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  • Developing a Leading Attitude – Elite Leaders
    team to be confident in you as a leader Motivate Employees Motivating staff can be challenging each individual has different motivators Setting targets is a good way of motivating staff as long as they are realistic With a positive attitude you can motivate your staff and reward when targets are met Another way to motivate staff is to have an awards ceremony incentive scheme that exists outside of the targets set to reward the hardest workers Demonstrating your desire to have a successful workforce coupled with employee s pride at achieving will boost morale and increase work levels The best leaders inspire their team to achieve long term goals and reward them when they have done so Remain Positive There are moments when businesses have really tough times and as a leader you are consumed with the outlook the numbers you are seeing faltering sales etc As the leader of the business if you present a negative attitude on a daily basis during these times it is going to be picked up on by your employees which in turn will change their attitude at work Presenting a positive attitude during tough times can really show your strength as a leader that s not to say you have to put on a fake smile on and ignore what is happening in the business Communicating to employees during this time will also help to keep employees engaged so you can all come together understand the areas of weaknesses in the business and build a plan to turn it around Value Others Recognising and valuing the team you have around you is crucial Inability to see the worth in your employees and showing gratitude for the hard work they put in on a daily basis will be detrimental to the workforce Demonstrating you

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  • Business Development Questions – Land, Secure and Expand – Elite Leaders
    target divided by the average value of a deal that you typically make How many customers do I need to be working with calculated by the total number of sales you need as outlined above divided by the average number of sales you typically make in a year per customer Who are those customers How much do I know about them What do I not know about them What are their main pain points the key current issues and challenges they have that need resolving Does my sales pitch target those pain points Do I have good enough relationships with the key decision influencers within that customer Have I demonstrable proof that I can provide them with what they are looking for This is just the start but it will set the playing field for how you will build a targeted new business strategy to win their business It will also clarify for you the exact number of customers you need to work with in order to hit your sales target many of which will be brand new though some will also come from a blend any dormant customers that you have ones that have spent money with you in the last three years but not in the last 12 months as well as from your existing client base This leads us nicely onto the next two areas of business development Secure One of the biggest mistakes that companies do is oversell and under deliver to their customers and then go back and try and sell them some more You need to earn the right to go back into one of your customers and up sell and or cross sell to them and the most obvious way to do this is to over deliver on what you sold them in the first place and then secure them Ask yourself this How will our customer be measuring success from this Has what we have delivered to them met their expectations Has it exceeded their expectations If so how can we demonstrate this back to them and prove this is true Why would they go to another supplier and what can we do to pre empt this happening How can we lock that customer down so they move away from using multiple suppliers to just us Can we make this a contractual agreement What can we give them to add significant and unexpected value to what we have just done If we can prove to both ourselves and the customer that they are getting more than they need from you and we can lock them down with the relationship we have and a contract to back it up then we can move on to the third and final stage of the process Expand Mapping out the key decision influencers as you would have done already see land above will certainly give you an insight into other areas of the customer s business that you can target but now is the time to

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  • 60 Seconds With… – Elite Leaders
    most of them This is an on going process facilitated through one to ones appraisals employee surveys and so on I believe that above all else the majority of people are motivated by the feeling of being valued given opportunity to grow and the ability to make a difference Dinah Regan HR Insight Does it matter if employees are motivated and engaged as long as they are doing their job There is a big difference between employees who do their job and employees who work with passion and feel a connection to their employer Employees who are engaged are much more likely to be motivated to make discretionary effort which essentially means they will be more likely to regularly exceed what is required of their job role Research has demonstrated that employers who have an engaged workforce are more likely to reap such benefits as lower absenteeism higher productivity and ultimately higher profitability What is it recruitment company owners should be doing to really drive engagement and motivation across their workforce If they haven t already done so a good place to start is to ask their workforce It is said that one of the main drivers of engagement is a sense of feeling valued and involved so I would say get employees involved by asking them what motivates them and what they would like to see more of within their roles I would also ask the question what they would like to see less of within their roles and try to identify any demotivating factors as this knowledge is just as important Asking these questions does of course mean that employers are then obliged to show some commitment to responding to the responses that are received I would never advise asking these types of questions unless you are in

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  • Getting One Up on the Market – Elite Leaders
    volume clients they had were perilously low In many cases they were just scraping any form of profit at all from some of these clients when you analysed all the time and resources they were committing to these customers The managers of these branches couldn t see why they were underperforming or what to do about it and yet the answer in principle was right before their eyes If they could increase their average margins across each and every one of these high volume customers by just 1 the impact would be significant especially within those clients where they had more than 150 contractors out working You can do the maths yourselves but if one branch had three major customers with 150 contractors working on site each on a 13 margin and we were able to negotiate a 1 increase that could put an immediate 250 000 onto the bottom line Reducing customer churn by 1 Another client I worked with a fairly well known specialist IT recruitment business asked me to help them grow their client base develop their new business development strategies and then train all their staff to follow these new approaches which we did producing some great results across the business However part of my initial analysis of what they were currently doing on the new business development front highlighted a very interesting fact Looking at their financial trends of customer spend over the previous three years we noticed that they had a very high number of customers on that list that hadn t billed with them for over 12 months In other words they had let go of or lost for various reasons a number of existing customers that they had already won amazingly this equated to more than 90 customers With a total customer

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  • 60 Second Guide to Selling Services – Elite Leaders
    service a product will have its own specifications which are unique to it A sales person selling a service you is part of the package or service being offered You can t prepack a service You can t store the service ready to deliver as soon as it is purchased each service delivery will be slightly different Intangible the benefit of a product is that it is tangible and the client can see touch taste smell what they are getting and therefore decide if it is for them With a service the client can t see this so they need more buy in Here are a few ideas to help you sell a service effectively Effective questioning listen to what the client needs and make them feel comfortable about buying from you by getting them to trust you and believe that you understand their issues and that you will place these first when delivering the service Relationship when selling focus on the client relationship rather than the transaction which will build strong foundations for the relationship in the future Clarity be clear about your service the sale is based on promises so make these are as tangible as possible Give away something free give free advice prior to the service that will convince the client the service is worth buying but be careful you don t give too much away that detracts from the service you are selling Provide testimonials case studies use these as part of your sales pitch As mentioned in our previous article on Reputation in Business if a client hears how great you are from an existing client it will have more weight than if you say how great you are Make your service different ensure you communicate to your potential sales how your service differs

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  • Guest Blog Post: 12 Principles For Leading A High Impact Company – Elite Leaders
    a campaign Extraordinary companies devote themselves to an issue and see it through You should not be not be swayed by quick fixes or cheap marketing tricks Everything you do should reflect your mission and beliefs You are a lifelong experiment Purpose is what guides you What do you do and how you do it are simply expressions of that larger purpose If you re a person with different interests never limit yourself to just one focus or business it can lead to disenchantment Richard Branson expresses his purpose through over 400 companies Virgin Group alone holds more than 200 companies including Virgin Galactic his new foray into space tourism You will try fail and succeed and do it all over again It s okay to experiment and dream Wherever your head is that s where your business is If running a business were easy everyone would do it There are days we all get tired If you are foggy distracted tired or disinterested your business will follow the same pattern If that s happening it s time to rethink where you are To get back on track keep focused on the cause you re advancing and remind yourself why you are doing what you re doing Make it master it then matter Every business goes through constant evolution In order to make a difference you must first make it then master it then you can make it matter No may be the best thing you ever hear Sometimes you have to hear the word no be rejected or miss the mark Rovio the company that created the infamous Angry Birds created 51 games and was on the brink of failure Angry Birds was their 52nd game and the game that led them to success It s what you do

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  • 60 Seconds With… – Elite Leaders
    them and then that s it At Venturi we hire very strategically and only hire consultants who understand the needs of the candidate and are prepared to build long lasting relationships with them before during and after the recruitment process This strategy has been effective in that we have built relationships with candidates who have stayed with us after their contracts have ended and have also recommended us to their friends Where clients are concerned we have found that many have been frustrated with having to deal with a different person each time they call a recruitment agency and lack of dedicated account managers have been an ongoing issue To combat this we always allocate one consultant to each client which is the sole point of contact This has been instrumental in building and strengthening the trust between client consultant relationships at Venturi This method is the only way we will work as we do believe that for clients who are extremely busy having to speak to different people who don t know the brief can be very frustrating Upon reflection clients always say that this is one of the key factors in deciding to continue working with Venturi when it comes to contract renewals Another factor for us is industry knowledge Many clients get discouraged with consultants who don t have a grounded knowledge of the industries in which they recruit For us it s about understanding the client s needs and the in depth and often very specific requirements of the role We ensure that our consultants are knowledgeable in their fields and are prepared to undertake ongoing training to make sure that they are up to date with their understanding of the markets in which they operate Andrew Soane 4Mat com Ltd Having worked with recruitment companies over the years have you seen a change in their approach to the market to overcome the recruiter reputation The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically in recent years driven by a number of factors including economic growth and increased recruitment activity talent shortages and increased competition for staff in particular in technical and engineering disciplines and of course the changing technological and media landscape by which of course we largely mean the explosion of mobile and social Against that backdrop recruiters have increasingly focused on the way they attract and engage with clients and candidates alike and this has inevitably led to a change in the way recruiters operate Today recruitment is much less about the spray and pray CV carpet bombing approach that some recruiters favoured previously Successful recruiters are more interested in their reputation than ever before They are much more likely to be pro actively managing and developing their brand thinking about a messaging framework geared towards their specific audiences and taking the time to identify and articulate their proposition in other words what makes them different and why should candidates clients use their agency and not someone else s The other disruptive force that is affecting

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  • Business Lessons from Brazil – the 2014 World Cup – Elite Leaders
    the press being challenged and or defended and the World Cup stage is no exception to this With all this talent from around the world earning to many unthinkable weekly wage packets you would expect the highest paid players to be really delivering something special in return and yet in many cases they are not Even at manager level the three highest paid coaches of international teams Cappello Hodgson and Prandelli earn a total of 21m in salaries between them and yet each of the teams they managed failed to make it past the first round At just 440 000 salary per year I bet the Costa Ricans are overjoyed with the ROI they are getting so far from Jorge Luis Pinto who at the time of writing has taken the international team through to the last eight One of the greatest measurements of a successful business is the ROI it is getting from its talent In recruitment we push businesses to monitor the average annual GP NFI per billing consultant and the average GP across all employees and use these metrics as decision making triggers Any strategic decisions around future headcount increases expanding operations benchmarking good poor performance performance management and so on should be influenced by these triggers as they become key measurements of success This will also enable you to benchmark your business against your competitors For example after analysing the figures of 40 high performing recruitment organisations recently I noted that 68 of the 40 were experiencing between 100k and 300k average GP per consultant and almost a quarter of the 40 were seeing averages of at least 150k per annum a handful were almost double that as the following graph demonstrates GP per Consultant Market Snapshot 40 Recruitment Organisations Whilst it is not for me to question the remuneration that any of the World Cup players or coaches are commanding per se I will challenge the ROI that they are producing as will I am sure the rest of the world Diving in the Mirror a case of Self Actualisation The American psychologist Abraham Maslow used the concept of Self Actualisation as the pinnacle part of what really drives people s motivations focusing in large on the ability to look in the mirror with absolute pride in yourself and truly believe that what you are doing is a good job This comes last after you have got others around you to feel it The World Cup 2014 certainly for the first two weeks seems to have been known more for periods of deceit cheating and outrageous non footballing activities than periods of high class talent and displays of football genius and there have been many so far We all have opinions around the issues of diving to win a penalty on how much a defender can put his arms around a striker in the box waiting for a corner to come across or to what extent sinking your teeth into another players body is deemed

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