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  • Creative technology studio | Foolproof
    because it finds ways to use emerging technologies to solve today s customer experience challenges Bridge the digital and physical worlds If the last twenty years have been about building and optimising web and mobile platforms the next decade is going to be about linking the digital and physical worlds Compelling customer experience needs seamless frictionless interplay between service channels Internet connected devices and sensors can get data and content to the right place at the right moment in order to influence the quality and outcome of customer interactions Deepen customer engagement Connected experience isn t just more useful and relevant for customers it can also create moments of magic which differentiate the brand and signal the company s focus on its customers Brilliant execution drives deeper engagement and advocacy not because customers marvel at novel technology but because it removes old pain points and addresses real needs Prototype the future Our creative technology studio Knit has the tools and experience to make stable working prototypes of innovative new experiences These allow business stakeholders and customers to use and understand the concept A working prototype is a solid platform for assessing business case technical feasibility and how to tune the user experience on the path to market We expect to be judged on what we can make and test not just what we can imagine If you d like to explore how emerging technologies could create new value for you and you customers get in touch with our creative technology studio Knit win Brand Republic Award for Lucozade Sport By Foolproof Channelling the conversation in the Internet of everything By Nick Thompson More on skills and methods Knit launches Cardboard Objects By Foolproof Our other practices Optimisation is just one part of creating a valuable user experience You can explore

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  • How we work | Foolproof
    and experience they have is valuable At first some clients are surprised at how much access they have to their project while it s in progress For big complex challenges we make a working space in our studio so that everyone involved in the project can visit and participate We also include the customer they have knowledge and wisdom too This collaboration can take place in the research studios in our offices or out in the world We design experiences with customers rather than for them Iteration the antidote to guess work Every creative process needs leaps in thinking moments of inspiration and imagination What every creative process also needs is time when you check your thinking and validate your assumptions Even the smartest people can have dumb ideas We work in cycles of making and testing moving from sketches and storyboards through prototypes into production ready visual designs This way of working is good for two reasons first it reduces risk because bad ideas and wrong assumptions get identified and removed before they get baked in second it increases the creativity of the solution because each cycle of iteration is an opportunity to gather fresh insights which can improve and tune the experience as it moves towards market We keep it lean iterating quick and often helps keep the project on its toes Regularly getting the team s thinking out into the sunlight with target users and client stakeholders means we avoid surprises and big loops of re work which can threaten project timescales What gets done gets measured We are unusually serious about measuring the effectiveness of our work when it moves into the real world This is partly so that we can be sure that we ve delivered the business and human outcomes we ve promised but

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/how-we-work/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Our design philosophy, the win-win | Foolproof
    intuition with a rigorous approach to gathering and using insight Important design decisions are based on a deep understanding of the customer s world We check our thinking at each step This allows us to explore imaginative ideas without creating unnecessary risk for our clients What you want What business outcomes are you trying to achieve through your digital experience Many of our clients are surprised how much attention we pay to understanding this And how committed we are to getting the results we ve promised What they want What do customers want from digital experiences Sometimes they don t know or find it hard to explain That s why you need the right tools and the right experience to watch and listen What you learn will improve the quality of design decisions at every step from initial thinking to finished product The win win At the intersection of these sometimes competing needs there s a fertile design space where new ideas or improved services can have a dramatic effect Higher commercial yield from happier customers isn t that why we all come to work in the morning The work we ve done for major brands around the world shows

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/win-win/ (2016-02-14)
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  • International user experience research services | Foolproof
    the planet International research Our team has years of experience in organising and conducting international fieldwork We can mobilise qualitative or quantitative research in pretty much any country in the world We can arrange facilities respondents and translation services so that you can focus on the markets and customers which are important to you Our researchers have the skills and experience to paint a rich picture of user behaviours and preferences which in turn will help you inform your business and design decisions International experience design We have created compelling and valuable experiences for brands right across the planet This is partly because of our commitment to design research across the world but also because our team comes together from so many different countries and cultures We watch for new behaviours ideas and innovations in user experience wherever in the world they come from This makes us useful contributors to your international user experience strategy and design planning A global collaboration As well as having offices in the UK and Singapore we also have a network of partners experts and collaborators that we work with across the world They help us peel back the layers of culture language and technology

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/international/ (2016-02-14)
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  • User experience research services Singapore | Foolproof
    Philippines Thailand Vietnam China Hong Kong South Korea and Japan Anywhere you have target customers we can gather insight Our Singapore office includes a research lab with an interview room as well as a viewing room where clients can watch participants in comfort The lab is set up to conduct user research activities such as interviews website and mobile usability testing focus groups and cardsorting More about research services Experience design Good insight leads to powerful effective design We offer interaction design and visual design services that create satisfied engaged customers Whether you ask us to review a sales process or a complex digital service we can get impressive results for your organisation More about design services Around the world around the clock As a world leader in user experience design Foolproof works with major brands across the planet With over eighty people in Asia and Europe we can work around the clock when project deadlines demand it This collaboration helps global brands like HSBC Unilever and Shell create global products and services which work brilliantly in each different market We work hard but place a big emphasis on collaboration and communication Our clients value us not just because we get results but also because they feel included in the process It s more fun when we find and solve design problems together Meet the Singapore team The UX community in Singapore We are proud to be part of the growing user experience community in Singapore Demand for people with user research and design skills exceeds supply so we know we have to be active in sharing knowledge and developing new talent Our practitioners help to organise the UXSG meet ups and conference and the team can be found at various events and meet ups Follow what we re up

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/services/international/singapore/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Our people | Foolproof
    Erika Collinson HR Manager maternity cover Hannah Black Account Manager Hannah Black Account Manager Hannah Goodwin Office Coordinator Hannah Goodwin Office Coordinator Harpal Awan Facilities Manager Harpal Awan Facilities Manager Harriet Delamare Finance Team Supervisor Harriet Delamare Finance Team Supervisor Hina Elton Principal Consultant Hina Elton Principal Consultant Irene Infante Senior Designer Irene Infante Senior Designer Isabelle McWilliams Principal Consultant Isabelle McWilliams Principal Consultant Ivy Wykes Account Manager Ivy Wykes Account Manager James Reeve Head of Creative James Reeve Head of Creative Jane Vance Consultant Jane Vance Consultant Jennifer Lion Project Manager Jennifer Lion Project Manager Joce Boissin Account Manager Joce Boissin Account Manager Joe Duffy Marketing Assistant Joe Duffy Marketing Assistant John Marlow Account Director John Marlow Account Director Jorge De Sousa Designer Jorge De Sousa Designer JP Nothard Developer JP Nothard Developer Karen Varnavas HR Manager Karen Varnavas HR Manager Keynes Yeo Business Development Manager Keynes Yeo Business Development Manager Khai Seng Hong Head of Singapore office Khai Seng Hong Head of Singapore office Leslie Fountain Managing Director Leslie Fountain Managing Director Louise Kilding Account Director Louise Kilding Account Director Lui Rogliano Senior Designer Lui Rogliano Senior Designer Luke Burroughs Designer Luke Burroughs Designer Marc Oldman Finance Operations Director Marc Oldman Finance Operations Director Mark Loydall Principal Project Manager Mark Loydall Principal Project Manager Mark Russell Principal Consultant Mark Russell Principal Consultant Martin McCarthy Consultant Martin McCarthy Consultant Meriel Lenfestey Partner Meriel Lenfestey Partner Michelle Guest PA to Partners Michelle Guest PA to Partners Monica Davis Office Assistant Monica Davis Office Assistant Nabiha Ahmed Consultant Nabiha Ahmed Consultant Neil Pawley Principal Consultant Neil Pawley Principal Consultant Niamh Cavlan Senior UX Analyst Niamh Cavlan Senior UX Analyst Nicky Harrison Client Services Director Nicky Harrison Client Services Director Nicole Harlow Senior Consultant Nicole Harlow Senior Consultant Nick Thompson Creative Technology

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/ (2016-02-14)
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  • London office directions | Foolproof
    station Walk along Old Street west for about 8 minutes You ll come to a junction where Old Street ends there is an HSBC bank on the right Turn right past the bank onto Goswell road Foolproof is 5 doors up on the right number 90 98 Harella House We re on the ground floor On foot from Barbican about 6 mins Turn left out of Barbican station Walk straight up Aldersgate Street for about 5 minutes Aldersgate Street becomes Goswell Road You ll reach a junction with Clerkenwell Road there is a HSBC bank on the right Cross over to the bank then continue up Goswell Road Foolproof is 5 doors up on the right number 90 98 Harella House We re on the ground floor On foot from Farringdon about 12 mins Come out of Farringdon station and turn left then left again up Turnmill Street Walk up Turnmill Street until you reach Clerkenwell Road Turn right and walk along Clerkenwell road for about 8 minutes when you come to the junction with St Johns Street just keep going straight The next major junction is with Goswell Road Turn left up Goswell Road but cross over to the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/find-us/london/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Norwich office directions | Foolproof
    at the opposite side of the car park Cross the road at the lights and walk over the bridge onto Prince of Wales Road Follow the road until it forks cross the road to your right and continue up Prince of Wales Road Follow the road as it bends right onto Upper King Street Cross the road again at the lights opposite All Bar One into a pedestrian area This is Queen Street Continue up Queen Street Seebohm House is to the left of Revolution ring the buzzer to be let in By car via the A11 When the dualled section of the A11 ends continue on into Norwich until you reach a roundabout Go straight over onto Newmarket Road and continue for about half a mile At the next roundabout go straight over into Norwich s main shopping district St Stephen s Street then on into Red Lion Street When you see the castle in front of you follow the road round to the right keeping the castle on your left Keep in the left hand lane for the lights Stay in the left lane and follow the road round to the right to a set of lights near

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/find-us/norwich/ (2016-02-14)
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