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  • 60 Second Guide to: Time Management – Elite Leaders
    manage your time effectively Plan your day week in the first 20 minutes of your day Don t start your day until you have planned the shape of your day and scheduled time for tasks in your day Assign time to your tasks if a task gets added to the bottom of a to do list your list will become unmanageable Adding it as an appointment time in your diary will allow your day to be scheduled to achieve the tasks you need to complete Take five minutes either side of your task to determine the results you want to achieve from the task and if you have achieved them This will help you to determine what success will look like before you start and measure success against this When taking on a task project from someone else ensure you ask when they need it completed by as well as what they need Having a clear deadline for a project will allow you to schedule the time needed for this in your diary to fit alongside your current workload Plan thinking time sometimes we underestimate the time a task will take us when we are involved in a project as well as the thinking time for your normal duties ensure you allow enough time to be creative and get the job done the way you would want it to be done Avoid time suckers such as your emails mobile phone social media unless these are part of the task at hand These as the name suggests suck you of your time Don t panic when you are involved in another task that emails or calls are being missed Allocate time to respond to emails and calls that won t impact on your other designated tasks Focus on the task you

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  • A weekly dose of Recognition for your employees – Elite Leaders
    the right behaviours TELL THEM WHAT IS IMPORTANT Your employees want to make you happy They really do want to do those things that matter most to you But chances are they don t know what specific actions you value As you begin to recognise your employees determine what is most important to your department and choose those values that you will recognise Many managers identify things such as Customer

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/a-weekly-dose-of-recognition-for-your-employees/ (2016-02-17)
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  • 60 Seconds With… – Elite Leaders
    is all about new information and this will all help in getting their sites seen We have also become a visual society so organisations need to ensure that there are plenty of photos and video Boring text just does not hack it any more Organisations should also be connecting with clients and potential clients via social media They firstly need to determine which would be the most relevant media for their audience and then post regularly Facebook may be great for a wedding planner but not as effective for a law firm There are many organisations that have realised the positive impact of social media are using it effectively HR departments connecting with potential employees and streamlining the recruitment process Sales teams using LinkedIn and advanced Google searches to generate leads and track clients Marketing teams cleverly using all forms of social media to build their brands and get their message seen and read Operations using tools to connect with their global offices and suppliers How have you do you plan on evolving your social media strategies this year Frank Furness Personally my plans on evolving my social media strategies this year include Think Google in everything I do I will always ensure that any new information I publish will be incorporated into the Google family which includes YouTube Blogger Google and Feedburner and of course Google Analytics to measure the traffic on my website Develop a strategy to constantly monitor what is being said about my business and respond quickly Create new content on an ongoing basis and sharing it through every social media platform that my clients and potential clients will be using Using the power of article marketing Creating at least an article a week that is correctly tagged and posting it firstly to Blogger and then

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  • Which Selling Style is Right for Recruitment? – Elite Leaders
    we launched at the end of last year with a large global business and that concluded a couple of weeks ago the feedback has been unbelievable not only from how much the delegates enjoyed the programme but the very measurable and tangible results we are now seeing so I am very pleased and so are they In summary the course is based around the 4 Hats concept where I believe there are 4 very distinct hats that a salesperson is required to wear during any sales process as follows The Explorer The Explorer hat is worn from the outset of the selling process ideally before any formal customer interaction has been made The role of the Explorer is to become an authority about the markets within which they work about the products services that they are selling and about the customers they are selling to The objectives of the Explorer are simple To truly earn the right to be engaging formally with a potential customer in the first place To assess exactly how many you need and what those customers actually look like To create an appropriate selling strategy that aligns their expertise with customer demographics This is about preparation planning investigation research and developing expertise Wearing the Explorer hat properly from the outset ensures that any sales professional can effectively progress onto the next stage of the 4 hats selling process the Teacher The Teacher The Teacher hat requires a high level of confidence to be able to really pull it off effectively and in a way that doesn t patronise or negatively aggravate our customers It requires a high level of confidence in both yourself as a salesperson but also in your products and services and the measurable outcomes those products and services can create for our customers

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/which-selling-style-is-right-for-recruitment/ (2016-02-17)
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  • To what extent have you been affected by organisations’ in-house recruitment departments? – Elite Leaders
    Toggle navigation Home About Executive Team How We Work Services Elite Leaders Future Leaders Consultancy Events News Performance REC Contact Elite Leaders News To what extent have you been affected by organisations in house recruitment departments To what extent have you been affected by organisations in house recruitment departments Next Post 10 Feb 2015 Take part in Elite Recruitment Network s February Poll Search Search for Categories Case Studies Events

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/to-what-extent-have-you-been-affected-by-organisations-in-house-recruitment-departments/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Developing an Inspirational Attitude – Elite Leaders
    and engage your staff this allows your team to be confident in you as a leader Motivate Employees Motivating staff can be challenging each individual has different motivators Setting targets is a good way of motivating staff a long as they are realistic With a positive attitude you can motivate your staff and reward when targets are met Another way to motivate staff is to have an awards ceremony incentive scheme that exists outside of the targets set to reward the hardest workers Demonstrating your desire to have a successful workforce coupled with employee s pride at achieving will boost morale and increase work levels The best leaders inspire their team to achieve long term goals and reward them when they have done so Remain Positive There are moments when businesses have really tough times and as a leader you are consumed with the outlook the numbers you are seeing faltering sales etc As the leader of the business if you present a negative attitude on a daily basis during these times it is going to be picked up on by your employees which in turn will change their attitude at work Presenting a positive attitude during tough times can really show your strength as a leader that s not to say you have to put on a fake smile on and ignore what is happening in the business Communicating to employees during this time will also help to keep employees engaged so you can all come together understand the areas of weaknesses in the business and build a plan to turn it around Value Others Recognising and valuing the team you have around you is crucial Inability to see the worth in your employees and showing gratitude for the hard work they put in on a daily basis will

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/developing-an-inspirational-attitude/ (2016-02-17)
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  • A Masterclass in De-Motivation – Elite Leaders
    and was when the head was allocating routine tasks to the senior team tasks that he would normally partake in On this occasion he blatantly omitted to allocate anything to himself and when questioned said that he had to attend a special personal event but apparently this precedent was acceptable The third instance was when one of the senior team who had been responsible for organising team away days for many years was tasked with planning the 2009 event Having consulted and agreed the plan with all key people having made all necessary bookings and having confirmed the dates to all attendees he was instructed by the head to change the dates and venue No reason being given The net result was complete chaos a compromise venue had to be accepted and the impact of different dates at this late stage was immense Again the impact was felt by all team members and there was only one focus for their discontent The fourth instance was when the head encouraged a new member of the senior team to equip himself and his office with every gadget and goodie known to man at a time when the rest of the team were being asked to cut back and do without wherever possible All of these instances occurred within a 3 week period and in isolation none of them would raise many eyebrows or cause any major concern but in the absence of any motivating actions over this period these minor instances accumulated and combined to become a major issue The effect was seen soon after A minor crisis had arisen and the head had to call on his team s commitment and motivation to help Drop everything was the plea Not a big request nor an exceptional one but in the context

    Original URL path: http://www.eliteleaders.co.uk/a-masterclass-in-de-motivation/ (2016-02-17)
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  • News – Page 7 – Elite Leaders
    clients candidates They define the type of service we provide as well as shaping our reputation which ultimately determines our read more 10 Oct 2014 Writing a Job Advert in a Candidate Driven Market The job advert is often overlooked as an important skill for recruiters and hasn t changed much although we know the recruitment landscape has changed drastically Advertising a job is all about candidate attraction but does the job advert speak to the candidate or just go on about how great the client is As recruiters we read more 09 Oct 2014 Bringing the Human Element to the Recruitment Process In our first blog post from the Greg Savage masterclass we looked at how we can build a candidate acquisition strategy using social media As Greg mentioned in the current market if all you are doing to find candidates is mining your database searching LinkedIn and posting a job you are going to yield the read more 30 Sep 2014 Guest Blog Post Receiving Feedback This guest blog post has been provided by Shay McConnon As a leader we need to be able to give feedback but we also need to be able to receive feedback Our guest blog post from Shay McConnon outlines some tips on receiving feedback Make it Easy for the Giver By giving feedback they are read more 24 Sep 2014 Building a Candidate Acquisition Strategy through Social Media There were many lessons to learn from our Greg Savage masterclasses and our first blog post on these will look at building a candidate acquisition strategy through social media We all know the recruitment market is changing and we are now in a candidate driven market but as Greg pointed out what have we really read more 23 Sep 2014 60 Seconds With Our

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