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  • Clean and clear is the best type of branding - FdK Design Consultants
    so the use of a hand seemed fitting We also like the single line style used to represent the midwives continued support from birth to post natal If we could only give out one piece of advice it would be to keep your designs clear and honest Also use cute babies wherever possible It might be BlueMonday but we re feeling more purple after the launch of the new IMUKMidwifery

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/clean-and-clear-is-the-best-type-of-branding/ (2016-02-14)
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  • What does your website say about your business? - FdK Design Consultants
    their first priorities was to address the perceived problems with the existing Norbury Park website While the previous website pictured below referenced all of the products and services offered the navigation and product presentation was confusing and some of the content was incomplete and out of date partly due to the outdated and complicated Content Management System All of this meant that the website did not reflect the design and production quality of Norbury Park s products and would more likely turn customers away than encourage them to enquire By using design thinking you can build a website that is aligned with the quality of your product or service and according to Norbury Park s Paul Nash theirs featured at the top of this article is now a great shop window which has increased enquiries by 20 The design of a website should be approached in much the same way as any piece of communication with the additional complication that it can often allow for a two way relationship with the visitor in a way that a brochure cannot said Simon de Kretser We always follow our four stage design process of Listen Understand Create and Implement when approaching a client s website design It is imperative to discuss the precise nature of their product or service the marketplace they operate in and the profile of their existing and prospect clients staff suppliers and stakeholders so that we can fully understand the nature and needs of all those who will be visiting the website Only then can we start the design and implementation process and truly answer the brief The design should not only encompass the content and layout of the site but also the technical needs of the target audiences ensuring that the user experience of the site is

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/does-your-website-reflect-the-quality-of-your-business/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Using design to give value to a 'sweetener' product - FdK Design Consultants
    not have gone down well with consumers The company needed to highlight the value of their applicators to explain why they were charging for them Their strategy was to create a Treatment Station that would be a complete in store package unit stocking all of the applicators spares and accessories maintenance kits and related items such as spare needles latex gloves and a secure carry box that could hold all of the dosing equipment that a farm might need Once they had their strategy laid out it was our job to design a whole new branding It was necessary for the Treatment Station to be treated like any other product line and have packaging and a presentation that reflected the quality and longevity of the injectors and drenchers says Simon To help reinforce value and quality we also helped design leaflets that give guidance on the correct usage and maintenance of all equipment stressing the importance of well maintained equipment and good technique in ensuring accurate dosing These products are designed engineered and manufactured to very high standards to be accurate easy to use comfortable in the hand and durable However they are are also a no nonsense everyday piece of farm kit so our design solution needs to communicate a feeling of practicality as well as quality not simply an up market image We used a bold graphic style with a simple colour coding and icon system to separate items associated with injecting from those related to drenching pour on and to indicate clearly the species each was suitable for as well as the Zoetis products that could be used with them New branding and presentation is key to giving the applicators a whole new look and feel in the eyes of consumers especially important for the ones who

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/giving-value-to-a-sweetener-product/ (2016-02-14)
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  • What is the future of traditional products? - FdK Design Consultants
    time that holds the same value With technology advancing so quickly and mass production being so prominent in our world modern day crafted products may well not survive long enough to be called traditional A sad thought Japan in particular is a country rich in traditional values which is probably one of the main reasons why Kokeshi Dolls are still being made It could also be that people are drawn to their unique nature After all even to a skilled craftsmen like the man in the video below no two dolls will ever be the same There will always be a slightly different brush stroke a slightly different size carving or a slightly different wood colour But then surely it s possible to program a machine to make slight changes to a product Coca Cola s latest campaign in Israel is a good example so that each one will be unique Or does it need to be accidental rather than on purpose to be truly considered unique It is likely we will never get an answer to our question about tradition in the future unless we find a way to live for 400 years of course but food for thought

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/what-is-the-future-of-traditional-products/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Can we use design to make insects tasty? - FdK Design Consultants
    to create an experience for those who want to try something new That s why we hid almost everything about the insects they re more eating a concept than they re eating insects said Van Boxtel Insects have always been eaten by people around the world and today 2 billion people eat insects as part of their diet But we in the west are hardly fans and unless you have an extremely adventurous palate or your name is Bear Grylls it s unlikely that insects would be appealing This causes problems as our eating habits are not sustainable and contribute quite a lot to climate change Raising and feeding thousands of bugs is much easier than thousands of cattle and requires far less space so should the design world be concentrating their efforts on creating appealing branding packaging and experiences for edible insects Sexy Food isn t the only one trying to change our eating habits A group of design students previously came up with Ento Box choosing to hide the fact you are eating insects by redesigning the food itself There are more examples but it is still a fairly niche topic and requires far greater traction to get anywhere If we can achieve that traction and use design thinking to create a new ethos around edible insects it would do us a lot of good especially since the world s population will rocket to 9 billion in 2050 and we will need to produce twice as much food It s important to remember that we already use icky things like squid ink for colouring gone off milk for cheese and pork blood for black pudding so we reckon insects could feasibly be the next step But what is the best way of turning creepy crawly into tasty treat

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/can-we-use-design-to-make-insects-tasty/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Scarily good covers. Horribly bad typeface? - FdK Design Consultants
    covers were unveiled a few weeks ago but they floated onto our Twitter feed this morning and its safe to say we love the illustrations Designed by Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley and curated by horror film master Guillermo Del Toro the covers have a dark and creepy look but are bold and compelling at the same time really bringing the books to life in a whole new way However when it comes to the typography we are in disagreement For some of us the gothic type works perfectly with the screenprint style iconography and helps reinforce the fact that these are classic horror novels For others it is the complete opposite conjuring up connotations of old and dull rather than modern and exciting Perfect accompaniment Or overused cliche If you feel like settling this debate please to send us a tweet with your opinion You can buy all 6 books from the Penguin website Creating a user interface the smart way Can we use design to make insects tasty Categories The Blog Recent Posts Designing a better path to apprenticeships London has invested in gaming should you too Take the North Downs Way 153 miles to Dover New product

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/penguin-horror-books-series/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Creating a user interface the smart way - FdK Design Consultants
    interface It would retain the technical information for engineers and architects but also provide managers with a quick overview of their vessels outlining whether or not they were performing to expectation The first two stages of our design process are to listen and understand and that is exactly what we did Knowing and understanding the profile of the new users of the interface was a vital element of the preliminary design process says FdK s Simon de Kretser While in consultation with BMT we built avatars of the typical management and technical users who were both ship owners and charterers including analysis of their expected time using the programme and the devices they would be using With the UI needing to be complex yet accessible it was essential to do this work before we could put pencil to paper It informed any design that we did and gave us key benchmarks and metrics to measure proposals against The most challenging part of the project was designing a framework that allows individuals to create a personalised dashboard of the information they need at a glance and then allows the data to be drilled into in increasing steps of complexity This necessitates a complex underlying grid and a wide set of tools iconography and data presentation styles that remain consistent and reflect the BMT brand at all points But that framework design also needs to be realistic and at this point we should discuss the development constraints mentioned at the beginning of this post While understanding the profile of your users is important it is also important to understand the limits of the platform you are designing for So it is essential to bring together the designers and programmers at an early stage in your project to ensure a synergy between the

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/creating-a-user-interface-the-smart-way-bmt/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Designing a reminder of how fortunate we are - FdK Design Consultants
    with us and we were more than happy to help Mayhew Cusack and FdK s Stephen Foster made the decision that the leaflet and waymarker design would be based on the National Trust designs so that the ROAM 639 material would sit happily alongside the National Trust material The leaflet includes information on the two charities who were directly involved in the creation of ROAM 639 Action Duchenne and The Richard Overall Trust Action Duchenne is the most well established parent led Duchenne organisation in the UK with the primary aim of supporting research advances that will lead to Duchenne treatments They also focus on campaigning education and their registry which is the only Duchenne registry in the UK Richard Overall died aged 20 from the Duchenne form of Muscular Dystrophy Becker is another form of the disorder During his life he was determined to live as fully as possible and enjoy his passion for sport The Richard Overall Trust was established in 2001 by Nicholas Overall in his son s honour The trust provides support to disabled people enabling them to participate in and enjoy sporting activities Stephen Foster and his family were invited to the ROAM 639 launch day on September 27th attended by the Mayor of Waverley and many people who had also supported the project The launch involved a Start of the Bowl celebratory run comprising of 10 full laps of the trail for keen runners There was also the Half Bowl 5 laps and The Saucer 3 laps while runners and walkers who simply wanted to enjoy the trail could do 1 or 2 laps at their own pace However none of those runs could compare to Ian Mayhew s commitment as over the 7 days leading up to the launch day he completed 24

    Original URL path: http://www.fdk.co.uk/roam639-designing-a-reminder-of-how-fortunate-we-are/ (2016-02-14)
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