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  • Enjoy Braintree District — The beautiful district in East Engeland
    week a plane went down in Essex near Cooksmill Green The YAK 52 light aircraft was described by eyewitnesses as flying low and preforming acrobatic tricks before in abruptly took a nose dive the lead to its crash According to reports the cockpit had bent underneath Cultural Activities Relaxed Gambling Laws To Assist Online Gambling Inside Casinos by Marvin on December 1 2013 at 10 20 am As the article title suggests it is an odd request However it is true that parliament has said perhaps it is time for gaming laws to be eased so that online gambling can happen inside the brick and mortar structures of casinos However this brings up a great many questions Cultural Activities Beautiful Places to Photograph in the Braintree District of Essex by Marvin on August 10 2013 at 9 45 am The world holds in store many places to be discovered and documented When wanderlust meets the photographer in you located in the heart of North Essex lies the Braintree District a place where you can marry your keen eye to its captivating imagery The Braintree District is best known for Living England s East Provides Most Students to Oxford and Cambridge by Marvin on June 26 2013 at 1 05 pm England s premier universities Oxford and Cambridge draw most of their students from the south east part of England a new study has confirmed London and other boroughs in the south east are where most of the students originate To highlight the differences between areas Surrey sent as many students to Cambridge Cultural Activities Follow the Threads of Time by Marvin on June 6 2013 at 7 21 pm The Thread of Time Exhibit illustrates the rich local history of the textile industry Remembering the efforts of those who have

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  • Non-Metropolitan Districts
    two tier system for the whole country dividing local government into counties and districts Each tier had functions and responsibilities of their own distributed on the basis of which tier would be able to practice those responsibilities with the greatest efficiency Non metropolitan districts differ from the metropolitan districts in the division of power The non metropolitan council has more authority than the districts as it deals with education transport highways fire social services libraries and waste disposal This leaves the responsibility of housing recreation waste collection environmental health and revenue to the non metropolitan districts After the metropolitan districts were abolished by the Local Government Act of 1985 a new type of local government rose up In the 1990s a unitary authority was introduced to some areas which assimilated the two tier system into a single administration This unitary authority had all the responsibility on a local level The change was instituted for areas that were not thriving as well under the two tier system England now has 27 non metropolitan counties or shire counties and 201 non metropolitan districts which 56 are unitary authorities Braintree District Facebook Cultural Activities Tragic Plane Crash in Neighboring Essex Relaxed Gambling Laws

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  • North Essex
    coast provides the equally splendid seascapes with small towns nestled off the beach Thriving with wildlife and nature a peaceful holiday is waiting But if the fun energetic holiday is desired North Essex can accommodate that as well Boydell s Farm in Wethersfield Gosfield Lake Resort Discover Centre and Country Park in Greak Notley Archaeological Digs in Cressing Temple and The Great Maize Maze are samples of what North Essex has to offer the active The appeal of the county is not only its beauty but the tourism industry thrives enticing visitors to return Because of the county s dedication to tourism The Essex Tourism and Hospitality Awards 2013 are being launched this year celebrating those who have raised the bar By car by train by boat by plane Essex County has opened the doors to all travelers National Express provides coaches regularly to the airport and also has routes to Birmingham and the North National Rail Greater Anglia and Stansted Express all provide rail passage into Essex Harwich International Port docks various sailing boats And London City Airport is located just outside of Essex Easily accessible no matter the preferred method of travel Essex beckons tourists to come and

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  • The Braintree District
    for their textile market At this time their wool textiles were most prominent until the final outburst of the bubonic plague in England wiped out just less than half of the townspeople However shortly thereafter the silk industry began to thrive when George Courtauld opened a silk mill The efforts of such pioneers tirelessly working to improve the industry and thus the town are celebrated at The Braintree Museum Those interested in visiting Braintree will be delighted with the town The market is open on Wednesday and Saturday filling the town with various vendors selling their wares Visitors would be remiss if they didn t visit the cloth stalls Traveling to Braintree and admiring their silks and wools will deepen the connection with Braintree District and its history as visitors follow the Threads of Time A town that is easy to travel on foot visitors have a wide selection of places to eat drink and stay and sites to see Outside of Braintree proper are many other small villages Charming in their small town lifestyle and scenic landscapes and architecture the entirety of Braintree District is delightful making a perfect low key and peaceful holiday Braintree District Facebook Cultural Activities

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  • Cultural Activities — Enjoy Braintree District
    holds in store many places to be discovered and documented When wanderlust meets the photographer in you located in the heart of North Essex lies the Braintree District a place where you can marry your keen eye to its captivating imagery The Braintree District is best known for Cultural Activities Follow the Threads of Time by Marvin on June 6 2013 at 7 21 pm The Thread of Time Exhibit illustrates the rich local history of the textile industry Remembering the efforts of those who have called Braintree District home the Threads of Time Exhibit highlights their endeavors in the textile industry The 20th century s fabric production was greatly influenced by 200 years of innovative work Cultural Activities Living Living in Braintree District by Marvin on June 4 2013 at 10 01 pm Residents of Braintree are in a special place to be able to enjoy the history culture and events throughout the year The Field of Dreams Beer and Music Festival the Essex Festival of Food and Drink and a myriad of other festivals keep bringing people together in Braintree The events Cultural Activities The Braintree Museum by Marvin on May 25 2013 at 5 44 pm The Braintree Museum delves into local history With numerous achievements to claim the Braintree Museum rotates through exhibits keeping the Museum an exciting place to visit time and time again Many exhibits fill the museum at any given time Having been a thriving market for Roman trade Brainree is rich Cultural Activities Braintree s Historic Town Hall Centre by Marvin on May 19 2013 at 5 58 pm Braintree Town Hall more commonly referred to as Town Hall Centre opened its doors on May 22nd 1928 One of the town s most magnificent buildings the Town Hall Centre proudly wears its

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  • Relaxed Gambling Laws To Assist Online Gambling Inside Casinos?
    is to be allowed inside casinos the idea is that the gamblers will be safer and under much more pressure to quit before they are ahead than if they simply sat at home The problem however is that many gamblers gamble online simply because it is easier than heading out to a casino and sitting amongst a large crowd How will the casinos manage to entice people to come in the door to do something that they are already doing at home It would seem a great waste of their own money to drive or travel park eat and tip workers inside the casino when the same gaming experience can be had at home I don t necessarily want there to be more gambling but I would like more of the existing gambling to take place in licensed and heavilyregulated environments James Duddridge The Government Tends To Try To Legislate Everything However the government has a long and proud of history of trying to legislate common sense Not only do people know when it s too hot outside when to put suncream on and when to slow down on the motorway but they also know when they ve gotten ahead of themselves when gambling If they do not that seems to be a private matter This Feels Like Something That Cannot Be Managed By The Government The move to get online gamblers into casinos presumably to monitor them is a longshot at best Casinos have enough problems without having extra people inside the building who may not necessarily need to be there Unless a full fledged plan for this idea comes to light it is hard to see how the government can get this legislation passed In the meantime online gamblers are safe in their homes Photo credits rawonlinecasino com

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  • England’s East Provides Most Students to Oxford and Cambridge
    the university from Barnet highlighting the large portion of students that were accepted On the flip side the West Midland s Dudley only had 13 offers from 61 applicants The 10 wealthiest boroughs in England s south east region counted for 30 of the applicants accepted to Oxford and Cambridge Despite these statistics universities claim that they are doing their best to accept a wider range of the population They lay the finger of blame at the differing standards of education between England s north and south Schools are better teachers are better and students are more qualified in the south according to Oxford and Cambridge A spokesman for Cambridge responded to the article by stating that a university can only accept the most qualified applicants If a college is sent 5 000 applications they will choose the 500 or so that measure up in the best fashion The application procedure for Cambridge for example consists of writing an essay a thinking skills assessment and either a biomedical admissions test or a Cambridge law test depending on what study you want to follow Maybe the difference in accepted applicants can be explained by the higher internet usage in this area When people use the internet more they are more likely to use the internet to their advantage On the internet for example a wide variety of tests like psychometric tests abstract reasoning spatial reasoning etc can be practiced online and information about older test can be found which enhances the chances of succeeding But the onus should be on the government and the country s school system to ensure that students all over England get a great education At the moment it appears as though those students who live in London and its surrounding areas are better prepared to go

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  • Follow the Threads of Time
    greatly influenced by 200 years of innovative work by the Braintree district Located inside the Braintree Museum this permanent exhibit features fabrics from the extensive history of this area Composed by the Members of EAST the Threads of Time Exhibit consists of 12 panels Each panel was prepared by one of the members featuring aspects of the local culture Decidedly unique each panel has an account of the works that inspired it in addition to the description Guided tours of the textiles and the research facility are offered allowing the work to not only be seen but understood The Threads of Time Exhibit enriches the lives of its visitor by cultivating an interest in the local industry of textiles and the history found within that industry The exhibit can be found in the Braintree Museum on Manor Street Braintree Essex CM7 3HW The Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm For more information call 44 0 1376 325266 Tags exhibits guided tours local culture textile industry Tweet Author Marvin Related Posts The Braintree Museum May 25 2013 Braintree District Facebook Cultural Activities Tragic Plane Crash in Neighboring Essex Relaxed Gambling Laws To Assist Online Gambling

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