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  • OSS current accounts | Foolproof
    the current account products currently on offer are not well suited to the online marketplace They are often complex difficult to evaluate and compare online Many also fail to deliver any tangible sense of value for money a common motivator amongst those who go online to shop for this product Bundled accounts in particular which were pioneered many years ago as a way of migrating loyal customers to a higher value relationship through an in branch sale look out of place in the online environment We also note in our report that most current accounts which could be a flagship product to show what s different and engaging about banking brands all too often have a me too feel about them Banks which are serious about winning share through online need to get serious about product design Key questions OSS Current Accounts examines the way UK consumers use the web to find evaluate and buy current accounts In particular we wanted to understand What are consumers expectations and pre conceptions about how and where they will shop for accounts What sites and tools do they use to acquaint themselves with the market What steps are there between the initial online shopping session and purchase How do consumers formulate a shortlist of potential providers What dissuades shoppers from buying online What are shoppers attitudes to the offers and features associated with current accounts Download OSS Current Accounts pdf Authors Natalie Machon Tom Wood Published 2008 What do you think 0 0 0 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights Designing for the online haggle How can ecommerce create the sense of best price Bank security processes vs consumer willingness to comply Everyone wants to keep their money safe but few

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  • OSS credit cards | Foolproof
    consumer behaviour is creating opportunity But consumers are starting to find it hard to distinguish between the brands and products on offer And this makes it difficult to summon up the conviction to select and apply for a new card There is healthy latent demand in the marketplace but we also observed that this interest is not converting to action Few cards are creating enough rational or emotional impact to snap consumers out of their indecision This report examines the issues impacting on the online market and credit card sales and gives card marketers and product managers important ideas about how to achieve competitive advantage and success online Download OSS Credit Cards pdf Authors Tom Wood Jemma Green and Annemarie Van Egmond Published 2007 What do you think 0 0 0 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights Technology is enabling a subtle shift in human behaviour We set out to document these new behaviours through photo ethnography What emerged was five themes which we think point to how technology is changing behaviours Photo ethnography new behaviours By Foolproof Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour Payment Protection Insurance

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  • especially those with higher value more complex needs But the costs of keeping advisors qualified is more onerous now This means it is no longer cost effective for banks and IFAs to continue providing the same level of advice to those who can t afford to pay the fees or those whose portfolios don t meet a certain minimum size Many Banks are culling their saleforces withdrawing their free advice options and concentrating their face to face advisor relationships on only the very wealthy This is going to leave a large group of customers the squeezed middle who have genuine and important financial needs and some level of investible assets with no access to what they perceive as affordable advice Recent research by Deloitte estimated that the RDR will create up to 5 5m disenfranchised customers who will either stop using their existing financial advisers or be denied access to new advisers because they are not deemed cost effective The opportunity for digital So this is the exciting bit This may finally be the catalyst for banks and the direct to consumer fund platforms to develop online advice and guidance solutions that help customers self serve their need for investment advice Until now these have been very much execution only platforms comfortable territory for only the knowledgeable and more confident investor But the potential influx of customers is going to sharpen the online provider s appetite to develop digital offerings that bring new and novice investors into the market And the prize is large The Investment Management Association estimates the direct to consumer funds market is worth 73bn or 13 per cent of total UK retail investment today and this is set to grow as the millions of disenfranchised customers look for new places to manage their finances How to guides and decision making tools These new customers will want to be shown how to make decisions about their financial future on their own supported by how to guides and hand held through the processes involved Self service tools such as portfolio analysers risk reward calculators alerts and access to expert opinion are going to need to go beyond the levels at which those have operated at until now Mobile and video We will also start to see technology bridging the gap between face to face personalised advice and the remote delivery of automated tailored solutions Providers will invest in mobile and tablet solutions and make more use of video as they strive to design customers experiences that inspire confidence and help investors overcome their natural inertia in planning their finances Will they succeed There is no mistaking the opportunity here but will the banks and direct to customer providers drop the ball Looking at the current crop of platforms and bank mass market guides doesn t inspire confidence This sector has been poor at understanding customer needs and fears and too many online investment offerings look like they have been designed by experts for experts In our research we

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/rdr-and-the-opportunity-for-digital/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Wight Festival nearly a fifth of visitors to this year s event are reported to have used the technology according to Event magazine When we tested the pre paid wristbands back in 2011 a resounding 100 of people interviewed said that they d want to use the wristbands again at other festivals concerts and sporting events Respondents said that they were quicker 96 and easier to use 98 than credit or debit cards with 87 saying it was faster than paying by cash Regular festival goers were very excited about the wristbands found them extremely easy to use and could immediately see the benefits including faster queues for food and drink Festival goers face a number of security concerns when carrying cash at festivals so contactless payment systems remove the need to carry quantities of cash to last the whole weekend The Wireless festival in Hyde Park this July will be the first in the UK where all vendors will accept contactless payments 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Banks that love you back By Foolproof Obituary for Smartphones

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  • horribly wrong For some reason the server where our website lives is not working Try refreshing the page but failing that please do us a favour and send an email to let us know email us Foolproof is a trademark

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/500.htm?aspxerrorpath=/thinking/meet-our-growing-design-team/ (2016-02-14)
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  • of our first ever ranking in the New Media Age 100 list of top interactive agencies in July Together these listings provide yet more confirmation of the growing importance of experience design within the design community as well as of our leadership position within the experience design sector 2012 is proving to be a real landmark year for us As well as celebrating our 10th anniversary being included in another prestigious industry list is evidence of a far more important coming of age for the business in that we re now being recognised alongside major players across the whole UK digital spectrum It s also very encouraging that the design community is giving far more weight nowadays to evidence based insight driven design One of the main reasons for the step change in the business over the last couple of years has been our sustained success in diversifying into new verticals such as retail telecoms and gaming It s especially pleasing that we ve been able to do this while maintaining our long standing position of strength in financial services 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/foolproof-ranked-in-the-drum-digital-100/ (2016-02-14)
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  • mobility has now become a key theme and is dominating the debate on the future of transport for policy makers research institutions and industry Many major manufacturers are due to release new products into the market covering a wide range of possibilities from micro hybrid to full electric vehicles The aim of the competition was to develop solutions that would increase consumer perceptions of the electric vehicle and link the worlds of automotive engineering and creative design together Applicants were challenged to remove the barriers to embracing e vehicles and associated technologies by using their creative talents Submissions had to show an understanding and appreciation of the issues and benefits of e mobility a creative and innovation solution that was feasible wide reaching and showed collaboration A diverse range of applications was received including a television advertisement story board an electric vehicle loan programme for commuters and a strategic marketing campaign The competition was fierce with each entrant focussing on a different problem area to address and providing a range of solutions The multi staged concept approach addressed consumer buyer behaviour through development of a cost saving mobile app to model fuel consumption scenarios and interactive charging stations using Near Field Communication technology NFC The panel were impressed with the approach that they took their extensive research of the problem and the innovative nature of the solution They thought that the app would be highly appealing easily accessible and be a wide reaching solution The use of NFC on juice points to provide information was a particularly innovative yet entirely feasible element of the entry and greatly impressed the judges Stuart Catchpole Innovation Manager at Hethel Innovation and competition lead 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/e-mobility-concept-design-competition/ (2016-02-14)
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  • broadband and by Q1 2012 that figure rose to 75 with an average speed of 7 6Mbit s Source Ofcom This has enabled consumers to be always on always connected at home expecting richer online experiences and been the catalyst for the digital media revolution No broadband no exceptional growth in eCommerce and self service No broadband no iTunes no streaming media no cloud based storage Missing in action traditional media distribution RIP Woolworths Blockbuster et al 5 Wi Fi standard 802 11g 2003 OK pretty geeky but along with affordable broadband this standard for consumer friendly reliable Wi Fi takes some beating in terms of the actual impact on technology use in the home No longer confined to the home office or spare room Wi Fi has allowed people to connect to the internet from anywhere in the home on any number of devices This new unplugged connectivity has created a new set of behaviours and expectations digital media hubs lean back browsing dual screening even more anti social kids It gave us an early preview for the even greater disruption which would come from smartphones and tablets Missing in action wires and cables home desktop PCs someone in the house hogging the only internet connection 4 Google Maps 2005 Launched in beta as Google Local Google Maps has completely changed the way consumers find places businesses and each other Combining search content location data and images into an intuitive and illuminating interface Google Maps removed the digital abstraction between people and places Bringing to bear Google s unparalleled data and ongoing innovations such as StreetView and mobile functionality search has never been more useful in helping consumers find what they re looking for The casualties paper maps sat navs every other directory service do you remember the Yellow pages Key moment In 2012 Apple Maps launches to wailing and gnashing of teeth 3 Facebook 2004 From an idea in a Harvard dorm room in 2003 to almost a billion active users worldwide in 2012 Facebook s remarkable rise has become the stuff of dotcom legend and the subject of Oscar baiting movies Although the idea of online social networks had been around Friendster anyone the explosive growth of Facebook has driven the mainstream adoption of social media to the point that it s an unconscious part of most peoples lives It s allowed us to keep connected and up to date with friends and families and connected us to other people with the same passions and interests And in concert with mobile we never miss a moment or opportunity to share and like It hosts 4 of all the photos ever taken It has helped overthrow governments and revive long dead brands It has the potential of being the most powerful collaboration tool in the history of mankind Or it could be just another place for weight loss casino and credit card ads Key moment On 17 May 2012 Facebook IPOs at 38 valuing it at 104 billion

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/top-10-world-changing-innovations/ (2016-02-14)
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