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  • National Trust - FdK Design Consultants
    Trust properties give visitors the opportunity to switch off from the everyday and share some precious moments with the special people in their lives The conservation charity has worked hard to develop a brand that will appeal to their constantly widening audiences and it is important that this brand is followed across all material As popular as they are it is also important that more people particularly non members are encouraged to visit properties and have a positive and enjoyable experience so they will want to revisit and even become a member When working for the National Trust we quite often receive briefs from one of the Rangers a Property Manager Education Officer or Visitor Experience Officer to name but a few all of whom might not necessarily have a background in marketing and advertising All these people have very busy work schedules that includes looking after historic properties and wildlife whilst also looking after the well being of their visitors and ensuring that their experience is a positive one Their time is very precious and it is therefore crucial that they can rely on someone with a deep understanding of how the National Trust operates and also how to

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/national-trust/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Zoetis - FdK Design Consultants
    are very often under the same pressures that many small business contend with building markets attracting and keeping customers managing production and supply and controlling budgets The specialist nature of the products they produce and the markets they operate in combined with the high degree of legislative control make the role of the brand manager a challenging one The pressure to deliver results means that efficiency is paramount and they are looking for design suppliers who not only deliver the creative work but understand the markets the products the audiences the importance of brand and identity management and often the internal politics so that any design and marketing company that they work with are far more part of the team than simply an outside supplier Our deep understanding of the animal health industry built over 20 years of working in this sector has also given us a real confidence in the work we do and makes us a perfect partner for Marketing Directors Brand Managers Sales Team Leaders Key Account Managers and Veterinary Managers Like many businesses any design and marketing for Zoetis is results driven so whilst creativity and originality in the design of branding advertising and collateral are all required it is the need to produce measurable results that is paramount This means that a very high priority is rightly put on research into the market the audience the product and the message before any design work is done The advent of new media and the ground shift in the way that we all receive and absorb sales messages has meant that our work with Zoetis now encompasses much more than the production of advertising detail aids collateral and packaging and now includes design for web and digital platforms and social media channels We believe that it is

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/zoetis/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Elanco - FdK Design Consultants
    to direct marketing and vet practice and pet owner support To meet this need Elanco requires a design supplier that can not only be creative but is also able to work within well established corporate and product branding guidelines and can focus on quick turnaround without any loss of quality Additionally they need a company that has the experience and knowledge to be able to act as a member of the marketing team that they can trust to produce creativity and artwork that will meet the constraints of legislation and will be happy to work in collaboration with other suppliers With 20 years experience in marketing animal health products to the veterinary sector and providing education and support for pet owners we are able to offer both responsive and proactive support for the sales and veterinary support teams at Elanco The companion animal health division is growing rapidly and this creates a need for a responsive and self reliant supplier of design services that can deliver both new and original creative solutions as well as adaptations of campaigns generated in the US All of this work requires a deep understanding of the importance and application of corporate brand standards as

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/elanco/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Knight Frank - FdK Design Consultants
    reports on trends in property prices and rental values in commercial and residential property in cities regions and business sectors across Europe The resultant reports not only contain valuable data useful to clients of Knight Frank and the wider property markets in general but also represent the brand values of Knight Frank as leading and well respected experts in property The current and timely nature of the data means that Knight Frank needs a supplier who can respond quickly and who understands the importance of brand guidelines and adherence to brand values as much as the clarity of the content We have worked with Knight Frank Research for almost 25 years and throughout that time have built an extremely deep understanding of the market places in which the reports are used the profile of the readers and the importance of clarity and accessibility of the reports which are quite often read by non expert audiences Our recognition of the importance of brand standards and willingness to implement and safeguard those standards has been invaluable to Knight Frank The reports are often commissioned by and for Knight Frank offices across Europe so it is imperative that we produce work to the

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/knight-frank/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Gearbulk - FdK Design Consultants
    to effectively communicate with potential customers who could well be based in places as far spread as North America South America Asia or South Africa At the same time Gearbulk s highly professional sea based and shore based staff are also spread around the globe and it is therefore important to maintain ongoing communication with them Gearbulk is a founding member of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative SSI which brings together leaders from across the shipping industry and respected Non Governmental Organisations with the goal of transforming the shipping industry and the wider maritime sector and to establishing a new sustainable approach as normal As part of their sustainability strategy Gearbulk also actively encourages employees to Give Back to society and the communities in which they work trying to help those less fortunate than themselves and make a positive impact where they do business Through a quarterly newsletter the company informs staff about all of the projects their colleagues have been involved in creating a giving ethos and encouraging a true sense of community throughout the company We have had the privilege of working closely with Gearbulk for over 20 years and in that time we have amassed invaluable knowledge of

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/gearbulk/ (2016-02-14)
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  • BMT Smart - FdK Design Consultants
    vessel performance and validate and benchmark results BMT wished to convert their SmartAccess system from being an element of a single sale hardware installation to become a separate revenue stream in its own right The existing interface presented complex technical data in a complete and very detailed form that was intended for use by engineers and naval architects and was not really suitable for use by commercial managers in ship owning and chartering companies They were therefore looking for a user interface design that would present useful and critical data about individual and fleet ship performances in a quickly accessible and easily understood format for non technical users whilst retaining the more in depth analysis for those who need it We began this project with some in depth research into the profiles of typical users the platforms they would be using the interface on and the circumstances in which they would be using SmartAccess Following on from this data gathering and analysis designs were developed that created a modular flat graphic interface that could present data defined by the user in a dashboard form The software development and implementation of the software was undertaken by BMT s internal development team

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/bmt-smart/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Fleet Street Financial - FdK Design Consultants
    other high net worth individuals with the Inns of Court in London To achieve this they wanted to work with a design consultancy that would understand the importance of personal service in this sector and the hard task of differentiating the specific services that FSF offers from other IFAs Being a small boutique organisation they needed a partner who would be pro active in helping them through the process of developing a brand and getting the business off the ground whilst they were focused on the mechanics of delivering the service We employed our four step design process and began by discussing the needs wants and objectives of the client ensuring that we clearly understood the profiles of the typical clients of FSF Once we thoroughly understood these metrics we were able to develop design proposals that could always be referenced back to these core requirements to ensure that they were achieving the necessary communication As with many small businesses and start ups the logo is a very personal representation of who and what the business is and is therefore a very collaborative piece of work it is not the place of the designer to enforce their will to produce

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/fleet-street-financial/ (2016-02-14)
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  • East 15 Acting School - FdK Design Consultants
    students from over 40 countries and are proud to have an international faculty truly making them a global community East 15 was recently voted the top UK drama school in the National Students Survey recorded as achieving an outstanding 98 for student satisfaction It is key that they communicate their enviable standards and diverse range of courses to potential students all over the world a task that is understandably challenging The East 15 calendar is a very busy one As well as the main prospectus we design all of their leaflets and adverts to promote the individual courses Additionally invitations and programmes are required for the course showcases aimed at the industry that occur each graduating year East 15 is a vibrant and dynamic school with students who are dedicated to their profession and it is important that all the material produced successfully promotes this dedication diversity and professionalism Head of Marketing The relationship with FDK has always been such that they are felt to be an extension of our team rather than just a supplier As well as delivering a consistent quality of design aesthetic to their work on our behalf they have always ensured deadlines have been met

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/portfolio/east-15-acting-school/ (2016-02-14)
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