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  • Is minimal packaging design the way to go? - FdK Design Consultants
    Sometimes brands can overdo the typography colours and graphics used on their packaging and this project opens up the question of whether or not minimal designs look better Or worse We think it s a very interesting idea but have mixed views about the effectiveness of the designs For us it opened up a lot of other questions Would these minimal designs be easy to pick out on shelves when they are stacked next to their competitors Will it still be easy to differentiate between different flavours particularly with the Lindt design If customers aren t familiar with a brand and the pictures of the food inside the packaging are removed will they choose another brand that does picture the food If you simply strip back the branding do you run the risk of making the product look lower quality Definitely food for thought no pun intended The key thing is that Gozetlik s project succeeded in provoking conversation and we spent a good while considering the pros and cons of minimal branding For the record we like the Schweppes and Nutella designs the best Image credit PG NETO Our 7 highlights from London Design Festival Designing a reminder of

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/is-minimal-packaging-design-the-way-to-go/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Our 7 highlights from London Design Festival - FdK Design Consultants
    had been almost completely emptied of gear and furnishings and replaced with thousands of old and unwanted items careful arranged and colour coded across the studio floor leaving only a walkway across the room The project was inspired by Philip K Dick s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in which the author describes kipple as a by product of everyday life Useless objects like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match It was an oddly beautiful display and featured an incredible collection of items some of which brought on all kinds of nostalgic emotion 4 Double Space for BMW Precision Poetry in Motion V A 13 September 24 October 2014 Free admission Of course a day trip to the London Design Festival wouldn t be complete without a look around the V A The first of two highlights for us was an installation in the Raphael Gallery created by multi disciplinary designers Edward Barber Jay Osgerby in conjunction with BMW The pair had created two revolving reflective structures suspended in the centre of the gallery with the aim of distorting our sense of perspective and providing an ever changing view of the Raphael cartoons and architecture of the room It was an impressive sight and a great way to encourage people into the V A which is a huge win in our books Some people were so wowed by the installation that they were lying on the floor to view the art in the reflections 5 Candela V A Our second highlight was this light display created by a multi disciplinary team comprising of product designer Felix de Pass graphic designer Michael Montgomery and ceramicist Ian McIntyre It was housed in the V A s tapestry gallery which needs to be kept in very low light in order to avoid damaging the delicate works The large rotary machine sat just off the gallery floor and as it moved the face would pass through a light source charging its surface and producing an afterglow We stood for a good while and watched the patterns evolve and flow around the circular face before we had to move on 6 Tincan Soho open until March 2015 We have been talking about Tincan for a while and on Saturday we finally got the chance to test it out As we mentioned in a recent post Tincan is a pop up restaurant that has been set up in an attempt to change our perspective of tinned fish because in the UK it s not exactly considered gourmet The restaurant has a beautifully minimal design that puts the focus on the tins lining the walls as well as the food on your plate As you can see from the above photo the fish in our case tuna and mackerel quite literally came straight out of the tin but tasted great Another unique selling point for Tincan is that they are the only restaurant in the UK to sell El Boqueron

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/7-highlights-fromlondon-design-festival/ (2016-02-14)
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  • A lesson in sourcing historical images - FdK Design Consultants
    British Tommy standing to attention says FdK s Steve Foster Getting high resolution images for this kind of display would normally be fairly straightforward but that isn t always the case with historical images If you are looking for a specific image such as a picture of Wilfred Owen in officer s uniform or soldiers standing to attention while there are hundreds of pictures in libraries such as the Imperial War Museum it s amazing how hard it is to find the perfect shot says Steve What makes it even more complicated is that even once you find the perfect shot there is another set of hurdles Quality is usually the main problem as in most cases the image has come from a print which might in itself be blurred damaged or grainy If you need to enlarge the image for use on a display like our life size Wilfred Owen display then you usually end up having to clean up and retouch the more obvious blemishes before you can use the image Once you have found a set of good quality images you then need to consider copyright It s always important to go through the correct channels which can sometimes be a slow task but an essential one I began by talking to the Bodleian Library about getting hold of the Wilfred Owen image however in the course of looking for images of the British Tommy and the trenches on the Imperial War Museum website I actually found the same image of Wilfred Owen I thought it would be easier to obtain all the images from there and it definitely saved me some time says Steve The IWM Library still advised Steve to get final approval from the Wilfred Owen Estate so he went back to the Bodleian

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/sourcing-historical-images/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Simple design, million dollar saving - FdK Design Consultants
    The original intent of the project was to improve the dining experience for passengers but along the way they also realised the existing trays were too big and worked with MAP to come up with a slimmer version that would be easier to eat from and would also save weight As it says on the MAP website We reduced the tray size by a third introduced a non slip tray surface that keeps items in place and negates the need for a paper liner We designed bespoke crockery and cutlery and a new drinking glass Just by doing this Virgin Atlantic will save 129kg per aircraft which equates to millions of dollars in fuel each year This is a great example of how sometimes the smallest design change can make a huge difference and undoubtedly Virgin will be on the look out for the next weight saving After all losing even a single pound can save around 14 000 gallons of fuel in a year Image credit Mark Harkin Why you should consider every detail in images A lesson in sourcing historical images Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path to apprenticeships London has invested in gaming should

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/simple-design-million-dollar-saving/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Why you should consider every detail in images - FdK Design Consultants
    consider every detail of the image you want to use to ensure a better chance of return on your media investment And when we say consider every detail we really do mean it For this particular project Elanco were looking for an image that communicated the feeling of trust between a horse and its owner or vet We started by searching through available images in online photolibraries and decided on the image of a person s hand touching a horse s head But the client was keen to have a selection of images and also to have outright control of the copyright of those images This meant commissioning a specialist equine photographer which was great because it meant we could get the most suitable horses and hand models for the brief However having commissioned Kit Houghton photography to find suitable location horse and hand model once we saw the photo shoot images we realised it wasn t just the horses and models that needed to be right and there was something else far more specific we needed to consider The challenge turned out to be finding the correct position for the hand and forearm so that the resulting image would fit into the design of the advertisement whilst not looking like the hand was pushing the horse says Simon who was working with Elanco on the project Determined to get the best shot possible a second photo shoot was arranged and we were much more excited with the image above You can see that the right hand has been used and the forearm is in line with the horse s nose resulting in a relaxed trusting image The key thing is to not just focus on the obvious message of you image but to also be wary of any unbidden

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/horse-hand-why-consider-every-detail-in-your-images/ (2016-02-14)
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  • The best designs can be the ones you never notice - FdK Design Consultants
    of detail in each image Each fixture and product image is constructed at virtually 4K by 4K pixels on a 1 1 scale with so much detail in them that you can actually see each thread from a sofa This shift to CG imagery makes the process of getting images on the website simpler cheaper and faster With traditional photography you need to have prototype items built and shipped all over the world to be photographed It s a logistically difficult method and can be expensive and not very environmentally friendly It was back in 2004 that Ikea decided to change the way their product images are produced and they have come a long way in a fairly short time Now they are constructing entire rooms and they look quite astonishing We posted a blog article this morning about considering every detail in advertising images but it is just as important with product images As the CG Society article states they wanted to keep the sense of reality and the feel of a lived in environment and for that every detail needs to be careful designed Take a look for yourself and be amazed Image Credit Gerard Stolk British brands

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/the-best-designs-can-be-the-ones-you-never-notice/ (2016-02-14)
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  • British brands and Scottish independence - FdK Design Consultants
    intentions but preparing for the possibility of independence is critical According to a recent ICM survey three in ten consumers believe that retailers should no longer use the union jack with a surprising number of people undecided as to whether or not they would continue buying from a retailer who advertises with the iconic flag Also while few consumers think that British branded companies like British Airways or British Gas should change their name half of the people surveyed remain undecided or don t know In contrast very few consumers identify with the use of a Best of England branding compared with half of the people surveyed who strongly identify with Best of Britain branding which suggests that Britain could still hold enough clout as a name even without the Scots So what are British brands to do Should they continue to fly the union jack and trade under an internationally recognised name Or do they choose to rebrand themselves to be in line with a Great Britain without Scotland The issue doesn t just involve British branded businesses Scottish brands like Scottish Widows and Scottish Power are also at risk with a third of consumers saying they would be less likely to deal with them if the country gains independence That figure is even higher when you look at higher income households with forty six per cent of those earning more than 55 000 saying they would be less likely to do business with Scottish brands in the event of independence They will need to ask themselves the same questions and decide whether it would be better to remain as they are drop the reference to Scotland or completely rebrand themselves It s a complex issue and while a redesign could help prevent a massive drop in revenue it

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/british-brands-scottish-independence/ (2016-02-14)
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  • The Blog Archives - Page 3 of 4 - FdK Design Consultants
    looking to sell bugs as high end snacks read more Scarily good covers Horribly bad typeface Ollie de Kretser October 23 2014 Penguin has been producing some beautifully designed book covers recently but there is something we cant agree on here read more Creating a user interface the smart way Ollie de Kretser October 13 2014 Good design begins with good research When designing a UI it is vital to understand the potential users and the development constraints read more Designing a reminder of how fortunate we are Ollie de Kretser October 3 2014 We recently helped design a set of materials for ROAM 639 a trail in Hindhead created to help raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy read more Is minimal packaging design the way to go Ollie de Kretser October 2 2014 What would happen if you stripped back the busy packaging of well known brands read more Our 7 highlights from London Design Festival Ollie de Kretser September 22 2014 We headed to London town on Saturday 20th to explore the events and exhibitions on display for LDF 2014 read more A lesson in sourcing historical images Ollie de Kretser September 12 2014 We have strong links with

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/category/the-blog/page/3/ (2016-02-14)
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