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  • a strategic approach to customer experience management Big organisations tend to be extremely departmentalised with business functions split into areas such as Product Sales Marketing Operations and IT These departments act as almost independent silos sitting alongside one another and very often poorly integrated or not incentivised for co operation In recent years Digital has been bolted on as an additional silo more recently Social has also been added and even split further between acquisition onsite experience and mobile These structures lead to an isolated view focused purely on each silo s own short term goals such as channel optimisation revenue cost reduction and profit to name a few The result of this is a fragmented and disjointed experience for customers as they come into contact with businesses in different ways This silo mentality gets in the way of creating coherent and joined up customer experiences and hence jeopardise lifetime customer value If the silos don t act in concert with a shared vision of the customer experience they re aiming at delivering then it s unlikely they will create a perception of good service and live up to their brand promises In many organisations that I have worked with this is very much the case No one seems to be wholly responsible for the entire end to end customer experience well apart from the CEO It s this problem that is creating the circumstances for UX practitioners to come in and begin to effect change We re being asked to come in and unpick what the patchwork of interactions that makes up the typical customer experience and to create a strategy for joining them up in a meaningful and valuable way Agents of change I believe that the future of UX lies with us acting as change leaders in organisations be it client side or standing firm with a strong voice opinion and evidence from agency side Make no mistake this is no easy task Organisational silos are deeply entrenched in most companies but that doesn t mean customer experience cannot be managed strategically and effectively if it s prioritised at the top of the organisation and managed downwards consistently Think about companies like Apple and Amazon that have had a mantra in their DNA of obsessing about the customer experience These are the organisations that are succeeding today in a market where the consumer has more power and where poor customer experiences are easy to share and uncover There were four takeaways from the event which we would like to share which I believe UX champions can take forward to effect change 1 Create strong leadership and sponsorship This can often come about in the form of finding and supporting someone in the organisation that champions UX and helping them on their career path through delivering exceptional UX led work and supporting their voice within the organisation 2 Make a connection between customer experience and drivers for brand value Really understand and be aware of all of an

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/breaking-organisational-silos-at-ux-hk/ (2016-02-14)
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  • should all have agreed to be contacted for research purposes This ratio worsens the more specific the recruitment criteria becomes e g for specialist forms of financial services research the list rate can be as low as 1 50 Request a warm list A warm list is one where customers have already been contacted by the client to give them prior warning that they may be contacted for research purposes Recruiting from a warmed up list is typically more successful than from a cold list where the customers have not already been contacted Iideally a phone call or an email is the best way of contacting customers and the following key points should be covered Purpose of the research We are looking to develop our website and since our customers are at the heart of everything we do we want to ensure their thoughts opinions are taken into consideration before developing new products and services Who is running the research We have commissioned Foolproof an independent company What will happen next Expect a phone call email Invitation to take part in research Incentive monetary input to our development Offer an opt out option Please let us know if you don t want to be involved Provide contact details for any questions If you have any questions you can call email us on If appropriate suggest the client requests support from their customer Account Managers They often have a more intimate relationship with the customers in question and can be particularly effective in warming them up ahead of the recruitment team getting in contact Increase length of recruitment window Whilst the actual recruitment time is often shorter when working from a quality list additional time must be factored in to allow for the client to compile and deliver the list This

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/list-recruitment-pros-and-cons/ (2016-02-14)
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  • big advantages of creating a responsive site is that it saves cost and time both in development and content management but unless the product is sufficiently tailored to the device and operating system to take advantage of its characteristics a rather vanilla sub optimal experience is often the result The development of native apps to target specific use cases coupled with a specific mobile site for others may be more expensive in development costs but it will certainly offer a much better experience and more satisfied customers than responsive site design can hope to achieve Mobile is changing how consumers interact with brands and for some brands it may end up being the primary channel for interaction Facebook is a great example of this It s actually more convenient to use Facebook via a mobile device then through any other means today take posting photographs as an example and it allows this interaction on the move in otherwise dead time something which consumers really appreciate If brands want this level of engagement and to fend off competitive offerings then they need to get serious about mobile now Getting it right can get a brand deeply embedded into their customer s daily routine If you really want to come up with a winning mobile experience then you need to take time to assess the features and functionality or indeed lack thereof that each target device has Consider how you can make the most of geo location tools gyroscopes synchronisation with the user s contact list or mail software and create a seamless flow through your assets to the device Flickr have got the balance right The experience feels the same across platforms but features and content have been altered to create the most effective experience for each Yahoo login journey notwithstanding

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/one-size-doesnt-fit-all-mobile-sites-vs-responsive-design/ (2016-02-14)
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  • use tables to create a short list of providers they were willing to consider This is then manually filtered offline or on the providers website based on a range of factors from product features to the look of the credit card To find the best deal Shoppers plan to visit at least two comparison website believing that no one site has all the best deals The reality for most shoppers is that one site provides more choice than they are able to process in a rational and systematic way What does this mean for providers It strikes me that many card providers aren t making the most of comparison websites as they don t have a clear idea of how the shopping process unfolds Providers need to spend a bit more time understanding how their users shop and focus on Make comparison websites part of your strategy Aggregators affiliates play a vital role in the shopping process and should be considered when planning how to spend your marketing budget as it s here that you will get onto that short list Optimise your presence However equal if not more attention should be given to landing pages offline call to actions and the current credit pages on providers websites It s here that you can influence their decision Speak your customers language Don t assume that your customers will understand your industry jargon and internal acronyms Your customers aren t as savvy as you think they are Use simple language provide definitions and don t overwhelm them 0 0 0 1 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Why retailers in Asia need to get smart about digital design By Keynes Yeo Designing for the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/comparison-websites-and-the-credit-card-shopping-journey/ (2016-02-14)
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  • the logistics of getting the thing set up and in a few hours everything was in place Fireside chat The first thing you notice about Dave is that not only is he larger than life he s larger in life I m pretty tall Dave is taller The second thing you notice is that he s just so enthusiastic about everything We chatted about his time in London we chatted about the venue we took a few photos we chatted about lenses we looked out the window we chatted about architecture and it s place in modelling communities and behaviours We chatted about lots of things In fact we just chatted until attendees started arriving and then they joined the chat And then more joined And we had beer And chatted some more And that really set the tone for the evening I d set myself up as some kind of compere but really it just turned into something of a fireside chat with 30 friends Dave and I sat at the front of the room and I occasionally acted the debate host and fielded questions but for the next hour or so it was really just about Dave meeting new faces and just you know hanging out Of course we did cover a wide range of topics including gamification connected companies UX strategy best and worst experiences most trusted methods and some great tales of corporate workshops I ll go into more detail on those in later posts so look out for messages about those We finished pretty much as we started just chatting together in the loft as the cleaners tried to clean around us As people said their goodbyes it was extremely gratifying to hear how much they had enjoyed the evening particularly the informal open format

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/meeting-dave-gray/ (2016-02-14)
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  • the small passageway it was like Narnia in a Tardis for I had stumbled into the motherlode the Digital Shoreditch Big Top Part conference venue part Haçienda all tent the interior of the Big Top was impressive Like a huge cabaret venue where the entertainment is salacious Powerpoint And I was there to provide some of that Powerpoint action Pitching for an audience I had been asked to talk about mobile wallet design as part of the NEXT day which is all about future technology trends But rather than just roll out my 107 slides in 30 minutes this was a rather a different format The ten minutes on stage were to pitch for a 30 minute session where you the presenter could do pretty much what you liked Around a small table with eight chairs I expected seven people to join me Notwithstanding the fact that my ten minute pitch was just one slide and no video there must have been something about mobile wallet design that piqued people s interest So when 1pm rolled around 35 people had massed around that small table waiting to be entertained I did my best which meant I shouted as loud as I could over the trains the traffic the air conditioning and the announcements saying that I was speaking about my experiences designing a mobile wallet We then had a lively question and answer session touching on probable futures for mobile payment systems NFC implementations and winners and losers in the mobile payment land grab I overran a bit and was about to pack up and drag myself to the office when a few people asked me if I could do it all over again I would have gladly done so but we just ran out of time so we had

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/the-next-big-thing-at-digital-shoreditch/ (2016-02-14)
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  • donor the solution doesn t take Or worse they do nothing In many cases it s the culture of the organisation that is the barrier to step change improvement In a session at UX Strat 2013 I talked about the role of business culture in customer experience and challenges and opportunities for the UX strategist in redesigning organisational attitudes and thinking around the customer Here is my slideshare from the session If you are having trouble viewing this presentation try watching it on Slideshare here http www slideshare net mrtimothyloo uxstrat 2013 redesigning business culture and thinking around the customer tim loo UXSTRAT 2013 Redesigning business culture and thinking around the customer Tim Loo from Tim Loo Other presentations from UX Strat 2013 can be viewed here 0 0 0 1 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking The user experience of enterprise technology By Rob Gillham Where s the win win in retail banking By Tom Wood Tim Loo M S fall in online sales highlights the risks of replatforming By Peter Ballard Brand marketing Experience design UX strategy Tim Loo I m

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/redesigning-business-culture-and-thinking-around-the-customer/ (2016-02-14)
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  • his name taken in vain Again I can t find any kind of original source That said let s credit this thought to Mr Ogilvy because it is a well written and b completely true That is one of the problems of doing research However what it should tell you is not to stop doing research but to do it carefully Maybe even crazy idea get professional researchers to do it for you The main reason I take exception with this quote is that in everything he published Ogilvy who started his career as a researcher says that research is a vital ingredient in great advertising In his book Ogilvy on Advertising he devotes an entire chapter to it called 18 miracles of research which starts with the words Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals And ends with The late great Bill Bernbach thought that it inhibited creativity My experience has been the opposite So why do some people and organisations bridle at the idea of conducting user research as part of the design process I ve come up with a list of reasons which ascend from the superficial up to the credible 1 Personal or professional laziness Simply put there are some people out there who find research boring and would prefer to be doing something else In my line of work life would be easier if these people all agreed to wear a t shirt saying this In fact what they will tend to do is start using quotes like the ones above 2 Perceive research as a threat to their authority expertise Sometimes we will encounter people who are genuinely worried that conducting research sends a signal to the rest of their organisation that their experience and understanding of customer needs is inadequate More common in this group though are people who fear that research will tell them something they don t want to hear like their creative idea stinks or that the board s strategy is flawed or that they ll have to take longer to fix stuff to make it work 3 Restricts creativity Which of course it doesn t see Mr Ogilvy above but it does sometimes restrict creative people The point is that research helps you understand the areas into which you should channel creative thought whether that be a big idea for a new service or a little idea for how to improve a form field 4 Don t have time or money If my barber gave me a bad haircut and cited this as the reason I would question whether he d really thought out how he did his job The same applies to marketing and design projects 5 It is at odds with a cultural value for strong instinctive decision making Some companies like Virgin Apple and Amstrad have cultures which celebrate and encourage bold decision making and acting on gut instinct I ve met Richard Branson a few times

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/three-old-chestnuts-cracked/ (2016-02-14)
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