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  • River Bugs Rover Boarding Royal Marine Assault Course Sandboarding England Sandboarding Western Australia Scad Diving Scrambling Scuba Diving Sea Kayak Race Oban 2013 Sea Kayak Race Oban 2012 Sea Kayaking 1 Sea Kayaking 2 Skatewing Skimboarding Skydiving tandem Snorkeling Western Australia Snowboarding Speed Riding tandem Sphere ing Stunt Plane 2002 Stunt Plane 2011 SUP Caledonian Canal aka Great Glen SUP Kerrera SUP Loch Awe 2015 SUP Loch Tay SOLO SUP Scilly to Sennen SUP UK s Highest SUP Club SUP Blog Swimming Corryvreckan Gulf Swimming English Channel Swimming Forth River 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2013 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2014 Swimming Lamlash Splash 2015 Swimming Location X 2011 Swimming Location X aka Loch Etchachan 2012 Swimming Monster Swim 2013 Tank Driving Thundercat Powerboat Trekking Nepal 2010 Wakeboarding Water Skiing White Water Rafting Nepal White Water Sledging Windsurfing Wing Walking Zip Slide Zorb Stunt Plane 2002 Queenstown New Zealand Whilst in New Zealand I had a flight in the Red Bull Actionflite stunt plane based at Queenstown airport The plane was a Pitts Special said to be one of the finest high performance aerobatic aircraft ever built Actionflite plane at Queenstown airport photo courtesy of Actionflite The flight lasted around 20 minutes During this time we reached speeds of up to 200 kmph and went from around 6 to 3 Gs From a gentle take off we flew high above Queenstown and its huge lake The mountains were covered with snow the sky was blue and the sun was hot After reaching the preferred height the aerobatics began From barrel rolling to steep climbs and dives At one point I counted over 4 barrel rolls in a row It felt like I spent more time upside down than the right way up Deano in a barrel roll photo courtesy of Actionflite The

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  • there were a few fluffy clouds in the blue sky We had arranged to meet at Headcorn Airfield near Maidstone in Kent When Rhona and I met up with Tony he explained that he had recently had a chest infection which had now made its way into his sinuses which meant that he was not able to fly that day Instead he had arranged for one of his colleagues Alan Garside to take me up and do the business As well as the usual barrel rolls and loop the loops Tony told me that I was going to have a go at flying the plane The last time I had been in control of anything with an engine I had driven a friend s car at an amazing speed of 12 miles per hour around an empty car park but thought I was about to break the land speed record Now I was going to be going at over 140mph and would be 2 000 feet in the air With most of my adventures I don t get the slightest bit nervous until a few seconds before it starts Also as I had taken a flight in a stunt plane in New Zealand back in 2001 I kind of thought that I should be OK on this one However maybe it was my age or the fact that I was told that I would be able to take control of the plane in flight Whatever it was as we started to run along the runway the nerves really started to kick in Until we took off it had felt like we were bouncing along in some sort of beach buggy We were sat side by side with the sun baking down on us through the clear canopy As we left the ground it seemed to go very quiet and it felt like everything slowed down We just seemed to float upwards No real effort Once at 2 000ft Alan explained how the joystick worked It was very sensitive and the plane would respond to the slightest movement None of this yanking the joystick around like they do in the movies In fact he went on to show me the steering could be done with the pressure of just one finger After a few minutes of Alan showing me this and setting the plane up it was my turn to take over Knowing that Alan could fly this plane with just a tap of his fingers I grabbed hold of the joystick with both hands as if my life depended upon it I was shaking Really shaking Driving the car in the empty car park had been scary but this really got to me After a few seconds of this I started to calm down Alan was very relaxed with me being in control so I guess this must have been passed on to me Whilst cruising at 140 150mph Alan got me to get the plane to gain height lose

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  • a wee hostel to stay in and Carl Jason and I spent a rather noisy night in the van listening to the rain and wind outside whilst chomping down on the Walkers Out on Loch Lochy Courtesy of Dave Butt Day 2 was going to be the biggest day for us We hoped to paddle 50km north from Gairlochy to Dores The day started with some mellow paddling along the canal on to Loch Oich which looked pretty much like a wider canal back on to the main canal through Fort Augustus and then on to the monster infested Loch Ness We weren t expecting to see the Loch Ness Monster but we definitely did experience some monster conditions How small wee are Courtesy of Dave Butt It had taken us 3 hours to get from Gairlochy to Fort Augustus and after the previous days 31km and strong tail wind this first part of Day 2 hadn t been too hard However within a few minutes of paddling out from Fort Augustus things had changed dramatically The wind was now sitting at 20 knots 37kph or 23mph with regular gusts exceeding 40 knots 74kpb or 46mph This really blew my previous personal best of 8mph out of the water Although these conditions were the most challenging I had ever encountered on my SUP I told myself that I had learnt a lot the previous day and that this was just going to be a continuation of those lessons learned It is very hard to describe how it felt when I was riding the big waves but here goes Imagine standing on a trampoline as several people bounce on it around you The goal is not to fall over Now close your eyes Welcome to Loch Ness Courtesy of Dave Butt Carl paddled over to me to check that I was OK and told me that he also found these conditions challenging I don t know why but this made me relax and made me feel much better about things For the next 4 hours we battled through the waves and wind Carl and Jason were giving me tips as we went along and I even managed to catch a few waves and surf them I couldn t see when the waves were coming so had to learn to recognise them by feeling them ride under the board It wasn t just a case of feeling a wave lift me but more a specific skill of working out when the wave was directly under my heels At this point I could start to paddle really fast and then enjoy the wave If I paddle too early I would fall down the front of the wave If I paddled too late then I would fall off the back of it When I say fall I didn t actually fall off my board just the wave Only one of us fell off his board on the whole trip but I m not going

    Original URL path: http://www.extremedreams.co.uk/index.php/Extremedreams/SUP_Caledonian_Canal_aka_Great_Glen/xsid/103 (2016-02-10)
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  • 10am We figured if we started our trip at 10 45 the wind should have dropped enough to allow us to paddle south into it and then use it on our return trip up the far side of the island As tends to be the case the weather decided it had it s own plans Cathy and I launched our SUPs just next to the Oban Sailing Club and started our journey south down the Sound The first 20 minutes were fine then as we started to get out into the Sound the wind seemed to pick up Judging by the weather report we had reckoned that if we crossed the sound and paddled down the east side of Kerrera this should protect us from the wind Deano and the South Kerrera ferry photo courtesy of Patrick Winterton WRONG We slowly battled our way across the Sound trying not to get blow north As we reached the east coast of Kerrera we realised that there was pretty much no shelter from the wind and in fact it may have been slightly better had we stayed on the side we had started from We met up with Patrick Rhona Faraid and Stumpy at the south Kerrera ferry slipway and had a brief chat with them We talked through our options and decided that we would stick with this plan and whenever possible we d hug the east coast and try to get some protection from the wind Another of our plans had been to try to stop every hour or so for a few minutes to take on food water etc and just get a wee rest Unfortunately the weather wasn t going to let us do that It took us 2 hours just to get down towards the south edge of the island and whenever we tried to stop we were blown backwards At this point we both ended up kneeling down to paddle as when we stood up we were acting as human sails After 20 minutes of kneeling Cathy thought we may not be moving forward whilst paddling so gave herself a couple of markers and then timed a 3 minute paddle Sure enough for that 3 minutes and possible 2 or more before we were paddling but going nowhere This meant we had to really dig deep and put more effort in just to slightly move forward Cathy and Deano heading south into the wind photo courtesy of Patrick Winterton The wind had been coming from the south as we paddled down the Sound but as we rounded the corner and changed our direction to paddle along the south shore so did the wind Instead of coming directly from our left it was now coming from our 10 o clock not only pushing is in towards the south shore of Kerrera but also back towards where we had just left The waves were pretty big at this point and on several occasions I lost sight of Cathy

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  • in Perthshire in November had all been done in temperatures between 3 degrees and just below freezing and meant that I needed to wear my thick canyoning long johns gloves etc Over on Loch Awe the weather was a tropical 5 7 degrees so I could go back to my much more comfortable Palm Kaituna length trousers and Mistral cag and no gloves During the paddle I passed several islands which suddenly appeared in front of me and almost entered several flooded fields On one occasion I got very confused I saw an island appear in front of me so I decided to pass on its east side but as I did this I then thought I could see some fence posts sticking out the water on my right Oh shit I ve paddled into a flooded field and I d need to back track However the wind at this point was so strong that it was likely to take me over 20 minutes just to go back 100m Do I go back and knacker myself or do I explore Explore was my decision It turned out that this was an island and a few minutes later I paddled clear of it Not being able to see very clearly makes these things happen a lot Although I was on the water on my own Rhona had devised a plan to watch me from the shore On our recce on the Sunday she had located several points along the loch from where she would be able to see me clearly and if needed I could paddle in to meet her We measured these out and I was able to give Rho a rough ETA on when she should see me pass each point However from the water I had no idea where these were and rarely knew if Rho was watching me She did shout encouragement from 3 of these points and was able to tell me that I was ahead of my planned time which was a real boost I eventually passed the island with the castle on it and this was my first landmark Rho had said this was around 10km from our chalet so I aimed to get from here to the chalet in under 90 minutes 70 minutes later I passed the chalet as Rho cheered me on Beyond the chalet I knew that the loch had an arm that went off to the west and I definitely didn t want to go down that However the wind had picked up and again I was being blown to the west shore To add to that my sweet spot had vanished Instead of a nice clean V shape at the end of the loch I just had a very wide flat patch I now didn t know where I was heading Several times I thought I was heading north but in fact had just paddled straight into the east shore I would then have to look at the

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  • with me etc etc These were all valid questions and I could answer them all So by the time I returned to Kenmore I had decided I was going to SUP Loch Tay on the following weekend totally on my own Over the next week I ran through all of my drills packed unpacked re packed and unpacked all of my kit I had a deck bag on the front of my SUP and this would have to contain everything from food and drink to spare warm kit to speaking clock I also had to sort out my Go Pros Everything was checked checked again and when I thought it was sorted I checked it one more time I only managed a couple of hours broken sleep on the night before the trip I kept running through my kit and risk assessments But also at the back of my mind was a wee nagging voice telling me what I was about to do was very silly A wee blind guy on an inflatable SUP out on a great big loch Blind Stupid Am I Blind Stupid to do this solo Killin 20 07 14 The BBC weather forecast had told me that Sunday the 20th of July would be the perfect day for the trip If I started at Killin at 11am the wind would blow me up the loch Then at around 3pm the wind would change direction and would blow me around the corner and down to Kenmore This would be a pretty easy paddle Just let the wind do its stuff and keep the board moving in the right direction Unfortunately the wind was not doing what the BBC had told it to Rhona drove me to Killin and helped me read the manometer on the pump so that I got the SUP inflated to the right PSI We then planned to speak via walkie talkie radios in 3 or 4 hours time once I passed a section we called The Hump This is where the loch turns a corner and Kenmore can be seen not by me at the end of the loch Rhona was not there to guide me but just to check that I was still alive and hopefully get some footage Stumpy sees me off Killin 20 07 14 As soon as I launched from the Killin end of Loch Tay I realised that I didn t have a tail wind but had a cross wind The wind was blowing me into the shore I was planning to paddle along I wanted to try to keep 10 20m away from the south shore This is easier said than done when you can t really see I had to look for any clues I could find such as glimpses of white rocks that would mark out the shore was my paddle touching the loch bed if so the water was too shallow and I was getting too close etc Trying to do this whilst

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  • radios beacons etc Ian even splashed out on a 99p compass from China which he swears was the main reason the trip was successful Along with the water team we also had Rhona Stumpy and another face from the Cali Canal trip film maker Dave Robson Dave was there to make the follow up to SUP it and See SUP it and See 2 Board Scilly as well as giving Rhona a hand with spare kit etc The weather was a major influence on this trip The rest of the team mainly SUP on the sea so they could probably SUP in most conditions However 99 9 of my SUPing has been done on inland waters so I was the weak link Due to not being able to see the waves I am a much slower paddler It s hard to get a rhythm going when you don t know where the water is or where it is coming from Sighted paddlers can adjust each stroke whether they are riding over a trough or into a wave I can t see this so sometimes my paddle hits air over a trough or goes very deep into a wave Glassy calm photo courtesy of Carl Sawyer Because of my limited sea skill we needed the weather to be just right and over the week before the paddle the day time and even direction of the paddle changed daily On Monday the 22nd of June the plan was set We would catch the ferry over to the Scillies on Tuesday 23rd and paddle back to Sennen first thing on the 24th Rhona and Dave joined us on the ferry over and then carried all of the spare kit board bags pump etc back to Cornwall Ian Jason and Mark all had hard Jimmy Lewis boards and Carl and I each had inflatable Red Paddle boards Almost there photo courtesy of Dave Robson That night a friend of Jason and Mark called Wayne very kindly invited us to stay with him and his family We were all crashed out by 9pm as we planned to paddle at first light Well almost all Carl went for a late paddle to watch the sun go down Just after 04 00 on the 24th we started to stir By 05 10 we were on the water The first few kilometres saw us paddling out through the glassy calm waters between the islands As we reached the last wee island the boys spotted a seal colony and headed over to investigate As I wouldn t see anything I decided to keep on paddling The guys would catch me very quickly I was told to aim for the sun and keep that as my heading Stumpy watching the team coming in A few minutes later I heard a double whistle This was a pre arranged signal Carl and I had agreed on A double whistle blast meant come back to me and a single constant blast meant stop

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  • Land Rover and it was only then discovered that I had a flat tyre It was OK when we left Blair honest guv How do you get a flat tyre when travelling on the roof I don t know but there you go Fortunately Wilfie was on the case and within a few minutes the flat tyre was off and the replacement was on and Rhona was pumping it up Rhona giving it some pump action The route from the car park to Loch Etchachan included a 10km bike ride and 5km hike The first 5km on the bikes was very easy going but the second was pretty technical This was made even harder for Rhona and Wilfie The Coreban Sonic SUP that I bought from Oceansource net is an inflatable board so packs down to a backpack sized package weighing in at around 17kg This would be too heavy for us to wear on our back whilst doing a lot of the technical biking so we invested in a bike trailer and it was Rhona and Wilfie who volunteered to pull the trailer As well as the board there were other things to carry such as the pump to inflate the board the 3 part paddle leash and fin All of the team helped in the portage of this kit along with their own biking hiking and loch kit The first 5km was pretty straight forward biking on a wide well defined gravelly road This took us to Derry Lodge where there are some bike racks A lot of hill walkers cycle to here and then walk in from the lodge but as I am slower on foot and more likely to fall over we carried on cycling The next 1km or so is up hill and technical The track is very narrow and has many run offs running across it Some of these can be ridden over but many cannot For these it meant getting off the bike and lifting the bike over Fortunately for me different team members would take turns in guiding me from their bikes either riding in front of me and telling me what they were doing or from behind but watching to see what I was coming up to Once at the top of the hill things didn t get much easier The downhill was just as technical and this is where I came off my bike on my last trip out here After a kilometre of downhill the path levels off There are still plenty of run offs across the path so speed couldn t really be brought in to play Cheryl leading the way and Deano bringing up the rear A few kilometres later we stashed our bikes and started the walk in The board was transferred from the trailer to my back The pace was very steady and within an hour we were making our final ascent to Loch Etchachan The weather was glorious and by the time we got

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