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  • What matters to you, matters to us - FdK Design Consultants
    Since the idea was to focus on people and building relationships with Novartis customers that is exactly what they didn t want We worked with Elanco to design an experience that went against the corporate style and instead centred around people The idea we settled on was to create a coffee shop experience which felt more personal inviting and familiar This was reinforced with exhibition invites and monoliths that simply asked people to pop round for a coffee and tell us what matters to you Also large photo graphics lined the stand showing real staff and managers with their own pets reinforcing the company message that What matters to you matters to us It was a risky idea as it didn t portray Elanco as a big company made bigger by taking over Novartis but it related much better to customers on a personal level and made the Elanco stand very approachable and welcoming The next question for our design to answer was that once people stepped onto Elanco s area What next With Novatis account managers now part of Elanco the key was to clearly inform people who the account manager in their region would now be whether they would change or be the same This led us to the idea of creating a short digital survey that could be used to gather information about customers and inform them as to who would be covering their area It was decided the survey would be displayed on a large multi touch display system produced by a company called Flat Frog effectively a giant touchscreen divided into four usable sections placed on a stand It s a very social device as four people can fill out the survey at once and people can easily gather around it which has the added advantage of making Elanco s area look busy and intriguing to passers by If customers needed any help with the survey or if the Flat Frog was busy staff were carrying iPads that could also display the Flat Frog interface for customers to use which helped the flow of people through the stand We were asked to design the UI User Interface for the Flat Frog survey and knew it would be an interesting and new experience for us from the start It needed to be attractive reflect Elanco s core brand values and be quick and easy for customers to use It had to allow them to quickly find and get familiar with their relevant territory managers and also needed to included concise and clear product information showing the existing Elanco products and new products brought in from Novartis While the products weren t the primary focus it was helpful to give this information as once the discussion had covered the key issue of personalities it was likely that visitors would want an overview of the new combined product range We wanted to make sure that our designs for the stand and the Flat Frog weren t superficial They

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/to-build-relationships-you-need-to-put-people-before-products/ (2016-02-14)
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  • North Downs Way Start Marker video - FdK Design Consultants
    who are currently in the process of crafting the large metal marker With it being such a unique project using some wonderful materials we wanted to show it off Check out some great pictures of Andy and Graham at work here Design your business around why What matters to you matters to us Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path to apprenticeships London has invested in gaming should

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/north-downs-way-start-marker/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Design your business around “why" - FdK Design Consultants
    ensures that your branding gets right to the heart of what you want to achieve and helps you to stand out from other brands that focus on simply saying this is what we do Focusing on the why means that our four stage design process is vital as it ensures we provide the right design advice and work for Uplander The first stage is listening so we began by asking founders James and Victoria a series of questions to help us and them to be clear about their thinking and their business The second stage is understanding understanding the business services audience and objectives There is plenty of competition in similar areas but Uplander know that for most customers getting an oak building is a significant process and investment So they have focused on their work process being hassle free and a pleasurable experience for the customer They want to ensure that every step is organised and customer focused where they are involved every step of the way from initial sketch to final product Even providing financial support for those who need it Having a deep understanding of the Uplander business allows us to be clear about the effectiveness of our designs leading to the creation and implementation stages at which point we could begin to pull together some design ideas We began with a basic design package as there was no need to spend large sums in the beginning Our proposition was to really focus on their customers and themselves as people The logo style has a contemporary and quality feel that communicates the balance between the traditional materials and contemporary approach that Uplander uses We helped them set up their social media presence and also created business cards flyers and graphics for their vehicle We were delighted to

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/design-your-business-around-why-uplander/ (2016-02-14)
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  • A quick visit to Utopia Forge - FdK Design Consultants
    to shoot some video and get some photos of the two at work welding plasma cutting and grinding We are putting together a video to really show off the beauty and skill in their work but here are some photos for now The plasma cutting above and second picture below in particular creates some wonderful sparks Creative potential only met by 28 of people in UK Design your business around

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/a-visit-to-utopia-forge-guildford/ (2016-02-14)
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  • "Creative potential" only met by 28% of people in UK - FdK Design Consultants
    mark the 90th anniversary of the RSA Student Awards shows that nearly three quarters of people in the UK don t feel able to use creativity to turn their ideas into reality and create change around them Equipping people with design skills is key to solving the 21st century s most intractable problems says the RSA and we couldn t agree more RSA Student Design Awards manager Sevra Davis added Traditional approaches to problem solving and innovation in government in business and in society are failing to adequately respond to complex problems It s vital that we encourage the next generation of designers to pour their energies into tackling real world economic and environmental issues and continue to push the boundaries of what good design can achieve Davis is definitely channeling Ken Garland s First Things First design manifesto here and we hope to see an increased focus on design education from the next government whoever will be in charge Happy National Doodle Day Everybody A quick visit to Utopia Forge Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path to apprenticeships London has invested in gaming should you too Take the North Downs Way 153 miles to Dover New

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/only-28-of-uk-population-meeting-creative-potential/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Happy National Doodle Day Everybody! - FdK Design Consultants
    Not only is this a great way to raise awareness about the work of Epilepsy Action but we will always encourage people to doodle more As we ve previously said doodling is good for you and there is a growing body of research that suggests it can help with information retention and creativity With that in mind our Online Communications Manager Ollie wanted to share some of his favourite Instagram doodlers and one calligrapher to help give you some inspiration for your own doodles Now excuse us while we take a quick doodle break A photo posted by Kerby Rosanes kerbyrosanes on Jan 1 2015 at 3 06am PST A photo posted by manik n ratan maniknratan on Jan 27 2015 at 9 26pm PST A photo posted by dailydoodlegram dailydoodlegram on Feb 1 2015 at 12 55pm PST A photo posted by H A T C H hatch art on Feb 4 2015 at 9 37am PST A photo posted by Tolga GİRGİN tolgagirgin99 on Jan 18 2015 at 5 14am PST Design is everywhere even in your coffee lid Creative potential only met by 28 of people in UK Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/epilepsy-action-happy-national-doodle-day/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Design is everywhere, even in your coffee lid - FdK Design Consultants
    collection of coffee lids It s safe to say that these two are serious collectors and it raises the question as to why we have so many lid designs In the video below Harpman discusses the rise of to go culture and outlines the practical challenges various coffee lid designers have attempted to address Fast Co writer Mark Wilson also highlights Capitalism as being partly to blame as businesses like Starbucks look to stand out from the competition through their packaging Whatever the reason there is something more important to take away from this video Design is all around us So much of what we use today has been carefully and sometimes not so carefully researched and designed and as this video demonstrates even insignificant objects that we take for granted can have a complex history Worth remember next time you go for your favourite takeaway latte You can read more about the collection on the Cabinet Magazine website Sometimes print says it better than digital Happy National Doodle Day Everybody Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path to apprenticeships London has invested in gaming should you too Take the North Downs Way 153 miles to Dover New

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/this-coffee-lid-collection-demonstrates-the-importance-of-design/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Sometimes print says it better than digital - FdK Design Consultants
    can be quickly accessed and shared in environments where electronic devices and internet connection may not always be available The wire bound format and relatively small size also makes them easy to fit into a bag large pocket or under a sales counter and easy to open and keep open at the relevant page The manuals have been produced in a neutral textbook like format as Zoetis wants to show they engage with education research white papers and the opinion of KOLs a number of whom have contributed to the content together with Zoetis s in house expertise and experience on subjects such as physiology and parasitology All of this meant that the design needed to reflect the quality and authority of the content by being clear consistent and logical throughout The content is very comprehensive and technical but the experience and understanding of the audience is very varied so the manuals needed to be all things to all men and clearly understood by both the experienced vet and the novice SQP says Simon An ill considered design that contained all of the same information but was dense and impenetrable would not have produced demand for the books across the wide range of people who are interested in sheep and cattle parasitology But it is not just content design that is important and an often overlooked feature is the feel of a document something we were keen to make the most of for Zoetis This is another advantage a printed book has over a digital version and while it is tempting to consider cheaper and thinner materials in order to save costs producing a book with a high quality feel and weight reinforces the proposition that the content within is also of high quality If you are thinking of using

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/zoetis-use-printed-manual-to-connect-with-audience/ (2016-02-14)
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