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  • AVOCA 100% Wool Herringbone Fabric – Millstone Grid – Fabworks Online
    subtle grey beige creates a first rate fusion of natural light and dark tones The darker charcoal tone is woven through with a natural coloured warp making subtle colour changes that flow into the lighter oatmeal cream and sandy tones This medium weight wool is full of warmth It drapes and handles extremely well and it isn t one bit itchy This beautifully patterned check would make dramatic ponchos wraps and blanket style capes Mix things up by going darker with our Smokey Charcoal or try our Caramel Sandy Beige to take the mix a shade lighter Millstone Grid is a great choice for soft furnishing projects around your home think wooden floors exposed stone walls and granite worktops all brought together by this classy and contemporary Avoca weave This palette was originally designed for throws but the oversized check lends itself perfectly to curtains and blinds Weight Medium Width 152 5cm 60inch Pattern repeat 93cm x 77cm 36 5inch x 30 5inch Please note that samples for the Fabworks Exclusive Avoca Wool are 10cm x 10cm and are for texture and quality purposes only Quantity metres Add Fabric To Cart Order Sample Share this Product Share Tweet Pin it

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/gritty-granite-millstone (2016-04-27)
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  • AVOCA Wool Herringbone Pattern Fabric: Wet Sea and Sand – Fabworks Online
    100 lambswool Herringbone weave a washed denim blue rich camel beige and a crisp natural white Together they make something along the lines of dusky beach tones The softness and warmth of this Herringbone weave along with its firm but drapey handle make it a perfect candidate for all your winter fancies Larger projects are probably better suited to this wool because of its big pattern There are a multitude of cute clothing ideas that spring to mind when you lay your eyes on this fabric ponchos wraps capes unstructured and drapey dresses and waterfall coats are all a must Jeans and camel suede boots are excellent items to wear alongside this exceptional fabric The colours in this Herringbone weave fabric will sit confidently in a coastal property evoking the natural colours that we associate with the sea lapping against the sand and the wind whispering overhead Wet Sea and Sand is a foolproof fabric choice for throws cushions bolsters and pouffes all those comforting accessories that make a house a home For anyone who d love to put these great colours into a craft project why not make your own scarf and match it with either a bag or a hat And if there s still some left over perhaps a doorstopper to match your rich large plaid curtains or blinds would look suitably wonderful too Weight Medium Width 140cm 55inch Pattern repeat down 48cm 19inch Pattern repeat across 30 5cm 12inch Individual rectangle size 10 5cm x 16cm Please note that samples for the Fabworks Exclusive Avoca Wool are 10cm x 10cm and are for texture and quality purposes only Quantity metres Add Fabric To Cart Order Sample Share this Product Share Tweet Pin it More from this collection Redcurrant Revelry Donegal Tweed Herringbone 30 00 per metre

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/wet-sea-and-sand (2016-04-27)
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  • AVOCA 100% Lambswool Herringbone Fabric – Fab Baby Pink – Fabworks Online
    It s soft elegant and warm and has a firm but drapable handle This stunning fabric is the perfect candidate for anyone who loves pink Sewing room projects that you can get your teeth into with this fine fabric are endless some ideas might include a neat pencil skirt and matching jacket a smart dress or cute pinafore big girls or little girls tunics or a lovely subtle waistcoat It s perfect for little girls clothing Try teaming this wool with our Caramel Sandy Beige Herringbone and perhaps another of our wonderful herringbone wools in a chocolatey tone for a delicious Neapolitan ice cream palette These wools combined would make delightful cushions blinds and curtains Imagine a girl s bedroom furnished with this spectacular colour scheme Alternatively don t forget all those small craft projects such as bags toys hats and caps Weight Medium Width 152 5cm 60inch Herringbone repeat 18mm Due to naturally occurring wool bi products in the yarn of Fab Baby Pink we find when washed on the advised wool cycle this fabric takes a softer and fuller appearance and benefits from the washing process Please allow a little extra for shrinkage natural to wool then you

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/the-fab-baby-pink (2016-04-27)
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  • AVOCA 100% Wool Herringbone Fabric – Rockabilly Red – Fabworks Online
    handle this wool is soft and cosy in texture but bold and extravagant in style Striking too just like your favourite red lipstick This herringbone weave is as uplifting as it looks Looking to brighten up an uninspired wardrobe The Rockabilly Red is the ideal fabric to use to whip yourself up a jacket or coat that will go with all of your casual denims and breton striped tops Other s ewing room projects that may take your fancy with this wool are garments such as a neat pencil skirt with matching snazzy waistcoats and jackets a smart dress or a cute pinafore what about a tunic too Fancy a contrast Mix the Rockabilly with our Smokey Charcoal Herringbone for a distinguished and dynamite look It s ideal for any Christmas themed projects too such as stockings hats or homely decorations Don t assume that this one is just for the festive period though it s far too lovely to be stashed away for eleven months of the year You could also use it to make a throw that would brighten up any room no end Weight Medium Width 152 5cm 60inch Herringbone repeat 18mm Quantity metres Add Fabric To

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/red (2016-04-27)
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  • AVOCA 100% Woven Wool Herringbone – Smokey Charcoal – Fabworks Online
    Fabworks history is embedded in the hues of dark grey stone stormy rain clouds and wet granite cobbles the colours of Yorkshire s winter months Woven with a natural white warp and a black weft this fine Herringbone pattern has an overall subtle granite charcoal hue The wool is a reassuring medium weight with a soft brushed texture It handles easily and it has a good drape and a soft comforting feel The granite grey affects in this classic cloth make it an outerwear staple We advise putting this one to use in garments such as jackets overcoats pea coats capes ponchos and wraps Why not complete the ensemble and create yourself some matching accessories hats caps bags and scarves for instance Are you looking for a sophisticated new look for your home What works better than the shade that never dates Curtains blinds throws cushions or bolsters the choice is yours Our favourite fabric partner for this fabulous charcoal toned wool is the Millstone Grid another of our super Fabworks Exclusive Avoca Wools Weight Medium Width 152 5cm 60inch Herringbone repeat 18mm Quantity metres Add Fabric To Cart Order Sample Share this Product Share Tweet Pin it More from

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/charcoal (2016-04-27)
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  • AVOCA Herringbone Wool Fabric – Caramel Sandy Beige – Fabworks Online
    elegant and warm and with a firm but drapable handle this stunning fabric is perfect for any situation whether you want it to stand out from the rest or simply blend into the background Imagine this made up in a long flowing overcoat equally it will look fantastic in most skirt styles or waistcoats dresses and pinafores Or for a bang on trend item why not create yourself a quick cape poncho that you can make in no time and wear the next day If you have a bit more time on your hands we love the idea of tailored capes made from the Fabworks Exclusive Avoca Wool range For interiors projects the Caramel Sandy Beige looks great against wood or stone It s a classic colourway for just about any home furnishing project curtains blinds cushions throws you name it Why not team this one up with our Millstone Grid and scheme the two together to create your own homely style that you ll be dying to curl up in Don t forget all those small craft projects such as making bags toys hats and caps Weight Medium Width 152 5cm 60inch Herringbone repeat 18mm Quantity metres Add Fabric

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/fabworks-avoca-wool/products/caramel-sandy-beige (2016-04-27)
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  • Easy Make Poncho – Fabworks Online
    a square shape this should give a 75cm x 75cm piece when folded You can use this 25cm leftover piece as a matching scarf to go with your garment Make necessary allowances if you re using narrow width fabric C Open the fabric back out and hem all 4 sides D When hemmed all the way round fold the fabric in half the same way as in A selvedges together with the fold on your left So that it looks something like this E Now it s time for the neck opening this is to your discretion depending on how big you want the neck opening to be The neck opening must be big enough to go over your head with a little extra space to allow for drape roughly 35 40cm Place a pin where you want the neck opening to finish as demonstrated below We added a matching satin ribbon on the top edge for a little decorative detail F Following on from step E bring the back edge over onto the front and create an overlap by approximately 2cm as shown below With the fold on your left hand side stitch along the top upto where you have marked with the pin from the outer edge Then you re pretty much complete G We ve added a few buttons as a finishing touch to give a more professional look You can also add bows ribbons brooches etc H This is how your poncho should look once completed How easy was that Let us know how your ponchos go tag us on Facebook and Instagram Share Tweet Older Post T Ahmed on March 05 2016 You cant see the images to follow the step by step instructions June Wright on February 17 2016 Made the poncho today Took

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/blogs/fabworks-online-blog/110012487-easy-make-poncho (2016-04-27)
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  • Make your own festive wreath – Fabworks Online
    meet Cut into 6inch 15cm wide strips Fold the strips lengthwise turning the raw edges to the middle Sew the end of the strip to the frame with the raw edges next to the frame and secure Create a loop of hessian ribbon and sew from the back with a small stitch attaching it to the frame Continue to loop and sew twisting the ribbon across the front of the wreath in a random pattern securing as you go with small stitches from the back Join the next folded hessian ribbon where the last one ended tucking the ends to the back Continue until the whole wreath is covered Sew a ribbon loop to the back for hanging Optional Extras For an added extra and to give your wreath a personalised twist using a hot glue gun you can glue small baubles into the folds of the hessian Rag Rug Wreath You will need 1 x shaped wire ring 2m of assorted Jersey fabric in 1 4m strips Scissors or Rotary Blade Cutting Mats Ribbon for hanging Small baubles optional Glue Gun optional Fabworks Mill Shop has a small selection of everything you need to start this project Give us a call or send us an email for more info Method Fold the Fabric in half so the selvedge s meet Cut into 10inch 25cm wide strips Then cut again into strips approx 2inch 5cm wide Take one strip and tie it onto the wire ring with a simple knot There is no real technique select your fabric randomly as you knot your way around the ring Continue until the entire frame is covered with knotted fabric good film and a glass of wine is esstential with this Sew or tie a long a ribbon loop to the back for

    Original URL path: http://www.fabworks.co.uk/blogs/fabworks-online-blog/77678215-make-your-own-festive-wreath (2016-04-27)
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