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  • that will positively affect our clients businesses Equally important our work must also help to improve the experience our clients deliver to their end users My job also allows me to work strategically with our clients understanding the bigger longer term challenges that they face and helping to guide their thinking around user experience design to help solve them Throughout my career I ve had an appreciation for good UX and have been fortunate to have worked with and learnt from some of the best in the business Joining Foolproof was a revelation as it allowed me to see first hand the benefits of undertaking primary research as part of a design process I ve had the chance to work with a number of great clients but particular highlights have been working within the financial services FMCG and automotive industries Before joining Foolproof I spent a number of years working in a full service digital agency giving me a chance to gain an understating of building for the web as well as earning my account management stripes Before that I studied motorsport engineering at university so I can also hold a conversation with you about aerodynamics and engine mapping if

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  • involve industry wide strategising and another obsessing over the design of small legal disclaimer that will be seen by millions Foolproof celebrates both individual exploration and team collaboration so no challenge ever feels dominated by groupthink nor does it exist in a silo Foolproof allows me to practice this challenge on a grand scale As a multimedia designer I ve partaken in massive projects that will affect hundreds of millions across the globe To be a part of such a talented team is the realisation of a designer s dream With every new project I encounter monumental challenges occurring on a grand scale and Foolproof not only provides me with the stage to solve them but also encourages me to study and act further to seek the disruption of entire industries and technologies Concurrently with my role at Foolproof I attend the London School of Economics studying Media and Communications with a focus on emerging markets and conflict resolution I aim to be on Phd track in the field with my thesis to focus on cultural futurism Perviously I earned an Honours BA in History Political Science and Middle East and Islamic Studies from the University of Connecticut My acceptance

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/jorge-de-sousa/ (2016-02-14)
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  • technologies such as PHP Beyond the core languages I have studied and used some the most popular frameworks like jQuery jQuery UI Angular JS WordPress canvas ionic Cordova SASS LESS Grunt and Yeoman to name a few As the years have passed I have built up a lot of experience with both old and new browsers so I am ready to for any challenge that they give to produce a digital product that looks great and works even better no matter what device you are viewing it from I am passionate about web and semantics I feel that every great website should have a great foundation I have spent a lot of time studying structured markup schema so that sites don t just look good to the human eye but can be read and crawled by search engine bots with optimal efficiency Beyond markup I feel that my greatest speciality is to adapt and learn Being in a technical role and being that its 2015 everything is changing pretty fast There is always something new being brought in So as front end developer my greatest skill is to be able to use the correct tech for a project so that its built to todays standard Before I joined Foolproof I was working as a front end and WordPress developer at a small boutique design agency in Soho I was there for 4 years and got to work on a wide range of projects Prior to my web career I was a shop owner back in my small town in South Africa Before that I was a financial advisor at Old Mutual and a regional sales manager to a sales and merchandising agency in Johannesburg working in the FMCG sector Outside of Foolproof I like to play with any new and

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/jp-nothard/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Find us London Norwich Singapore About us Karen Varnavas HR Manager My role at Foolproof ranges from ensuring that we are up to date with current employment laws and legislations to arranging the annual charity staff auction where Foolproofers get the chance to buy a member of the Management Team to be their assistant for the day I came to Foolproof from another HR role at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children I found that role very interesting and I had a great experience there Before my calling in Human Resources I studied Psychology at University which I really enjoyed and have found it useful in my everyday working life The endless studies on people s behaviour in certain situations is the essence of what I am now part of Outside of work I like to travel as much as I possibly can and when I ve managed to tear myself away from Las Vegas I have conquered most of the other continents My next travelling ambition is to see what South America has to offer My role ranges from ensuring we are up to date with employment law to arranging the annual charity staff auction Operations team Based in

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/karen-varnavas/ (2016-02-14)
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  • and past clients As an advocate of the Foolproof s vision to positively impact the millions of users through the work we ve done I find my work both exciting and fulfilling My personal experience taught me that the gift of listening outweighs the art of talking Listening allows me to identify our client s needs and wants empowering me to be a trusted partner Having trained in Product Design and Human Factors I ve an intrinsic interest in and appreciation of design functional design that makes life delightful and simpler Service design physical interaction understanding the users experience and thinking about system level design excites me Prior to joining Foolproof I spent the last seven years in design education and the IT industry dealing with training as well as client services It exposed me to a diverse portfolio from design to sales and marketing Having the opportunity to work with Asian partners provided me with insights of doing business and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds I ve worked with a range of organisations including global brands local enterprises and the public sector Outside of work I spend my time reading magazines gardening relishing great food and travelling to

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/keynes-yeo/ (2016-02-14)
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  • on one of our key clients Shell Alongside this my team is growing and we are working with some exciting new names I see firsthand every day how powerful it is to reflect the customer s voice in the strategy project delivery and communications that my clients are developing I ve been working in the Digital space in a client facing role for over 8 years now I ve managed accounts for many different brands in sectors ranging from FMGC to financial services I also worked in Ghana for a year managing digital channels and content production for a social enterprise a highly challenging experience both personally and professionally I have strong connections to the strategy side of things It s common for excitement levels to dip when thinking about B2B customers but I think it can be the most rewarding when a business really starts to understand who their customers are and how they can truly help them at a strategic level I consider myself a doer It s a fundamentally important part of my job to actually help clients achieve their targets not just to talk cleverly about it I ve also got lots of experience working with

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/louise-kilding/ (2016-02-14)
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  • set the creative strategy and direction that will inform their product or service I started my career in Melbourne then moved to Doha and relocated to Singapore after almost five years in London Being based in Singapore is the next chapter in a career that has allowed me to work all over the world and build up a knowledge of the cultural differences that influence communication design thinking and experience design With digital giving a greater number of people access to more information more quickly and as communication and content has become truly global this knowledge is becoming increasingly valuable to clients I like to start design with a pencil to quickly sketch out ideas as a flow of consciousness onto the page This allows me to share work quickly and also gets more ideas tested before I take them into high fidelity design I always collaborate with other disciplines when I work to generate further opportunities to strengthen ideas Prior to joining Foolproof I worked with some incredibly talented people in various cross discipline agencies As technology has evolved and as graphic design developed into interaction and experience design I joined digital facing agencies helping a diverse range of clients to connect with their customers This included work for multi nationals on multi million dollar projects as well as small independent projects for artists some of which have won industry awards Outside of work I enjoy the usual things travel skiing and hiking I generally like to disconnect from the digital world and absorb things I also like to collect ephemera as well as tote bags it s a long story that will make a good blog post one day and old Charlie Brown paperback comics I run or swim almost daily but that s mainly to work off

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/lui-rogliano/ (2016-02-14)
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  • own small client portfolio at the tender age of 22 I next chose to add breadth rather than depth to my experience so my for my next role I moved to the world of OEM manufacturing Moving client side to one of my portfolio clients I was exposed to deal making and growth by acquisition taking due diligence and integration roles in the purchase of competitors and production lines from US giants such as Dana Automotive Three years on I met Peter Tom who d recently founded Foolproof Foolproof was a blank canvas with an impressive Vision My day one mantra was that it s for me to look after everything that d otherwise distract the founders from getting out there and doing the things they d set up the business to do That mantra lives on to this day I m one half of what s become the established deal team at Foolproof and have further indulged my appetite with the acquisition of Usability by Design 2007 Flow Interactive 2010 One to One Singapore 2012 and Knit 2014 I believe strongly in the need to practice internally what we preach externally and like the rest of Foolproof I believe in making the complex simple I m a natural devil s advocate and given the absolute choice I d always vote for anarchy over monotony I really enjoy working with people Helping individuals find and work to their strengths and supporting them to be even better whilst ensuring that everybody is equipped with the right environment information and support to enable great decision making and the best possible outcomes When not doing that I m into the festival scene I m a regular at Goodwood Festival of Speed V and Latitude I m also working my way around the Formula

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/marc-oldman/ (2016-02-14)
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