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  • News – Page 8 – Elite Leaders
    a leader as an organisation and within their role and team We have the most diverse and demanding workforce we have ever had with generations working alongside each other and people demanding more flexibility read more 26 Aug 2014 60 Seconds With Our 60 Seconds With this month features John Dunaway from ARM as we ask about business development and account management John Dunaway ARM Where should consultants focus more of their time on new business development or key account management and growing existing accounts Well that depends what the business need is and what they read more 15 Aug 2014 Guest Blog Post Giving Feedback This guest blog post has been provided by Shay McConnon Recognise the hero While you may see the person as a villain they probably see themselves as a hero Acknowledge their positive intention I appreciate you need to get things done quickly however Be specific talk facts Talk about what you saw and heard read more 05 Aug 2014 Developing a Leading Attitude As a leader our attitude can directly impact on employee engagement and job satisfaction With so much on our plates when running a recruitment company our attitude can falter at times Here are a few tips to develop an inspirational attitude Choose your Reaction Your reaction to an event can determine the outcome think read more 31 Jul 2014 Business Development Questions Land Secure and Expand It is an obvious fact that relying on too few customers is a playing a very dangerous game If a significant amount of your total revenue as a business resides with just one or two customers and they suddenly decide to change their suppliers or their needs then this has the ability to literally kill read more 30 Jul 2014 60 Seconds With Employee engagement

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  • 60 Seconds With… – Elite Leaders
    aware of where the best skills are and when they are going to be available Taking this model on I wonder if we will actually be involved in skills development and therefore creating the talent although we are not there yet Amanda Mortimer Resourcing Solutions What are some of the key skills that recruiters should excel at with regards to candidate sourcing How do you feel recruiters could improve their candidate sourcing activities Whilst old fashioned advertising still has its part to play in candidate sourcing today s recruiter needs to hone many more skills if they are to outperform today s internal recruitment team and of course other competitors Taking a full client brand and job brief if you are going to tempt a good candidate out of a job and company they are totally satisfied with you need the collateral to tempt them and so understanding your client and the job in minute detail is absolutely key The most successful recruiters never apologise for the list of questions they need answering because without it they may not be able to secure the interest of the best candidates in the market instead clients will have to make do with other candidates on the market The best recruiters take time to educate their clients in this respect Advertising and calls to action advertising remains a valuable tool to market both the recruiter brand and job opportunities Perfecting an effective call to action to encourage candidates to engage with you is key Less is often more Recruiters could get better responses by avoiding lengthy and wordy adverts and replacing them with key facts tempting WIFMs what s in it for me and a really strong call to action If the only choice a reader has is to apply or not to apply the passive candidate without a CV prepared is likely to choose not A more effective call to action would encourage someone to register their interest in a chat to gain more information Knowing which ponds to fish in there is no advantage to be had by only fishing in the same ponds as every other recruiter in the land The most successful recruiters perfect their fishing skills and identify the obvious and the not so obvious ponds so that they get the best catch This takes research and practice Master social media the best recruiters will master the use of every potential social medium to build their personal brand and identify and engage with unique candidates Use LinkedIn Twitter etc better than your competitors and you have a powerful tool that will help you build a powerful presence in the market as a must know in your sector Boolean searching mastering the art of Boolean searching can save you a great deal of time and can identify candidates that the lesser skilled recruiter wouldn t Once your Boolean is working well work on your synonyms to increase the results further Referrals the recruiter that excels at gaining multiple referrals

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  • The Skills Recruiters Lack the Most – Elite Leaders
    as we trained our consultants to ask pertinent questions to find out more about what a customer needed after all our job titles were consultants so that is what we should be doing However CEOs of businesses hiring managers and heads of procurement simply don t have time to spend all day answering all these questions that recruiters let alone all the other consultative salespeople trying to push their products or services are barraging them with In the world of technology data and research it is no good any more just to ask questions as part of our sales engagement process Our role now is to advise to educate customers to challenge their thinking and give them insights into issues and challenges that they didn t even know they existed Recruiters need to know more about a customer their markets and the candidate pools than the customers themselves and with that information they can then positively challenge customers approach to talent acquisition Customers are asking for it and the resultant effects for a recruiter are greater buy in stronger relationships built on trust and respect and higher margin business This is supported by a further 17 who wanted recruiters to have a more in depth knowledge of their markets we call this earning the right Not surprisingly in this current climate the ability to unearth hard to find candidates was next on the priority list coupled with a creative and resourceful mind set Now that we have hit what we refer to as the Turning Point quite simply there are more jobs than there are jobseekers This creates huge challenges for corporate organisations trying to find candidates for their businesses and further supports the argument for using recruitment agencies It does however create a challenge for recruiters as unless we

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  • Developing a Recruitment Experience – Elite Leaders
    as well as shaping our reputation which ultimately determines our commercial success Companies who successfully manage the client and candidate experience achieve the 5R s of service Relationships Related Sales Retention Reputation and Referrals Revenue Getting these moments of truth right are so important to not only the service provided to clients candidates but for the expectations and standards expected of employees If we define the experience we give clients candidates and the team all know the type of service level we should be reaching for then we all represent the company the brand and our clients in the same way As a service company these moments of truth also act as proof points to clients which is recognised by successful recruiters and is why they obsess about getting feedback When looking to define the service you provide you need to look at all the moments of truth for clients and candidates in the recruitment process from job adverts introduction calls sending CVs through to presenting job offers and placing the candidate To do this map out the complete journey for clients and candidates clearly two separate journeys including every moment of truth When you have a client and a

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  • Writing a Job Advert in a Candidate Driven Market – Elite Leaders
    recruiters we have to really sell the company as well as the job revealing enough about the company and culture for candidates to get a feel of the company as well as attracting the right candidates with the skills needed to do the role We often ignore the part of it being a job advert and post the job and company description without thinking creatively on how best to attract candidates through advertising Here are a few things to consider when writing your job advert Grammar and Format There is nothing worse for a candidate or client to see than a badly worded and incorrectly spelt advert it not only projects the wrong image of you as a recruiter but also of the client you are representing Remembering it is an advert to attract candidates you need to keep their attention so make your advert as interesting and appealing as possible This can range from breaking text up using bullet points using a readable and consistent font and ensuring the layout is tidy Some job boards offer additional advert options such as coloured backgrounds customisable templates etc These can be a great way of creating a visually appealing advert but don t go overboard you don t want the graphics and layout compromising the content of the advert Include the Essentials Some jobs require very specific skills from candidates it may seem obvious but make sure you clearly indicate what is a must have and what is a desirable this will help reduce the number of unsuitable applications With very few details on requirements of a candidate it can often leave candidates unclear if they are suitable or not for the job Think Differently Try and think differently who are they types of candidates you are trying to reach where

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/writing-a-job-advert-in-a-candidate-driven-market/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Bringing the Human Element to the Recruitment Process – Elite Leaders
    doing to find candidates is mining your database searching LinkedIn and posting a job you are going to yield the same results as clients The market today is about who has the best talent building a candidate community will allow you to find that talent but without the human recruitment skills you may as well not have the talent technology will not replace the human element of recruitment which is what our clients will pay us for In the technical age of recruitment some of the art of recruitment such as dealing with counter offers discussing job offers negotiating salaries negotiating client exclusivity etc the human elements of the process have been lost As Greg said he finds the English recruitment market the most transactional market and with the transactional market comes the inevitable price war we need to rise above this if we are to demonstrate to clients the value of paying for our service As well as utilising technology for recruitment lets embrace and excel in the human elements of the process to demonstrate to clients how good recruiters can be The human elements of the process are some of the moments of truth for a client candidate

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  • Guest Blog Post: Receiving Feedback – Elite Leaders
    see you as a villain If you argue with their perception you are likely to break rapport Without rapport it is difficult to influence the situation Do not Deny Defend Justify Argue Run Away Attack These are ways of rejecting the feedback and hence their investment in the relationship When you justify you are likely to communicate win lose even though that may not be your intention Acknowledge the Feedback This does not mean that you agree rather that you have heard Allow the other person to feel their viewpoint has been heard I appreciate that So what you are saying is Be Solution Focused Ask What do you need from me What would you like to see happen Show you have heard Notice needs and feelings So you need to So you feel because Talk about your Needs My situation is What I need is Invite a Solution Talk possibilities not problems How do you see both our needs being met What do you suggest we do Build rather than Argue Avoid the Yes buts My concerns are what do you suggest Check the Solution works for Everyone How good a solution is this for you How could it be an even better solution Non Verbal Match the energy feelings and tone of voice Make eye contact Keep an open posture Additional Thoughts It is not that one view is right and the other wrong it is that both views matter A good relationship requires mutual understanding and acceptance not agreement Fight the problem not the person Understanding is the foundation for agreement Justify if you want to start an argument Deal with the relationship as well as the issue Arguing is a poor persuasion technique Build bridges not barriers Explore different perspectives for different solutions Talk future not

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  • Building a Candidate Acquisition Strategy through Social Media – Elite Leaders
    to change the way they work to ensure they achieve the same results as before Mining the databases and job advertising is not enough recruiters need to be talent managers have a high quality of service have an individual brand clients candidates can trust and above all have unique talent Clients have access to the same technologies as recruiters so searching on LinkedIn and advertising on job boards are going to yield the same results as our clients We need to develop a social media strategy to build a community of high calibre candidates that our clients will engage with us for Something that Greg highlighted in his masterclass is that you aren t going to be able to build this community overnight and it will take time fully see the benefits of this Here are some of Greg s top tips when using social media to build a candidate base We need to think like the candidate what are they interested in what times are they searching for content not just shout about jobs and how great we are Don t mix business and personal you can inject personality into your content but it is content that is relevant to the audience Find your voice similar to the point above you need to find a style and tone of content that works for you and your brand Tweet often 5 8 times a day if you can t make this commitment don t bother consistency is important Schedule content to free up your time in the day tools like Hootsuite are a good way to do this Engage with your timeline retweet and mention influencers and good content comment and add your opinion on content Follow people to build up your audience you can use tools such as ManageFlitter

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