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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - Home
    of mind in tough economic times but they can also cause problems if you do not read the fine print upon installation It is important that you are aware of some of the scare tactics that many home alarm system companies employ in order to gain new customers Some of them will spout out crime statistics to convince you to buy their services They often take an aggressive approach to selling their systems while locking customers into a monthly contract Hidden fees and increased monthly premiums are some of the issues home owners face when it comes to buying a new alarm Make your decision on a home alarm system through practical means and do not give in to scare tactics A purchase made on impulse could become one that you will regret in the near future Once you have decided to purchase a new home alarm you need to decide what you need it to do to make you feel safe Some of the more advanced home alarm systems allow you to view real time footage of the inside and outside of your home You can view it from home or even from your phone in some cases this level of protection is usually reserved for homes which contain significant quantities of valuables They alert the homeowner as soon as the home is breached Good alarm systems automatically notify the police that an intruder is in your home This is a good preventative measure because it gets the burglar on tape and it relays your address to the authorities at the same time Some people opt for a more simple form of home security You can buy some devices which emit a loud noise upon entry if a code is not submitted in time While these do not automatically

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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - CCTV Cameras
    not there The great thing about CCTV cameras is that they can be used in a variety of ways A parent s worst nightmare is the babysitter who appears to be responsible and caring on the outside but secretly treats the kids with disrespect or even physical abuse Very young children might not be able to verbalize the abuse that is taking place Some parents have installed these cameras to investigate whether or not there is abuse taking place There are some home alarm manufacturers who make hidden cameras One of the most popular is a clock camera which provides an excellent disguise Another great application for the CCTV camera is to investigate theft Burglaries are not always committed by strangers In fact most burglaries are committed by someone that a family knows This is due to the fact that those who are closest to us often know the best ways to gain entry into our house These types of criminals can be the toughest to catch because they are often the ones we least expect If you have ever experienced the feeling of misplacing items or money and suspected someone close to you of taking it then a CCTV system is a great choice This allows you to get to the bottom of what is happening without wrongly accusing others It is really important to understand that buying a home security system requires future maintenance It must be checked to ensure that it is working properly The tape or film must be changed and checked to make sure that it is accurately recording what it is supposed to record Those who get lazy in maintaining their CCTV usually pay the price when they least expect it Keep your maintenance up to date so that you don t have to

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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - Home Monitoring
    way we view home security ADT is one of the most recognizable names in the home security business They provide great remote home monitoring at a reasonable price and their security plans allow you to monitor your home from your phone The remote home monitoring system offered by ADT allows you to do so much more than to simply keep track of who is coming in and out of your house while you are gone It also allows you to arm and disarm your whole system from the palm of your hand Additionally you can adjust your lights or even your home heat settings from this very same system Using your smart phone to monitor your home is a great way to keep track of your house when you aren t there Have you ever left for a vacation only to realize that you might have left an appliance or light on in the house Now you can use your phone to actually look inside the home to determine what you forgot to do If you left a light on by mistake simply turn it off with the push of a button One of the most annoying things that happens to a family as they leave for vacation is forgetting to set the thermostat This can be controlled from your smart phone as well Monitoring your security system from your phone allows you to do much more than protect it You can also monitor the activities of your children when once they reach that age in which they are being left by themselves for the first time They want to experience a sense of autonomy yet you want to make sure they are being safe Tracking their behaviors through your smart phone allows you to keep them safe even when

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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - Home Security
    might seem difficult to pick the one that is right for you Here are some things to consider once you decide to buy a home alarm system Closed circuit cameras used to be primarily used in both smaller and larger businesses Now people are installing them within there homes for several important reasons The first reason is that a home owner can actually watch what is occurring inside their home in real time This can be achieved via cell phone or even a work computer The next reason why closed circuit cameras are used is because they can be easily hidden Some manufacturers go to great lengths to produce hidden cameras with the latest technology These cameras can emulate a wall clock alarm clock or even a book on a shelf This makes them great tools for monitoring your home The best home security alarm systems have multiple functions Most operate off of the premise of noise and can be installed by a local locksmith company Either a sound or a voice will notify the intruder that they are trespassing However this is not enough to prevent theft from occurring Your home alarm system should automatically notify the police when your home is breached by an intruder It should also send you an immediate notification as well You can set up your alarm to send you alerts through text or e mail It is best to make sure that the alert you choose is one that you will notice immediately Many major home alarm manufacturers such as ADT and Protect America have excellent monthly payment plans with a variety of security features to choose from A common complaint among those who purchase home security alarms is hidden fees The installation and purchase of the actual system is usually easily understood

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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - Security Practices
    when operating a car Let s take a look at some things you can do to start making good security practices a habit Our homes are a sanctuary for most of us a place where we can go after a hard day s work to relax and spend time with family and friends There is a common misconception that home security simply revolves around the addition of an alarm system While it is true that an alarm system can help to deter and to repel unwanted visitors it is not the only measure you need to take Make sure that the only people who have access to your home are trusted individuals Family members are the only ones who should have a key as it is easy for burglars to make copies All passwords for safes and alarms should be kept secret as well Burglaries and robberies often happen either inside or right outside of a vehicle Cars make easy targets for burglars who simply look inside the windows for valuables and then check to see if the car is unlocked You might be surprised to learn that many people elect not to lock their cars when they make a quick trip inside of a gas station However this is a prime opportunity for someone to snatch an expensive phone or a purse and then flee Keep all valuables out of sight whenever you go into a store When entering or exiting your vehicle at night you should always try to park in well lighted areas This makes it more difficult for a robber to take advantage of you without being seen by others While the use of force is not something many of us would like to resort to it is sometimes necessary Your choice of defense is of

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  • FirstTuesday.co.uk - Contact Us
    co uk Home CCTV Cameras Home Monitoring Home Security Security Practices Contact Us Contact Us Evie Roberts 27 Exchange Street Norwich NR2 1AX United Kingdom info FirstTuesday co uk FirstTuesday

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