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  • Incredible Typhoon images | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    These were all taken by Craig Sluman You can check out more of his awsome photos in his Flickr gallery Many thanks to Craig and to Darin Tudor of the Number 1 Fighter Squadron Association Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Follow Us Recent Posts Newsletter 11 February 2016 Newsletter 28 January 2016 Newsletter 14 January 2016 Newsletter

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2013/10/02/incredible-typhoon-images/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Former Para & Multi Guinness World Record Holder Smashes Historical 300th World Record Milestone | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    a 15 inch bench carrying 100lb back pack in one minute Doyle completed 31 beating the previous Guinness record by 2 step ups Most squat jumps jumping jacks in one minute carrying 100lb back pack Completed 51 beating the Guinness Record benchmark by 41 Most military star jumps in one minute carrying 100lb back pack Completed 25 beating the Guinness Record benchmark by 20 Doyle and his team then got ready for the 10km cross country speed march carrying the 100lb back pack the start line de the British Legion Club 11 00am was the official start to the gruelling cross country march he had to go over stiles through muddy footpaths fields and inclines Feeling already exhausted from the previous demanding strength endurance challenges Paddy pushed himself all the way to the finish line in a time of 2 hrs 06 mins 59 secs knocking 23 minutes off the Guinness Record bench mark off Paddy said I was worried that my on going injury s were going to kick in and stop me however I knew I had to dig deep and stay focused no matter whether I collapsed or not It has taken me 26 year to reach this historical milestone and being the first in the World is an honour surpassing the 300 fitness endurance record target was truly unbelievable and being encouraged by the supporters helped me immensely My team and Jim Morsley were behind me 100 It was also great for the Lord Mayor to read out a message from Craig Glenday Guinness Records Editor congratulating me on my recent success I will have a rest for a few weeks and relax and heal my body and look forward to getting back into training in the near future The final total on 17 August of

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2013/08/18/former-para-multi-guinness-world-record-holder-smashes-historical-300th-world-record-milestone/ (2016-02-15)
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  • More news from the Ex-Paratrooper | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    us up to date with his efforts to attain a career 300 speed strength stamina records Well he s taken another step closer to that goal Another stunning world record win for former boxer and paratrooper Paddy Doyle Showing real determination Doyle showed that he could still beat his arch rivals His aim was to beat Pakistan s martial arts champion and 4 times world record holder Ahmad Amin Bodla who set the record two weeks ago in Lahore for the most full contact punch strikes in 1 minute carrying 40lb back pack and 2lb wrist weights on each wrist he achieved 337 full contact punch strikes Paddy not only beat it but put it out of reach achieving 420 full contact punch strikes carrying a 40lb back pack and two wrist weights Doyle has now only three more agonising record challenges to go to reach is 300th strength speed stamina record Paddy has now achieved a career 297 National British European World Records and currently hold 195 record Titles Nice one Paddy Nearly there Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Follow Us Recent Posts Newsletter 11 February

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2013/06/04/more-news-from-the-ex-paratrooper/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Stuff | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    Parachute Regiment is determined to feature in our newsletter more and more often Here we have the latest batch of fitness records to take a tumble Seven more strength speed Continued In honour of World Poetry Day 21st March March 21 2013 By ExMil O Lord above Send down a dove Wiv beaks as sharp as razors To cut the throats Of them there blokes Wot sells bad beer to sailors Traditional Paddy Doyle has been busy February 25 2013 By ExMil Paddy Doyle who we usually here about when he s breaking records has put his hard earned knowledge and experience together to develop a new qualification in self defence and protection The award accredited by Industry Qualifications IQ is titled the Continued More News from Paddy Doyle 6 More Records Bite the Dust February 5 2013 By ExMil Nearing the ultimate milestone of 300 strength speed stamina records Paddy Doyle once gain showed that he can not only push himself to the wall but go straight through it Doyle achieved the following feats of strength endurance challenges Ten Continued 4 More for Paddy Doyle January 19 2013 By ExMil Regular Readers will know we like to keep you up to date with the exploits former Para and RAF reservist gunner of Paddy Doyle He achieved four more World Strength Fitness Records on 30th December 20 back of hands push Continued The Long Run Home The Report December 6 2012 By ExMil You ll remember we told you about Martyn Bird and The Long Run Home a few posts back Well Martyn has got back to us to let us know how he got on Here is his report The Long Run Continued NORA 2012 We re in the Final October 25 2012 By ExMil If you have visited

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/category/stuff/page/2/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Announced Forces Pensions Changes — A Response | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    existed and should have provisioned for it To my understanding the reason why the service pension started at that age was due to the risk of life we commit to for the sake of our country and the crown as instructed by the government of the day and that due to the arduous strain on our bodies we at 55 years are what is to a civilian at 65 years I realise the country is in a financial Pickle to be polite The fault of the governments past for sure I admire this one s zest to attempt to rectify this But to go back on This contract their word and oath to this nation s finest and most loyal subjects I am finding it difficult to believe and too hard to accept What next In ten years time the country should it be in the same financial state the government pull the same trick and up the date by another 5 years Where does it stop Do something about it Now and force the Government to do a U Turn If Mobile home VAT can do it then the loyalty bravery and dedication of the best forces in the world should account for something We got in touch with Alex to find out a bit more Ex Mil Recruitment Newsletter Do you think you would have done anything differently had you known these pension changes would come into play Ex Sgt Alex Winyard Most definitely I would have liked to have joined the fire brigade or other valuable service No one would choose a career or occupation with a contract terms that they can t be sure won t be broken by the employer E R N Do you think there is any way of encouraging the Government to

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2012/09/27/announced-forces-pensions-changes-a-response/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Leaving the Forces…Sgt. Steve Lowery | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    it going to be E R N What factors played a part in you choosing to run your own business on leaving Sgt Steve Lowery My wife and I always knew we would have to have our own business due to the fact that my youngest son is severally dyslexic and we knew he would have problems in finding employment This way we knew that there was always a job for him if he couldn t find employment Plus I said to myself that I didn t ever want to work for anyone again E R N What skills do you think will transfer from The Armed Forces to your business Sgt Steve Lowery I believe that the main skill that I will be able to transfer into my business will be the ability to adapt and overcome any problem that my wife and I face The discipline of carrying out each job to a high professional standard honesty hard working and also knowing that failure of the business is not an option I ve learnt through my career that if things look to be failing then you try harder and keep going till it doesn t fail E R N What advice would you give to others who are leaving The Armed Forces Sgt Steve Lowery My advice to others leaving would be not to leave things too late Always start your preparations as soon as you can resettlement job search etc You have to think of number 1 to an extent because no one else will E R N Tell us about your business and the future Sgt Steve Lowery My Business is a small ice cream parlour in Gloucester city centre Its only small because we are new to this sort of thing and we didn t

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2012/04/19/leaving-the-forces-sgt-steve-lowery/ (2016-02-15)
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  • My Experience of Leaving the Services — Martin Greaves | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    for over 100 jobs in the first 2 months and had only gained 1 interview I didn t get the job although the feedback was that I was a close second to the chap who had done the exact same role before in a competitor company and who obviously got the job Trying to translate my military experience into civvy speak and communicate it into something a business would understand and relate to was extremely hard work Although I had a great many transferable skills to offer they all seemed to be soft skills like management leadership communication training and development strategic planning resource management and HR management All great things to be able to bring to a business but I found that because I didn t have the experience in any industry or environment prospective employers could even begin to understand they weren t interested Royal Navy Submarine Service I don t know anything about that therefore I m not going to bother with this one This was compounded by the conflicting advice on ex Forces CV writing with half the guidance saying play up your military experience and the other half saying the opposite During this time I sought advice from various sources from the Officer s Association to my local RFEA and received more guidance which wasn t much help to my situation From as a commissioned officer you should be looking to transfer into 40 50k management position to we have this great opportunity for you to be an engineer in Bristol I m from a non technical branch and live in Nottingham how could that be an opportunity for me I found that most of the advice and guidance available was great if you wanted to work in London or were from a technical branch and had some relevant industry skills In the economic climate of the time employers weren t taking the chance of employing someone who although looked good on paper did not have experience in their particular industry My main problem was that I didn t yet know what I wanted to do for a new career It was almost too hard to choose which jobs to apply for because I didn t have a sector or an industry or a career path anymore As time went on the more frustrating disappointing and soul destroying it became My partner and I would constantly argue as our dream of spending more time together and being happy wasn t panning out like we thought I think it would have been extremely useful if there were resources for partners and families available regarding transition and what to expect when their husband father etc leaves the Service I missed the Submarine Service terribly and often thought that I should have stayed in but we persevered and eventually I was offered a job This was in fact a office temp position in a public sector organisation but seeing as I had spent 4 months not working I

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2012/04/06/my-experience-of-leaving-the-services-martin-greaves/ (2016-02-15)
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  • The Ex-Mil Recruitment Interviews — Martin Greaves | The Ex-Mil Recruitment Blog
    was too much that I wanted to communicate Forces personnel are highly skilled people with an extremely wide skill set think about your current role and what your duties and responsibilities are I can pretty much guarantee that it involves some elements of planning communication leadership human resource management building relationships project management working to tight timescales etc In fact ex military personnel have the confidence and aptitude to turn their hand to pretty much anything and succeed but which of these skills and how much do you put on your CV All of it and it becomes repetitive and boring too little and you feel you are selling yourself short You ve got to be comfortable with your CV but it also has to answer the questions the employers have set in the job description Make sure that you are selling yourself to the employers as the product they want If the job description doesn t mention planning then don t waste CV space on your operational planning experience Again sounds simple but when you re unemployed and disheartened you feel that you need to communicate everything about how great you are Be specific and prepare they love to hear examples of your skills and experience As in this was the problem this is what we did to solve it this was the result and this was my contribution to that solution I remember an interview I had where they asked me Tell us about a situation in your previous role where you were under pressure to complete a business task I almost said All the time My previous role was in the Armed Forces I was constantly under pressure to achieve some aim or other What they wanted was a simple example and I just couldn t think of one specific thing so ended up waffling about some operation I was on which they could neither understand or relate to Don t read too much into job titles A role entitled Senior Strategic Communications Manager would quite feasible be the lad who sorts the post My current title is Senior Executive Officer which sounds very grandiose but is actually quite low down the rank structure in my organisation I dread to think of how many jobs descriptions I had not bothered reading just because the title sounded far too senior E R N What elements of your Navy experience and training were helpful in coping with any difficulties you had in dealing with day to day life as a civilian either in terms of the personal qualities it developed or actual skills techniques you ve learnt And what about dealing with the frustrations of working life as a civilian Martin Greaves One thing I didn t realise when I was in the Forces was how supportive the structure is You have a career path it is someone s job to manage your career and make sure you are getting the right development opportunities You eat sleep and drink

    Original URL path: https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/blog/2012/04/06/the-ex-mil-recruitment-interviews-martin-greaves/ (2016-02-15)
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