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  • Linerless Label Printing
    that do not have a release liner A release coating is applied to the front of the label roll facestock on which the printed labels are wound thus preventing the adhesive on the underside of the facestock from attaching itself to the label below This completely eliminates the need for the release liner and drastically cuts down on label liner by product The advantages of linerless label printing are clear label liner waste cannot be recycled or burned and is harmful to the environment but without the need for label liner waste reduction when using linerless label printing is greatly improved With over 360 000 tonnes of liner waste produced annually in North America alone its clear that this is a growing problem Another advantage of linerless label printing is the amount of labels that can be applied to individual rolls without the use of label liner quantities per roll can be increased by up to 40 This also reduces the amount of packaging needed and can cut down shipping costs However although the advantages are evident there must be some disadvantage to linerless label printing Why else has it still not been adopted as the industry standard Put simply linerless label printing becomes a limited technology once the produced labels need to be cut Without the liner to hold the label in place when it is die cut the shape of the label is limited and producers are effectively only able to use square or rectangular shaped labels This means elaborately designed labels so often seen on today s products simply cannot be produced with linerless label printing and as a result the attraction of the technology is significantly lowered Another disadvantage of linerless label printing comes with how the finished labels are applied to products When introducing linerless

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  • The Advantages of a Standalone Label Printing System
    printing can often be a labour intensive and expensive venture With each premises needing its own dedicated label printers label software and computer system costs can rapidly escalate However there is a way in which the costs of label printing can be reduced at the same time as adding increased flexibility to your labelling workflow and that is by introducing a standalone label printer system A standalone label printing solution enables businesses to print all the labels needed for multiple outlets without each outlet needing its own computer system and software all each premises needs is its own printer So how is it done A standalone label printing system works by means of adding a label printer keyboard and USB Converter Module to the existing print setup This addition provides the ability to complete all label design work in one place e g a head office then download it to the USB converter module and keyboard The USB module and keyboard can then be transported to each outlet and connected to the installed label printers The labels can then be printed instantly using the label printer keyboard with the stored designs as a control device thus eliminating the need for expensive label software and PC s in each outlet and resulting in label printing costs being cut drastically Once the batches of labels for a particular outlet are printed the Keyboard and USB module are simply disconnected and transported to the next outlet ready to complete the process again The added control of a print workflow provided by standalone label printing systems is evident and in these times of economic uncertainty never before have small businesses had more of a need to maintain the quality of their printed labels at the same time as reducing their outgoings A standalone labelling

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  • GS1 Databar Barcode Labels
    and Maintenance Barcode Supplies Barcode Verifiers Barcode Readers Barcode Scanners Articles GS1 Databar and Barcode Labels Although barcode labels are a proven tool for recording tracking and marking components and products in industry they are not without limitations For example on a standard sized label a 2D barcode can only record a limited amount of information however with the requirements of manufacturers growing rapidly the limits of these barcode labels are constantly being challenged With this in mind manufacturers are now turning to a revolutionary new system for barcode labels known as GS1 Databar GS1 Databar enables barcode labels to store more information than existing barcode technology and was initially developed for the supply and retail sector Another advantage of this solution is that all GS1 Databar barcode labels are compatible with standard scanning technology GS1 Databar codes support Global Trade Identification Numbers GTIN for the storage of variable data such as batch expiration date serial number etc and can be printed on small sized barcode labels This makes GS1 Databar coded barcode labels ideal for smaller irregularly shaped products and ensures the information on these products is traceable throughout the entire production and distribution process When a business is contemplating using GS1 Databar coded barcode labels it is important that the correct printer systems are used Certain factors need to be considered when choosing suitable barcode label printers firstly does the label printer have the capability to print the databar codes Is the label printer robust enough to withstand use in a busy industrial environment and is the printer going to be cost effective to run All these things and more need to be considered when implementing GS1 Databar codes into your workflow Follow Us Subscribe to our Social Networks for the latest news views and videos from Etiquette

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  • Labels that work that little bit harder
    Poland through the Danish Iwaco A S company The next big step is to build a factory on a green site outside its home town to house the separate printing and equipment manufacturing units The company markets fifteen variations on the Fix a Form brand in addition to the standard product The main theme is affixing multi page leaflets to a self adhesive carrier using permutations of perforated or re sealable opening tabs Specialities including Safe Seal with tamper evident opening tabs and reseal able leaflet for pharmaceutical products and Seal a Form featuring a folded leaflet within a welded secure pocket There are also multi ply dry or wet peel versions for removal or reseal ability Inprint Systems was formed in 1973 five years before Fix a Form arrived Its info label products trademarked as Extended Text are produced in the UK Italy the USA and Singapore In May it acquired Witsiers BV a family owned printing and label business in Oss in the Netherlands It has three operating divisions covering offset printing self adhesive labelling and digital printing for the pharmaceutical and veterinary products industries The Witsiers deal followed the move by PPM Ventures Ltd the venture capital arm of the Prudential Corporation plc to acquire a significant equity stake in Inprint It could signal further moves by Inprint to expand its core leaflet label business Informative text The usual method to process text for information labels is to print it on offset litho presses followed by conventional guillotining sheets and folding on small format folders used for pharmaceutical leaflets The finished booklets are fed automatically from a hopper on to the self adhesive carrier Clear film over laminates protects the booklet and also act as a hinge or peel and reseal medium Leaflet labels are supplied for either manual or machine application Notwithstanding the patent situation an alternate method is to use a multi web label press using integrated printing coating and processing units This method delivers a more limited number of pages but production can include a variety of piggyback or coupon labels importantly produced in a single pass Gallus and Nilpeter have variously developed special twin web presses for these products while a few other press manufacturers have also developed customised versions of standard presses Ko Pack International is the most active manufacturer in this respect and holds many patents It offers the All in One Pass Coupon press in 254mm and 381mm web widths Also using Ko Pack s C1 drum and stack design with UV rotary letterpress units is the twin web 250 Series 004 which offers twelve colours hot melt gluing folding and UV flexo varnishing in its standard form Products include folded booklets with up to nine pages piggyback labels and basic labels and tags In Japan a huge diversity of promotional products form a large part of KO Pack s own label and tag printing activities Many of Europe s larger label converters who use such equipment or are licensees

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  • Hellmann's Squeezy Does It
    considerable foot print The introduction of new packaging technology is good news for consumers with non drip no spill dispensing the package is certain to remain perfectly clean after use due largely to the new inverted position The product is always ready to dispense at a flip of the lid A new raised spout is ideal for added directionality also ensuring that the dressing is applied just where and how the consumer chooses as opposed to nearby surfaces and items of clothing The introduction of the Hellmann s Squeezy range comes shortly after Marmite went for squeeze appeal with the biggest change in it s 104 year history Unilver s move to alter the packaging and labels of both it s Hellmann s and Marmite brands follows the growing trends from Branston and Heinz to take their products into this format ABOUT HELLMANN S MAYONNAISE After 100 years Hellmann s is now much more than mayonnaise Today the range includes light products such as Hellmann s Extra Light mayonnaise Salad Dressings plus other condiments like Burger Sauce Hot Spicy Tomato Sauce Curry Sauce and Saucy Chip Dip HOW IT ALL STARTED Hellmann s was born in 1905 when Richard Hellmann began selling mayonnaise made from his wife s own recipe Used in salads and sold in their New York delicatessen the mayonnaise proved so popular that Hellmann began selling it in wooden boats used for weighing butter Hellmann s mayonnaise arrived in the UK in 1961 Mayonnaise was a relatively new concept in Britain so the early years were spent educating people and promoting the product as a side of plate condiment By the late 1980s the brand was well established and advertised as the only mayonnaise claiming over half of the market In a time of greater health awareness

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  • Etiquette
    Online Catalogue LABELLING KITS APPLIANCE LABELLING KIT APPLIANCE LABELLING KIT Etiquette s cost effective and straightforward Appliance Labelling Kit is the perfect solution for producing your own rating plate labels on demand in house in the quantities that you require 3 STEPS TO PERFECT LONG LASTING RATING LABELS 1 SELECT LABEL 2 ENTER QUANTITY 3 PRINT LABELS Your Rating Plate Labelling kit is available for just 1295 making it an extremely affordable must have solution for labelling your products and appliances in accordance with current legislation Includes 1x 305dpi Rating Plate Label Printer Power cable including transformer Interface Cable Parallel Serial or USB specifiy below 5000 silver polyester rating labels see available sizes below 5 x 76mm x 91mtr black resin thermal ribbons Label design software Available Label Sizes 75mm x 75mm 60mm x 40mm 50mm x 30mm 30mm x 12mm 25mm x 10mm Please select your options before adding to cart If you have any questions or queries regarding this product please contact our sales team on 0845 222 0354 or email sales etiquette co uk Price 1 295 00 Excluding VAT at 20 Please Select Label Type Silver Polyester White Polyester Please select your label size 25mm x

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  • Etiquette
    label dispenser is designed with industrial application in mind The perfect choice of handling labels of all types with the exception of transparent The DWR label dispenser provides an automatic supply of labels that allow you to easily pick up labels which become available on the peel off bar Ruggedness due to complete construction using metal parts steel and aluminium Simple to use no need for a manual Great autonomy

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  • Etiquette
    clockwise and with different core diameters Counts labels by means of an incremental or decremental counter Can check availability of labels and stop in the case of missing labels When working as a rewinder the RW Counter Check can rewind labels present on rolls having a max diameter of 300mm wound either face in or face out with a core diameter ranging from 46 to 110mm and onto rolls having a max diameter of 300mm with face in or face out unwinding Average rewinding speed is over 50mtr min When working as a control device a photocell will not only enable the counting of labels but also check the availability of labels and signal their absence in order to halt production and reposition the offending labels This operation requires no resetting of the unit as this is done by the control unit that self learns the label length An Ultrasonic detector is available for processing transparent labels Furthermore the microprocessor control card makes it possible to set the piece counter the rewinding speed to stop the rotation of the motor at the end of the roll or in case of paper tear and to stop or not the rewinding operation

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