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  • developed my computer knowledge and taught myself how to assemble them I have always helped family and friends with their computer problems and this led me to undertake several courses to further develop my interest and gaining a Comptia A qualification Joining Foolproof gives me the opportunity to put the theory into practice and I enjoy finding solutions to any IT issues the team may encounter Outside Foolproof you can

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  • essentially have two roles within Foolproof one being office coordinator and managing the general care of the Norwich Office and the other working under Harriet Delamare dealing with the finance side of the business It s a great role because my day is so varied It s never a dull day Even though my time at Foolproof has been short it s been the most enjoyable company I ve ever worked for Before working at Foolproof I worked for the office side of Vodafone not mobile It was Cable and Wireless but got taken over by Vodafone I did a variety of things in this role from setting up Blackberries managing business clients like Aviva National Grid s network and managing remote VPN access various spreadsheet and data collecting goodness Outside of work I m a skater Quad skates I used to play Roller Derby but I ve recently left to focus more on park skating ramps and stuff and really want to get a ramp for my garden so I can skate all the time I m a keen target shooter Air Rifle I also enjoy crocheting playing the spoons cats and going to see local bands It s

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/zoe-rayner/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Apple Pay and loyalty
    closely at consumers misgivings with traditional loyalty schemes as well as the role that mobile can play in transforming the retail experience The report presents insights into consumer attitudes towards loyalty and the implications these have for brands and retailers If you want to dig a little deeper into the findings and what these mean for your business we can arrange for a member of the team to talk you through the report Download PDF What do you think 0 1 48 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights How UK consumers shop online for gas and electricity suppliers Most organisations have learnt that unleashing design into the world without some form of user research is dangerous Most organisations have learnt that unleashing complex or commercially important design into the world without some form of user research is dangerous to both revenue and careers However as there are still people who question whether research has a place within design this article tackles some of their arguments Three old chestnuts cracked By Tom Wood Tags Brand marketing UX design thinking Most organisations have learnt that unleashing design into the world

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/apple-pay-and-loyalty/ (2016-02-14)
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  • An open letter to second generation UX designers in Singapore
    of the market so keep conducting design research to deepen that knowledge this includes the mobile platforms your customers use and what you should then design for Design as a craft Do you have a UX bible that we can burn and drink with water There s so much theory to learn and we still have to be like Indiana Jones to explore and experiment with techniques What resources do you use and what advice would you give to your old self What is your design philosophy The first question is hilarious and brings back memories as a UX Padawan Excitement led to fear Fear led to self doubt Self doubt led to suffering UX design can be overwhelming because so many aspects come into play but don t feel like you need to master everything at once Tap on the community as you navigate these choppy waters meetups are great spaces to ask questions As with the mastery of any craft the journey will be tough but the dots will connect one day Meanwhile remember that initial excitement and have fun There are plenty of articles books and online courses around but my favourite ways to learn involve Dissecting experiences e g customer service restaurants self service kiosks the same way children take things apart to find out how they work Collecting digital and physical user interfaces Watching TV shows about other crafts e g Top Chef Project Runway Face Off to see how they approach different design challenges constraints work in teams and deal with adversity I don t have a design philosophy per se but really appreciate how some architects meditate on site to understand the space before they start sketching Similarly I try to approach my craft and pretty much life with self awareness and equanimity Khai Seng talks more about this in Mindful user experience Design mentors How is your job different from agency to in house to freelance and which do you recommend for someone starting out in UX How do you identify a good mentor what questions would you ask during the interview During the panel Melissa and I recommended starting out in a good agency to gain exposure to different methodologies industries and ways of working However Khai Seng countered that it s not about where you go but who you can learn from Having stumbled upon UX out of sheer chance in 2005 I was incredibly fortunate that my bosses then not only helped me grow into a strong generalist but trusted my thinking In today s world with many employers to choose from here are some questions you could ask to identify a suitable mentor Why and how did they get into UX What s their past experience as well as understanding of UX What are their values are they aligned with yours What s their working style does it clash with yours How have they coached a junior team member in the past How do they react to mistakes

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/an-open-letter-to-second-generation-ux-designers-in-singapore/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Mobile tapping ethnographic research
    or bump their phone to trigger an interaction such as NFC and Beacons We chose South Korea because it has a history of enthusiastic early adoption of new technologies and would provide insight into how these technologies would develop in other markets What we discovered was the wreckage from unsuccessful applications that had failed broken or simply been abandoned Our insight shows that these initiatives failed because businesses had no plan in place for implementation ongoing support getting feedback from customers or even removing them if unsuccessful Having difficulties viewing this report Access NFC report on Slideshare Alternatively you can download a PDF of this tapping report This summary of the report looks at five principles for achieving success in mobile proximity services Have a long term strategy Identify existing pain points Build on the familiar Communicate effectively Turn intrigue into use There s rich resource of stories and insight behind what we ve shared in this report If you want to dig a little deeper into the findings and what these mean for your business we can arrange for a member of the team to talk you through the report You can also view some of the photos we took during research on our NFC Flipboard Download PDF What do you think 0 1 38 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights User centred design agile The benefits and rewards of successful agile UX Conducting qualitative research with children can be tricky But with a solid game plan and a skilled moderator to design and run research you can gain valuable insight which could lead to design opportunities you didn t know existed Tips for planning user research with children By Aleksandra Melnikova Tags UX design practice Helping

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/mobile-tapping-in-the-wild-research/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    Consumer behaviour 35 X Consumer retail 27 X UX jobs skills 25 X International 15 X UX strategy 14 X Travel leisure 11 X Data analytics 10 X Games gaming 10 X Social media 10 X Media 8 X Knit 6 X Business to business 5 X UX practice techniques 3 X Customer experience 2 X Energy utilities 2 X Optimisation 2 X Automotive 1 X Filter by media Blog Posts 388 X Reports 19 X Videos 5 X Apply filter close 25 Re Discovering the value of rigour By Rob Gillham 09 Nov 2011 Foolproof counts at least half a dozen UCLIC graduates amongst its current staff This post looks at academia its role in business and the advantage that academic rigour provides anyone preparing for a career in user experience Tags UX jobs skills How to ace the UX job application By Philip Morton 09 Sep 2011 If you re interested in getting a job in user experience what should you do to make a great first impression Here re some top tips to think about when putting together your CV covering letter and portfolio Tags UX jobs skills UCLIC students visit Foolproof By Tim Loo 15 Nov 2010 As part of World Usability Day we invited students from UCL to our London office to introduce them to the work we do here at Foolproof and how it relates to the skills and methods they re learning through their course Tags UX jobs skills Grow your UX skillset By Peter Ballard 09 Nov 2010 Top tips on the skills you need to develop in order to work in user experience Creating a portfolio gaining work experience using life experiences and paying attention to detail are just a few of the tips discussed that will help you stand out

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?page=1&tag=UX+jobs+%26+skills (2016-02-14)
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  • Foolproof 360
    the ice We managed to amend this in postproduction however ideally it would have been best to film under white lights Equipment We had a limited amount of time to get the shots that we needed so we had to ensure that the equipment was primed and ready to shoot The battery life on each camera lasts about 20 minutes although they do have a tendency to overheat after about 15 minutes of continuous filming Fortunately because we were filming on ice and in winter this wasn t a problem but it is certainly something to watch out for if you are filming for sustained periods of time Positioning If your subjects get too close to the camera then they become distorted We found that a one meter radius around the camera is an optimal distance We were also conscious not to allow the skaters to get too close to the camera in case of a collision Co ordination We had a total of 26 skaters on the ice so ensuring everyone understood what was happening and where they were supposed to be was a challenge With the aid of a flipboard and mega phone we managed to choreograph the group and there were a number of us on hand to help organise the skaters which made the process easier It is important that the crew on location is big enough to manage the cast Embedded is a little planet view of the film To experience the video in 360 download the Foolproof 360 app from the Google Play store if you have an Android device or from the App Store if you have an iPhone A honourable mention and huge thank to the Brighton Pavilion rink for allowing us to film and to all of the skaters who appeared

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/foolproof-360/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    for financial services online Our findings pose some interesting challenges for retail banks in Asia Tags Financial services Consumer behaviour International Banks that love you back By Foolproof 06 May 2014 Now that it s easier for customers to switch current accounts banks are attempting to entice people in with new initiatives But customer loyalty is a bank s greatest opportunity for attracting switchers Here s why Tags Brand marketing Financial services HSBC scoop top CIM award By Foolproof 13 Feb 2014 Congratulations to the HSBC Expat team who won two big awards at last night s Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards Tags Financial services Foolproof news Consumer credit here we go again By Tom Wood 04 Feb 2014 After a five year break it looks like a number of UK banks and financial brands are starting to show an interest in personal lending But will things be different this time around Tags Brand marketing Financial services Where s the win win in retail banking By Tom Wood Tim Loo 15 Nov 2013 In this video Tim and I share our thoughts about the contrasting needs of banks and their customers We draw some conclusions about where these overlap and what this might suggest for Banks about experience design strategy Tags Financial services Experience design UX strategy Bridging the experience gap By Foolproof 30 Oct 2013 Where do the business goals of banks overlap with the personal needs of their customers In this webinar Tom Wood and Tim Loo share their conclusions drawn from thousands of hours of Qualitative research with banking customers Tags Financial services UX strategy 7 day bank switching could fall flat By Peter Ballard 16 Sep 2013 The current account switching service promises to make it easier for customers to switch banks This post addresses whether this new service will have a measurable impact Tags Brand marketing Financial services Payment Protection Insurance By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 The Payment Protection Insurance PPI online marketplace is a battlefield where neither the consumer nor provider is winning Tags Financial services Online Shopping Survey Personal Loans By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 Our 2007 report records and explains the behaviour and frustrations of online consumers It should give loans marketers and product managers ideas about how to meet consumers needs more effectively We hope it will help bring success to companies selling loans online Tags Financial services Consumer behaviour Online Shopping Survey Mortgages By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 Consumers have learned to trust the web as a place to find and buy almost every other type of financial product They are surprised how hard it is to shop for mortgages online Many are impatient for the major brands to do more to inform engage and persuade them in the digital space Tags Financial services Consumer behaviour Online Shopping Survey General Insurance By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 Our third look at the general insurance market has produced some very interesting findings In the 18 months since our last report a

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?tag=Financial+services (2016-02-14)
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