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  • Matt Deegan - Folder Media
    October on Lincolnshire Day bringing local digital radio to over Blog Read More Folder Media s MuxCo Applies for Suffolk Multiplex Last week Folder Media s MuxCo subsidiary led an application to operate the Suffolk digital radio multiplex Folder Media s involved with Blog Read More Folder Media Joins National Multiplex Bid Folder Media alongside out partners has today submitted an application for the second commercial multiplex Listen2Digital Folder Media is a Blog Read More Somerset Multiplex Launch This morning 26th September we launched the DAB Digital Radio multiplex for Somerset as part of our MuxCo Network This Blog Read More Folder Media Starts DAB Test At Folder Media digital radio is a big part of our business We created and now manage the MuxCo network Blog Read More Fun Kids iGeneration Report It s important that Fun Kids is in tune with its audience We recently commissioned a report asking kids about their Blog Read More Fun Kids Nominated for Station of the Year The Fun Kids team have been celebrating after being nominated for Best Station at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards Folder Blog Read More Fun Kids Nominated For Best Station Twice Our children s radio station

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  • Fun Kids Goes Nationwide - Folder Media
    Deegan Station Manager of Fun Kids Up until now children have been abandoned by the radio industry both by commercial radio and the BBC Fun Kids has built a large audience by catering for their tastes and interests but we ve been limited by just broadcasting digitally in London The launch of Fun Kids across the UK will allow more children to have a radio station that they can call their own Many radio stations talk about the need to bring young listeners to radio but we re the only ones actually doing it As well as a broadcast radio station Fun Kids has a popular website operates over 150 podcasts channels and runs 6 YouTube channels covering everything from gaming to education Matt continues Kids are natively multi platform Whether it s TV the radio tablets or hand me down iPhones kids love content made for them Growing our digital radio reach means that we ll be reaching more radios and unlocking the 1 9m cars that came with DAB as standard last year allowing kids all over the UK to spend even more time with Fun Kids Fun Kids national launch is part of a new national digital multiplex that will bring a selection of new radio stations to the UK The station will go live to the UK on the 29th February Listeners should retune their radio to pick up Fun Kids and the other new stations We re also excited that alongside two other stations we ll be broadcasting in the new DAB format a more efficient way to transmit to digital radio The industry has worked over the past few years to establish the digital tick mark for radios that can get FM DAB and DAB as well as encouraging manufacturers to update their product

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2016/02/fun-kids-goes-nationwide/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Fun Kids DAB+ FAQs - Folder Media
    on In Digital Radio that s happened with the BBC with the other national multiplex the people that host Classic FM and Absolute Radio and also the local radio stations We ve also worked hard to make sure that you can hear the station on lots of other connected devices too I ve read you re broadcasting in DAB what s that DAB is a newer flavour of digital radio It s more efficient and means more stations can be broadcast than used to be the case In some other countries that only recently have had digital radio they only operate DAB radio stations The radio industry has spent the last few years getting ready for DAB broadcasts in the UK You may have seen a digital radio green tick on printed adverts in retailers or heard radio adverts saying look for the tick If you see the tick it means that your radio will pick up FM DAB and DAB Nowadays the vast majority of digital radios sold are DAB capable including all of the sets sold by big manufacturers like Pure and Roberts In addition all cars that come with digital radios that was 1 9m last year have DAB as standard How can I check if my radio can pick you up Check with your manufacturer or look on the box to see if it makes reference to having the tick mark or DAB From the 15th Of February do a retune of your digital radio and see if we pop up If when you do that you can see Talk Radio or Virgin Radio on your set but can t seem to find us it means that your radio isn t DAB capable Alternatively some old radios may show us but when you tune in there

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/funkidsfaq/ (2016-04-25)
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  • MuxCo Launches Lincolnshire Digital Multiplex - Folder Media
    expected to climb now the full range of stations local and national are available DAB digital radios are available from 15 and listeners can find sets for home office in car or on the move With over 70 of new cars coming with DAB Digital Radio as standard MuxCo has put particular effort into covering over 1 200kms of roads in the county The launch of these stations on DAB Digital Radio is the result of a collaboration between the Lincs FM Group and local multiplex operator MuxCo Ltd Michael Betton Chief Executive of the Lincs FM Groups says The launch today means that local listeners will get to hear their favourite stations on DAB digital radio all across Lincolnshire For the Lincs FM Group it also means that Compass FM will be able to be heard across the whole county for the first time Gregory Watson Managing Director of MuxCo says As well as the existing local stations the multiplex offers the ability for new radio stations to easily launch on DAB across the whole area Taken together this is great news for Lincolnshire s radio listeners Charlie Partridge BBC Radio Lincolnshire s Editor says It is good to

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2015/10/muxco-launches-lincolnshire-digital-multiplex/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Folder Media's MuxCo Applies for Suffolk Multiplex - Folder Media
    eight MuxCo multiplexes MuxCo creates consortiums in all of the areas it broadcasts to creating a stable operator to bring digital radio to hundreds of thousands of people in each area In Suffolk we re working with two successful local radio operators Lincs FM Group and Town and Country Broadcasting This means that as well as transmitting the three existing analogue stations Heart Smooth and BBC Radio Suffolk on digital

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2015/06/folder-medias-muxco-applies-for-suffolk-multiplex/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Folder Media Joins National Multiplex Bid - Folder Media
    responsibilities Folder Media has also included two of its own radio stations in the line up Fun Kids is Folder s successful children s radio station It s inclusion in the application means if successful it will quadruple its broadast footprint taking the station nationwide Upload Radio is Folder s new radio network launching later in the year Each Upload Radio station will allow individuals and organisations to buy space

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2015/01/folder-media-joins-national-multiplex-bid/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Somerset Multiplex Launch - Folder Media
    have to retune their sets Find out more at getdigitalradio com retune The big switch on took place at Somerset County Cricket Club in Taunton There are three new transmitters launching at Mendip Taunton and Hutton Once these transmitters have been switched on local DAB digital radio coverage for these stations will go from zero to over 71 of households in the area and they will add over 580km of roads into local DAB coverage for the first time Last year the build out of DAB digital radio brought local DAB coverage to over five million people for the first time taking local DAB population coverage from 66 to 72 By the end of 2016 a further 200 local DAB transmitters will have been built making DAB available to an additional eight million listeners across the UK This will extend coverage to more than 90 of the population and add over 6 700 km of roads into coverage The BBC buildout of 162 new digital radio transmitters to improve national DAB coverage for its national network stations is already underway to improve coverage from 94 to 97 In Somerset 44 of the population have access to a DAB digital radio and in Q2 2014 37 of radio listening hours are to digital platforms A cumulative total of over 19 million digital radio sets has been sold to date in the UK 55 of new cars now come fitted with digital radio as standard CAP SMMT July 2014 Dave Durdan Mayor of Taunton Deane said I welcome the switch on of these local stations on DAB in Somerset for the first time local radio is important and well loved Jane Ostler Director of Digital Radio UK said This is great news for over 500 000 people in Somerset as until now

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2014/09/somerset-multiplex-launch/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Folder Media Starts DAB+ Test - Folder Media
    However one of the issues is that most of the legacy digital radios those old Evokes you ve got in your kitchen don t pick up this new flavour of DAB So your costs might be lower but so is your potential audience At the moment around 20m digital radios have been sold Of that we believe that 3m are DAB compatible Looking at the number of radios that will be sold this year 2million we d expect nearly all of the in car sets to be DAB compatible as well as the vast majority of radios from Pure and Roberts So let s say we ll be adding 1 5m new DAB sets this year Overall to us it seems that DAB is likely to be a good option for broadcasters but perhaps not for a little while Unless that is a multiplex only has a very small amount of space left and someone s very keen to get on However as a manager of multiplexes we need to be ready to accept stations that want to broadcast that way Whilst DAB is in operation in many countries including Australia and Germany there has only been a small amount of testing in the UK We ve decided to do some real world testing from now until the end of the year This morning we started the broadcast of our children s radio station Fun Kids in DAB initially 64kbit s on our Wrexham Chester and Liverpool multiplex This multiplex has one of the most advanced multiplexers in the UK and is able to cope easily with the broadcast of both DAB and DAB alongside each other We thank our partners in the multiplex and out transmission provider VDL with their support for this test Our aims of the test

    Original URL path: http://www.foldermedia.co.uk/2014/09/folder-media-starts-dab-test/ (2016-04-25)
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