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  • Channel Swimming Forth River 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2013 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2015 Swimming Location X 2011 Swimming Location X aka Loch Etchachan 2012 Swimming Monster Swim 2013 Tank Driving Thundercat Powerboat Trekking Nepal 2010 Wakeboarding Water Skiing White Water Rafting Nepal White Water Sledging Windsurfing Wing Walking Zip Slide Zorb Fly By Wire Queenstown New Zealand With a top recorded speed of over 170 kph Fly By Wire is said to be the fastest ride in the world It s the closest you ll ever get to taking control of a fighter plane With comments like these an extreme sports enthusiast like myself could hardly resist having a go Let me at it I had first seen Fly By Wire on an extreme sports programme on the television about 3 years previously Knowing that on our trip we would be heading to Queenstown I had already decided to find them and have a go Rhona is not into the extreme sports as much as me but I managed to persuade her to give this one a try We arrived at the site on a wet overcast day Instead of the usual fly by wire bright red flying suits issued to the fliers we were given dark blue waterproofs This did not dampen our enthusiasm There was a small group of us would be fliers All were first timers and all were very excited The Fly By Wire site is situated in a canyon between two very steep hills After being shown how to use the controls we were strapped into this strange looking flying machine From the launch pad we were winched backwards up the hill At this point the adrenaline began to kick in You are now almost vertical It is now time to

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  • Flyboard 3 or 4 years ago on YouTube 2 years later I featured Flyboard on our Kick Start Your Week Flyboard Coolest water jet pack EVER It was after receiving Jo s email that I remembered that a friend had told me that she had seen Flyboard in Mallorca Rhona and I were due to go out to Mallorca in April 2015 so I contacted Flyboard Mallorca and booked my flight hover dive whatever you call it On Thursday the 23rd of April Rhona and I made our way from our rented apartment on the east coast of Mallorca to Puerto Portals on the west coast Here we met Tom who runs Flyboard Mallorca After a quick introduction and chat it was time to don a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid impact vest and then get a look at the Flyboard The Flyboard is a small platform approximately 80cm x 40cm fitted with what felt like snowboard bindings The bindings are on top of the board and in the middle of the board on the underside is a giant hose pipe measuring approximately 20cm across and 20m long The other end of the pipe is connected to a jet ski A few centimetres either side of this pipe are 2 downward facing nozzles approximately 8cm wide The idea is that the jet ski sucks the sea water into the big hose pipe which then travels the 20m along the pipe exiting out of the 2 smaller nozzles causing a powerful uplift Once I had had a grope around and understood the workings it was time to head out into the sea Tom would be on the jet ski with Rhona riding pillion How was I going to get out there I simply lay on my front pointing my feet and the board behind me and then flew swam bodysurfed ahead of the jet ski That bit on its own was a lot of fun Once where we needed to be the fun began The idea was to stand float upright with just my head sticking out of the water The buoyancy aid impact vest made this very easy Then when I felt ready Tom would turn the throttle and I should slowly rise out of the water and hover like a Flyboard god Just like that For some people it may be that easy but for me it certainly wasn t A key to this sport is balance and a key to balance is being able to focus on the horizon thus keeping your head and body straight As I can t see any horizon this makes things a tad harder For the first few minutes I floundered around like a drunken Rocket Man Tom had told me that everyone struggles at the beginning It takes most people between 2 and 5 minutes to get to grips with the Flyboard Unfortunately for me 10 minutes in and I still wasn t making much progress As soon as I struggled to

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  • Lamlash Splash 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2015 Swimming Location X 2011 Swimming Location X aka Loch Etchachan 2012 Swimming Monster Swim 2013 Tank Driving Thundercat Powerboat Trekking Nepal 2010 Wakeboarding Water Skiing White Water Rafting Nepal White Water Sledging Windsurfing Wing Walking Zip Slide Zorb Funny X sports pics This collection of extreme sports pics are of friends and I taking these sports none too seriously After all the whole idea behind extreme and adventure sports is to have a good time The page will be growing and changing as we get up to more of our favourite sports People often ask me how can a registered blind guy ride a mountainbike staying on the track and not falling off into ditches Well thats not always the case The Extreme Dreams Christmas Tree The Extreme Dreams Christmas Tree Last year Santa was bungee jumping This year he is wing walking BRUISE OF THE MONTH BRUISE OF THE MONTH This is what happens when the Blind Man goes swimming in the rapids and can t see where he is going Ouch It looks a lot worse than it is Honest Oooops Oooops Please stop the world from moving Please stop the world from moving Where am I Where am I The wind is really cold around the Trossachs My best impersonation of Lawrence of Arabia on a sandboard It was one of those very windy days The sand was on the move and any protection was at a premuim On a day like that this was the only chance that I was going to get to wear my shorts Rhona and I riding 2 up One of the sandboards that we use is long enough to take more than one rider on at a time Carl Rhona and I 3 up

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  • Sandboarding Western Australia Scad Diving Scrambling Scuba Diving Sea Kayak Race Oban 2013 Sea Kayak Race Oban 2012 Sea Kayaking 1 Sea Kayaking 2 Skatewing Skimboarding Skydiving tandem Snorkeling Western Australia Snowboarding Speed Riding tandem Sphere ing Stunt Plane 2002 Stunt Plane 2011 SUP Caledonian Canal aka Great Glen SUP Kerrera SUP Loch Awe 2015 SUP Loch Tay SOLO SUP Scilly to Sennen SUP UK s Highest SUP Club SUP Blog Swimming Corryvreckan Gulf Swimming English Channel Swimming Forth River 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2013 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2015 Swimming Location X 2011 Swimming Location X aka Loch Etchachan 2012 Swimming Monster Swim 2013 Tank Driving Thundercat Powerboat Trekking Nepal 2010 Wakeboarding Water Skiing White Water Rafting Nepal White Water Sledging Windsurfing Wing Walking Zip Slide Zorb Giant Swing Queenstown New Zealand The Ledge Giant Swing is around 400 metres above Queenstown At night time people throw themselves off here attached to bungee cords But during the day the site is used for the giant swing This is a great way to view Queenstown so Rhona and I decided to give it a go After being strapped into the harness you are attached to the safety

    Original URL path: http://www.extremedreams.co.uk/index.php/Extremedreams/Giant_Swing/xsid/25 (2016-02-10)
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  • I was out Rhona having a ball photo courtesy of rockthefort com From here we played a sort of leap frog passing each other as one of us would get trapped against a rock then fall off the edge and catch up Rhona would be in front then Dennis would take the lead and then it would be my turn The river would take you to the right and drop you over a waterfall Then you d be swung to the left careering over rocks towards the cliffs and then back to the right Every so often there would be a relatively calm section which was where you d try to climb back on to your lilo before hitting the next set of rapids or hit a rock or drop over a waterfall As with everyone else I spent more time off the lilo than on it but all the time I was telling myself whatever you do don t let go of it When it came to the big rocks it would be the thing that would cushion the blows Within a few hundred yards we had lost Dennis He d crashed into a rock and was struggling to get off As we were in the river there was absolutely nothing we could do so if things were really bad one of the safety guys placed all along the route would come to his assistance As it turned out he managed to get off and back into the water to finish the race Our team was now down to just Rhona and me Rhona was trying to keep me in sight but I had pretty much lost her Every time someone went past me I would shout are you Rhona This obviously confused some people but those who had seen the sign on my back BEWARE Blind Stupid realized the situation Deano where am I photo courtesy of rockthefort com As we thundered down the river some of the rapids and drops seemed to be getting mighty big It then dawned on me We must be getting close to the Leg Breaker This section had been closed in 2008 as the river was too high Sure enough I started to recognize certain features The cliffs had gone and the banks were a bit lower The rocks were much bigger and there were loads more spectators This was one of the best places to watch the race This was where the carnage took place Not having been on my lilo for some time now I hit the big one This was the Leg Breaker itself I had been swept left then right and all of a sudden I went over what felt to be about a 5ft drop I felt the water pummeling me and I fought to get to the surface I got to the surface and tried to swim on However the Nevis wasn t going to let it happen that easy I was dragged backwards and then

    Original URL path: http://www.extremedreams.co.uk/index.php/Extremedreams/Glen_Nevis_River_Race_2009/xsid/64 (2016-02-10)
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  • ground it was fairly warm but I was told it was going to get colder as we got higher I was given my helmet and taken out to see the glider I would be flying with Judith so I was introduced to her and our glider Judith started off looking quite normal but by the time she had put on all of her extra layers big gloves etc she looked like a Michelin Woman I started to wonder if my T shirt thin fleece and waterproof jacket would be enough protection for the expected temperature but being a tough Scotsman and too vain I decided to say nothing We took the glider from the hanger and pushed around the airfield to our starting point We were to be towed behind a microlight so in the distance I could hear the buzzing as the engine was started and the prop spun into action Prop as you can see I am a total expert Judith introduced me to the different parts of the glider and explained how things were going to work We were both going to be strapped into a sling below the wing and would both be holding onto the main power bar This bar was to be pulled and pushed depending on what manoeuvre was required I would also be given some control once we had reached our desired height but of course Judith s hands would never be far from this bar After being strapped in and attached to the tow line the microlight revved it s engine and we were off Our plan was to climb to just below 4 000 ft and then release the towline Surprisingly it only took a few minutes to achieve our maximum height and I could now feel the wind blowing

    Original URL path: http://www.extremedreams.co.uk/index.php/Extremedreams/Hang_Gliding_tandem/xsid/26 (2016-02-10)
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  • would be good shall we enter After explaining that the race was over a distance of between 600 and 750km made up in sections of sea swimming road biking mountain biking mountain running and sea kayaking and was done by teams of either 4 or 5 she replied with OK then lets get a team together This was not the response I was expecting but not being the type to turn down a challenge or as some people call me stupid the challenge was taken up and a search began to find a team By January 2005 after a few injuries and changes we had our final team We could not find a sea kayaker so were allowed to enter a 4 person team As I needed a guide for my sections our team was increased to 5 The team were Sally Anne Folland 32 mountain running and road biking Richard Kirkup 36 mountain running and mountain biking Colin Campbell 64 road biking both solo and with me on the tandem mountain biking and some guiding for me in the sea swimming Rhona Dunbar 36 road biking my main pilot on the tandem and mountain running Dean Dunbar me 36 road biking on a tandem and sea swimming Picture courtessy of C Armer Pyro s Yard Picture courtessy of C Armer Pyro s Yard Most of our training began in January February but mine was halted after an ice skating injury in early March This resulted in a couple of cracked ribs and a swollen knee This meant around 3 weeks off training Then back in the swing of things around 6 weeks before the challenge I was rushed to hospital with appendicitis Within 12 hours of arriving at the hospital my appendix was out and the doctor told me that I d be ready for training in around 3 weeks time Sure enough 3 weeks later I was training The Hebridean Challenge was due to start on Monday 4 th July and briefings were to take place on Sunday the 3 rd on the Island of Eriskay To get there on time we took a ferry from Oban on Saturday the 2 nd We then set up camp on the beach The wind was fairly strong when we set the tents up but by early evening this wind had picked up to a Gale Force 10 Out of our 3 tents only one was still up on Sunday morning This was not ours So on Sunday after only a couple of hours sleep we started our preparations for the week ahead The route was given out 7 days earlier to prevent too much reconnaissance We could plan most of the route but were not told about the mystery sections on Monday and Thursday morning until the night before Picture courtessy of C Armer Pyro s Yard Picture courtessy of C Armer Pyro s Yard Now this is when I could bore you silly with a daily run down of

    Original URL path: http://www.extremedreams.co.uk/index.php/Extremedreams/Hebridean_Challenge_2005/xsid/27 (2016-02-10)
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  • It has to be those complete nutters at The Dangerous Sports Club The idea is totally mad but it does work I know because I have done it The Dangerous Sports Club have been doing crazy things since the 1970s These are the guys to blame for the bungy jump amongst other things On April 1st 1979 David Kirke and some other members of the club through themselves off Cliffton Suspension Bridge in Bristol on a homemade bungy cord Since their bungy jumping days the club have kept themselves busy with all sorts of wild and wacky adventures To carry out these wild adventures they have enlisted the help of hot air balloons hang gliders and a large inflatable pink elephant on skis to mention just a few This gives you an idea of what sort of people make up the ranks of The Dangerous Sports Club Over the last few years a couple of the club s members David Aitkenhead and Richard Wicks have been focusing their efforts on designing and building the Human Catapult The Human Catapult is based on the same design as a medieval trebuchet Trebuchets were military weapons used in Siege Warfare The general idea was to use this device to throw stones and other missiles over the walls of a fortress in order to break the siege I had heard about the catapult a couple of years ago but things had gone quiet for a while It was the guys from the Dangerless Sports Club who e mailed me to let me know that it was now up and running They were hoping to go along and have a look and asked me if I was interested Too right I thought I went along to the Human Catapult with Rhona and my wee sister

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