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  • New product. New market. New approach | FdK Design
    compare it against and Elanco needs to convince vets that it is an effective genuine and clinically tested product before they will consider it as a treatment option for their clients We worked with Elanco to create some promotional material for the product but knew that the most effective way to gain vets trust would be through referral from their peers DESIGNING TRUST With this in mind our next problem to solve was How do you encourage vets to try out Vulketan in the first place and get them to record their experiences in a way that can be curated and shared with their peers Our answer was to design a web app for a programme called the Equine Wound Progress Project where vets could record written case studies about their horse wound treatment progress regardless of whether they used Vulketan or not To help incentivise vets every entrant is guaranteed to receive a thermal travel mug On top of that vets who share photos with their case studies where treatment is required will be entered in a free prize draw to win one of four GoPro Hero 4 cameras Each photo case study a vet submits counts as an entry so the more they submit the better their chances The design was intentionally neutral with branding kept fairly minimal As stated vets could use the app to record horse wound cases even if they didn t use Vulketan positioning Elanco as an organisation interested in practical horse wound treatment solutions and not as a company commissioning vets to use their product On the surface the app contains some basic information about Vulketan and allows users to download a leaflet with more detailed information It also allows vets to email a document with more detailed information to their clients after

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/new-product-new-market-new-approach/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Globemakers and the value of in-house content | FdK
    also regularly using Twitter and Facebook producing rich and meaningful content that their audience are keen to engage with As Peter Bellerby says It s very important to me that we do everything in house I don t want to get outside PR and marketing I don t want to get external companies facilitating things He continues As much as I can we do everything in house even if we make mistakes at times But I would prefer it to grow organically and be something that we all are part of That last bit is something very important to remember Even if you do decide to get an external company involved with your content it is important that you and your team are involved wherever possible It will help foster collaborative ideas and ensure you all feel part of the business as it grows via Creative Boom The problem is that we re constantly fighting against pi If you can imagine sticking 24 pieces of map on a sphere and each one is 0 1mm too small you ll have a 2 4mm gap to contend with by the time you ve finished Finishing up an order of Mini Desk Globes headed to Shanghai www bellerbyandco com A photo posted by Bellerby Co Globemakers globemakers on Aug 30 2015 at 8 18am PDT https instagram com p 6zaj3ThOuz taken by globemakers https instagram com p 6rrBdhBOs6 taken by globemakers A lovely personalised engraving that will be fitted to the wood base of a 23cm Mini Desk Globe it s always fun to see what customisations quotes people choose But for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see neutralmilkhotel intheaeroplaneoverthesea A photo posted by Bellerby Co Globemakers globemakers on Aug

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/globemakers-and-the-value-of-in-house-content/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Is something rotten in the design industry? - FdK Design Consultants
    to add value James Greenfield I graduated 15 years ago and worked for 100 a week for 6 months at a London agency My rent was 110 a month A lot of these issues aren t new As for graduates working in cafés Not every design graduate makes it into the job market There are too many studying and many that simply aren t good enough Dee Rourke Yep the industry is practically worthless unless you know lots of high powered people it s more about who you know rather than what you know Anyone looking to enter the industry DO SOMETHING ELSE QUICKLY Owen Wright As a recent graduate of product design I agree with a lot in this article I recently had an industry professional tell me that if I want to really make it in the design industry I will have to work for free Katie Parry Surely part of the reason there re so many design educated people working in unrelated jobs after graduating is because we re simply training too many designers Ben Hall It appears that design graduates are copying music artists with lots of working for free and a one in a million chance of getting signed We knew this was the case years ago but no one has acted and it looks like it must reach rock bottom before anyone tries to do anything Sad to see none of these comments are showing any optimism for change Phil Sootheran You have to stand your ground If you cut your costs or value yourself too low you re not only doing yourself a disservice but your entire trade I used to be a builder and had to combat cowboy prices all the time It s no different Mike Cryer I really dislike the

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/is-something-rotten-in-the-design-industry/ (2016-02-14)
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  • The importance of being implemented - FdK Design Consultants
    some of it is dedicated to ensuring our designs are implemented smoothly and to a high standard Implementation is the fourth and final stage in our design process and we always love seeing our work in place We hope you will to You can find out more about the work we do with the National Trust here Hi we are FdK Design Consultants Is something rotten in the design industry

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/the-importance-of-being-implemented/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Hi, we are FdK Design Consultants - FdK Design Consultants
    fun putting the video together and it involved a lot of pose striking costume changes and cake Yum The different costumes were important as they illustrate just how deeply we seek to understand our clients and their needs before we even think about designing We hope you enjoy the video and expect to see more on our channel in the future Designing the next generation of designers The importance of

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/hi-we-are-fdk-and-we-made-a-youtube-video/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Read Our Thoughts - FdK Design Consultants
    what they knew about the industry read more Designing passcodes for a new generation Ollie de Kretser June 17 2015 Is safer than 1 3 4 7 Intelligent Environments believes so and wants people to use emoji only passcodes to keep their information secure read more What matters to you matters to us Ollie de Kretser May 12 2015 Sometimes a global company says it better with a personal message and for Elanco it was an important one to get right read more North Downs Way Start Marker video Ollie de Kretser April 10 2015 Surrey County Council recently asked us for help in designing a start marker for the North Downs Way read more Design your business around why Ollie de Kretser March 19 2015 Of all the questions to ask yourself about your business why you do it is easily the most important and Uplander knows it read more A quick visit to Utopia Forge Ollie de Kretser March 17 2015 Today we paid a visit to our metalworking friends at their workshop down the road read more Creative potential only met by 28 of people in UK Ollie de Kretser March 12 2015 These are some worrying

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/read-our-thoughts/page/2/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Read Our Thoughts - FdK Design Consultants
    than digital Ollie de Kretser January 22 2015 If you want to promote yourself as a technical leader it might be worth thinking more traditionally read more Clean and clear is the best type of branding Ollie de Kretser January 21 2015 Too often we find that explanations for identity designs are overly complicated or justified with post rationalisation read more What does your website say about your business Ollie de Kretser December 4 2014 The Internet opens up a huge number of possibilities for businesses but it can also be a hinderance read more Using design to give value to a sweetener product Ollie de Kretser November 14 2014 A lot of companies boost sales of a product by giving something away with it But what happens when you want to sell that free gift as its own product read more What is the future of traditional products Ollie de Kretser November 12 2014 Today we saw a mesmerising video displaying the 400 year old art of crafting Japanese Kokeshi Dolls and it got us thinking about tradition read more Can we use design to make insects tasty Ollie de Kretser November 4 2014 An interesting article popped up

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/read-our-thoughts/page/3/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Read Our Thoughts - FdK Design Consultants
    read more Designing a reminder of how fortunate we are Ollie de Kretser October 3 2014 We recently helped design a set of materials for ROAM 639 a trail in Hindhead created to help raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy read more Is minimal packaging design the way to go Ollie de Kretser October 2 2014 What would happen if you stripped back the busy packaging of well known brands read more Our 7 highlights from London Design Festival Ollie de Kretser September 22 2014 We headed to London town on Saturday 20th to explore the events and exhibitions on display for LDF 2014 read more A lesson in sourcing historical images Ollie de Kretser September 12 2014 We have strong links with historical sites across the UK and we understand how tricky it can be to source the perfect image read more Simple design million dollar saving Ollie de Kretser September 11 2014 As Dieter Rams famously said Good design is as little design as possible read more Why you should consider every detail in images Ollie de Kretser September 5 2014 Everyone s heard the old cliche about the picture and the thousand words read more The best designs

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/read-our-thoughts/page/4/ (2016-02-14)
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