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  • The user experience of 360 degree video
    With a camera setup that captures all directions it becomes a lot easier to capture a moment in real life than to engineer a scripted experience These examples are not without their charm but in order for 360 content to have any longevity producers must think beyond cheap thrills The best way of deciding whether what you re thinking of creating is relevant is by asking yourself what is the underlying need for this Why would anyone be interested One of the most interesting examples we ve seen is the Converse Chuck 360 app Part of a larger marketing campaign the app uses 360 video to immerse the viewer in the worlds and thoughts of four artists The films are narrated by the featured artist who tells a brief story about their passion experiences or creative process The viewing experience is both immersive and intimate as the viewer is given fleeting access to a space and person that would have otherwise been unreachable Direct the user s attention Whilst 360 video sits under the VR umbrella it is not strictly speaking a virtual reality as the content has been pre recorded Users have only limited freedom they are free to change where they re looking but are unable to control or explore their environment further When it comes to navigation they are at the mercy of the director Understanding this limitation is important when considering the positioning of the camera in relation to subjects or points of interest With a 360 view how might you attract the attention of a user who could be looking in completely the wrong direction The current visual devices used in film would have to work hard to scale to 360 degrees When it becomes impossible for filmmakers to frame their shots can they rely on lighting sound and focus to direct attention without losing the audience On the other hand will 360 video be limited to settings where there is something interesting coming from all sides The Chuck 360 content handles this issue well The viewer s gaze is directed by changes in the volume of the narration which gets quieter as you veer away from the desired area of focus When high production value becomes an expectation interesting challenges arise such as camouflaging the sound equipment and hiding the crew For the medium to grow the production techniques of TV and film must be replicated in order to use them for similar narrative or marketing purposes Don t break the illusion Your video is only as good as your stitch Stitching software allows you to create a calibration file or template as it is sometimes known which configures how the videos will be stitched together There are two ways of doing this One way involves using a pre existing template whilst the other relies on you creating a new template specific to that piece of footage Both have their pros and cons and take a little getting used to but the most impressive

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/the-ux-of-360-degree-video/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    Nov 2014 As part of the 150 year celebrations earlier this year John Lewis set up JLABS a technology incubator for start ups 150 years on and John Lewis is proving that it is still a leader in retail experience design Tags TSB has designs on a better banking experience By Peter Ballard 06 Nov 2014 Banking may not seem the most likely industry in which to find a brand doing something completely different in digital But it s exactly this challenge that TSB is tackling head on by embracing the needs of customers Tags Financial services Experience design Beacons a disappointing start for an emerging technology By Irene Infante 31 Oct 2014 Beacons look like a useful new technology but as with so many new technologies early implementations have so far failed to create value for customers focusing instead on commercial novelty Tags Mobile smart devices Technology World Usability Day 2014 By Foolproof 24 Oct 2014 We are always keen to open our doors to the next generation of user experience professionals World Usability Day provides a great opportunity to play host to students and anyone who is interested in making a career in experience design Tags Foolproof news Service Design Network sketchnotes 2014 By Lauren Coleman 15 Oct 2014 Sketchnotes taken during two talks given at the SDGC event in Stockholm focusing on the importance and value of employee statisfaction and customer experience Tags Brand marketing Experience design Interview Nicole Harlow Senior Consultant By Joe Duffy 09 Oct 2014 This interview profile s Nicole Harlow a Senior Consultant at Foolproof It looks at her career path before joining the company her role and main responsibilities as a Senior Consultant and what she finds most challenging and rewarding about this role Tags UX jobs skills Foolproof news Mobile tapping in the wild research By Foolproof 29 Sep 2014 We sent a team to Seoul in South Korea to conduct an in the wild study of the applications and users of mobile proximity technologies What we found was fascinating and offers much to learn for companies thinking about their own mobile tapping projects Tags Mobile smart devices UX design practice Consumer behaviour Website optimisation live is not the finish line By Nicky Harrison 19 Sep 2014 Launching a new website costs a lot of time and money But in order to fully capitalise on your investment optimisation is needed to fine tune the user experience The tiny stuff is where you stand to make the biggest impact Tags Optimisation Data analytics UX design practice Waterfall vs Agile in experience design projects By Foolproof 10 Sep 2014 There are primarily two project management methodologies employed by Experience Design agencies Waterfall and Agile However from my experience large experience design projects require a more flexible approach focused on outcomes rather than process Tags Experience design UX design practice Enhancing the touchscreen experience By Foolproof 04 Sep 2014 Touchscreens are everywhere yet little has changed when it comes to hardware Whilst some companies

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?page=2 (2016-02-14)
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  • Open Device Lab | Foolproof
    can use to design compelling experiences Use the lab The Foolproof Open Device Lab is open to everyone and is located in Foolproof s London offices in Clerkenwell Our intention is to offer the service free as a community asset If you camp out for long periods of time we may need to have a little chat about making a contribution for usage and drinking our coffee To visit the lab send us an email a couple of days beforehand and we ll get things ready for you Contact us to make a booking Donate your devices If you ve got an unwanted or under utilised device lying around gathering dust please add it to the collection and get it back into use Email us to contribute an old device Become a sponsor If you re a device manufacturer carrier network or reseller we d love to have your help The Foolproof Open Device Lab exists to help designers and developers create and optimise experiences for your devices and therefore your customers You could donate or sponsor a device or help fund the service to keep it free Email us to become a sponsor We also have a device lab in our Singapore office The device library The following list is constantly evolving Manufacturer Model Operating System OS Amazon Kindle Fire 6 2 1 Apple iPad iOS 4 3 Apple iPad 3 iOS 6 1 3 Apple iPad 4 iOS 6 1 3 Apple iPad Mini iOS 7 Apple iPhone 4 iOS 6 1 3 Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6 1 3 Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7 Apple iPhone 5C iOS 7 Blackberry Curve 8520 Blackberry Curve 9320 HTC Desire Android 2 2 HTC One Android 4 2 2 HTC Wildfire S Android 2 3 5 Leap Motion Leap Motion

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  • User experience, UX design, jobs & internships | Foolproof
    us Careers Join the team We re always on the look out for bright ambitious people to join our team If you would like to apply for any of the roles listed below email us at careers foolproof co uk Current vacancies We re not currently hiring but will post job openings as soon as they become available We also have career opportunities with our Singapore office and also with Knit our creative technology studio Student opportunities We know it s tough to get a break into user experience design We ve got a variety of ways to help people at the start of their career from internships and work experience through to entry level jobs There are lots of people at Foolproof today who joined us as their first job and who have stayed with us for many years If you would like to know more about opportunities for students email us at careers foolproof co uk Foolproof is an equal opportunities employer Visit our Facebook page to see the social side of Foolproof Follow us on Twitter to see what we re doing Follow us on Instagram Our top five non design design skills An insight into the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/careers/?switch=UK (2016-02-14)
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  • Non-design, design skills that will make you stand out
    challenge the accepted whether that is the design brief the end user s behaviour or the limitations of the medium Importantly they will also know when to stop when to rein the challenge back to deliver a solution which is different but viable Few designers operate as islands A key skill is in collaboration to bring together diversity of skills and knowledge to deliver a successful outcome A designer with these skills facilitates and brokers conversations to drive consensus then communicates evangelises and generates support for their designs Designers are seldom designing for themselves To design for others they need to gather real insight and develop empathy with the needs expectations limitations and concerns of the end users the business and their colleagues To do this they must be able to listen and observe to uncover opportunities and constraints Only then can they balance the needs of the end users with the needs of the business Designers are often asked to deal with extreme complexity Context of use materials technology data skills law politics visuals user needs security are all examples of the kinds of often opposing pressures which can overwhelm and lead to mediocrity or failure A great designer can embrace the complexity simplifying and managing it so that they keep their eye on both the big picture and the detail Design is not a self contained profession It is manifest through its application to something else The best designers relish this ever changing platform and the resultant varied challenges This means that a broad base of knowledge and an enquiring mind is of great benefit to the designer Many of these skills are character traits which grow through experience but I believe that in the three to six years of higher education which designers do they should be

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/non-design-design-skills-that-will-make-you-stand-out/ (2016-02-14)
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  • but also having a passion for understanding user behaviour and what makes people tick I knew that all my interests could be catered for I was really keen to see how this would come together in practice Q What was most challenging about transitioning from classroom to agency A Timescales Going from having a year to write my dissertation to having just two weeks to complete a project was a bit of a shock But completing an internship definitely helped with the transition I was granted more generous timescales and was able to learn and practice alongside talented consultants who were more than happy to help and support me The world of digital moves fast and clients need answers quickly I soon learnt to adapt and through experience was able to see patterns in my research findings draw insight and provide actionable recommendations quicker Q You ve recently been promoted to Senior Consultant what are the main differences between the two roles A As Consultant I used to lead on the delivery of research projects which meant having my head in one job for two or three weeks As Senior Consultant I typically work across a number of different projects at one time I oversee the overall quality of thinking across the project teams providing mentoring and support to consultants and ensuring consistency of knowledge across projects and the business I ensure that all project activities are aligned back to the clients objectives and that the end deliverable is of a high standard and meets customer needs Another aspect of my new role is to work closely with the Foolproof client services team This involves attending briefing meetings with clients to understand their needs and objectives and then providing support in scoping and costing the best approach to meet these But this doesn t mean I don t get to work on projects as a researcher and there s plenty of opportunity to work with the design team I love seeing meaningful insight translated into design Anytime I get to collaborate with the design team to help them develop that next stage of the project is great I really enjoy concepting and working on solutions which use the insight we have uncovered during user research Q At Foolproof you have the opportunity to travel across the world What do you find most interesting about conducting research abroad A International research is always really enlightening as it gives you the opportunity to learn about cultures that you might otherwise know little about Being able to observe cultural nuances in participant s responses and behaviour towards a design and uncover their reasoning behind it is fascinating and can really help progress a design It s also great for testing preconceptions that might exist within a project team as you are able to test hypothesis and assumptions around certain markets We recently worked on a project for a client where we conducted research in the UK and Germany There was an opinion that

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/interview-nicole-harlow,-senior-consultant/ (2016-02-14)
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  • What is user experience strategy?
    as we are enjoying the tactical benefits of UX and developing the user experience bit by bit Why do we need strategy The short answer is because consumer behaviour is changing so fast Digital has had a transformative effect on consumer thinking and behaviour For over a decade important new technologies and tools have arrived at a terrific pace first browsers then algorithmic search then comparison shopping and user generated reviews social networks the mobile web and smart devices Each new technology has an adoption curve while it goes from trial by early adopters to being used by a mass audience There s good evidence that this adoption lag is shortening important new tools move into mass usage more and more quickly The result is that consumers are no longer willing to wait for shopping and customer experiences to be created for them they are putting them together themselves And this makes the decisions they make like whether to buy a brand s product or whether to stay loyal as a customer increasingly difficult to understand or predict However business behaviour is not changing at the same pace What s less widely discussed is that business is generally moving at a much slower pace in the adoption of and adaptation to digital technologies Each new tool and technology tends to be bolted on to an organisation s business model given a home within existing organisational silos These silos increasingly struggle to collaborate in the creation of a high value customer experience Without a shared understanding of the customer or a shared vision for how they need to be served many companies are unable to create a coherent and valuable customer experience The user experience feels like a patchwork of unrelated interactions often irrelevant to the lives and goals of customers This divergent pace of change between consumers and business is putting increasing strain on brands It s creating a brand experience gap the difference between the brand promise and the reality of the customer experience It s very easy for consumers to see this gap and to talk about it in their social sphere or take their custom elsewhere Increasingly this suggests that the only viable future for brand management is not around managing the message but managing the experience Some brands like Apple and Zappos have already come to this conclusion and manage their brands in a very different way and through the full spectrum of their customer touchpoints not just their marketing messages Consider your own organisation s maturity when it comes to user experience Can you link UX measures to the strategic goals of your organisation Is your vision for user experience consistently understood and supported across your business Is your user experience an expression of your brand values and vice versa Most companies in the world would currently have to answer no to these questions Which raises a point in itself imagine the competitive advantage that would come out of being able to say yes Creating

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/what-is-user-experience-strategy/ (2016-02-14)
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  • UX Strategy, The Brand Experience Gap
    this webinar Tim Loo UX Strategist explores how in an increasingly complex and digitally centric world consumers are quickly evolving their thinking and behaviour Businesses are struggling to keep up often failing to keep their brand and service promises If you re having trouble viewing this video try watching it on YouTube here http youtu be fidw92oahdY Brand marketing UX strategy What do you think 0 0 0 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights Top down user experience The organisational shift towards customer centricity Customer experience as strategic not tactical discipline Customer experience for competitive advantage A whitepaper on how organisations can create competitive advantage A whitepaper on how organisations can create competitive advantage Three old chestnuts cracked Most organisations have learnt that unleashing design into the world without some form of user research is dangerous My other job is an advertising manager Facebook Deals challenges could transform location based marketing Top tips complying with the EU Cookie Directive Our top tips to help brands comply to the EU Privacy Directive Impact of Consumer Rights bill on Customer Experience We look at the impact of the Bill and

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/brand-gap/ (2016-02-14)
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