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  • Christmas and New Year Hours 2014 | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    holidays we will be closed and also on 2 January 2015 For a detailed breakdown of working days please see the list below Saturday 20 December Closed Sunday 21 December Closed Monday 22 December Open Tuesday 23 December Open Wednesday 24 December Open 9am to 12 30pm Thursday 25 December Closed Friday 26 December Closed Saturday 27 December Closed Sunday 28 December Closed Monday 29 December Open Tuesday 30 December Open Wednesday 31 January Open 9am to 12 30pm Thursday 1 January Closed Friday 2 January Closed Saturday 3 January Closed Sunday 4 January Closed Monday 5 January Normal working hours resume Before the 24 December we will be working hard to clear all orders Completion of orders will depend on the services that you require and current processing times with the embassies Apostille only Orders arriving on or before 19 December should be completed and dispatched by 23 December subject to verifying signatures Embassy orders Orders arriving on or before 12 December should be completed before the office closes on 24 December However this will depend on each embassy During the Christmas period the apostille service and embassy attestation service will take several days longer This is because most

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/blog/christmas-and-new-year-hours-2014 (2016-04-25)
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  • Preparing Yourself for Working Overseas | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    planning to move to This could involve looking into multiple things such as housing availability and the political situation If you are planning to work in this area you may also want to research earnings and unemployment rates Failure to investigate this properly may lead to disappointment on arrival Another important thing to research if you will be looking to apply for a job when arriving overseas is how they expect you to present your CV This can vary and in some countries they do require you to provide a photo on your CV When looking to move overseas we would recommend that you contact the embassy of the country of which you are moving to They should be able to confirm lots of details to assist you and in some cases will obtain visas and work permits on your behalf as these processes can be time consuming If you do already have a job in place for when you arrive overseas it is likely that they will ask you to provide legalised and attested copies of documents This legalisation is typically in the form of the apostille and some countries may also request further attestation at an embassy If you are intending to move overseas with your family it is also worth looking into regulations that may affect them When moving with a partner you may wish to research if there are job opportunities for the field of work which they are based in If you are also taking children overseas you should also look into schools and colleges that are available for English speaking students If they are already progressing through schools in the UK it may suitable to send them to a British School based overseas The school may ask you to provide an apostille on the

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/blog/preparing-yourself-working-overseas (2016-04-25)
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  • Legalising Documents for Qatar Visas | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    longer than a normal visitor To obtain a visa for yourself you will need to be sponsored by an employer Your employment in Qatar will be directly linked to one organisation They decide when you can enter and leave the country If you are planning to move to Qatar with your family then you will need to support their visa application Unfortunately not everyone can simply apply for family visas from the Qatar Ministry of Interior Qatar will only issue visas and allow you to live together with your partner if you are married In addition you can only move your children to Qatar if you and your partner are married If you intend to bring your family to Qatar you must also earn more than 10 000 QR approximately 1 800 a month from your new employment During the visa application process your employer or the government will ask you to attest or legalise documents with the embassy in the UK These may include any of the following documents depending on your circumstances and the job you are applying for Copies of academic certificates degree masters HNC HND PHd A Levels etc Copies of professional qualifications City Guilds NVQ

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/qatar-attestation-service (2016-04-25)
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  • Legalising international student’s documents | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    Home Legalising international student s documents The international boundaries of learning and higher education are no longer as difficult to break though as they used to be Students now travel to different countries to gain recognised degrees and qualifications from reputable learning institutions Over recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students travelling overseas to obtain qualifications from countries with established education systems With the continued growth of emerging economies there are many students travelling to countries like the UK and the USA to obtain degree certificates in English speaking colleges and universities Whilst numbers fluctuate each year students travel to the UK universities from all over the EU and further afield from countries including India Pakistan China South Korea and Japan Many UK universities encourage applications from foreign students as they charge high annual fees Among some institutions there is competition to attract students from abroad UK Universities work with students to assist them in obtaining UK education visas Having obtained a UK qualification students are likely to need the documents legalising for use abroad Whether returning to their home country or starting a career in another jurisdiction degree certificates need to be legalised

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/international-students (2016-04-25)
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  • Guidence on Original or Copy Document Use | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    an Apostille on a standard document But when a client does contact us before sending the documents there is one question we are nearly always asked Do I have to send my original document or can you process a copy And the answer is nearly always that depends The UK government has strict rules on the processing of documents that we must adhere to Any document issued by a Registry office must be the original or an official copy Some documents don t allow copies to be made and others don t allow the originals to be amended However if you have an academic certificate the answer really is that depends It depends on the people offering you the job overseas The organisation sponsoring your Visa the agents helping you get that position Whoever you need to show the document to are the ones who should tell you how they want to see it We are allowed to process academic certificates and transcripts as either copies or originals The advantage of certifying a copy is that your original doesn t get damaged and can t get lost However if your employer or agency insists on the original you can get

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/original-or-copy-documents (2016-04-25)
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  • Embassy Legalisation for Business Documents | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    Our Service News and Updates Terms and Conditions Testimonies Home Embassy Legalisation for Business Documents With more businesses operating internationally there is an increased need for corporate documents to be legalised and attested by embassies Our specialist embassy attestation service for businesses makes legalising documents simple We work with the majority of embassies consulates and high commissions based in London to ensure your documents can be used outside of the UK Whether opening a bank account abroad setting up a new branch of your company or breaking into new markets with your products and services we can assist you Our knowledge of how to process documents for international use ensures our customers can focus on their business while we deal with the attestation of documents Documents we legalise We legalise a wide range of documents and the following list highlights some of the most commonly processed Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Name Change Certificate of Good Standing LLP or Partnership Documents Partnership Agreements Memorandum and Articles of Association Company Registers Appointment reports Companies House Documents and Forms Resolutions and Minutes Annual Returns VAT Certificates Certificate of Free Sale Accounts or Tax Returns Contracts and Bills Of Sale Licences and Agreements

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/embassy-legalisation-business-documents (2016-04-25)
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  • Embassy Legalisation for Education Certificates | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    for Education Certificates Our embassy attestation service will ensure that your academic certificates are correctly legalised for use in countries outside of the UK We work with the Foreign Commonwealth Office and all of the relevant embassies consulates and high commissions to ensure documents are legalised correctly Working abroad There has been a significant increase in people with UK qualifications seeking employment abroad in recent years Employees outside of the UK will often request that academic documents are attested before they will confirm employment and before visas are issued When teaching abroad it is typical for your PGCE or NQT documents to be legalised in addition to your degree or masters certificate Some countries will also ask you to provide criminal record checks birth certificates and other UK documents that form part of the visa application process Non UK Students Foreign students that have been educated in the UK need documents to be legalised when returning home We process many documents for graduates that have been awarded degrees and masters in the UK Attesting your academic certificates will ensure your documents are recognised in your home country Apostille or Full Attestation If your document is to be used in a

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/embassy-legalisation-education-certificates (2016-04-25)
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  • Email Your Documents for Embassy and Apostille Services | www.embassylegalisation.co.uk
    for this service is 66 00 per document Embassy fees will be in addition and will depend on where you are using the document We can accept email copies of company documents Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Name Change Memorandum and Articles of Association Companies House Documents Resolutions and Minutes Annual Returns VAT Certificates Accounts or Tax Returns Contracts and Bills Of Sale Licenses and Agreements HM Revenue Customs HMRC documents Any other company document We can also accept email copies of personal documents Degree Certificate Masters Certificate A Levels O Levels GCSEs School College or University Letters Diploma or Award NVQ GNVQ Employment Awards Transcripts of study TEFL TESOL TESL Language Studies Professional Qualifications Other Academic Documents Employment Letters P60 s Tax Return Driving License Passports Any other academic or professional qualification These lists are not exhaustive and are provided as a sample of documents we regularly process In some instances we can combine documents as sets with one apostille for a small additional fee Please check with our office for clarification Unfortunately some documents cannot be emailed to our office The following list includes documents that need to be posted to our office as the apostille is attached

    Original URL path: http://www.embassylegalisation.co.uk/email-your-documents (2016-04-25)
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