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  • Guest Blog Post: Managing Stress – Key for Effective Leadership – Elite Leaders
    but overstress This occurs if the stress response is habitually firing and results in physical behavioural and emotional changes that reduce the effectiveness of anyone in a leadership position There are strategies you can use to reduce the after effect of overstress which include exercise massage and mediation to name just a few However the most effective way to prevent overstress is to stop the stress response firing Key for this is taking responsibility for what is happening in your life This may be harder to do than it may at first appear For example stress is often triggered by conflict An acceptance of the fact that you cannot change others only yourself is critical before most people are prepared to take the action needed to prevent a relationship break down with a colleague or with a family member At times we are creating stress for ourselves because of the beliefs we hold brought from our upbringing Turning the volume down on some of our drivers is often crucial to combat overstress For example accepting that it s okay at times to do something to a good enough standard instead of striving for perfection can prevent the development of overstress Managing stress effectively often involves reflection on your life as a whole Is your life offering you what you really want If it isn t what are you prepared to give up so that it has a chance of doing so For example if you feel you need to have more control at work you also need to consider what you would need to sacrifice to achieve greater control Setting up your own business frees you from the control of a boss however you will lose the security of having a regular income to gain this greater control Simply actively

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-managing-stress-key-for-effective-leadership/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Poll Results: Targeting, Measuring and Rewarding Recruiters – Elite Leaders
    shifts from volume of activity to quality of activity As a manager of any sales led business recruitment or otherwise the easiest and I would say possibly laziest way to manage employees is to lay down a rigid set of easily measured activity based key performance indicators centred around what we used to do push consultants into mirroring those activities and then measuring their delivery against each KPI It is visual simple and easy to administer And of course activity creates results and the more activity you do in recruitment the more results you will get However this way of working can be very short term stifling innovation and creative recruiting and can create a false economy with regards to the internal workings of a recruitment business Consultants can be praised and in effect rewarded on being busy but not necessarily on being smart and effective Consultants can easily fabricate their supposed effectiveness if they feel they need to because they are underperforming Consultants can damage the company s brand reputation by putting their focus on doing the numbers and hitting their activity KPIs almost ignoring the results these activities create Consultants can become a significant cost centre if managers pay salaries and in some cases bonuses based on activity that doesn t necessarily lead to tangible bottom line results As mentioned before activity is important but not in isolation and not as the main metric of success Changing a consultant s focus especially when they are new to the business and or recruitment to results based indicators forces them to think about ways to achieve those outcomes which can bring new and better ways of working to the recruitment process It also allows consultants the opportunity to treat their desk as if it was their business focusing on efficiency

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/poll-results-targeting-measuring-and-rewarding-recruiters/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Guest Blog Post: The Power of Stories and Examples for Leaders – Elite Leaders
    you a single example The group usually tells me that the presentation would be boring not relevant and just theory that it would have less impact Your leadership communications work the same way If you are not using stories and examples to illustrate your key messages then you probably aren t having the right impact Stories and examples bring to life what you are trying to say They compel people to pay attention and to understand how the story ends A long explanation simply causes your people to lose concentration and possibly miss the most important part of your message Stories and examples are also very powerful in international teams Although the common business language is usually English not everyone speaks or understands English at the same level or expresses himself or herself in the same way Stories allow people to understand the concepts you want to highlight even when there s a slight language barrier and people can often fill in words they might miss in the information you share Stories and examples are also memorable If what you say is not memorable then it is not transferable Your communication goes no further than the person you re talking

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-the-power-of-stories-and-examples-for-leaders/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Weekly Roundup – 6 June 2014 – Elite Leaders
    Jun 2014 Are you unique in recruitment Really I don t think so In the second of our guest blog posts David Thomas looked at how in every industry companies think they are individual I understand that every recruiter does things a little differently from the next firm But when I have the internet to hand are you different ENOUGH for me to want to run through your door and work with you Read the full article here What can business learn from sport In this article Adrian Moorhouse draws parallels from the sporting world he knows and the business world There are some interesting points mentioned for example leaders need to communicate the vision clearly and regularly to make sure that employees understand and care about it Four in five candidates tell others about poor recruitment experiences We all know bad word of mouth spreads quickly but this report found that 80 of candidates who experience an unsatisfactory recruitment process tell people about their negative experience Present your service with impact The Strategic Selling workshop is an intensive training day for new and experienced sales professionals who want to evolve their selling strategies and significantly increase the effectiveness of

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/weekly-roundup-6-june-2014/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Guest Blog Post: Are you unique in recruitment? Really? I don’t think so… – Elite Leaders
    happens So now 17 years into my speaking career I totally get the concept of doing what other people won t or can t That makes me exceptional And highly successful As I travel around the globe sharing the platform with billionaires Presidents and Olympic athletes those achievers in the top 0 001 I have come to understand that this is one of the defining factors of ultra success Yet the challenge I face is that everyone thinks they are exceptional In every industry And that includes recruitment I understand that every recruiter does things a little differently from the next firm But when I have the internet to hand are you different ENOUGH for me to want to run through your door and work with you Is there something that you do that makes you instantly and I do mean INSTANTLY stand out from the crowd As a speaker on memory I talk about this a lot Improving your memory is not about efficiency or time management although these can be two cool peripheral benefits It is about personal effectiveness It is about doing what others won t or can t Sorry what was your name again For example most people cannot remember names Actually I will rephrase that Most people cannot be bothered to learn how to remember names We all know there are strategies but we cannot be bothered to learn them Even though we all know what a fabulous business and personal skill this is It is amazing when we meet someone we haven t seen for a while and they remember our name We can have that effect on other people clients staff customers suppliers If you are the one who remembers names when others won t or can t you stand out And become

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-are-you-unique-in-recruitment-really-i-dont-think-so/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Weekly Roundup – 30 May 2014 – Elite Leaders
    of 2014 is progressing nicely for you Here is our roundup of the week in recruitment Investing in employee wellbeing is beneficial to business we have written many articles some of these can be found here and here on how you as a business leader can determine the engagement levels across your staff Happy and engaged employees contribute to better business performance through lower absence and higher productivity This article highlighted absence research from CBI that found the average total cost to business for each absent employee is 975 Self Esteem The Fuel for Performance On a similar theme Shay McConnon provided us with our first guest blog post feature looking at self esteem and performance Studies consistently show that there is a correlation between high self esteem and performance If you are interested in performance your own your children s your colleagues you have got to be interested in their self esteem Read the full blog post here Gear up for Growth Are you prepared for Onshore Intermediaries Elite Recruitment Network will be joining the panel on the next FREE Gear up for Growth Panel Debates covering Onshore Employment Intermediaries in detail as well as other issues connected to

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/weekly-roundup-30-may-2014/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Latest Training Videos – Elite Leaders
    our training series on YouTube Candidate Control In this video James looks at the importance of candidate control and how you can achieve this to prevent candidate drop out and provide a better service to your candidate Managing Our Time One of the biggest challenges in our industry is managing our time and often we hear that there isn t enough time in the day when really it comes down

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/latest-training-videos/ (2016-02-17)
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