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  • A daily dose of Recognition for your employees – Elite Leaders
    Coolidge former president of the United States IT S SIMPLE GIVE We sometimes worry that if we praise people too much it will lose its meaning Please allow us to ease your mind that will never happen Most of us never get enough and positive reinforcement If you really must worry about something you would do better to worry about whether you are providing enough recognition In the most comprehensive

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  • News – Page 2 – Elite Leaders
    Test Most words which excite me and produce good results at the moment start with the letter E Have a go at rating your business by giving each of the following statements a score out of 10 Where 10 Absolutely And 1 Not at all Experience clients all our clients read more 12 Jun 2015 Recruitment Live 2015 How does your recruitment business compare to the rest of the market Are you maximising your productivity performance and profitability During Recruitment Live the Elite Recruitment Network will be running free Business Healthchecks for recruitment managers and directors Using data collated before the event you can benefit from dedicated 1 1 time with one of our read more 08 Jun 2015 Assessing the Competition One constant you will always have as a salesperson is that you will nearly always have competitors other companies trying to engage with your customer base and take market share that should belong to you There are two rules to immediately remember when it comes to your competition Never knock your competition if you read more 04 Jun 2015 Developing a Selling Attitude As salespeople and sales managers it is often useful to remind ourselves of how high performing sales people are different from those that are merely average in comparison In most sales training courses that I have experienced the focus is often around developing a toolkit to drive sales performance In other words what are the read more 02 Jun 2015 Innovation in Recruitment Leadership Innovation in Recruitment Leadership Here s a theory The majority of successful recruitment entrepreneurs were originally successful recruitment consultants themselves The majority of successful recruitment consultants are extravert driven make it happen personalities motivated by results Extravert driven make it happen personalities who are motivated by results find the process of

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  • News – Page 3 – Elite Leaders
    did wrong in the past business focused what would that be and why With 35 years in recruitment I have had time to make a great read more 29 Apr 2015 Value of Management Information Recently we met with Mike Allen of Allen Consulting Limited Mike is a master in his field Financial and Strategic Consulting We discussed with Mike the Value of Management Information and asked the following The Value of Management Information What Makes Strong Management Information Management Information During a Sales Process How Strong Management Information Can read more 29 Apr 2015 Spotlight on Industry Standards Are having industry standards as important as delivering value and a service appreciated by recruitment customers As the recruitment industry continues to evolve and mature in response to the changing buying profiles of both customers and candidates the significance of adhering to a stringent set of industry standards will become ever more profound especially in read more 27 Apr 2015 Raising the Bar 2015 Survey Raising the Bar 2015 Survey Enabling recruitment organisations to outperform the market and maintain a significant competitive edge is the mission of the Elite Recruitment Network As such we would like to introduce you to one of our latest initiatives Raising the Bar 2015 Survey This survey is designed for your clients with the aim read more 22 Apr 2015 It s All about Recognition You can t pay people enough to do some jobs It s All about Recognition It s not money that drives people away One recent study showed the average salary differential for job hoppers was a little more than five percent People don t leave their jobs for money Companies with low turnover typically have good managers and those read more 21 Apr 2015 Conversion Ratios Conversion Ratios As a recruiter

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  • News – Page 4 – Elite Leaders
    recent read more 01 Apr 2015 Reputation Reputation A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well Jeff Bezos Reputations make and break business relationships and lead to client candidate and employee loyalty and referrals Yet too often when I ask employees in recruitment businesses what reputation they read more 30 Mar 2015 Fitting the Profile Do your employees have a commitment problem Fitting the Profile We found this interesting The Global Employee Commitment Study shows that successful companies have different employee commitment profiles than less successful organisations As part of the study researchers classified employees into the following four categories Ambassadors Employees who are fully committed to their companies and their work read more 18 Mar 2015 TREAT THEM RIGHT You have to treat your employees like your customers When you right them right they will treat your customer s right Herb Kellher form CEO Southwest Airlines TREAT THEM RIGHT You treat your customers right right You re polite You make sure they have a good experience at your business You try to meet their read more 18 Mar 2015 The Celebration of Mediocrity The Celebration of Mediocrity How do you know you are doing well This is a question I love to ask owners and directors of recruitment organisations especially when we start to hit budget season and we look to map out the numbers and strategy for the forthcoming year How do you know that your business read more 16 Mar 2015 Setting Expectations Setting Expectations One of the most important factors for monitoring your key people s growth is the way you set expectations for them The expectations you set for them are really team expectations because they re role models for your

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  • News – Page 5 – Elite Leaders
    DON T TEAR DOWN If you had to list five things that are going wrong in your office right now what would they be Now how about five things that are right on track Stumped It s always easier to find fault than read more 25 Feb 2015 60 Second Guide to Time Management We all have those days weeks where time runs away with us and we find we haven t achieved the crucial things we needed to in that week Identifying time management skills you can implement into your working day will help you to complete tasks on time and move on to the lesser priority tasks The key read more 24 Feb 2015 A weekly dose of Recognition for your employees Recognition must be focused on the right behaviours TELL THEM WHAT IS IMPORTANT Your employees want to make you happy They really do want to do those things that matter most to you But chances are they don t know what specific actions you value As you begin to recognise your employees determine what is most read more 17 Feb 2015 60 Seconds With Our 60 Seconds With this month features Frank Furness on The impact of Social Media on Business How is social media impacting the way organisations are doing business Frank Furness Social media is impacting the way organisations do business massively If we just look at some of the changes they include the movement of Television read more 10 Feb 2015 Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment I was recently reading a debate that was brewing around whether or not the recruitment industry was in fact a sales industry that seemed to conclude that in essence it fundamentally is This is something that I wholeheartedly

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  • Case Studies – Elite Leaders
    Elite Leaders Future Leaders Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Elite Leaders Performance Case Studies Case Studies 13 Jan 2016 Amida 13 Jan 2016 Wells Tobias 13 Jan 2016 McGinley Group 13 Jan 2016 Red Commerce 13 Jan 2016 GCS 13 Jan 2016 Penta Consultancy 13 Jan 2016 Arrows Group 13 Jan 2016 Lawrence Dean Recruitment 13 Jan 2016 Sentinel 13 Jan 2016 Cooper Lomaz Page 1 of 3 1

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  • Performance – Elite Leaders
    Work Services Elite Leaders Future Leaders Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Elite Leaders Performance Performance 13 Jan 2016 Amida 13 Jan 2016 Wells Tobias 13 Jan 2016 McGinley Group 13 Jan 2016 Red Commerce 13 Jan 2016 GCS 13 Jan 2016 Penta Consultancy 13 Jan 2016 Arrows Group 13 Jan 2016 Lawrence Dean Recruitment 13 Jan 2016 Cooper Lomaz 13 Jan 2016 Sentinel Page 1 of 3 1 2

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/category/performance/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Bringing Goals to Life – Elite Leaders
    to achieve it Be as detailed as possible when your write yours down The great golf coach Nick Mitchell was told as young golfer to write his acceptance speech before taking part in an event so he was prepared for success His game improved immediately even though his coach hadn t even given him a lesson Practise Success Visualise it feel it explore it as though it is happening or has happened Allow yourself to get excited about it Take Nick s idea above and write down the experience of your goal being achieved Use your imagination get carried away Write in the past tense and use descriptive words to give life and colour If you do this well you should actually feel your heart race and genuinely get excited Share your goal with a supporter someone you trust Maybe a coach or mentor There is no better motivator than getting support and sometimes being nagged by someone who has a vested in seeing you succeed Make it bite size Create smaller short term goals What would be a good first step It may be as simple as get up one hour earlier to read a book on your subject What often holds people back is the sheer scale of the goals they have set themselves In my experience from both a personal perspective and through my friends colleagues and clients who ultimately achieve their dreams people are good at breaking a big goal into smaller manageable steps Each step being achievable in terms of time energy support and so on As this is the commitment stage you need to ensure you can commit Commit In order to achieve your goal you need to commit to several things You need to commit to Taking the first step Involving your support

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