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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    to second to third phone The more smartphones a person has had the more likely they are to own an iPhone Tags Brand marketing Mobile smart devices The negative brand effect of ill considered mobile updates By Foolproof 02 Jan 2014 Published by Digital Marketing Magazine this article explores why planning ahead of large mobile operating systems updates is essential for retaining customer loyalty and protecting the bottom line Tags Brand marketing Mobile smart devices iOS 7 and the UX of updates By Rob Sterry 02 Oct 2013 The launch of iOS 7 highlights some of the user experience problems created by introducing an update Tags Mobile smart devices UX design thinking Going Mobile Understanding Winning the Mobile Consumer By Foolproof 10 Sep 2013 An introduction to today s mobile consumers and the implications for businesses competing for first place in the fast changing mobile space Tags Mobile smart devices Consumer behaviour Mobile Africa Are smartphones really smart By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 Commentators have remarked on the opportunity for mobile handset manufacturers operators and mobile apps in sub Saharan Africa for years Tags Mobile smart devices International Going Mobile By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 This research delivers insights which will underpin the design and development of successful mobile user experiences It reveals a previously unexamined world of mobile behaviours and usage patterns Tags Brand marketing Mobile smart devices iOS7 Being enterprising By Foolproof 22 Aug 2013 For an enterprise organisation which has embraced mobile as a key channel iOS7 may provide opportunities to unlock additional value for users But does the potential value justify the investment of time Tags Mobile smart devices eBay importance of design for improving CX By Peter Ballard 31 Jul 2013 In an interview Ebay s CEO described the importance of design in improving the overall customer experience We were particularly interested to hear how mobile has driven many of eBay s changes Tags Mobile smart devices Understanding the Changes in Mobile Consumer Behaviour By Foolproof 23 Jul 2013 In this webinar we delve deeper into the mind of the mobile consumer taking you through four mobile personas Tags Mobile smart devices Consumer behaviour Designing for mobile By Elaine McVicar 10 Jun 2013 Mobile devices present a host of new constraints and opportunities for design and it s important to understand how this impacts both the information architecture and the interaction design In two articles for UX Booth Elaine looked at these two points and highlighted the considerations when designing for mobile Tags Mobile smart devices UX design practice Technology fuels growth at MWC By Foolproof 13 Mar 2013 Mobile World Congress proved that mobile is of ever increasing importance to businesses across the world bringing together over 70 000 attendees with interests in the mobile industry Here is a small taster of the topics covered at the conference Tags Mobile smart devices Risk of mobile for B2B enterprise orgs By Rob Gillham 05 Feb 2013 There is a lack of data available to support

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  • Creating great experiences goes beyond functional needs
    It is the mission of the St John Ambulance to make first aid available for everyone at the point of need But in order for this to happen 10 of the population needs training in how to respond in an emergency situation First aid training is typically viewed as dry and a bit laborious But this project used the senses and emotion to make learning fun and interactive The project targeted young adults a group typically unfamiliar with basic first aid and hosted a zombie themed fancy dress event which used an app and audio cues to incorporate key first aid training exercises Instilling a sense of fun and playfulness ensured they engaged with their target demographic and communicated the relevant content Emotion is at the heart of experience design and it is our responsibility as experience designers to ensure we re creating the appropriate emotional journeys in the products and services we design If executed well we aim for our designs to deliver positive responses such as delight control fun interest But in order to achieve this it is essential to consider the audience and the context for which we are designing Once we have identified these then we can set about identifying opportunities to create arresting and differentiated emotional responses that truly engage our audience Observe and empathise Observation is a fundamental part of design research But as Alastair Sommerville pointed out it s observation with the sincere desire to understand and be sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of users Without having this empathy we run the risk of designing experiences that are not responsive to those we are designing for Aka responsive design in the non digital space In designing a navigation system in a museum for visitors with sensory impairments Alastair described conducting sensory audits of the museum He did this through direct observation escorting individuals around the exhibition to gain an understanding of their experience of the space through the sense of smell and touch This provided insight into how visitors instinctively moved through the space how sensory inputs influenced their journey and the ways that different people sensed the reality they were in This particularly spoke to me as a designer since ethnography is a key part of our design toolkit Observing people s use of technology in situ allows us to understand human behaviour in context and the multitude of environmental factors that can influence and shape the user experience As technology and contexts continue to evolve we can draw on the other senses beyond sight to create truly immersive experiences Understanding where the products and services we design are used and how our target users behave in those spaces is fundamental to formulating the right design decisions for the project Know when to step back Alastair also touched on the importance of taking a step back to reflect on how the user may be feeling at particular moments in a journey As designers we want to make the experiences we create

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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    5 X UX practice techniques 3 X Customer experience 2 X Energy utilities 2 X Optimisation 2 X Automotive 1 X Filter by media Blog Posts 388 X Reports 19 X Videos 5 X Apply filter close 7 Creating great experiences goes beyond functional needs By Leslie Fountain 21 Jul 2015 We were delighted to host the Sensory Service Design event in June for the UK chapter of the Service Design Network SDN The theme was around designing services for the senses and it raised some profound points about how we design experiences Tags Experience design Agencyisnotdead By Leslie Fountain 22 Jan 2015 Over the last year or so there have been a number of agency buyouts in both the UK and the US which has helped fuel an ongoing debate about the future of the agency model Leslie Fountain explains why she believes the agency isn t dead Tags Experience design Why experience design is a team sport By Leslie Fountain 19 Dec 2014 Leslie Fountain s presentation from NUX3 in Manchester talking about why experience design is a team sport Tags UX jobs skills UX design thinking Wearable technology where next By Leslie Fountain 29 Jul 2014 Just looking good is no longer enough for consumers to engage with wearable technology long term The combination of function aesthetics and context is what will truly define whether a piece of wearable technology will be adopted and loved by users Tags Mobile smart devices The big data analytics and UX love affair By Leslie Fountain 02 Jul 2013 Big data and analytics alone are not enough to win significant competitive advantage To understand human behaviour motivations and emotional triggers and therefore create more personal and engaging experiences you need to understand the full context Tags Data analytics I ll have

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  • Channelling the conversation in the Internet of everything
    I have with my appliances Mobile first right I ve been involved in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and have seen mobile emerge from a marketing strategy add on into a primary customer channel A mobile first approach to design is becoming industry standard and this makes sense Customers expect a consistent and context driven brand experience across all digital channels and mobile is at the centre of this Now fast forward five years Your mobile functions as your car key your alarm system wallet and notification centre It is the means of controlling the products you use every day and the lens through which you see the brands you buy It will be the gateway to your home your social life your finances and your retail experience In order to win in the IoT era brands must master their relationship with mobile Mobilising the C suite Smart brands recognise that if the digital products and services they offer their customers aren t optimised for that specific screen at that moment in time then their market share is up for grabs But the importance of mobile today pales in comparison when you consider the role it will play as the IoT expands At present businesses see mobile as a component of their marketing communication strategies However as the channel s influence on our product relationships and brand perception continues to grow mobile will move to the centre of brand product and marketing strategy In a future where the success and failure of some businesses hinges on the quality of their mobile experience chief executives are going to be far more interested in how their companies manifest on mobile It will be the individual who understands this space that has the ear of the CEO and who makes

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  • Pattern libraries, the one true source
    pattern library houses all components needed to create the interface What is a pattern library A pattern library houses all of the elements needed to deliver an experience They are a better way of representing an extendable interface so are better suited to the current way of designing and building websites Patterns are a way of simplifying interfaces into core components such as navigation carousels forms etc When these patterns are put into a set order they create pages When we design interfaces we no longer need to design every page as a fixed template It is best practice to design all of the patterns required across the interface in order to create every page For example Patterns allow for maximum re use and consistency across an interface This demonstrates that designing at a pattern level is a far more efficient process as it allows for maximum re use and consistency across an interface Patterns are a way of simplifying interfaces into core components and ensuring consistency across a website Design still comes first If a pattern library contains code doesn t this negate the need for design No design still leads the way and defines the UI visual direction although there is a tipping point in the process when it becomes more effective to create subsequent patterns or make necessary design tweaks in the code rather than a static PhotoShop file Danielle Binns talks in more detail about this in her post How the responsive web is redefining the role of the visual designer Online pattern libraries are a great way of ensuring consistency across a website interface A pattern library removes the problem of documentation becoming out of date or design assets becoming disparate across an organisation by becoming the one true source of information for constructing a website interface They provide a solid foundation for clearly defining all patterns and behaviour and also ensure governance for the digital domain of an organisation They should act as a constant reference point for review to determine if patterns need to be modified or created to meet a new business need support functionality or improve the UI The style guide dilemma There are many pattern library purists who believe they should only contain code and content that is specific to patterns and pages themselves They would also state that a pattern library should act as a mechanism for development handover and that it should not become a destination for other related resources such as style guides or links to further resources In my experience having a single destination for all digital brand assets is beneficial to an organisation It can be championed and referenced by all teams and stakeholders as the single voice of truth This helps ensure governance of digital products creates consistency and allows for maximum re use of patterns The benefits of a pattern library A transparent and single destination for Developer requirements code design assets Product and marketing teams understand standards Project teams manage compliance Design

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  • Knit win Brand Republic Award for Lucozade Sport
    heart rate acceleration speed and distance For the match itself we developed an app for the referee which became central to controlling the game including timing managing scores and scorers and selecting players to receive red or yellow cards Information was also shared in real time to big screens at the CZ and to the players social media channels Whilst each game was in progress sports scientists were also able to use their tablet app to monitor statistics and push relevant player performance data content to the big screens This is the first time that mobile app technology has ever been used this way in a football match a world first for football and app development To encourage social sharing post match players RFID wristbands recorded data which could be compared to their team s average and also to that of a professional player which gave them context and relevance to the World Cup activity A personalised email was then sent to players encouraging them to engage further with the online activity extending the conversation with the brand Organising technology around the customer In this context technology was used to create a one off experience around the World Cup and to bring to life specific brand messages What s interesting about this work is how we stitched together a number of different technologies and devices together to create a vivid end to end experience for the players It s relatively easy to see how technology can be used to enhance sports or event experiences like festivals But we ve already begun exploring how technology eco systems can be used in less obvious environments such as bank branches retail stores health and travel We can create new enhanced experiences for customers but to also deepen brand engagement in sectors where digital

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  • A sceptic's guide to the Apple Watch
    majority of replies to an Apple Watch Facebook post were about poor battery but I m happy to report that the battery is fine Like all modern smartphone owners I charge mine every night and plugging in a watch at the same time was not a major barrier for me although I would need an extra plug socket 10 battery was the lowest I reached and that was using it all day with my GPS running I have no issues with the battery life now but my big worry is that I would be nervous how Apple batteries perform after two to three years when the available Apps are only going to become more power hungry I m hoping the advances in the OS will help to alleviate this but truly I expect Apple to improve the hardware for version 2 or 3 I notice you re a watch wearer How do you feel about the Apple Watch as a replacement for a conventional watch You ll never get rid of the Patek Philippes and the Rolexes timeless jewellery that will last for generations I don t see timeless jewellery in Apple s future Apple s Jony Ive has already stated that he doesn t think about the watch in terms of luxury I still liken it to a piece of elegant electronics I have a nice dress watch at home that I will give to my son I will never feel that way about the Apple Watch It s too digital too tech They have however made something that feels like a real watch rather than the Samsung Galaxy Gear which looks more like a computer on your wrist and to be honest that was a nice surprise Did it affect your timekeeping at all Yes A lot of my time based decisions are related to travel For example I commute via Liverpool Street station At the station I know exactly where 60 seconds will get me and this 60 seconds can be the difference between missing or catching the train I run my commute that tightly sometimes The visual theme that I was using on the watch allows for several customisable modules which I benefitted from but there was no option to have a second hand unfortunately When running for my train if I ve got 1 min 59 seconds then I might make a different decision than if I have 1 min 0 seconds but the watch would display the same time in both cases It s an issue I have with the software so I don t consider it a serious fault of the watch Of course the watch needs to tell the time but I can see the watch giving me the bottom line like Don t bother trying to make the 6pm train instead of making me calculate this myself based on the current and departure times With the watch you could pick any time based decision and ask how the watch could help

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  • Breaking into a career in UX
    for local groups and meet ups or even consider creating an event yourself In my final year at university I volunteered at a local business to business networking group helping to organise and run the events It was daunting meeting professionals at first but I soon found my voice and it lead to many great contacts and opportunities It is in fact how I first began getting to know Foolproof By putting yourself out there you will grow in confidence and build connections with knowledgeable people in work Networking also improves your communication skills and understanding of people Learning to understand body language and tone of voice comes from practice and this is a skill that I have continued to use as a UX consultant Try something new If you are studying and searching for work experience placements don t just look for your ideal job role Branch out and look out for opportunities that might be a little bit outside of your comfort zone Challenge yourself to try something new something that will add to your skill set and your CV UX is very much a collaborative practice and so gaining an understanding of a mixture of roles and having a broad range of skills will put you in a great position for the future Ask for feedback Everyone has to start somewhere and when you first start your career or internship its okay not to know everything Make the most of the people you re working with and ask them to share their knowledge with you A good way to do this is to encourage feedback on your own work Be prepared to not always get it right first time It s okay to ask for help along the way it s the only way you ll learn A piece of advice that has stuck with me since my first day at Foolproof is No question is a stupid question Nurture the basic skills Working with people colleagues clients and of course users means that being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill for the UX industry Being able to present yourself in an articulate and friendly manner is key But listening is also a crucial part of communication a lot of learning comes from listening to others Being able to write and communicate in a professional and appropriate manner comes with practice In order to get a head start consider attending a course on copywriting or presenting If not practice in your spare time writing and formatting emails and presenting your ideas to an audience Document your learnings Whilst studying or undertaking placements consider creating a blog or posting online to share your experiences and learnings with others Not only will it act as a good conversation point for interviews but will also help fill your UX portfolio giving you something to show potential employers Developing a voice and opinion on current trends and topics in the industry will also be a great conversation starter Following

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