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  • each with quite differing styles In Paris our interpreter chose to translate after every sentence or two while in Berlin they waited until the respondent had finished before explaining what they had said The more they wait before translating the less chance you have to interrupt and the greater chance you ll have of having to sit through a person talk about something that s not of interest When you speak the respondent s language you know if they re drifting off topic and can quickly focus them back on what matters but with an interpreter this isn t as easy Prep your interpreter As with interview moderators like ourselves interpreters take time to adjust to the discussion By our second day of testing in each country the interpreters started asking questions before we did Once you get to this point conducting an interview takes little more time than one in your native language 0 0 0 0 Related content Here s a selection of other articles you may like from the frontiers of user experience or view all in Thinking Making the most of the bank login page By Matt Radbourne Global vs Local By Neil Pawley RDR and

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/international-research-and-working-with-interpreters/ (2016-02-14)
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  • on layers of presentation CSS and interaction JavaScript Flash You progressively enhance the experience for browsers with better capabilities but you don t leave behind those who don t have them Progressive enhancement and UX The goal of progressive enhancement is to build websites in such a way that they provide the best experience to the widest possible audience regardless of how they re accessing them Doing this can only be positive for the overall user experience The argument is sometimes made that by maintaining a good experience for everyone you re limiting your potential to create the very best experience If you re always having to consider the lowest capability edge case users you re shackled and have to settle for poor UX Yet concentrating on a single technology or set of users at the expense of others rarely makes sense either in terms of UX or business Technology changes so quickly that anyone with all of their eggs in one basket can quickly find themselves cleaning up yolk It might have seemed like a great idea to build your entire website in Flash but when all of your customers buy iPhones they get a terrible user experience and you re back to square one The future of the web Progressive enhancement embraces the fluidity and permanency of the web Catering for unpredictable use cases can be difficult but it s worth doing because the web is a constant With the prevalence of apps it can be easy to forget about providing an excellent user experience on the web but omitting to do so only leads to a poor user experience As Jason Grigsby aptly put links don t open apps they open websites Having a great user experience on the web should be core to any business and

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/design-for-the-best-experience/ (2016-02-14)
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  • and devices Many companies only target the highest end phones but these products and services only reach a small percentage of mobile users Context Previously mobile usage was considered to be short tasks carried out in small bursts of time Now mobile usage is crossing over into many more contexts with people using their devices at home on trains and other places where they have significantly more time than before Interaction The evolution of how we interact with mobile devices has also changed As touchscreens have become commonplace on phones designers are faced with new challenges Should we abandon traditional interaction methods or move to touch completely Is this appropriate for all situations and for all tasks The consensus seemed to be that as usual it depends Mobile web Perhaps the most contentious and heated part of the workshop touching on how organisations should deliver mobile experiences to customers Should we create separate mobile websites or try and present the same content and functionality to users Of all the topics discussed here and elsewhere in the industry this is the one that most divides opinion One of the more interesting points to come out of this section is what you do for users who only access the web on mobile devices This is increasingly the case in developing countries where mobile data is far cheaper than a landline broadband connection Future of mobile web The designers in the room and those in the wider industry have the power to shape what will come but this will not be without overcoming many obstacles In the more uncertain and complex world of mobile user experience we will have to work harder to guide our clients through the decisions that will affect how we experience the web in the future 0 0 0

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/ux-london-the-mobile-user-experience/ (2016-02-14)
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  • as managing your team It may come as a surprise then that while its gameplay offers one of the most realistic simulations of football to date the UX outside of these matches is extremely poor Perhaps the best example of this is the choice you are presented with when you first start FIFA 11 s Career Mode Many people will want to play a career where they control the entire team in matches plus all of the team management and transfers outside of them This is the most traditional way to play the game but which option would you select to do this The first option appears to map to one of the game s features where you control a single player The second mentions picking squads and tactics but nothing about controlling your team in matches so this implies that you would adopt the sole responsibility of being a manager The third option then seems the most reasonable choice If you choose this third option as many will no doubt do you won t get the Career Mode you re expecting With this you d manage the team but only control a single player in matches The correct choice for many who want a traditional FIFA career is the second Manager even though its description mentions nothing about playing football It s no secret that the videogames industry does a lot of testing with many full time employees dedicated to it Yet this testing appears to focus almost entirely on the core gameplay and technical issues not the overall user experience If a high profile multi million pound game like FIFA 11 has such basic UX issues you can imagine how many other games have similar problems In recent years the videogames industry has made a move to expand

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/videogames-and-the-user-experience/ (2016-02-14)
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  • icons explaining what it s for Other links are textual offering an unambiguous description of what you re about to do However this comfortable status quo does not translate well from the desktop to smaller touch screen devices On smartphones where screen real estate is limited and tooltips do not exist the consequences of each action can be hard to anticipate For example in Amazon s Kindle iPhone app there is a button at the bottom of the screen What does this do There s no way to find out without pressing it If you decide to find out a small black triangle appears at the top of the page pic right This looks like a paper page is folded over but what this means is unclear Is it a bookmark a note a highlight or link to another interaction This type of interaction encountered for the first time can be worrying Users won t feel in control if they don t understand What actions will do What actions have done How the consequences of an action can be undone This sense of control can be at least partially achieved though In the Guardian s app pic left when you click on an icon for the first time a dialog appears explaining what has just happened While this is only a retrospective description it allows users to quickly learn how the interface works The conventions for taking the guesswork out of interacting with touch screens are yet to be established but it s clear that this is a problem that every app designer faces Ensuring that users feel in control of their actions and the consequences of these is essential to retaining a strong user experience on mobile devices 0 0 0 0 Philip Morton I help businesses create better

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/touch-interfaces-and-user-control/ (2016-02-14)
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  • by the politics surrounding it the app contains one interesting detail an interaction known as pull down to refresh To update the news in the BBC s app you tap and drag the main content down then release it This interaction was first invented last October by Loren Brichter for what is now the official Twitter app In the space of a few months it has gone from relative obscurity to use by the largest broadcasting organisation in the world We take many interactions for granted Dragging and dropping a file double clicking an icon and scrolling down a web page seem so natural that we don t think twice about them It s not often that new interactions appear and when they do it s even rarer for them to catch on so quickly Don t be surprised when you see it in the next app you download 0 0 0 0 Philip Morton I help businesses create better products and services by putting customer insight at the heart of the design process In the last six years I ve worked with the likes of Sony PlayStation HSBC Sega Tesco and TSB In that time I ve seen our

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/pull-down-to-refresh/ (2016-02-14)
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  • room to put their stamp on a creation Indeed the design team aren t the only ones who would be coming up with flashes of greatness A stifling environment is not conducive to creativity When there is a collaborative mutually respectful development team in place individuals are able to speak freely and comfortably What might be intended as a throw away comment can spark an idea into being but those kinds of remarks only tend to get made where there s space and trust a bit of air in the room Everyone should be able to influence the thought process and be free to express his or her ideas and opinion Customers have ideas too During customer research where respondents are encouraged to react to stimulus their stream of consciousness can ignite a thought process that can help define the details within a product s development It s important that representatives from the design team are present in these research activities useful details get missed when a summary report is produced And yes too many cooks can sometimes spoil the broth But more often than not it s too much thought and over analysis which roots out the idiosyncrasies that might have helped define a design solution Sometimes it s better to just throw an idea in and push it as far as possible rather than talk an idea out of being from the outset Magic moments So how can we create small moments of magic in design Let s start by pleasing ourselves Not by disregarding the audience the brief or budget but by identifying opportunities for experimentation Have some fun Talk to people Have your eyes open at all times Many of these ideas quirks call them what you will may end up on the cutting room floor

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/all-hail-the-detail/ (2016-02-14)
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  • reflection of stakeholder expectations that woefully misrepresents real users But let s be clear Creating personas that enrich understanding and guide our design principles is notoriously difficult even allowing for due diligence on researching users and understanding behaviours needs motivations peripheral influences personalities back stories and so on It takes time to develop iterate and review personas It requires a breadth of understanding and skill of interpretation that certainly I don t pretend to have I mean I can create a persona in five minutes but not a useful one Persona benefits But if they re done well personas can really drive a design conversation What I mean by that since I just strayed in to slidespeak there is that well crafted personas help you understand and validate what s important from a user s perspective I recently spent some time with a colleague at Foolproof Mara Protano developing user journeys and sketching out concepts for a financial services client Mara had invested a huge amount of effort in researching user types identifying their experiences and motivations This allowed her to design refine distil and validate a small set of personas that provided a clear reference for us as we began to consider scenarios and usage patterns These were proper personas backed up by a room full of research and they made a huge difference to the project You can t just populate a template and hope to be successful You have to start with a blank canvas every time and be prepared to justify argue and back yourself up when challenged on your deliverables With her depth of understanding Mara was able to do this with confidence and clarity whenever we questioned our assumptions Persona development can be contradictory We use personas to validate and stress test user journeys

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/get-personal-with-personas/ (2016-02-14)
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