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  • HSBC scoop top CIM award
    CIM award by Foolproof 13 Feb 2014 Congratulations to the HSBC Expat team who won two big awards at last night s Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards It was an amazing night These awards are the premier client awards in the marketing calendar They are a big deal Hey Jimmy Carr was our host for the night The HSBC HeathWallace Hill and Knowlton Foolproof and Lynchpin Analytics team won two awards The first was for the finance sector in which the team were up against bigger campaigns with bigger agencies and bigger budgets The second was a total and outrageous surprise The team won the Chairman s Grand Prix into which they didn t even know they had been entered Much excitement and celebrations followed This is the single biggest award in the client calendar and we are delighted for Richard Fray and his team at HSBC 0 0 32 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Google super sync sports makes Cannes shortlist By Foolproof Financial services Foolproof news 0 0 32 0 What do you think Leave your comment Please

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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    you must understand the surrounding context your users are in When designing any staff tools or systems it s important to understand job design and physical environmental factors so they integrate rather than conflict with the existing infrastructure Tags Financial services Business to business 2FA vs Mobile By Nicole Harlow 04 Oct 2011 With rapid growth in web enabled smart phones making internet banking via mobile ever the more popular what has been the perceived impact on security and convenience when it comes to using Two Factor Authentication devices alongside a mobile Tags Mobile smart devices Financial services Which Weighs in on bank security By Tom Wood 18 Aug 2011 Everyone wants to keep their money safe but few people willingly submit to the security processes which ensure this There has to be a compromise between these two competing views when we think about the UX of bank security Tags Financial services Two factor authentication By Foolproof 05 Aug 2011 Internet banking security is a hot topic and a primary concern for both the financial industry and consumer alike This post explores how people feel about using two factor authentication devices Tags Financial services Contactless payment a win win By Foolproof 15 Jul 2011 PayPass wristbands for MasterCard are preloaded wristbands that festival goers can load with money prior to and during an event We visited the Isle of Wight festival to evaluate the customer experience Tags Mobile smart devices Financial services NFC wristbands enhance the festival experience By Peter Ballard 22 Jun 2011 In research we conducted at the Isle of Wight Festival 100 of Festival goers interviewed said they would use prepaid wristbands to pay for items at other festivals and events Tags Mobile smart devices Financial services RIP PPI By Peter Ballard 19 May 2011 As banks decide not to fight PPI claims we reflect on our own research into reported in our Online Shopping Study on Personal Loans back in 2005 The lesson here is that user research will tell you something needs fixing long before the courts or the regulator does Tags Financial services It s all good By Peter Ballard 22 Mar 2011 Allowing people to choose to post their genuinely positive experiences on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to turn satisfied customers into powerful brand advocates But be careful of linking promotional offers to those postings Tags Financial services Social media Building theme based information architectures By Tim Caynes 14 Feb 2011 There is often a temptation to dive into information architecture design based solely on acquired knowledge and a well articulated business objective However some of the most effective structures evolve when iterative analysis of research findings and discussion outputs start to surface emerging themes Tags Financial services UX design practice Direct Line uses Facebook for co creation By Tom Wood 29 Oct 2010 This case study with Direct Line points to new ways of using social media beyond either PR or broadcast marketing communication Interesting to anyone working in

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  • UX pub crawl
    up and play opportunity Unless you had already put in a few years on Starcraft II at home you are really going to feel like a by stander Still it had an interesting game themed cocktail list and the regulars were very friendly They were happy to chat about the games and leagues going on in the place and around the world One to remember if you re thinking about ethnography with a sophisticated gaming audience Forcefield cocktails downed we moved on to The Thirsty Bear The Thirsty Bear was more on brief in terms of evaluating interactive ordering We sat down and started to poke at the tablet device fixed to a foot high swivelling bar in the middle of the table After ordering the first round delivered in a swift 2min 55 secs we were pretty pleased with ourselves In the subsequent excitement I m sorry to admit that shots were ordered shortly afterwards 2min 32 secs However as we settled back to talk it quickly became clear that the tablet had turned from friend to foe With eight people in our group and no way to stow the tablet device it immediately broke up lines of sight and conversation around the table Worse whichever way it was pointing it was a shiny new interactive thing that no one could ignore if it was pointed in their direction As a result it always split the table into two or three sub groups each making their own conversation It struck me that any serious field testing would have raised the requirement to either turn off the device or stow it out of the users sight line In the cab across town we talked about different functionality that could have been included to bring together the group including drinking games pub quizzes or a juke box What really stood out though was that with a tablet on every table there was huge potential to harness the social possibilities within the bar itself We felt that a trick was really missed here in enhancing the shared experience of the customers within the space Feeling pretty hungry we headed back to the north side of the river to Inamo This restaurant has a screen projected down onto each pair of tables Each diner has a soft button control pad to make choices and progress through menus It was celebrating its tenth birthday on the night we went It s interesting that after a decade so few other UK restaurants have adopted customer facing technology within their experience And Inamo was showing its age a bit In the touchscreen era the table interface felt outdated I kept prodding the table top expecting a touch interface instead of using the mouse control down by my right hand It was also interesting to see the group become consumed with the table interface itself rather than talking to each other This breakdown in group communication really hit home when food started arriving and I realised that

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  • s throw from our office It was great to see how their model making process has evolved from their first paper and plastic models through to the impact of 3D modelling and printing Digital Shoreditch has been growing since its debut in 2011 It ran for four days with talks and workshops at Shoreditch Town Hall with a Make and Do weekend to follow The format was innovative with a long series of lightening talks in the main hall I particularly enjoyed the talk by Simon Ruda of the Cabinet Office s Behavioural Insights Team Unfairly in my view called the nudge unit they seem to be an excellent example of rapid innovation in service delivery based on real evidence from randomised controlled trials For Digital Shoreditch I was lucky enough to give a talk on the Tomorrow s World day and run a workshop on the Behavioural Design day My talk was titled Mujicomp or Ryanaircomp what is the future of the Internet of Things It was deliberately contrarian reviewing our fears about the growing presence of smart technology in our lives and questioning our appetite for more And in a great moment of serendipity I referenced Richard Barbrook s Californian Ideology just after Richard sat down in the front row The workshop had a different tone and pace In Getting out of the building I gave a basic introduction to design research interview techniques with a chance for the participants to practice on each other The talk went down well producing some laughs gasps and tweets from the audience And the participants seemed to get a lot out of the workshop Which is good as I m doing a shorter version of the same workshop at UX Bristol in July Maybe I ll see you there Author John

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/digital-shoreditch-and-behavioural-design/ (2016-02-14)
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  • at the chance to get Jeff to visit us at Foolproof HQ Jeff gave a wonderful impromptu talk to the team about the philosophy and central principles of his book Oh and by the way go buy and read the book It s full of tactics and practical advice to getting started with Lean UX It s also actually lean by name and nature at less than 200 pages It was Jeff s discussion about moving client organisations away from managing through outputs to managing through outcomes and impacts that really resonated with me Outputs outcomes impacts Jeff cut his teeth client side in bringing together agile development and UX at theladders com and it was interesting to hear him describe both the process and cultural shifts required to make lean UX work Spending time understanding the actual problem and creating hypotheses to test requires a culture which understands that our first instinct solution or decision might not be right to achieve the desired outcome Many management environments favour and reward certainty and decisiveness Respect my authority I m the decider Organisations use agencies as deliverers of outputs for specific solutions often untested hypotheses as opposed to partners in achieving specific outcomes In making the move from client to agency side Jeff had many stories which mirrored my own and it s fair to say neo and Foolproof are kindred spirits in taking up this challenge Anyway a big thanks to Jeff from the Foolproof team and we look forward to catching up soon Follow Jeff jboogie Buy the book Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Bubbles blunders and opening

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  • Next month we will be revealing the results from our Newt Judge Experiment In case you missed it our friends at The Drum posted this video The Newt Judge Experiment Trailer We invited 18 creative types into our office in London and split them into two groups with equal experience One group was plied with alcohol and the other with water or soft drinks Each was given three hours to work on a creative brief ironically to tackle the nationwide issue of binge drinking among young people During the next month the top five ideas from each group will be judged by the prestigious judges at the Chip Shop Awards At the same time we will also be seeing what the public think of the ideas A big thank you to Dave Birss at Additive Wyndham Lewis at equimedia Julian Hanford who took photos and Tom Baker for filming the event and of course to our 18 volunteers 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Newt Judge Experiment the results are in By Foolproof Foolproof ranked 19 in 100 Best

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  • and delicious bakes by Foolproof 15 Mar 2013 Yesterday we descended upon Sadler s Wells for our quarterly company offsite To raise money for Comic Relief we replaced our usual afternoon tea break with a company bake off filled with delicious home baked goodies from bakers across the business Offerings ranged from savoury quiches and sausage rolls to sweet tooth pleasing brownies cupcakes and shortbread We were spoilt for choice and plates were piled high with people unable to choose just one Foolproofers also got into the comedy spirit by donning a red nose and a variety of props to pose for photos As a business we were delighted to raise 325 and counting for Comic Relief and have a great afternoon in the process Have a look at our Facebook page for the full album of pictures 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Museum of Foolproof By Tom Wood Foolproof ranked in The Drum Digital 100 By Foolproof Old friends of Foolproof By Marc Oldman Foolproof news 0 0 0 0 What do you think Leave your comment

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  • Photo ethnography: new behaviours
    explain their meaning or implications in design Over the course of last year a few of us had a hobby project to try to observe some of these new behaviours and discuss what they mean for the development of better products and services Our group Polly Shelton Orla Hennessy Melissa Riby Williams Rob Varney Tom Wood set about creating a very loose photo ethnography Our work allows us to travel all over the world so we were able to watch and take pictures in North America Europe and Asia We also enlisted professional photographer Mike Harrington to see if he could bring a different set of eyes to the project We grabbed pictures of people in the wild using technology in interesting ways and in interesting contexts Then we got together to dissect and discuss what we were seeing What emerged are five themes which we think point to how technology is changing behaviours and give us clues about how we could respond to these as designers Over the months we explored How technology is being employed in the wild Emerging contexts of use Intended and unintended use cases New gestures postures and rituals Socio cultural and behavioural shifts Technology pain points Workarounds fixes and adaptations It was fun creating this library of images and sharing our thoughts and interpretations about what we were seeing Trying to see the world from a fresh perspective helps us understand people s underlying motivations and needs And this gives us a headstart when we think about new products or services Over the coming weeks we ll share more about each of our five themes in more detail and the implications they have for business and designers Distraction immersion Spontaneity Connection detachment Curated presence Self enhancement 0 16 198 1 Related content Here s

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