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  • Award Winning Agencies – What are the elements of a great company? – Elite Leaders
    cynical about values that exist within a business this can be because of the way the business operates and perhaps goes against the values they claim to be part of their operations Employees can see these as something we tell our clients but when it comes down to how we run our business and manage our employees we do not use the same standards Properly implemented values are in fact a great way to ensure our employees are representing our business and service in a similar way These values that are developed and communicated in a consistent manner become a guide for employees to operate by on a day to day basis Communication is important at any level to ensure all employees understand the vision and goals of the company Communication should be an integral part of any business development With effective communication throughout the business employees will feel part of the business and engage with new initiatives and members of the team The method of communication and who delivers the communication should be chosen carefully so the message will be well received Be a Team Isolating yourself as a leader from the team can create a huge disconnect with employees If you are segregating yourself away deciding policies and standards behind closed doors and emailing your team these new ideas then engagement with the ideas you and the company will decrease If you regularly mix with your team talk to them hear their ideas share your thoughts etc you are increasing their engagement levels by making them become involved with and help to shape the future of the business This teamwork coupled with communication mentioned above will develop a cohesive team Employee Development As a company you should be willing to invest in your team after all it will

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  • Thought of the day – Elite Leaders
    of the day Next Post 24 Nov 2015 Randstad report their monthly performance in terms of revenue per working day If we think that Randstad manage their business like this then they probably look at target acq companies the same way It s very interesting to see and indicates a company very much focused on performance every day rather than by week month or quarter or half year Whether it

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  • The 3 C’s – Elite Leaders
    Christmas and the long break that many people will have we have to give good advice to our clients so here are some tips that can work for you Many candidates will be asked to start in January This is fine but a long period at home over the break and with the potential to be counter offered will increase the potential for a disappointing first Monday in January Counter offers are as high as 50 in some sectors talent is scarce so seal the deal start the new hire before the break invite the candidate to the Christmas get together and mitigate the risk Some customers have a financial year end in December Some of these will want to make sure they spend their budgets in the fiscal year Help these customers by offering a retainer or a search fee Find out if this is their year end and if you have the right level of contact this could help the customer Candidate retention is also essential during the long break Make sure that your January forward starter is engaged with the new employer by involving them in a project or preparation ahead of their start at newco Some

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/the-3-cs-2/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Recruitment Leaders – What’s in your toolbox? – Elite Leaders
    actually tracking fairly well but well in comparison to what Last year You see the issue we all have as business leaders is that we very rarely get to properly look outside the four walls of our own businesses to see what good actually looks like across the rest of the industry In fact if we are honest we rarely make the time to do it Facilitating a recent business planning forum with a group of agency leaders recently I asked what level of growth were they looking for coming into 2016 They responded unanimously with a resounding 25 to 30 Yet according to the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC not only are three quarters of employers are sensing an improvement to the overall economic conditions but the same amount also have intentions to increase their hiring activity over the medium term moving forward So if we as a recruitment business have intentions to grow by 25 from last year doesn t that surely mean we are planning to underperform against what the market itself is naturally going to do next year let alone what some of our competitors will be doing I am a big believer in opportunity and possibility looking at a market and seeing huge potential where maybe others don t or are too scared to see and I see the current UK recruitment market exactly that full of opportunity and possibility Our roles as leaders is to understand exactly what that potential looks like to create an appropriate strategy to be able to exploit it and then ensure you have enough engaged skilled talent on board and in place who believe they want to go after it Peter Drucker referred to as the founder of modern management suggests leadership is all about lifting a person s vision to high sights the raising of a person s performance to a higher standard the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations and this is what a large component of Elite s leadership development programmes focus on the development of an individual leader s ability to raise performance Additionally the work we do through our Business Healthchecks link and the Elite Leader programmes create the strategic structure that sits around this giving recruitment leaders a framework to work towards built out of a blend of best practice analysis and peer to peer review But before any of this can really make a difference we need to take a long hard look outside our own businesses front doors to see just exactly what good in 2016 really looks like or could look like if we really went for it as Jim Collins referred to as starting with the end in mind A good place to kick start that process is to get involved with the REC s Scale Up initiative which gives you the exposure you need to industry data to ensure you can exploit the current climate So with the vision clear the

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/recruitment-leaders-whats-in-your-toolbox/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Is a new leadership paradigm emerging amongst top class recruitment companies? – Elite Leaders
    in our business review they had delivered in excess of 20 year on year growth in net fee income However when it came to identifying what they feel defines quality leadership the results were as far from the traditional image of the management culture of a recruitment firm as you could imagine This whole issue was explored by specialist speaker Michael Nicholas who demonstrated that the route to improved performance came as much from the emotional intelligence of business leaders as it did from their technical skills I know this is an old chestnut and you think these soft issues have their place but they are no substitute for strong tough leadership Michael did one very simple exercise that in my opinion proved the point He asked all the CEOs in the room to bring to mind the best manager they had ever had in their careers He then asked them to define the 4 or 5 characteristics that made this person so special Give or take one or two points the entire group produced the same list and not one of them included any technical or operational skills amongst them Two words stood out for me warmth and authentic

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/is-a-new-leadership-paradigm-emerging-amongst-top-class-recruitment-companies/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Focus On: Business Health Check for Recruitment Organisations – Elite Leaders
    achieved or in some cases failed to achieve The data obviously gives a clear insight into how that business is tracking against those pre agreed targets and metrics but what it can often fail to do is to measure how that business is tracking against current market trends and industry best practice ie what is going on outside of the four walls of that business which potentially limits just how useful that data really is when it comes to helping owners and managers of recruitment organisations to make appropriate tactical and strategic decisions The REC continuously produce meaningful data for their members representing over 80 market share of the UK recruitment sector by turnover to compare the data pulled from your business with that level of data produced by the REC to benchmark your business against what is the equivalent of more than three quarters of the entire UK recruitment market will give you a far more insightful analysis of how well you are doing in relation to the market potential than just comparing yourselves to what you achieved the month prior Growth Engines and Enablers Furthermore those tactical decisions that tend to form the basis of the post monthly meeting action plans can often tend to sway towards fairly significant overhauls of key business areas we refer to these as Growth Engines when actually all that is needed in many cases are some delicate tweaks to some of the more subtle components of your strategy referred to Enablers Generally at the start of a financial year a recruitment organisation should look at no more than 3 to 5 Growth engines the key areas that the business needs to get absolutely right to drive sustainable and significant growth that year aligned to the overarching business vision When it comes to

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/focus-on-business-health-check-for-recruitment-organisations/ (2016-02-17)
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  • What drives your company – business model or commission structure? – Elite Leaders
    Elite Leaders workshops we were joined by two outstanding speakers Robin Seiger presenting on Building a Success Culture and Guy Levine working on transformational digital marketing strategies Whilst the ground covered in these workshops was far too extensive to discuss here in our group discussion we got onto the topic of successful economic models within our industry This reminded me of a comment made by a Private Equity colleague of mine who claimed that a quality recruitment business that can convert Net Fee Income to EBITDA at 20 gets my attention one that can convert at 30 gets my cheque In reality it is much more complex than that but in this rapidly changing market of ours where we have as many pressures over finding talent as our clients do and where procurement models are getting ever more sophisticated how do we build a successful business model that will attract investors and drive up returns for stakeholders The remuneration structure within our businesses for the fee earning and client service staff we employ is the key lever here yet from our discussions it was clear that managing this has become a difficult task Do you genuinely feel that your business

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/what-drives-your-company-business-model-or-commission-structure/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Guest Blog Post: Doing What’s Necessary – Elite Leaders
    90 percent of what you do or you will never realise world class experiences or results However your clients and customers don t pay you to enjoy yourself they pay you for enjoyable results Therefore you need both For most leaders there is something in the middle that creates most of your headaches the non enjoyable activities or what you may call necessary evils Enjoyable activities Non enjoyable activities Enjoyable results Necessary evils Do you have to motivate people to do what they enjoy Not really You have to motivate them to do what they don t enjoy the necessary evils These necessary evils can range from uncomfortable conversations to data collection to reports that require especially detailed and difficult thinking to get clear on the right approach Those who lead at a distance can t see when employees are routinely avoiding the non enjoyable activities And for every day they procrastinate working on them there s a loss in productivity This is why making it clear what needs to be achieved and why it needs to be achieved is so crucial it will help people power through tasks they don t enjoy because they want to get the achievements the results on the other side The more visible you can make your desired outcomes the more tangible and accessible they ll feel to your employees You want them to feel the need to do those necessary evils without being told to Successful leaders tend to tackle the non enjoyable tasks at the beginning of the day They know how important it is not to avoid these activities because if your people see you avoiding them it sort of gives them permission to avoid them too As a leader you are in show business and your personal ownership is visible

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/guest-blog-post-doing-whats-necessary/ (2016-02-17)
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