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  • Dealing with Underperformance – Elite Leaders
    if we have an underperformer is Is it a can t do or a won t do In other words is a capability or a motivation issue However before that we need to look at ourselves as managers to ask ourselves Have I played my part as manager Have I given appropriate support Have I really given them every chance to succeed rather than fail Have I been clear about

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  • Attitudes and Behaviours of Excellence – Elite Leaders
    not the skills they employ but their attitudes they bring to their job However many recruitment organisations still focus their energies on recruiting for skills training people s skills and then managing them by skills Think of the top performing recruiters you know past and present and make a list of the key traits that makes them so good at what they do Now compare that list with someone else

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/attitudes-and-behaviours-of-excellence/ (2016-02-17)
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  • ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ – Elite Leaders
    role Assuming that a good recruiter will make a good manager They are entirely different skill sets Promoting your highest billing recruiter to Team Leader because she wants a career can destroy her progress dismantle her billings and disintegrate the team Listing my own company Recruitment Solutions in 1998 It was too small a business really to be floated Profit of only 4M The IPO was a financial success but it was not the right thing for the business It cost a lot to be listed we lost control to non executive directors and you have to answer to shareholders and fund managers Watching share price means you spend less time on the important things like customers and staff I am immensity proud of Recruitment Solutions It was stand out business and produced literally scores of people who now own their own successful business But we should not have gone public Q2 Today where are recruiters missing a trick in the current way they are working Again many areas but the main ones are Allowing technology to dumb down the recruitment process By that I mean using technology when human interaction is better Recruitment is still about influence and you cannot influence via email More on this here http gregsavage com au 2015 04 21 what you can learn from the dark ages of recruitment Missing the fact that the future of recruitment is about candidates not clients Massive skills shortages will mean we must find unique candidates before our competitors do and before our clients do That means using sourcing techniques that are not available to everyone else And that s going to mean a mixture of hard core phone sourcing branding social and CR Old school business development is dead Sales will always be important but now recruitment is more about marketing than sales And that means being a branding expert More details here http gregsavage com au 2015 05 05 recruitment is marketing are you ready for that Q3 Tomorrow what do you think the future of the recruitment industry look like I would start answering that question by referring people to the link above Recruitment is marketing but in addition I think the short term future looks like this Agency recruiters are about to enter a new golden era More fun More money It s all about to open up But not everyone will rise on the tide Just relying on a recovery will be your biggest mistake The benefits will not flow to everyone evenly We will have to provide something very different to what we provided before You have to act now Especially in regard to candidates We need to act before the well runs dry and our clients come to us for help and we cannot deliver There are four key areas of change that every recruitment company must focus on to thrive in the future Every recruiter too must refresh their skill set and learn new tactics to ensure a brighter future

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/yesterday-today-and-tomorrow-2/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Value of Management Information – Elite Leaders
    from business value Management Information needs to be seen not only as a management tool but as a strategic tool also It should encompass data that is both financial and non financial historical and forecast What Makes Strong Management Information The Management Information you have within a business should assist with formulating your business strategy Your business strategy will consist of a number of core strategies It is critical to be able to identify and measure the key drivers commonly known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs and ensure they are aligned to the core strategies of your business The success of your business core strategies can only be assessed if an appropriate metric KPI is being measured It is also vital to be able to analyse and act upon these KPIs In addition the trend in KPIs should help determine any changes to your business strategy which should be regularly reassessed As your business evolves and develops it is vital that your Management Information changes with it as the core strategies and key drivers will change Strong and appropriate Management Information should also help your business to react to market and economic changes in a timely and appropriate manner Failure to do so is highly likely to have a significant adverse effect on profitability and therefore business value Management Information During a Sales Process When you come to sell your business part of the buyer s appraisal of the strength of your management team which can have a strong correlation to the value of your business will be an assessment of what Management Information they have been measuring what analysis they have concluded from this Management Information and what actions have been taken as a result In addition a trend of strong appropriate Management Information should facilitate the due

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/value-of-management-information/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Spotlight on Industry Standards – Elite Leaders
    standards as important as delivering value and a service appreciated by recruitment customers As the recruitment industry continues to evolve and mature in response to the changing buying profiles of both customers and candidates the significance of adhering to a stringent set of industry standards will become ever more profound especially in the face of the ever growing competition from alternative in house solutions Whilst we don t want to stifle creativity in the way that agencies and individual recruiters work there is a proper way that we should be conducting ourselves as an industry guidelines that needs to be clearly defined and followed to ensure that the industry s reputation remains professional and applicable Of course clients and candidates alike ultimately want an outcome the best talent and the best job respectively but the quality of the overarching practices to create those outcomes in the first place plays a key role in the overall value a customer receives As an example when a client engages with a recruiter that recruiter is now representing that particular client s brand the standards that recruiter then employs in how they decide to represent that brand when they start talking to their network

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/spotlight-on-industry-standards/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Raising the Bar 2015 Survey – Elite Leaders
    show what clients look for in recruitment companies as well as a host of other insights into how recruitment organisations can raise the bar in the quality of their service to create better customer and candidate engagement The full results along with some specialist analysis will be available after the survey is completed Please send the email below to your client database to demonstrate your commitment to improving the industry s reputation and raising the bar in how we work All responses are completely confidential and anonymous and the deadline for clients to complete the survey is 31st May 2015 Please ensure you send the information in good time to ensure your clients have enough time to complete it If you need any further assistance please contact alesha eliterecruitmentnetwork com For ease we suggest using the following email text to send out to your client database though if you would like to compose your own email please include this link Raising the Bar 2015 to send to your client database CLIENT EMAIL Good morning As we hope you are aware our company is committed to providing our customers with the highest level and quality of service we can As such

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/raising-the-bar-2015-survey/ (2016-02-17)
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  • It’s All about Recognition – Elite Leaders
    Next Post 22 Apr 2015 You can t pay people enough to do some jobs It s All about Recognition It s not money that drives people away One recent study showed the average salary differential for job hoppers was a little more than five percent People don t leave their jobs for money Companies with low turnover typically have good managers and those managers provide employees with challenges opportunities

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/its-all-about-recognition/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Conversion Ratios – Elite Leaders
    find yourself below par when comparing yourself against others across the industry then this is not the time to simply do more of the same activity Something is clearly amiss with what you are doing Increased levels of activity will breed results of course but the activity has to be quality activity in the first place and then you can start doing more of it Look at the numbers behind

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/conversion-ratios/ (2016-02-17)
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