also look for alternative options Again the key is keeping in touch with the contractor and taking time to listen to how they are feeling This way you ll be a lot more aware of unhappiness and any signs that they may be considering leaving or not even starting an assignment Equally make sure that you keep in regular contact with the client to gather their feedback In this way you can proactively deal with any issues before they become major problems If things are really not going well it may be necessary to pull a contractor from an assignment To minimise the disruption this could cause your client an ideal solution is to ensure you ve sourced a better suited replacement who can take over the role as quickly as possible It isn t an ideal option but when there are any uncertainties and the contract has critical timelines it may also be necessary to introduce a probation period to help manage the risk of contractors walking away from a role Supporting contractors in having compliant and appropriate working arrangements A crucial requirement for contractor recruiters is to be able to offer third party support to contractors in making an informed decision as to which flexible working model will be most suitable for their individual circumstances There are a number of options open to contractor workers covering compliant employed Umbrella individual limited company PSC or self employed including CIS if in the construction sector The most appropriate option will depend on a multiple of factors such as the nature of the services a contractor provides and their personal priorities Contracting support businesses that offer the full

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-successfully-place-contractors-and-boost-your-business-worth/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Introducing New Talent to Your Business – Elite Leaders
    them a good impression of you as well as the best start to their career with you An induction programme doesn t have to involve you at all stages and it can be really powerful to identify brand ambassadors within your business those consultants who embody your values and brand to deliver some of the induction programme to give a real view of working for the business We talked about the importance of delivering an excellent service to clients and candidates in our article here following this you should have identified your customer journey with touch points and set standards These need to be clearly communicated to any new starter to ensure they are learning from the beginning how to represent your brand and deliver the best service to clients and candidates Integrating Trainees into the Business It can be easy for new starters to feel isolated from the business by going through the induction programme away from the day to day activities of the business It is good to include in your induction plans time to mirror consultants in the business this will give them an opportunity to learn directly from others in the business and see how the business works on a real time basis Using a buddy system during the induction process will ensure that the team doesn t get overloaded with training duties and these can be shared out to the most appropriate person as well as giving the new starter a proper induction into the business and the people who work there Include new starters in all areas of your business if you have regular team meetings sit them in on these early so they get a feel of your open discussions and how you operate Improving Performance Management During and After the Induction Period

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