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  • The Matrix Tribute
    The Matrix Tribute Some great pictures from The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded

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  • Various Technical Papers
    get one at home in the next five years you sure will walk into the range of a Wireless Access Point WAP before too long that s if you haven t already The Differences Between LCD and DLP Projectors projectors may well be the way to go Here is some information about the ins and outs of the current technologies but watch out there are some extremely interesting new display

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  • Rechargeable Battery Technologies Comapred
    interesting general discussion from JPL Nasa and the use of batteries in space See this rechargeable battery technology comparison chart number of useable cycles seems to be the most interesting statistic although we really need a graph plotting charge cycles against percentage original capacity for each battery type Oh and if you want to buy any have a look at this eStore The Battery Bank delivered from the USA to

    Original URL path: http://www.familybaron.co.uk/technical/rechargeable_battery_tech.htm (2016-04-24)
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  • Essential Home Wireless Security Practices
    home if they use popular wireless network sniffers they ll probably still find you unless you change your SSID from its factory default setting Considering that factory default SSIDs are well known this is simply something that you cannot allow Consider Delta Farce s War Flying experiment 60 of the APs that they stumbled across were configured with SSIDs relating to only four manufacturers default SSIDs What s mah name Eazy old skool rap reference When choosing a network name try not to choose something obvious such as your name or your address But don t use something like your e mail password either Crackers can still get at your SSID with enough effort The idea is not to make it easy Something silly like bobotheclown is going to be harder to guess than linksys and it won t betray any vital information well unless you happen to be Bobo the Clown When coming up with a name stay away from obvious schemes such as your organization or name WLAN and its also advisable not to choose names that are alluring to some mypotofgold or wirelesspr0nheaven are probably not good names WEP better than nothing If you ve read our Wireless Security Blackpaper then you know that Wired Equivalent Privacy aka WEP is not bulletproof But then again neither is your head and if you use it in conjunction with other things you can probably keep yourself out of trouble WEP should be enabled and ideally you should use the strongest key possible on home systems that s going to typically be 128 bit but 256 bit is available with select hardware 64 bit encryption with a 40 bit encryption key and a 24 bit initialization vector and 128 bit encryption with a 104 bit key and a 24 bit initialization vector are standard on most units if they have the latest firmware although you may see them identified only by key size rather than key size plus initialization vector bit size e g as 40 bit and 104 bit While it is true that you will get slightly higher performance with a 64 bit key less encrypting means faster throughput 128 bit encryption still delivers excellent throughout and is harder more time consuming to crack Use 128 bit or higher Currently 256 bit encryption is available on select D Link units and as an added bonus I might note that 256 bit support since it is so rare really narrows down the field of potential attackers WEP encrypts data both to and from your wireless clients making it harder to peek in on what you re doing It s not impossible to hack but keep in mind what we re trying to do here make it less convenient With WEP enabled and the SSID Broadcasting off you ve lessened your chances of being the neighborhood s free ISP by a great deal Also note that even with WEP enabled your SSID is never transmitted encrypted So even with WEP enabled do not chose sensitive information as the SSID When setting up WEP you can either specify the ASCII or hexadecimal keys yourself or you can use a pass phrase generator to take a smaller word and generate the key in that way For those of you with NetGear access points or any other AP that exhibits this behavior do not use the built in default keys At press time NetGear Wireless routers came configured with suggested WEP keys which are totally useless since they re published and well known Make your own keys For example Linksys generator looks like this Pick a passphrase that you ll remember and then generate the key based off of that Once you have the key do yourself a favor and write it down and save it in a file you ll need to add this key to your clients wireless connection manager For those of you using Windows XP to manage your wireless connections you ll need to modify this If you use the Windows XP Wireless Connection manager note that Windows considers a 128 bit WEP key to be 104 bits 26 digits in length which is technically correct it s just that the vector key is left out Note that Network Authentication need not be checked unless your hardware requires it Finally note that some Wireless Routers will allow you the option of configuring WEP and also requiring it If you setup WEP but don t require it then you are essentially still exposed Make sure that WEP is required for all communication not all products require you to explicitly set WEP as required Part II Additional security options If you ve done the above you re more secure than most to be sure At this point crackers looking to make trouble or use a free pipe are likely to move on to some other site where things are easier to manage Still there are additional options you should consider so we ll lay them out and let you decide At this point we re going to assume that your SSID is not easily guessable that you ve got encryption setup and that you ve disallowed broadcast SSIDs to associate Only if this is true will the next few suggestions be of real use Go MAC or manual the Promised Land Some but not all routers wireless or wired allow you to identify certain MAC addresses that are valid to associate If you re willing to take on the extra management required to implement MAC based security then this will really help A MAC address is a physical layer address associated with your networking card or device In theory every network card out there has its own unique address kind of like a fingerprint If you have a limited number of clients you can simply record the MAC address of each and only allow devices with those MAC address to connect Unfortunately if someone sits and records data on your network

    Original URL path: http://www.familybaron.co.uk/technical/Home_WiFi_Security.htm (2016-04-24)
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  • The Differences Between LCD and DLP Projectors
    in the past year DLP projectors still tend to outperform LCDs in this regard However the practical performance advantage in black levels and contrast that DLP holds over LCD has been reduced somewhat Toshiba s TLP X4100U LCD projector has a contrast rated at 800 1 Meanwhile the latest DLP products geared toward home theatre are rated has high as 1800 1 However one should not place too much emphasis on the specs In reality though the difference between projectors rated at 400 1 vs 800 1 is quite noticeable the difference is not so dramatic between products rated at 900 1 vs 1800 1 Once you get to contrast ranges of 900 1 or higher blacks appear as solid black and shadow details resolve quite nicely Increased contrast can yield relatively subtle improvements but there are other factors which contribute to image quality that become equally if not more important Reduced pixelation is another benefit of DLP LCDs were always known for their visible pixel structure often referred to as the screendoor effect because it appears as though the picture is being viewed through a screendoor Historically LCD technology has had a hard time being taken seriously among many home theatre enthusiasts quite understandably because of this flaw in the image DLP technology went a long way toward eliminating the screendoor effect In SVGA 800x600 resolution DLP projectors have either a muted pixel structure or an invisible pixel structure depending upon the size of the projected image relative to the viewing distance the larger the image the more visible the pixels Conversely SVGA resolution LCD projectors uniformly have a clearly visible pixel grid at just about any screen image size For this reason we don t recommend SVGA resolution LCD projectors for home theatre use except for those on the most limited of budgets Three developments have served to close the gap between DLP and LCD in the area of pixel visibility First was the step up to XGA resolution 1 024x768 This higher resolution uses 64 more pixels to paint the image on the screen as compared to an SVGA resolution projector The inter pixel gaps are reduced in XGA resolution so pixels are more dense and less visible In XGA resolution DLP projectors have an invisible pixel grid on any typical home theater screen no matter how big LCD projectors with standard XGA panels still have a visible but much reduced screendoor effect Second the inter pixel gaps on all LCD machines no matter what resolution are reduced compared to what they use to be So even the inexpensive SVGA resolution LCD projectors have less screendoor effect than they used to The third development in LCDs was the use of Micro Lens Array MLA to boost the efficiency of light transmission through XGA resolution LCD panels Some XGA class LCD projectors have this feature but most do not For those that do MLA has the happy side effect of reducing pixel visibility a little bit as compared

    Original URL path: http://www.familybaron.co.uk/technical/LCD_vs_DLP.htm (2016-04-24)
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  • Internet Radio
    which I have listened to regularly I have been known to listen to two at once one music and one talk station Nowadays though you can get all of the BBC radio stations on line and they do a brilliant

    Original URL path: http://www.familybaron.co.uk/internet_radio.htm (2016-04-24)
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  • Raging Planet
    the kind of photo s that I hope I can assemble in this section One raging planet phenomena that has caught my attention recently is the Mega Tsunami Raging Planet Check out this link for an up to the hour satellite picture from the BBC of the UK The Mega Tsunami collapsing volcanic island creates 1 2 kilometre high tidal wash Look at the web site all about the very real and potentially repeatable Mega Tsunami phenomenon In the photo below the newer tree growth on the lower slopes show exactly how high a naturally occurring wave can rise up destroying everything in its path The giant waves that rose to a maximum height of 1 720 feet 516 m at the head of Lituya Bay on July 9 1958 were generated by a combination of tectonic movements associated with a large 8 3 magnitude earthquake along the Fairweather fault movements of a tidal glacier front and a major subaerial rockfall in Gilbert Inlet It is thought that the strong earthquake ground motions triggered the giant rockfall at the head of the bay This rockfall impacted with great force to the bottom of Gilbert Inlet creating an underwater crater The displaced water and the folding of sedimentary rock layers broke and uplifted 1 300 feet of ice along the entire front of the Lituya Glacier Also the impact resulted in water splashing action that reached the 1 720 foot elevation The Universe One of the most complex planetary nebulae ever seen NGC 6543 nicknamed the Cat s Eye Nebula Hubble images courtesy of the Space Telescope Science Institute 1997 National Geographic Society All rights reserved Hurricanes Hurricane Gordon a few years ago Hurricane Inki in 1999 I think A 30 foot rental truck lies upside down atop a building in

    Original URL path: http://www.familybaron.co.uk/Raging%20Planet.htm (2016-04-24)
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  • Family Baron Home Page

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