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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    Steve Portigal By Tom Wood 28 Feb 2011 Steve Portigal s workshop at UXHK highlighted the dangers of moving too swiftly to draw conclusions from fieldwork By fighting off the instincts to conclude solve synthesise until the time and place is right to do so you can seek out the true insight Tags International Flow and Foolproof By Tom Wood 18 Jan 2011 Foolproof and Flow joined forces in 2011 to become Europe s largest specialist UX and experience design practice This post takes a look at the benefits this partnership will have for the agency and our clients Tags Foolproof news Social strategy By Tom Wood 10 Jan 2011 A common conundrum for companies is why is it so hard to use social media when millions of private individuals find it so easy This post includes pointers on how companies can avoid putting social media in the too hard pile Tags IBM on multichannel By Tom Wood 04 Jan 2011 This new paper from IBM explores how to build a successful multi channel programme and draws on some insights and data from our research It s admirable for the level of focus on customer needs and is a fantastic example of organisations starting to get serious about multi channel Tags Direct Line uses Facebook for co creation By Tom Wood 29 Oct 2010 This case study with Direct Line points to new ways of using social media beyond either PR or broadcast marketing communication Interesting to anyone working in user experience or market research or looking for meaningful interactions with customers on Facebook Tags Financial services Social media Is there such a thing as a bad idea By Tom Wood 01 Oct 2010 Bad ideas do exist and it s important to consider the impact or influence they could have on your project By sharing ideas with consumers you can both talk around and identify potential problems or barriers to adoption as well as getting input from customers about how to strengthen and develop what you ve come up with Tags UX design practice Creating the ideal customer journey By Tom Wood 18 Jun 2010 To effect meaningful change in an organisation you often need support across several organisational silos like IT Marketing Customer Services and Product owners Ideal Customer Journeys are one way of achieving this Tags UX design practice Foolproof Home of the Sh tstorm By Tom Wood 15 Apr 2010 One of our favourite workshop formats is the pain points workshop affectionately known in house as a Sh tstorm This approach asks people in the room to list everything that is wrong with the current product or service with a view to highlighting common themes and creating new and innovative ideas to solve them Tags UX design thinking Customer capitalism By Tom Wood 15 Mar 2010 Catching up with February s Harvard Business Review I read this interesting article by Roger Martin about why corporations should focus on building customer value rather than shareholder value Tags

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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    of UX practitioners with valuable real life industry experience We regularly enlist interns and are always eager to hear what they think of the experience We interviewed Design ergonomics student Charlotte as she approaches the end of her time here at Foolproof Tags UX jobs skills CV writing top tips for UX job applications By Foolproof 16 Jun 2014 The first stage of any job application begins with submitting your CV It is vital therefore that you make a positive initial impression These top tips will help you create a beautifully crafted CV that will help you stand out from the crowd Tags UX jobs skills Designing for mobile part 3 Visual design By Elaine McVicar 10 Jun 2014 In the final part of this series of articles for UX Booth on Designing for mobile Elaine McVicar explores visual design solutions and the associated best practices necessary to produce beautiful usable applications Tags Mobile smart devices UX design practice Don t strive for innovation strive for solutions By Rob Sterry 06 Jun 2014 As a UX designer I constantly feel the pressure to innovate but Dan Rubin s recent talk at UX Lisbon taught me not to strive for innovation Strive for solutions and innovation will happen Tags UX design thinking 10 tips for improving your T Cs By Foolproof 03 Jun 2014 It takes an average of 25 minutes to read standard website terms and conditions This represents a significant barrier to consumers understanding of what they are signing up to But how can businesses make a comprehensive legal document readable and easy to understand for consumers Tags UX design practice Non design design skills that will make you stand out By Meriel Lenfestey 29 May 2014 Softer skills are the ones that can make you into a brilliant designer and also open up new career opportunities to apply design thinking at senior levels Here are our top five non design design skills Tags UX jobs skills Digital Summit Atlanta sketchnotes By Alison Williams 27 May 2014 We recently attended the Digital Summit in Atlanta here are sketchnotes we made summing up three key presentations Tags Foolproof news Get your staff on board with new technology By Anne Kehlet Bavngaard 20 May 2014 When designing user experiences it can be compelling to think of customers as the most important users and pay less attention to other user groups But in doing so important insights may be missed Our recent research into mobile tapping highlighted this exact problem Tags Brand marketing Mobile smart devices Consumer behaviour UX strategy at UX Brighton By Tim Loo 15 May 2014 This presentation frames UX strategy in the context in which I mainly work with Foolproof clients large multinational corporations and why I think UX professionals have an opportunity to take a leading role in the formation of customer experience strategy Tags Brand marketing Experience design UX strategy UX benchmark retail banking Singapore By Neil Pawley Khai Seng Hong 07 May 2014 We ve

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  • 19 achieving top 10 scores for Leadership 90 and employees feeling proud to work for the company 95 We also received the maximum 3 star extraordinary status a fantastic achievement There have been big changes since being listed for the first time last year We become a global business acquiring One to One Global in Singapore several senior appointments have been made including Jonathan Culling as UX Director and we turned ten Once again we were ranked across a number of criteria including leadership wellbeing personal growth management and giving something back The survey revealed that Foolproof employees felt excited about where the company is going 93 and that their work at Foolproof makes a positive difference in the world 83 We re thrilled to have climbed into the top 20 and to have grown from a 2 star to a 3 star extraordinary accreditation This is a testament to the hard work and fantastic achievements of the last 12 months and everyone at Foolproof can feel very proud 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Foolproof ranked in The

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  • The principles of Playful
    inventive manual helping the users to overcome learning difficulties Changing the approach has changed the outcome of the whole project Removing the wall between you and the end users of your digital product means less barriers to understanding each other more benefits to designing a great experience There is no us and them in this game Play and experiment and misbehave Make mischief as Dani Lurie suggested describing the playful way of conducting experiments with the world around Curiosity is a quality that flourishes during childhood but somehow gets toned down as we grow due to the limitations modern society imposes on its members By keeping your curiosity sacred you become brave enough to explore and come up with new methods approaches and solutions However you inevitably fail from time to time This brings me to the next principle Feel free to get it wrong many times Ben Reade from Nordic Food Lab was talking about the judgment free environment that they have purposefully created for their experiments using known variables such as food ingredients we all know e g plums applying a known method such as mummification and getting unknown results Many experiments would fail and will be failing until they discover the right combination of object right food and method right treatment But when they do find the right combinations the results are far more successful than just good When it comes to framing this principle deserves a golden one How many times during a project do you feel that you need to give a definite and an immediate answer upon which your competence would be judged Mistakes are a long term investment Think about the relationship between digital and physical We are born into a world where we use all of our senses Creating digital products that

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  • own judgement of their knowledge experience or understanding be reliable in respondent recruitment In our experience the answer to this is no And this is because without boundaries around what constitutes high or low a person s perception will differ from our own So simply relying on a respondent s self assessment of their knowledge or experience in a pre qualifying questionnaire can cause problems later on in research One method we use for mitigating this risk is to evaluate their knowledge in two ways Firstly respondents are asked to self assess on their level of knowledge and confidence as above But this is substantiated with a second question which assesses their knowledge or experience in more detail For instance if recruiting for a financial services client we may ask them to list or describe a particular financial product which is compared with a pre determined list of features or characteristics By asking this additional question we are better able to assess their level of knowledge and are therefore better able to determine whether their self assessment is accurate saving time and effort later on once the respondent has been recruited 0 0 0 0 Harpal Awan View Harpal s

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  • Why retailers in Asia need to get smart about digital design
    shopping experience Asian consumers like me expect Getting good at design and getting smart about digital poses big challenges but the rewards are there for the retailers that get it right Firstly there s the opportunity to cut costs by increasing the proportion of digital sales in a climate of rapidly rising rents and soaring staff wages Keeping these costs low through good digital channels allows retailers to keep their product pricing competitive While pricing is important everywhere it s worth noting that price comparison is particularly important in Asia given the percentage of a shopper s total income committed to even relatively small ticket items This is highlighted in a recent IPOS study that showed Thai shoppers are willing to spend 27 6 of their monthly wage on a pair of Nike training shoes versus a New Yorker willing to spend a mere 2 91 When the relative investment is so high for the Asian consumer they want to make sure they re getting the very best deal on the market We even have a Singlish way of describing this as being Kiasu the psychology of not losing out when there s a better deal Added to this is the burgeoning market of increasingly affluent and tech savvy shoppers across the region who are simply in love with their smartphones Across South East Asia smartphone use is exploding with emerging markets such as Indonesia Vietnam and Mynamar showing double digit growth in usage each year In China 45 8 of its population uses mobile devices to access the internet at some stage during shopping While this is still lower than in the US or Japan at around 49 the potential for growth is huge in the next five to ten years While shoppers like me still prefer trusted and familiar brands younger groups of Asian shoppers may be more willing to try out the new and the novel These are the groups that the new breed of e tailers in the region is targeting Established brands may have competitive advantage now but if they want to win these shoppers they will need to stay ahead in the digital game There re two retailers that I think are getting it right Singapore based retailer Charles Keith is doing well at positioning itself digitally as a fashion brand using strong creative digital content and campaigns with broad regional appeal to win over shoppers across Asia and globally Another example of great digital innovation is Homeplus in Korea part of the UK based retailer Tesco They recognised the opportunities to be had in taking the pain out of grocery shopping for the notoriously hard working and time poor Koreans by creating virtual stores which brings the grocery shopping experience into places like train stations changing shoppers otherwise dead time into shopping time The introduction of this service saw Homeplus online revenue increase130 making them the number 1 in the online grocery market in the country Successes on the scale of Homeplus s

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  • ambition and the opportunities Foolproof offers both during and after employment I learnt that having Foolproof on your CV really means something We ve always had an international team Even when I joined in 2004 when we only had a Norwich office we were pretty international employing staff from The Netherlands Canada and Australia We ve continued that trend and pride ourselves on attracting the best people from around the globe We ve further capitalised on our international experience and reach by opening up our first offshore office in Singapore The single most common reason for leaving Foolproof and I kid you not is emigration to Australia I was absolutely thrilled to hear that several of them recently met up for a celebratory party of their own In true Foolproof style we did our bit and arranged for a few bottles of bubbly for them Here re a few former Foolproofers we caught up with and where they are now Annemarie van Egmond Where are you now I m living and working in Sydney where I am a Principal User Experience Consultant at Objective Digital What do you miss most about Foolproof All the people with their work hard play hard attitude I ve met some wonderful people of which many I am still in touch with now Dan Sorvik Where are you now I m in Sydney Australia working as a User Experience Consultant with Objective Digital I m doing similar work but with more eye tracking involved We are the Tobii re sellers here so I get access to all the sexy new equipment I am still working hard and playing hard which should come as no surprise Fondest memory Shooting champagne corks from Pete s window into the courtyard of our Munich hotel after a full day of pretzels and beer and himbeergeist Ben Whattam Where are you now I m a Planning Director at a Design Agency called Imagination I draw a rather large number of circles and squares which Foolproof gave me a great foundation in and help our clients grow and develop their brands and product offerings through brand experience What s your fondest memory From 66 Bracondale To Pat s Cafe To Jim Moore A sausage sandwich Cavell House Seebohm House An ice bar in Paris Folgate Street A wonky Mr Wood in Jersey Disney land in Hong Kong A Master Chef A Little Neil A Balcony in Magaluf Paul Street A bit of Cognitive Dissonance Patrick Goffin Where are you now Stamford Interactive in Sydney Client Services Manager within our small six man Sydney operation We re Australia s largest specialist User Experience Consultancy with 35 full time employees What do you miss most about Foolproof What else but the people plus the international field trips were always good value Laura Keeley Where are you now In Perth making the most of the Mining Boom I am Senior management accountant for NRW one of the leading civil and mining contractors in the

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  • performance of your target process Hey ho your conversion rate increases by 10 job done Or is it What exactly have you learned Which changes made the most impact on your conversion rate Did everything that you implemented have a positive effect You have your overall conversion increase which more than pays back the cost of research design and build but relatively little idea what s caused this Could you have achieved an even higher conversion rate improvement with the same resources By using a structured roll out of your site improvements you can measure the impact of individual changes and use those learnings for future optimisation In a typical project not everything you do to improve the sales process will have an immediate positive effect on conversion nor should it you re also thinking about wider factors like brand preference and customer satisfaction But it s really useful to know which individual improvements create the largest commercial effect My advice is A B test big changes with your process Multi variate test pages that have a number of changes Work on one page at a time This way you will understand the effect of every change you make You might be surprised at how much more you can squeeze out of conversion rate improvements Plus you ll look a lot cleverer if you understand why you re now exceeding your sales targets rather than just being able to read out the numbers 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Why Quantified Self falls short for health tracking By Alison Williams Monkeying around with MVT By Tom Wood EU Cookie Directive and what it means to you By Rachel Buck

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