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  • Fire Extinguisher Market
    climate change among other factors This is why it is always essential to have a fire extinguisher in your car at home in your business premise and at place of work However you cannot just purchase any extinguisher Fireextinguishermarket co uk offers information on some of the different types of fire extinguishers you can buy to fit the purpose of use specifically It will also provide an insight into the properties of each fire extinguisher how to go about training and how to prepare a fire risk assessment Foam fire extinguishers are also common in the market They are widely used for class A and B fires They are also not used for fires involving electricity The extinguishers are effective safer and they can be used with water where electrical appliances are involved You can also purchase dry powder fire extinguishers These are some of the best fire extinguisher market products that are effective on class A B and C fires What s more they are good for running liquid fires or class B they also extinguish gas fires However you have to isolate your gas supply first before using the extinguisher to prevent ugly incidences or reactions You can

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  • Co2 Fire Extinguishers | Fire Extinguisher Market
    and nozzle at the very top In addition to this it is also features a safety pin Before you buy this type of fire extinguisher it is important o learn all there is about it How the Extinguisher Works For it to work you need to pull out the safety pin and at the same time depress the cans lever This will ensure that the CO2 is released and it moves downward Oxygen is what fuels the fire and the CO2 displaces it and as such ensures the flames are extinguished How it is Used In order to use the COs fire extinguishers effectively the pin should be pulled and the nozzle aimed at the base of fire where flames are been fueled Next users have to pull the level in a slow manner in order to release the gas Once this is done they should sweep the extinguisher from one side to another till they are certain that the complete base is covered Benefits Ideally there are several benefits associated with the CO2 fire extinguishers For starters they are the perfect choice for dealing with class C and B fires These fires describe electrical and flammable liquid fires respectively

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  • Water Fire Extinguishers | Fire Extinguisher Market
    same time extinguish deep fires There are several benefits associated with the use of water fire extinguishers and it is ideal to look at some of these For starters these extinguishers do not have any harmful chemicals and this means they can be used close to food without any worry In addition to this they can also be used in areas where vulnerable adults or children are located The cost of these extinguishers is considerably cheap and what is more they can be easily refilled thus cutting down on the costs even further The water fire extinguishers have excellent cooling effects that penetrate and cool properties This ensures that the flames are considerably reduced as well They are environment friendly and this is because they only contain nitrogen and plain water which does not put the environment or individual using the extinguisher at risk For a fire to keep on burning it requires three important elements which include heat fuel and oxygen By getting rid of the heat the fire can be put off easily and this is exactly how these fire extinguishers work They remove the heat from the equation and just as easily the problem is solved and

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  • Foam Fire Extingishers | Fire Extinguisher Market
    fire extinguisher is ideal for putting out flammable solid fires These are fires that are fuelled by substances that are inflammable like wood hay clothes paper among others Besides foam fire extinguishers are also capable of putting out flammable liquid fires that are fuelled by spirits petrol diesel oils among others When defining this type of fire extinguishers you can say that it is used in putting out Class A and B fires Foam fire extinguishers can be used on fires that are fuelled by flammable solids and liquids These fire extinguishers are not toxic and are unable to cause damage to a wide range of materials It should be noted that foam fire extinguishers are able to put out fires progressively and not in a sudden and violent manner They work through the formation of a blanket cover over the burning materials hence cooling and smothering the fire Whenever this happens oxygen and heat that could re ignite the fire is eliminated Foam fire extinguishers can be obtained in a variety of sizes and are ideal for use in homes caravans cars and even commercial property However fire fighters can also use them in certain occasions depending on the

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  • Fire Safety Training | Fire Extinguisher Market
    basic safety measures that should be exercised immediately to ensure that lives and property is not lost Below are some of the basic fire safety training tips that you should have in mind Raise an alarm Immediately you realize that there is a fire outbreak within your home commercial property in a boat or anywhere else it is advisable that you raise an alarm so that other people who may be therein are alerted In case there is an alarm in the building it is advisable that you turn it on Besides you should also contact the fire brigade and medics immediately Give directions for escape It is also advisable that as a person who understands fire safety you should give the occupants of the property where there is a fire outbreak direction on how to evacuate the building There are so many people who may be confused by the fire alarm and even lose their way out Try to make escape or emergency routes to ensure that people are able to evacuate the property safely and within the shortest time Choose a safe meeting place After evacuation you should also identify a safe place near the property where those who have been rescued from the fire outbreak can be treated and attended to depending on their conditions During this time the fire brigade and medics will have come to give a helping hand in saving lives and property from the fire If you are a manager of an organisation it is important that you provide fire training for all of your employees to ensure they have the best knowledge and preparation for what to do if a fire breaks out The above points provide just a basic overview for things that should be considered however providing employees with more

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  • Fire Risk Assessment | Fire Extinguisher Market
    control or reduce them This assessment should be done by an expert who has undergone sufficient professional training They should also be experienced on fire safety Basically the assessment process entails identifying the hazards and risk that they pose to building and people in it You have to identify people who can be affected by a fire outbreak in the building A comprehensive fire risk assessment entails evaluation and removal or reduction of the identified risks After the assessment you have to record the findings and prepare a plan for emergency You can also offer training to the involved persons and also review or update the risk assessment A good assessment is always done with a chart that gives you detailed information Among the things that should be included in the list are Consideration of exits and emergency routes Considering warning systems and fire detection s Evaluation of equipment for fighting fire Safe storage or removal of substances that pose danger in the event of a fire outbreak Evaluation of a fire emergency evacuation plan Consideration of the needs of seniors disabled children and other vulnerable people in the event of fire outbreak Provision of information to the employees as

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  • Contact Us | Fire Extinguisher Market
    Extinguishers Water Fire Extinguishers Foam Fire Extingishers Fire Safety Training Fire Risk Assessment Contact Us Contact Us Please fill in the form below to contact us Your name Your email

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