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  • Careers Thinking About us Find us London Norwich Singapore About us Luke Burroughs Designer Luke has recently joined us here at Foolproof Once he has his feet under the table we ll ask him to write something for his profile page Please pop back in a week or two to find out all about Luke A new edge to design thinking By Luke Burroughs Studio Based in the UK Latest

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/luke-burroughs/ (2016-02-14)
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  • complex design problems as well as breaking down and organising information for the benefit of the user I work with subject experts to understand what we want to show or say then I find the best way of displaying the content and delivering the message The past year at Foolproof has allowed me to gather a deeper understanding of research methods and to work alongside consultants on international projects conducting diary studies and expert reviews Before joining Foolproof I worked in the retail industry for a few years helping customers finding the right solution to their issues Wanting to help people perform everyday activities with ease is what drew me to UX From the way we book a flight to how we check our bank accounts I am interested in all the small actions that make our life easier I believe the small things matter During my MA in Information Design I developed a passion for the medical industry particularly for self administrative medications and the process patients go through from diagnosis to administration I am also interested in the travel and financial sectors Over the past year I worked on improving numerous financial services from insurance to mortgage applications

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/vittoria-bisi/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    Creating compelling brand experiences By Foolproof 13 May 2015 The last 10 years have been about building and optimising digital and mobile platforms We believe the next 10 years will be about linking the digital and physical worlds to create compelling brand experiences Tags Technology Experience design UX design thinking Take photos and get on our photo ethnography wall By Foolproof 08 May 2015 We ve been working on a hobby photo ethnography project to capture images which tell a story about how technology is changing the way in which we go about our lives Now we want you to contribute to this work Tags Technology Experience design Why luxury watch brands must get basics right online By Lauren Coleman 24 Apr 2015 Why luxury watch brands must get the basics right online and improve the direct to customer experience or risk losing out to non traditional competitors like Apple Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer retail Let s get physical with digital By Foolproof 21 Apr 2015 Get hands on with all sorts of gadgetry at our Digital Shoreditch open evening this May Tags Technology Foolproof news Knit Integrating technology into the gym experience By Foolproof 17 Apr 2015 With the launch of Apple Watch Misha a consultant here at Foolproof reflects on the research she conducted at university around integrating technology into the gym experience Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour Knit launches Cardboard Objects By Foolproof 08 Apr 2015 Our colleagues at Knit love to get their hands on new technologies so unsurprisingly they ve done some tinkering and designed a way to expand the capabilities of the low cost VR platform Google Cardboard Tags Technology Foolproof news Knit New behaviours self enhancement By Foolproof 26 Mar 2015 In the fifth and final post of our photo ethnography series we look at the theme of self enhancement Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour The UX of 360 degree video By Matt Radbourne 17 Mar 2015 Over the last 12 months virtual reality VR has become increasingly accessible We got our hands on the kit to have a play and discover the dos and don ts of producing this type of video and the things you need to consider from a user s point of view Tags Technology Knit New behaviours curated presence By Orla Hennessy 12 Mar 2015 In this our fourth post in our New Behaviours series we look further at how we build digital identities online and explore the motivations behind this behaviour Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour New behaviours connection and detachment By Orla Hennessy 19 Feb 2015 Post number four in our photo ethnography series looks at the theme of connection and detachment Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour New behaviours spontaneity By Orla Hennessy 12 Feb 2015 Post 3 in a photo ethnography study of how technology is subtly changing human behaviour This post explores the theme of Spontaneity Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour New

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?tag=Technology (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    Orla Hennessy 12 Feb 2015 Post 3 in a photo ethnography study of how technology is subtly changing human behaviour This post explores the theme of Spontaneity Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour New behaviours distraction and immersion By Tom Wood 03 Feb 2015 Post 2 in a photo ethnography study of how technology is subtly changing human behaviour This post explores the theme of Distraction and Immersion Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour Photo ethnography new behaviours By Foolproof 20 Jan 2015 Technology is enabling a subtle shift in human behaviour We set out to document these new behaviours through photo ethnography What emerged was five themes which we think point to how technology is changing behaviours Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour 12 tips for retailers for improving the Xmas experience By Foolproof 12 Dec 2014 We ve entered into the spirit of festivities and had a quick whip round to compile this list of top tips for retailers looking to create a cracking experience for customers this Christmas Tags Mobile smart devices Experience design Consumer retail Retail Banking Singapore Shopping for personal credit By Foolproof 08 Dec 2014 This report examines the way in which Singapore consumers find evaluate and make decisions on credit cards and personal loans It also raises pertinent questions which may influence the way Singapore retail banking develops in the future Tags Mobile smart devices Financial services Experience design Quiet Riots an interesting new resource for customer experience design By Alison Williams 25 Nov 2014 Quiet Riots is a place for customers to express their issues about a product or a service and to get together in hope of changing the future of that experience The app could be a useful tool for brands which are serious about understanding and improving their customer experience Tags Mobile smart devices Consumer retail Near field communications is it finally time By Tom Wood 20 Nov 2014 Many technologies start life as a solution looking for a problem It s the moment when a problem a real world user need finds its solution in a technology that things can start to change Is NFC at that tipping point or will we see another flurry of poorly planned and poorly executed solutions Tags Mobile smart devices Beacons a disappointing start for an emerging technology By Irene Infante 31 Oct 2014 Beacons look like a useful new technology but as with so many new technologies early implementations have so far failed to create value for customers focusing instead on commercial novelty Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Mobile tapping in the wild research By Foolproof 29 Sep 2014 We sent a team to Seoul in South Korea to conduct an in the wild study of the applications and users of mobile proximity technologies What we found was fascinating and offers much to learn for companies thinking about their own mobile tapping projects Tags Mobile smart devices UX design practice Consumer behaviour Enhancing the touchscreen experience By Foolproof

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?tag=Mobile+%26+smart+devices (2016-02-14)
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  • team containing some of the best talent in the industry I work with a visionary leadership team ensuring we run the business responsibly so that we can invest in our people and achieve our vision to design experiences that positively impact millions of people around the world I also work with our portfolio teams delivering business transformation and innovation through insight driven design Most recently I ve been working with one of the world s largest pharmaceuticals to transform their digital thinking and business culture My professional expertise and formal training MSc Human Factors and MBA includes experience in strategy and planning formative and summative design research stakeholder engagement agile design methodologies service design and business development I m particularly interested and have expertise in the healthcare sector exploring how digital and service design can optimise health care professional s performance and patient outcomes Throughout my career I ve learnt from and worked with inspirational leaders who like me are driven to push the boundaries of experience design and give back to the communities we ve learnt from I m a regular speaker at industry events sharing my stories in experience design taking the human perspective agile ways of working and leadership I am a committee member of the Service Design Network s UK Chapter and an active supporter of BIMA Before joining Foolproof I was the Joint Managing Director at System Concepts where I helped to build their UX team and worked with clients such as Amadeus Microsoft and the New York Stock Exchange using insight to re design their services both digitally and physically Outside of work I enjoy playing ice hockey like a true Canadian skiing running gardening and urban explorer And all that activity means I can also enjoy culinary and wine experiences in equal measures

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/leslie-fountain/ (2016-02-14)
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  • opportunity and deliver engaging customer experience As well as being part of the senior team I m still hands on with creative projects My particular skills are around conceptual thinking and problem solving where people and technology come together in the physical world While the ideas we come up with may be experimental or playful I pride myself on keeping things grounded in creating real benefit in the real world I ve been involved in creative technology and digital design for over twenty years right back to the early days of multimedia I was joined the Macromedia developers group when it had less than 20 members My early career involved interaction design and programming before moving into roles focused on conceptual thinking and agency management In the decade before starting Knit I was one of the founding partners of the digital agency Soup During my time I ve been lucky enough to work with brands like Sky Nissan Innocent Hiut Denim Lucozade HP Volvo Absolut Smart and John Lewis If you wind all the way back my first job was as a design in the pre digital age before joining the Royal Navy as an electronics engineer Outside of Foolproof

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/nick-thompson/ (2016-02-14)
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  • of design execution in code and believe that motion design is a fundamental part to consider in the creation of any digital experience I m passionate about digital branding and believe that placing the digital proposition at the heart of every business is key to the success and differentiation for any switched on and future thinking brand I thrive on leading and directing the awesome creative talent within Foolproof and take great pride in seeing the impact we can have on the brands and sectors we work within Exploring and pushing the boundaries of what s possible means I m always looking for ways to experiment with and integrate new methodologies and design trends into projects where appropriate I also really enjoy the finer details of crafting a beautiful UI fine tuning all elements from micro interactions all the way to page layout to ensure they are meticulously designed Details really matter and this attention to detail ensures that a digital experience is not compromised in any way Prior to joining Foolproof I worked at top digital agencies and have led many digital transformation programmes for a whole bunch of brands across commercial and government Many of these projects have been recognised with industry awards During my career I have been lucky enough to work on many exciting projects and have designed interfaces for pretty much all devices contexts imaginable I feel this has given me a very broad understanding of what makes a great experience and the importance of validating these interfaces with users Getting stuck into a juicy client brief or challenge and knowing that the products I have helped design are being used out in the wild gives me a kick I enjoy spending most of my free time with my wife and three kids and the

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/james-reeve/ (2016-02-14)
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  • insight and developing findings into informed recommendations which provide value for both our clients and their customers I came from a design background having gained a degree in Graphic Communication from Norwich University of the Arts In my role at Foolproof I am able to combine my design skills with my research experience across a range of projects My job allows me to channel my creativity and curiosity into considered design solutions that will ultimately enhance user experiences Before Foolproof I worked for seven years in the retail industry across a number of roles Within Foolproof I am expanding my experience of the retail landscape and the multichannel experiences that it creates for customers I enjoy exploring the interactions that people have journeying across the digital and physical spaces and how they can be optimised to provide the best user experience Alongside my day to day work I enjoy mentoring and talking to students looking to find a break in the creative industry I often attend networking events and when given the opportunity speak at universities Outside of work and admittedly at work you can generally find me eating I love discovering new places to eat The only requirement is

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/amy-shore/ (2016-02-14)
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