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  • The E Test – Elite Leaders
    produce good results at the moment start with the letter E Have a go at rating your business by giving each of the following statements a score out of 10 Where 10 Absolutely And 1 Not at all Experience clients all our clients go out of their way to recommended us as a result of the experience we give them Experience candidates all our candidates go out of their way to recommended us as a result of the experience we give them Experience employees all our employees go out of their way to recommended us as a result of the experience we give them Engagement our employees are totally engaged in our business Edge we have an edge over our competitors Expectations our team have absolutely clarity on the results to achieve the brand reputation we aspire to have the standards values attitudes and behaviours we expect Endorse good behaviour and success in both sales and the experience we give to clients candidates and colleagues is recognised Energised people who work here feel energised and inspired by the managers and leaders of the business Add up the results and if the result is 70 80 contact us we would love

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  • Recruitment Live 2015 – Elite Leaders
    Are you maximising your productivity performance and profitability During Recruitment Live the Elite Recruitment Network will be running free Business Healthchecks for recruitment managers and directors Using data collated before the event you can benefit from dedicated 1 1 time with one of our recruitment advisors reviewing a uniquely personalised report that benchmarks your business across 10 key metrics of performance and giving you some specialist advice as to how

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/recruitment-live-2015/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Assessing the Competition – Elite Leaders
    you to quickly and simply compare your products and services with those of your key competition so we know how to develop a pitch to put us in a stronger position considering what they might be offering your target customer base Competitor Maps In order to develop a Competitor Map we need to start by understanding the key buying criteria of our target customers In other words what are the main reasons why customers typically need and therefore buy our products and services in the first place These will of course differ from customer to customer as you would have highlighted through your customer map previously but every industry every market tends to have a series of typical criteria that are deemed more important than others If we think back to the conversations we have had with previous customers during the sales cycle we get a good insight into historically what those drivers might have been For example they could include Overall quality of your product or service Cost of your products and services After sales service you provide Performance history and reputation Financial risk status of working with you Knowledge of your markets Support value added services and products you offer Once you have a grasp of these criteria next identify 5 competitors that you have and who are currently taking some of your market share The ones you come against the most and who seem to be winning business that you are not Your knowledge of your markets and the quality of the relationships you have with your networks within those markets will come in to play here as you start to then assess each of your competitors against those buying criteria you identified previously So for example let s take a look at a fictitious company FizzPopDrinks Ltd a distributor of soft drinks In their industry it seems that the customers base the majority of the buying decisions on 4 key criteria they knew this from the data they have maintained from customers they work with now as well as customers they have lost and the reasons behind both Ability to deliver volume number of products within short notice periods Profit margin per unit Associated brand and marketing support Support from product specialists in product positioning Their main competitor SparklePopDrinks Ltd have been quite aggressive recently with their marketing and sales activity and have started to take some of FizzPopDrinks target customers away from them In other words almost 25 of customers that haven t progressed from In the Funnel to Ready to Close in FizzPopDrinks Strategic Sales Funnel have gone on to become customers of SparklePopDrinks If we do some research and assess SparklePopDrinks Ltd against those 4 key criteria using a simple traffic light system green means that this is an area of strength for them amber means it is just ok and red means it is an area of weakness for them we get the following results Green Ability to deliver volume number of

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/assessing-the-competition/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Developing a Selling Attitude – Elite Leaders
    term as CEO and Chairman of GE which saw revenues rise by a multiple of 5 he introduced the affectionately entitled Rank and Yank concept to the business as a way of assessing the individual productivity of his employees In essence each year Welch would ask each of the GE businesses to rank their top executives across a 20 70 10 matrix based on their productivity The top 20 he referred to these as the A players were those employees who were the most productive in the business the bottom 10 the C players were the least productive and the other 70 the B players sat somewhere in the middle Welch s philosophy was to focus his attention on rewarding the Top 20 for their efforts and in essence remove the bottom 10 from the business hence the term Rank and Yank Many organisations across the globe have embedded this model into their working practices and yet even for those that haven t without doubt you will always be able to find a top 20 a middle 70 and a bottom 10 across their employees based on their productivity and performance This is especially so when it comes to sales teams The interesting part of all this is when we start identifying what actually is the difference between the people themselves above and beyond their productivity In other words what do these A players all have in common that enables them to become a top 20 performer If you think back to the those top salespeople you have met or worked with in the past even those that you currently work with what are those key qualities that is concurrent across each of them Having worked with and trained thousands of salespeople in my career time and time again the

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/developing-a-selling-attitude/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Innovation in Recruitment Leadership – Elite Leaders
    both challenging and boring they prefer to get on with it and jump into solutions when faced with a challenge or issue Recruitment is a fast paced time poor place to work quality thinking is sometimes a victim of this reality Fact finding is and should be the first step of any innovative thinking problem solving it helps us establish the current reality of the experience we give to clients

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/innovation-in-recruitment-leadership/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ – Elite Leaders
    myself Peter Linas Going way back to the dawn of time or the advent of the WWW I d have flown out to San Francisco and made friends with Steve Jobs Bill Gates and Larry Ellison or at least invested in their businesses Q2 Today where are recruiters missing a trick in the current way they are working Jonathan Wright This is a catch all question and know one answer is correct Many of today s recruiters are incredibly efficient and do a great job However a common theme that I see is too many recruiters sticking to practices that were more applicable 10 years or more ago In particular the continuing merger of the business development and service delivery functions in to the same role Margins have been compressed over the past 2 decades and client procurement practices have become more sophisticated Wherever I see an opportunity for winning consistent new business either from multiple clients or as part of a major account strategy I would look to split the roles and adjust remuneration to suit This can often improve productivity and lower pay out rates Peter Linas Good recruiters balance their relationship building skills and the use of technology to maximise their own productivity Recruiters shouldn t underestimate the importance of using CRM software that allows for application integrations the savings to agencies in both time and money can be huge App integrations exist for everything from segmented mailing lists and conference calls to payroll and automated marketing services Instead of paying for one off subscriptions that need to be accessed separately integrations streamline a recruiter s workflow making staff more productive and profitable as a result Q3 Tomorrow what do you think the future of the recruitment industry look like Jonathan Wright Again a massive question with

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/yesterday-today-and-tomorrow/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Secrets of Success 101 – Elite Leaders
    your plans Learn how to relax switch off and unplug Consider simple phone free walking yoga and meditation Face your dark side Required viewing Breaking Bad Success is a plan not a cool logo Be determined to get deep quality sleep which ensures you spring out of bed refreshed Ensure your plans for the day can be encapsulated on a flight deck the size of a 3 by 5 card Eliminate anything which messes with your number one superpower thinking Travel widely yes But also travel deeply beyond the 16 stop 22 languages spoken bus tour Walk the town walk the city sit quietly in the cathedral Notice more than the locals now notice Gain ideas perspective and epiphanies Be careful what you call something you might give it attitude Or not Calling them your Number 1 Competitor really makes them frightening Especially as they are not they are merely something else to consider on the check list Review success to date Because it is happening and you are so focused on your mission you are missing some of it Slow down and enjoy it Break conditioning Be outrageous blog strategicedge co uk T 44 1865 764953 Automate all you can to give you quantity of time Silence everything you can to give you quality of time Read widely Take notes Synthesise the notes to their very essence Act upon the distillate When something isn t going your way ask what does this situation say about me We re always some percentage of the problem and if we fix that it often helps the other percentage get fixed If you are missing something apparently unobtainable for your plan e g 50 million euros start up fund create a different plan When all goes badly wrong write large on your whiteboard in Mission Control this too will pass Question the need for money and or power and or celebrity in your plan Many who achieve those crave for what you have now simplicity anonymity and freedom Keep gnawing Regularly re boot Ask what is success for me What is my plan How is it going What do I need to change Who can help me Who can I help Ask 10 people you both know and consider successful for their top tips Write to 10 people you consider successful but don t know ask them too for their top tips Look for the themes and what is common across all the responses especially between those who know and those who don t know you Learn to be inspired by others but be determined to carve out your own route Genes circumstance and sheer luck are in the equation and ensure their will only be one Steve Jobs one The Beatles and one Marie Curie But equally only one best version of you Develop a sense of humour at times even a sense of lightheartedness Life is what it is rarely predictable not always fair but certainly exhilarating Look after yourself It

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/secrets-of-success-101/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Millennials: “Generation Go” – Elite Leaders
    navigation Home About Executive Team How We Work Services Elite Leaders Future Leaders Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Elite Leaders News Millennials Generation Go Millennials Generation Go Next Post 18 May 2015 Search Search for Categories Case Studies Events

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/millennials-generation-go/ (2016-02-17)
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