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  • their entire product line is easily found at lower prices on Amazon and other online retailers and reliable and often free next day postal delivery there are no compelling reasons to pay more just to own it today HMV became a great place to while away half an hour looking for inspiration but not a place to pay over the odds for a purchase But not only did HMV fail to read early enough the changing habits of shoppers for CDs DVDs and games they also failed to put in place an adequate online offering of their own By failing to invest in ecommerce you could say HMV lost their customer twice Once when that customer decided they would switch their purchase behaviour from High Street to online and again when that customer made a decision on which online retailer to buy from So could they have done anything differently I would argue yes HMV had an inherent advantage over other retailers in their links with the music industry and distributors They could have built a unique online experience offering a level of rich and exclusive content for music fans which would have been unmatched by rivals They could have been an early player in the download space another behaviour change that they failed to read and react to HMV s problem like Comet and Jessops before them and like Blockbuster and I am sure others to come Game anyone is that they failed to understand and respond to changes in consumer shopping behaviour The lesson for all retailers is that only by investing in gaining a deep and insightful understanding of the shopping behaviours and preferences of your customers can you design shopping experiences that keep them in your store physically or virtually 0 0 0 0 Related content

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  • information that is easy to digest without having to filter down through pages of text to find it The graph below shows how device usage differs at different points in the day Designing content Content is no longer restricted to one site Publishing tools make it easy for content to be both pulled and shared easily by users Content itself is changing I am able to add edit and delete content that my friends my favourite brands and I have created I am able to share content about my favourite product across the world and have conversations about what I like and dislike about it Retail is a great example of this The examples I have given vary but all come back to the content itself Content is king right How it should be done GOV UK is a content driven service with user driven design principles Sarah Richards a content designer at GOV UK says that one size doesn t fit all At GOV UK they have developed an iterative style guide around users that addresses both tone and style around tasks the user needs to complete The content itself informs the user experience Sarah says We ve cut the amount you need to read to be able to complete an action Where possible we ve also reduced the number of steps involved in completing it Sarah makes it sound easy and it is in principle The content informs the design and this addresses the user needs But too many products and services completely forget who the user is when putting together the content because they are so focused on interaction and aesthetics Balancing content and design Content needs to be designed part of the design process and integrated in to the final product design When designing both content

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/the-need-for-better-designed-content/ (2016-02-14)
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  • trialling a built in tablet on their shopping trolleys The SmartCart uses in store GPS to present shoppers with offers and promotions relevant to the aisle they are in and helps shoppers search for products and new ideas whilst in store It also manages loyalty points and vouchers and can link up with an app on the customer s smartphone Another great example of taking an existing retail experience and making it better is Adidas who recently unveiled a virtual shoe wall This embeds a virtual display of training shoes alongside the normal displays of shoe models in store The touch screen allows shoppers to investigate the shoe in more detail giving information on the shoe technology the design and benefits of particular features in a far more interactive and engaging way than simply holding the shoe Once decided you can personalise your choice of colours and add initials to create a shoe unique to you You can even complete the order on your phone and have your shoes delivered to your home This strikes me as a genuine case of improving on the current experience for both retailer and customers The retailer doesn t need to have every combination in stock and doesn t need all staff to be experts in their full product range anyone who has visited a sports footwear store on a Saturday knows how unlikely that is and as a customer you can try on the shoes confirm what size you need and can then order a bespoke design to be delivered straight to your door all without queuing at the tills I m sure it won t be long before you only need to place your foot on a screen to be sized and the whole process becomes digital Finally Burberry have taken this

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/retail-tablets-and-the-user-experience/ (2016-02-14)
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  • instantly recognisable and easily differentiated from the competition This is an example of how one company knows the value of its brand and recognises that it s way more important than any logo it may use For the past week the very air we breathe around the Central MTR station has been used to subconsciously influence and advertise the coming event It s hung heavy with this particular corporation s scent pumped out into the street it s subtle and flowery but unmistakable to anyone that has visited these stores in the past similar to the way the Subway smell makes you feel hungry every time you walk past it The other notable event in the run up to opening is the appearance of groups of muscular tanned young men in nothing more than red trunks flip flops regulatory six packs sensible haircuts and a smile Again there have been no logos on show but there has been a queue of ladies a mile long waiting for their opportunity to have their photo taken with these boys Social media sites have been abuzz with this event undoubtedly fed by the company as to times and locations The store itself is larger than the Fifth Avenue building in New York is one of a handful of listed buildings in Hong Kong any building more than 50 years old is generally knocked down to make way for something shinier and this company has agreed to a 270 increase in the ground rent in a global recession Of course they re not stupid the Chinese market is crying out for brands like this and will suck up all that can be thrown at it This is the land of opportunity if you have the right product and your brand says the right things

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/the-power-of-brand-experience/ (2016-02-14)
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  • with few places to hang up clothes or leave other items you might have with you Customers want to feel confident about their purchase and a poor fitting room experience undermines this decision Pay attention to the trial experience As we know being able to try a product or service greatly increases chances of conversion Fitting rooms game demos wine tasting movie trailers and car test drives are all ways to allow people to sample the experience of being a customer If these previews are of a poor quality then those prospects are unlikely to turn into customers One great example of a trial experience is in Paper an iPad sketching app This comes with one free pen tool and gives you the option to buy more The dialog box for each optional tool invites you to Try it allowing you to draw using that tool within a small area This is the digital equivalent of a small pad of paper next to the pen stand in a shop allowing you to get a feeling for the tool before you buy it Tips for creating a great trial experience For any product or service Provide a trial experience this allows prospects to understand what it s like to be a customer Make the trial as good as the product if the trial is poor quality like a bad fitting room in a clothes shop it reflects poorly on the brand and product discouraging sales Make it easy to go from a trial to a full product if people want to give you their money don t get in their way 0 0 0 4 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking What is the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/getting-the-trial-experience-right/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Mobile & Africa whitepaper | Foolproof
    sub Saharan Africa for years But with the exception of M PESA a popular money transfer service the pace of product service and commercial development seems slow In this whitepaper we explore the context and potential of the African mobile market This research is part of an ongoing monitoring of technology adoption and use in Africa Download Mobile and Africa Are Smartphones really smart pdf Author Souleymane Camara What do you think 0 0 0 0 Leave your comment Please choose the triangle to prove you are human Send comment Some related insights NFC wristbands enhance the festival experience 100 of Festival goers would use prepaid wristbands at other events Mobile updates and the effect on business Published by Digital Marketing Magazine this article explores why planning ahead of large mobile operating systems updates is essential for retaining customer loyalty and protecting the bottom line The negative brand effect of ill considered mobile updates By Foolproof Tags Brand marketing Mobile smart devices Mobile updates and the effect on business One size doesn t fit all mobile sites vs responsive design Responsive design and unifying the digital experience across devices Designing for the online haggle How can ecommerce create the sense

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/mobile-africa/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Going Mobile | Foolproof
    smartphone is alive and an extension of their own body and personality There is very real affection between some users and their phone Despite the phone being an essential everyday tool there s still a sense of excitement and expectation about how services will develop and how these will change the user s life still further For many their phone and tablet offer a sense of freedom and renewed control over their life Consumers describe feeling closer to and more personally involved with brands who create valued mobile apps and services Unused and unloved apps don t routinely get deleted but persist as a reminder of a failed promise by the brand that created them Consumers are already showing sophisticated shopping behaviours that weave usage of phones tablets and desktop PCs into the purchase decision process This includes the merging of the physical and digital worlds in the shopping journey There s a security paradox consumers have a heightened sense of security and privacy risks but avoid using services which have complicated or difficult security processes Research method The study combined both qualitative and quantitative components to develop a unique picture of the relationship between consumers and their mobile devices Our research comprised five phases from developing the focus of the study right through to creating useful useable insights for service and product design The study commenced in November 2011 with fieldwork and analysis concluding in March 2012 Industry research before talking to consumers we conducted a series of interviews with companies thinking and designing in the mobile space This helped us frame our enquiry and focus in on the knowledge gaps that needed investigation Participants were from diverse industry sectors including gaming retail financial services and mobile networks Diary study we recruited 40 consumers matched to Forrester s Super Connected demographic All owned a smartphone 12 also owned a tablet We ran a two week diary initially focused on capturing natural usage then moving towards specific tasks to look at comparative behaviour All respondents attended at least one focus group we also used a variety of other interviewing styles to deepen our contact with participants Analysis At the end of the diary phase we began analysis to develop initial themes and hypotheses for personas design principles and other insights frames Quant validation we conducted a survey with 500 Super Connected consumers to validate and quantify our emerging picture of this group Insights and tools the output of the study is a collection of insights from a very wide field of study We also created some off the shelf tools to help bring the Going Mobile insight to bear in design projects Design Tools Our vision for the research was to create a set of versatile insights tools that could be applied into our design work and client projects We consciously avoided making the output death by PowerPoint instead we packaged findings into the following tools Design principles a set of general design principles for mobile which draw on the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/going-mobile/ (2016-02-14)
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  • target audience when designing products or services View infographic pdf Text Version He s international Turns out Grandpa s panama is actually from Panama over half of Britian s retirees are using the web to plan the holidays you can only afford to make boards about on Pinterest He LOLs If you think you re the only one UTD Up To Date with all the latest webbreviations think again 72 of over 55s claim they understand basic internet jargon compared to just 61 of 16 24s ROFL He keeps his own schedule There s no 9 5 for Pops he doesn t even watch his favourite murder mystery when he s told With over 33 of Silver Survers using online streaming he ll watch what he wants when he wants It s elementary His sailor tattoo Just like all the young hipsters Grandpa has an oh so cool Nautical Tat The difference is they got theirs at an overpriced parlour in Shoreditch whilst he got inked like a man aboard the HMS Belfast using nothing but a pin and a biro He knows how to work his face You couldn t grow a lip brow like his in your wildest dreams let alone keep it meticulously groomed for 50 years And his horn rimmed specs They d never look that cool on you He s got more Facebook friends than you In the last 3 months over 220k people over 55 have signed up to Facebook compared to the approximate 330k 18 24s who have left He s more fashionable than you and not just because he rocked the trend the first time round With 91 of over 55s saying they re confident about shopping online his favourite tweed jacket is as likely to be from ASOS as the 1950s

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/10-reasons-your-grandad-is-cooler-than-you/ (2016-02-14)
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