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  • panel of ombudsmen
    of investigations at Ofcom Melissa Collett ombudsman appointed December 2004 previous jobs solicitor Lovells assistant legal counsel ACE Insurance assistant corporate lawyer Aviva plc Rebecca Connelley ombudsman appointed March 2010 previous jobs head of partnerships RSA Insurance commercial director GE Money EMEA client director GE Consumer Finance UK Peter Cook ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs relationship manager Financial Ombudsman Service adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service management roles at Halifax PLC Stephen Cooper ombudsman appointed March 2010 previous jobs founding partner Coopers Solicitors partner Capsticks Solicitors solicitor Barry Lewis Solicitors Michael Crewe ombudsman appointed July 2011 a business adviser for the Competition Commission an independent member of the Parole Board senior management roles at Barclays Bank Paul Daniel ombudsman appointed January 2009 previous jobs team manager Financial Ombudsman Service adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service Kim Davenport ombudsman appointed December 2010 previous jobs complaints manager Mercer senior complaints officer AXA Sun Life Elizabeth Dawes ombudsman appointed February 2010 previous jobs senior policy manager Barclays Wealth compliance manager Barclays Stockbrokers compliance manager NatWest Stockbrokers Francesca Del Mese appointed February 2012 previous jobs human rights barrister legal adviser for the United Nations adviser for juvenile justice for UNICEF Simon Dibble ombudsman appointed June 2011 previous jobs casework adviser Financial Ombudsman Service financial adviser Bank of Scotland Investment Service solicitor private practice Katie Doran ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs head of clinical governance Moorfields Eye Hospital governance and performance manager Berkshire East Primary Care Trust governance project manager Wandsworth Primary Care Trust Rona Doyle ombudsman appointed June 2011 previous jobs sole practitioner solicitor life disability insurance Browne Jacobson Solicitors Davies Lavery Solicitors Susan Ewins ombudsman appointed February 2012 previous jobs senior manager investigations and quality assurance Healthcare Commission head of casework the Disability Rights Commission manager and senior investigator Commission for Racial Equality Paul Featherstone ombudsman appointed February 2012 previous jobs senior associate at the Financial Services Authority adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman Service Reidy Flynn ombudsman appointed April 2000 previous jobs ombudsman Insurance Ombudsman Bureau barrister private practice editor All England Law Reports Andrew Fraser ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs assistant director UK Border Agency deputy head of the transition team Gambling Commission senior VAT policy adviser HMRC Geoffrey Futer ombudsman appointed December 2010 previous jobs adjudicator casework adviser Legal Complaints Service senior solicitor Tollers Joyce Gordon ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs transformation management leader Co operative Banking Group market analyst Royal Mail solicitor Alsop Wilkinson Eversheds and Shoosmiths Dawn Griffiths ombudsman appointed January 2008 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service complaints handling in the consumer credit and independent financial advisory sectors Sean Hamilton ombudsman appointed December 2010 previous jobs public prosecutor Public Prosecution Service Northern Ireland solicitor Central Service Agency police constable Metropolitan Police James Harris ombudsman appointed December 2010 previous jobs head of investigations PhonepayPlus contact centre supervisor Pershing customer services team leader First Telecom Jarrod Hastings ombudsman appointed February 2010 previous jobs corporate counsel BOC Group plc general counsel Garban Intercapital plc assistant corporate legal adviser Guardian Royal Exchange plc Kate Hennessey ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs head of strategy communications and corporate services at the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure senior civil servant working in a range of roles relating to the protection of national security Doug Hill ombudsman appointed May 2010 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service case assessor Barclays Life team leader Royal London Richard Hill ombudsman appointed March 2012 previous jobs director of customer services at Wolverhampton City Council director of customer focus at London Borough of Islington a vice president at American Express head of customer relations at British Airways Claire Hopkins ombudsman appointed January 2008 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service complaints handling within the mortgage broking sector Adrian Hudson ombudsman appointed December 2004 previous jobs senior actuary Barclays Life Assurance Company Limited pensions actuary Commercial Union Life assistant director and scheme actuary Godwins Limited Michael Ingram ombudsman appointed November 2003 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service solicitor private practice Colin Keegan ombudsman appointed June 2011 previous jobs deputy senior investigator Independent Police Complaints Commission investigator Local Government Ombudsman case investigator Derbyshire Constabulary Ray Lawley ombudsman appointed February 2012 previous jobs solicitor at the Law Society senior litigation solicitor Bowerman and Partners David Lawson ombudsman appointed February 2010 previous jobs barrister Lincoln s Inn solicitor Lee Bolton Lee Rees Freres trainee solicitor Herbert Smith Simon Leach ombudsman appointed September 2006 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service assistant pensions manager Blick Rothenberg broker consultant Scottish Equitable Ruth Lewis ombudsman appointed May 2010 previous jobs team manager Financial Ombudsman Service adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service investor services executive Gartmore Investment Ltd Steve Lilley ombudsman appointed April 2000 previous jobs senior executive Insurance Ombudsman Bureau underwriter Lloyd s of London assistant manager insurance broker Alexander MacDonald ombudsman appointed May 2012 previous jobs team manager Financial Ombudsman Service adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service assistant national customer services manager Direct Line Insurance Harriet McCarthy ombudsman appointed January 2009 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service lawyer private practice Michael McMahon ombudsman appointed March 2012 previous jobs HR manager at the Financial Ombudsman Service trainer at the Financial Ombudsman Service Doug Mansell ombudsman appointed November 2004 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service Personal Investment Authority Ombudsman Bureau administrator Barney Wilkins Howard Ltd administrator McHale Heaney Brokers Ltd Kristina Mathews ombudsman appointed June 2011 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service independent mortgage consultant senior mortgage adviser Cheltenham Gloucester Amanda Maycock ombudsman appointed January 2009 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service deputy complaints manager Office of the Banking Ombudsman complaints officer Solicitors Complaints Bureau Janet Millington ombudsman appointed May 2010 previous jobs auditor Financial Ombudsman Service casework adviser and adjudicator Financial Ombudsman Service complaints handling in the credit card sector Philip Miller ombudsman appointed May 2010 previous jobs adjudicator Financial Ombudsan Service manager Barclays Life Assurance Company Ltd technical officer United Friendly Insurance Ltd Roy Milne ombudsman appointed November 2003 previous jobs casework manager Financial Ombudsman Service case officer National Provident Institution case officer Black Horse Financial Services Gideon Moore
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/about/panel-ombudsmen.html (2012-06-06)

  • annual review 2010/2011 - how we dealt with the complaints
    2010 2011 2012 current accounts 20 28 31 credit cards 68 61 54 mortgages 37 37 28 unsecured loans 48 43 37 consumer credit 58 47 51 savings accounts 51 42 44 other banking services 46 43 41 investment complaints investment complaints 2010 2011 2012 mortgage endowments 38 31 28 whole of life policies and savings endowments 26 32 30 investment bonds 45 60 51 pensions 28 38 38 stockbroking and portfolio management 49 66 57 year ended 31 March In total we upheld 64 of the complaints we settled in the financial year 2011 2012 compared with 51 of cases in the previous year This figure varied across complaints involving different financial products For example during the year we upheld in favour of the consumer 82 of the cases we resolved involving mis sold payment protection insurance where our long standing approach explained on our website was endorsed during the year by the High Court in response to a legal challenge by the banks 31 of the cases we resolved involving current accounts where a ruling by the Supreme Court in November 2009 means we cannot generally help with complaints that charges are unfair or too high complaints data about named businesses Since September 2009 we have been publishing complaints data on our website every six months about named individual businesses The data shows the number of new complaints and the proportion of complaints we upheld in favour of consumers for businesses that have 30 or more new cases and 30 or more resolved cases in each six month period The complaints data shows that 160 or so businesses out of more than 100 000 covered by the ombudsman service together generate around 90 of our complaints workload The number of complaints relating to each individual business included in the six monthly data has ranged from 30 to 19 569 The proportion of cases we uphold in favour of the consumer varies substantially from business to business between 2 and 98 putting things right Where we uphold a complaint in favour of a consumer there are a number of ways in which we can put matters right depending on the individual circumstances of the case These include Telling the business to pay redress to put the consumer in the position they would now be in if the business hadn t got it wrong in the first place Telling the business to compensate the consumer for distress and inconvenience following our long standing approach set out on our website We did this in 18 813 cases during the year 14 of the cases we upheld generally awarding between 150 and 500 Directing the business to do something or not do something to put right what s gone wrong This can range from correcting credit references to paying a previously rejected insurance claim Telling the business to apologise Where we do not uphold a complaint in favour of a consumer our aim is to give a clear explanation from an entirely impartial standpoint as to why we believe the financial business has done nothing wrong or has already offered appropriate redress what redress do ombudsmen tell businesses to pay in individual cases year ended 31 March telling the business to take actions to put things right that don t have a direct cash value for example correcting a credit reference 23 redress up to 1 000 23 1 001 to 25 000 30 25 001 to 100 000 5 more than 100 000 1 telling the business the basis or formula on which they must pay compensation for example where specialist calculations need to be carried out by an actuary 18 The ombudsman can tell a business to pay compensation of up to 100 000 150 000 for complaints we received from 1 January 2012 and can recommend that the business pay compensation in excess of this amount The figures in this table do not include any additional amounts that we might tell a business to pay to compensate a consumer for distress and inconvenience We continue to see many entrenched disputes that could have been avoided if there had been better communication between the financial business and the customer Too many problems stem from simple misunderstandings that should have been cleared up at the outset our aim is to give a clear explanation from an entirely impartial standpoint We know that some consumers express their problems in an unfocused way that may make them seem unreasonable to the business they complain to But we also see some businesses responding to customer concerns unhelpfully and defensively aggravating problems that a clear helpful and sympathetic explanation might have resolved Just because we might not uphold a complaint on its merits does not mean that the consumer may not genuinely feel upset and let down by the way the business treated them Similarly a consumer s failure to present a reasoned argument does not automatically mean that a case has no merit or that the complaint should be categorised as frivolous and vexatious Of the 222 333 complaints we settled during the financial year 2011 2012 we concluded that 5 667 cases 2 5 of the total could be categorised as frivolous and vexatious 0 9 in the previous year 99 of these cases involved complaints about mis sold payment protection insurance PPI where it emerged that no policy had ever actually been sold We published information on our website during the year about our approach in these cases We do not charge a case fee to the business complained about where we decide that a complaint is frivolous and vexatious timeliness time taken to resolve cases year ended 31 March resolved within 3 months resolved within 6 months resolved within 9 months resolved within 12 months 2012 excluding PPI complaints 38 72 82 86 2012 all cases 28 66 82 86 2011 41 70 81 87 2010 38 67 81 89 2009 30 56 77 88 The table above shows the time it takes to settle complaints that are referred to the ombudsman service The proportion of cases we settled within nine months and within 12 months remained at similar levels to previous years However we were unable to settle as many cases as we wanted within our three months and six months targets largely because of the impact of the legal challenge brought by the banks in relation to our approach to payment protection insurance PPI complaints This legal challenge gave rise to a number of issues that significantly affected our ability to deal with cases as promptly as we would have liked Publicity around the banks legal challenge and subsequent publicity and media campaigns throughout the year have led to substantial increases in the number of new PPI cases referred to us Following public consultation at the start of 2011 we had geared up to receive between 48 000 and 72 000 new PPI cases during the year not the record 157 716 cases we actually received During the legal challenge we experienced less co operation from some businesses than we would otherwise have expected With businesses deciding not to respond substantively to many complaints until the legal outcome was known this meant large numbers of cases were effectively put on hold resulting in delays and uncertainty Following the High Court ruling and the subsequent decision by the banks not to appeal some major businesses struggled to catch up with their backlogs of complaints and had to apply to the regulator the FSA for special extensions to the normal complaints handling deadlines As banks and financial businesses have rapidly expanded their operations to deal with the substantial volumes of PPI cases the skills of our adjudicators made them very attractive on the recruitment market We have found it challenging to compete with the remuneration packages offered by some businesses and this led to significantly higher staff turnover Having to recruit and train large numbers of new staff both to replace our leavers and to gear up for our increased workload has had a direct impact on our productivity and the timeliness of our complaints handling PPI cases awaiting resolution at 31 March 2012 waiting for less than 6 months 64 waiting between 6 months a year 23 waiting between a year and two years 11 waiting over two years 2 we are seeing businesses become less willing to concede and consumers become more demanding We have continued to see businesses taking a more challenging and in some areas more legalistic approach not only in relation to PPI complaints but also to casework more generally For example during the year an insurance company Europ Assistance launched a legal challenge by way of a judicial review against an ombudsman s decision on a travel insurance complaint involving volcanic ash following delays and disruption to travel caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 This legal challenge meant that over 300 consumers cases were held up for six months until the High Court rejected the challenge in January 2012 and Europ Assistance said they would handle the cases in line with our approach In most areas of our work we are seeing disputes involving hard fought arguments and entrenched attitudes on both sides as businesses become less willing to concede and consumers become more demanding This resulted in an 18 increase during the year in the number of cases where an ombudsman issued a final decision as the last stage of our process We continue to prioritise cases where consumers might be disadvantaged by having to wait longer for example through financial hardship or for medical reasons During the year we identified and prioritised over 10 000 cases where financial hardship was a significant issue Around 4 000 of these cases related to overdrafts and loans and more than 3 000 involved mortgages Of course prioritising cases like these inevitably means that other complaints cannot be progressed as quickly as we would otherwise like knowledge and expertise We believe that professionalism should be central to our approach and that this professionalism depends on our adjudicators and ombudsmen having the right knowledge and expertise to do their work to the highest standards knowledge and expertise are at the heart of everything we do As part of our commitment to putting professionalism and quality at the heart of everything we do we have Expanded our panel of ombudsmen giving us the capacity to involve ombudsmen more actively in mentoring and developing our case handling staff and in the professional leadership of our service more widely Invested in a new training programme externally accredited by Queen Margaret University Edinburgh that we will be introducing for all our adjudicators The programme set at Masters degree level has been specially designed to build and maintain the professional skills of our case handling staff Developed our knowledge infrastructure with new tools to help give our staff the knowledge they need at the time they need it In 2011 we won a national award for the innovative way in which we use online forums blogs chats and wikis on our in house intranet to encourage knowledge sharing and collaborative working Launched our new professional career structure that encourages and enables the growth and development of our case handling staff from the consultants on our consumer helpline through to our most senior ombudsmen Extended our academy style approach to training all newly recruited adjudicators This involves an intensive classroom induction for their first 12 weeks before placing each new adjudicator in a team of experienced adjudicators for structured on the job training and mentoring Committed to a training and development programme for all our managers with staff each having an average of nine days training during the year Supported a continuous improvement framework to co ordinate and organise the wide range of ideas and suggestions put forward by employees aimed at delivering improvements for our customers Prioritised our internal communications to engage everyone and to maintain impetus and enthusiasm as we introduce new ways of working and new changes such as electronic case files Launched a series of customer videos for internal training purposes to help us better understand from the consumer s own perspective how it feels to bring a complaint to the ombudsman service This builds on the customer experience workshops that we developed last year and have now built into our training programme for all case handling staff Provided our staff with the skills to deal confidently and sensitively with an increasingly diverse range of customers including those with different needs We run a disability awareness and customer service programme in partnership with six disability mental health and wellbeing charities During the year we focused in particular on helping our staff interact with customers facing difficult issues involving loss and bereavement quality Quality is what matters most to our customers and stakeholders and delivering a high quality service is of fundamental importance to us Quality means that in every case we should be able to show that we have Made the decision in the right way getting to the heart of the issue and applying the approach we take consistently in similar cases Treated customers well the consumer and the business in each case so that they are satisfied with the level of service we have provided Got the basics right for example responding appropriately to different communication needs quality means getting the basics right treating customers well and making decisions in the right way During the year we reviewed the framework we have in place for measuring and reporting on quality and consistency issues This included Involving ombudsmen far more proactively in reviewing and giving constructive feedback on the technical accuracy and consistency of adjudicators work Developing a system to ensure that any case specific feedback from customers is reported direct to the individual case handler who worked on the case in question and to their manager Looking at the role of the quality committee a sub committee of our board of non executive directors and ensuring that it was receiving the right level of management information to ensure strategic oversight of quality and customer service issues Involving our senior management team and board members in an assessment of a cross section of randomly selected closed cases Introducing a consistent approach to measuring the quality of our customer service reflecting aspects such as reliability and empathy that customers consistently tell us are important to their overall satisfaction stakeholder research We carry out a programme of stakeholder and customer research to help give us a closer understanding of what our customers think and feel how they rate the service we provide and where we could do things better During the year this programme included Running monthly online surveys and six monthly postal surveys to record and measure how consumers whose complaints we have handled rate various aspects of the service we provided Researching the issues covered and the language used across the internet in online conversations about financial problems and the ombudsman to assess where it would be helpful and appropriate for us to increase our social media presence Filming consumers in their own homes talking freely about how complaints in general and using our service in particular made them feel Surveying consumers online and over the phone to find out their views on the possible implications for them of making ombudsman decisions publicly available Carrying out research to monitor the views of the businesses we cover smaller businesses and larger ones alike using both online and postal surveys Commissioning research among MPs to get their views on our work in relation to their constituents Monitoring general consumer awareness of the ombudsman service to help with our work on accessibility ensuring that everyone who needs to contact us knows how to find us and how to access our service Running a survey for our website users to find out more about who they are and why they use our website we want a closer understanding of what our customers think and feel Results and feedback from these stakeholder research activities are shown in more detail in the chapters who complained to us and who the complaints were about handling complaints about us Recognising where we have made mistakes and learning from any shortcomings is a vital part of our commitment to providing a first rate customer service This is why just like the businesses whose complaints we handle we have our own formal complaints procedure for people who are unhappy with the level of service we have provided We can usually sort out problems straightaway as soon as someone tells us that they are unhappy with the standard of service they have received The prompt involvement of the relevant manager with an immediate phone call to apologise or explain means we can resolve many issues without the problem escalating into a formal complaint But if we are not able to sort out matters at this stage to the satisfaction of the customer one of our senior managers will look into the problem This applies to complaints both from consumers and businesses The process is entirely separate from the usual process that applies if a consumer or business disagrees with our views on the merits of their case and wants us to re consider facts and arguments In the financial year 2011 2012 we handled 2 382 complaints about our service This was a 4 decrease compared with the 2 489 complaints we received in the previous year We were able to resolve two thirds of these complaints directly within the teams where the problem arose and a third of the complaints 805 of them were settled with the involvement of a more senior manager Complaints about our service related to 0 9 of our total caseload 1 2 in the previous year 5 of the complaints were made by businesses and the others were all from consumers or their representatives We upheld 37 of these complaints 33
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/publications/ar12/dealt.html (2012-06-06)

  • pay scale
    home about us careers pay scales careers pay scales job family number of staff range of salary earned chief executive chief ombudsman and executive directors 7 115 000 to 185 000 ombudsmen 75 58 807 to 112 267 heads of department and senior managers 38 55 000 to 107 100 managers 128 25 900 to 58 875 adjudicators 1 048 24 500 to 55 905 helpline staff 123 18 200
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/about/pay-scales.htm (2012-06-06)

  • our board
    team formerly managing director of the Resultant Team Consultancy retail managing director at ASDA WalMart European marketing manager at Nestle Rowntree Dame Janet Gaymer DBE QC Hon independent member of the Speaker s Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority co chair of the Consultation Steering Panel for the Legal Education and Training Review in England and Wales member of the Council of Justice life vice president of the UK Employment Lawyers Association honorary chairman of the European Employment Lawyers Association member of the board of International Women of Excellence governor of the London School of Economics formerly the commissioner for public appointments in England and Wales and a civil service commissioner the senior partner at Simmons Simmons Alan Jenkins a non executive board member of the Crown Prosecution Service an independent non executive director of PKF LLP a non executive board member of UK Trade Investment chairman of the board of trustees of Mencap Trust Company Limited vice chairman of the International Institute for Environment Development chairman of the board of trustees of Lattitude Global Volunteering director of Gross Hill Properties Ltd Sydney and London Properties Ltd and Northcourt Ltd formerly partner chairman of global markets at Eversheds LLP chairman of the board of Eversheds LLP managing partner of Frere Cholmeley Bischoff governor of Bishop Gilpin Primary School Professor Elaine Kempson CBE emeritus professor at the University of Bristol consultant for the World Bank a member of the Social Security Advisory Committee formerly a member of the Financial Inclusion Taskforce a member of the DTI taskforce on over indebtedness a member of the DTI foresight sub panel on personal financial services a member of a Treasury policy action team on access to financial services adviser to the Thoresen review of generic financial advice a non executive director of the Department for Work and Pensions Pensions Client Board Julian Lee chair of Brighton Sussex University Hospitals Trust a commissioner at the Legal Services Commission Justice of the Peace on the North Sussex Bench strategy and risk consultant formerly chair of NHS Brighton Hove chairman then chief executive of Allied Carpets Group plc chief executive of The Bricom Group plc joint managing director of British Commonwealth Holdings plc partner Arthur Andersen Roger Sanders OBE managing director of LighthouseGEB the employee benefits division of Lighthouse Group plc chairman of the financial services committee of the Insurance Institute of London and a council member and vice president of the Institute a trustee of the English National Opera benevolent fund formerly deputy chairman and head of employee benefits Helm Godfrey Partners Ltd joint chairman of the FSA s Smaller Businesses Practitioner Panel deputy chairman of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers a member of the Financial Services Practitioner Panel a director of the Personal Investment Authority PIA Ombudsman Bureau a PIA board member Baroness Maeve Sherlock OBE a member of the House of Lords currently doing research for a doctorate at Durham University chair designate Chapel St charitable social enterprises formerly a commissioner at
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/about/board.html (2012-06-06)

  • our organisation chart
    my story how the ombudsman service helped me our aims and values our organisation chart executive team panel of ombudsmen senior management team our board our service standards complaints about our service the independent assessor our work with other official bodies official documents freedom of information data protection careers useful links our work with other official bodies the rules we follow in the FSA s handbook home about us our organisation chart our organisation chart our board and executive team our non executive board led by our chair Sir Nicholas Montagu KCB our executive team led by our chief executive and chief ombudsman Natalie Ceeney CBE casework operations led by our Chris McDermott our operations director working with our senior operational team decisions and professional leadership led by Tony Boorman our principal ombudsman and decisions director and Caroline Wayman our principal ombudsman and legal director working with the panel of ombudsman and our policy and legal team insight communications led by David Cresswell our director of communications and customer insight working with our communications team infrastructure and support finance performance led by Julia Cavanagh our director of finance and performance working with the finance performance team HR organisational development led
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/about/organisation-chart.htm (2012-06-06)

  • our service standards
    case we will keep you informed about the progress we are making and about what you need to do next You will always know the name of the person handling your case and you can contact them direct with any questions by letter email or phone taking your views into account We will always take account of what you tell us about the case But we also have to consider carefully the other side of the story We listen to the facts and arguments from both sides and balance them carefully to help form our view If you disagree with our view you can ask us to reconsider the matter We will explain how you can do that In the majority of cases we are usually able to settle the dispute informally to the satisfaction of both sides by making suggestions and recommendations that the business and consumer both accept In a small number of cases one of our ombudsmen will need to make a final decision to settle the matter Our ombudsmen and adjudicators base their decisions on what they consider is the fair and reasonable approach in the particular circumstances of each individual case An ombudsman s decision is final There is no further appeal to another ombudsman This means you must make sure you have given us all your facts and arguments before an ombudsman makes their final decision otherwise it will be too late accessibility meeting your needs We aim to be accessible to everyone We can provide information about our service in different formats for example in Braille large print and on audiotape and we can receive calls via Text Relay formerly known as TypeTalk We can also provide information about our service in languages other than English And if you want to phone us but prefer to use a language other than English we can get an interpreter on the line right away If you have other accessibility or practical needs please let us know We will try to help if you are unhappy about the service we have provided If you are unhappy with the conclusions we are reaching tell the adjudicator handling your case If we cannot resolve the dispute informally to the satisfaction of both sides it will be for one of our ombudsmen to make a formal decision on the case The ombudsman s decision will be final Please also let us know if you are unhappy with the level of service we have provided whatever the actual outcome of the individual case For example we want to hear if you think in handling the case we have treated you rudely or unfairly failed to explain things properly or caused unnecessary delays but please bear in mind our usual time frame for resolving disputes as explained above We take complaints like this about our service very seriously If we get things wrong it s important that you tell us so we can try to put matters right This also helps
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/about/our-service-standards.htm (2012-06-06)

  • help for businesses and consumer advice agencies
    particular complaints help you find the information you need about the ombudsman service explain how the ombudsman service works contact our technical advice desk open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 020 7964 1400 We can usually deal with phone queries on the spot so phoning might be quicker than emailing us technical advice financial ombudsman org uk By contacting our technical advice desk to talk through what looks like becoming a tricky situation you may be able to sort out the problem informally at an early stage saving time money and effort all round discussing specific cases Our technical advice desk is happy to give financial businesses and advice workers informal help on how the ombudsman is likely to view specific issues But it does not decide cases The informal help it gives is based on information provided by only one of the parties to the complaint and is not binding if the complaint is later referred to the ombudsman service Financial businesses writing or talking to consumers about a complaint should not refer specifically to any informal contact they have had with the technical advice desk If you have a question about a specific complaint that has already been referred to the ombudsman service our technical advice desk will not be able to discuss the case with you Where the case has already been allocated to one of our adjudicators you should get in touch with that adjudicator Sometimes a financial business trade association or consumer body wishes to meet us to discuss some general or specific issue As an open and accessible organisation we are happy to discuss the lessons to be learnt from the cases we have handled our general approach as illustrated by past cases and our procedures But like the courts we follow the
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/contact/tech-advice.htm (2012-06-06)

  • contact our external liaison team
    we can do for you visiting our office calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes useful links events our series of events for consumer advisers our outreach work in the community home contact us contact our external liaison team contact our external liaison team Each year we run events nationwide for advice workers and people working in financial services aimed at helping to resolve complaints before they reach the ombudsman service We also take part in a wide range of conferences exhibitions and roadshows across the country If you are organising an event and would like to invite us to take part please email full details to our external liaison team at the address below and we will see if we can help you meet our external liaison and outreach team liaison team financial ombudsman org uk 020 7964 1400 Caroline Wells head of outreach and external liaison Emma Parker head of media and research Annette Lovell head of policy and public affairs Peter Bristow coordinator smaller businesses Kerrie Coughlin events coordinator roadshows conferences and exhibitions David Cresswell director of communications and customer insight David Bainbridge technical advice manager Ian Woodman external liaison resources manager our technical advice and
    http://www.financial-ombudsman.co.uk/contact/external-team.htm (2012-06-06)