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  • User experience, UX design, jobs & internships | Foolproof
    us Careers Join the team We re always on the look out for bright ambitious people to join our team If you would like to apply for any of the roles listed below email us at careers foolproof co uk Current vacancies We re not currently hiring but will post job openings as soon as they become available We also have career opportunities with our Singapore office and also with Knit our creative technology studio Student opportunities We know it s tough to get a break into user experience design We ve got a variety of ways to help people at the start of their career from internships and work experience through to entry level jobs There are lots of people at Foolproof today who joined us as their first job and who have stayed with us for many years If you would like to know more about opportunities for students email us at careers foolproof co uk Foolproof is an equal opportunities employer Visit our Facebook page to see the social side of Foolproof Follow us on Twitter to see what we re doing Follow us on Instagram Our top five non design design skills An insight into the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/careers/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Skills & Methods | Foolproof
    quick way to see the methods and tools we use most often To understand how we put it all together take a look at the page for each of our Practices Strategy planning Customer journey mapping Stakeholder interviews Stakeholder workshops Experience design principles Experience visioning Future customer stories Ideal customer journey Service design Service blueprints Experience measurement and benchmarking Find out more about our Strategy planning practice Research Expert Review Competitor evaluation and benchmarking Depth interviews Focus groups Contextual enquiry Guerrilla research RITE testing Usability testing Accessibility testing In home and in field research International fieldwork Ethnography Diary studies Personas scenarios Eye tracking Remote testing Mobile device testing Kiosk testing Videogames testing Card sorting and tree tests Surveys Online panels Find out more about our Research practice Design Co creation workshops Information architecture Page description block diagrams Interaction design Interactive prototypes Visual design Brand design consultancy Infographics illustrations photography Motion graphics videography Art direction Copywriting Front end development Pattern libraries Style guides Functional specifications Native mobile design Responsive design Find out more about our Design practice Creative technology Innovative interfaces Interactive installations Interactive gamification Experiential builds Digital and physical user experience Physical prototyping Hardware hacks Mobile applications Internet of Things

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/skills-and-methods/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Cookies & Privacy | Foolproof
    a slightly different experience based on whether they are visiting for the first time or on subsequent visits To provide a smooth experience where we link to or from third party sites like YouTube or Twitter We don t put any information into cookies which is personal to you or which would allow anyone else to identify you Cookies are harmless and useful but if you really don t want them you can turn them off using the controls in your web browser Firefox Enabling and disabling Cookies Safari Managing Cookies Chrome How do I turn off Cookies Opera Security privacy Data privacy If you use our site to contact us or to register for a product or service we will record and keep safe any personal data which we need We will only use your data for the service you have asked for and will not use it for any other purpose We handle personal data in line with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and we are a registered as a data handler with the Data Protection Registrar We don t share your personal data with third parties unless it s for something where you ve given us

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/cookies-privacy/ (2016-02-14)
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  • International Singapore Team People Careers Thinking About us Find us London Norwich Singapore About us Site Map Key content Work Services Practices Strategy planning Research Design Creative technology How we work The win win International Singapore Team People Careers Thinking About us Supporting content Clients Find us London Norwich Singapore Accessibility Cookies privacy Skills methods Open Device Lab Open Device Lab Singapore Latest from the studio Right now We re

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/site-map/ (2016-02-14)
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  • UX strategy, research, design & optimisation practices | Foolproof
    us Find us London Norwich Singapore About us Practices Practice makes perfect We have four practices but we don t work in silos Though we have people with diverse specialisms we put the emphasis on working together as multidisciplinary teams Strategy planning Long term planning for competitive advantage through better user experience Research Tools and techniques to see the world through the customer s eyes Design Elegant solutions to complex

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/practices/ (2016-02-14)
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  • User experience, UX, strategy & planning practice | Foolproof
    a clear understanding how your business needs to serve its customers and work out how to harness technology to do it We can also help you prioritise working out a roadmap of improvement for the user experience and helping senior stakeholders understand the case for investment User experience strategy needs to be shared and understood across your business so our outputs are straightforward and written in plain English UX measurement Good measurement is the foundation for managing user experience in the long term In the age of big data and analytics it s tempting to measure everything and hope that patterns and insights will present themselves naturally They won t We focus on the measures which are meaningful to your business and your customers By measuring what matters you can make better design decisions and have the right conversations with your business about investment and resource priorities We also help create a connection between your long term measures of business success like satisfaction loyalty preference referral and tactical measures like sales user journeys content engagement This helps you identify the improvements which are likely to create the most value It also gives you evidence to explain the connection between good user experience and long term business value Design strategy This is a plan for the design of a discrete component of the user experience like a new product service journey or interaction There can t be a rigid playbook as every project has different goals commercial context user groups and technology But there are some common components a clear articulation of the outcomes we are trying to create for both the client and its customers research and data insight which open up the design space a creative brief to focus thinking a plan for project management and communications Good design

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/practices/strategy-and-planning/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Our research practice | Foolproof
    problem and generate ideas for how to solve it Within our research practice we have people who can deep dive with customers through ethnography and also specialists in making sense of large data sets Often we will rarefy our formative research into tools like personas scenarios and journey maps which help everyone understand the starting point for design We can also start to share and develop initial ideas and interaction concepts with target users making sure that early ideas are exposed to the real world as soon as possible Evaluative research As the user experience starts to take shape we iterate design through regular user research events Lab based and remote depths are the workhorse of validation research and we use them for developing IA right through to late stage usability testing and refining the visual design We also like to take working prototypes out into the field to assess them in the user s world We have comfortable viewing facilities and we routinely conduct research across the huge range of devices and browsers which have proliferated in recent years We can mobilise user research pretty much anywhere on the planet Whatever we need to test however we need to test it we can get the user insight we need to perfect the design Tuning the experience in market To make digital products and services with a compelling user experience you need a fine eye for detail This skill makes us very effective at finding and fixing problems in existing sales journeys Conversion optimisation is an integral part of experience design It is a way to perfect and maintain a user experience for sustainable competitive advantage Our experience will help you understand the potential trade offs between short term gains and long term value This stops optimisation being a race

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/practices/research/ (2016-02-14)
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  • User design practice | Foolproof
    and create alignment between different parts of your operation Outputs like service blueprints and customer journey maps help everyone see how the new experience will work Making a joined up experience for customers isn t easy but it creates competitive advantage which is very hard for others to copy Linking the physical and digital We harness emerging technologies to deliver brand experiences which bridge the digital and physical worlds We have a creative technology studio which can help you to explore new opportunities in this space Too often new technology is a solution in search of a problem We avoid this by marrying the disciplines of insight driven design with in depth understanding of new technologies Mobile design Whether you need to extend an existing user experience out onto mobile devices or create an entirely new mobile service we can support your expansion in this rapidly developing channel We help you navigate Web vs Native vs Hybrid vs Responsive decisions and design useful elegant mobile experiences which create value for your brand Interaction and visual design Our design team realise elegant impactful designs for the end user We will develop prototypes of the emerging experience often in code so that we can explore exactly how micro interactions motion graphics copy and visual content come together The result is user experience that feels right in every sense useful usable and a vivid expression of your brand Front end development Code is our preferred deliverable The moment where design is picked up and interpreted by a development team is crucial to the success of any project Even small mistakes at this stage can have a huge impact on the quality of the experience for customers In most projects we start a dialogue with the back end developers early on in the process

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/practices/design/ (2016-02-14)
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