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  • projects My focus is to understand business and customer needs either through formal research or informal conversation Once I have understood the varying needs of the business and the customers I tactfully design solutions keeping the context of customer behaviour and mental models in mind My experience at Foolproof has mainly consisted of the oil shipping financial and travel industries I am particularly interested in the travel industry as it is one of the few industries not talked about enough in experience design My career in experience design started after completing my Masters in Human Centred Systems from City University During my Masters I learned about how human behaviour memory and mental models can impact usage of online and offline modes of technology Alongside my Master s dissertation I worked at an agency as a UX Consultant where I worked with various types of companies each with their own objectives and diverse audiences When I m not working you may find me at multimedia performances or travelling I enjoy camping in forests or under open skies I also enjoy watching and playing cricket During my Masters I learned more about how human behaviour memory and mental models can impact usage

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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    filter close This filter will give you results Filter by tag UX design practice 78 X Mobile smart devices 71 X UX design thinking 54 X Brand marketing 53 X Financial services 38 X Foolproof news 38 X Technology 37 X Experience design 36 X Consumer behaviour 35 X Consumer retail 27 X UX jobs skills 25 X International 15 X UX strategy 14 X Travel leisure 11 X Data analytics 10 X Games gaming 10 X Social media 10 X Media 8 X Knit 6 X Business to business 5 X UX practice techniques 3 X Customer experience 2 X Energy utilities 2 X Optimisation 2 X Automotive 1 X Filter by media Blog Posts 388 X Reports 19 X Videos 5 X Apply filter close 2 What could be your future pre flight travel experience By Nabiha Ahmed 02 Jun 2015 We visited the Future Travel Experience Europe conference to find out more about where the industry is heading This got us thinking about other ways the pre flight experience could be improved and what it might look like in the future Tags Customer experience Experience design Travel leisure How Singaporean banks can optimise their online offering By

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?tag=Customer+experience (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    flight travel experience By Nabiha Ahmed 02 Jun 2015 We visited the Future Travel Experience Europe conference to find out more about where the industry is heading This got us thinking about other ways the pre flight experience could be improved and what it might look like in the future Tags Customer experience Experience design Travel leisure How did you book your last holiday By Rob Sterry 20 Aug 2014 Little has changed when it comes to the holiday decision process but guerrilla interviews with holidaymakers reveals just how much more self sufficient we are when it comes to booking This is great news for customers but not such great news for travel agents Tags Travel leisure ATOC launch new product and web experience By Luke Romeril 03 Mar 2014 Foolproof partnered with the Association of Train Operating Companies to design the product page for the launch of its new railcard Two Together Tags Foolproof news Travel leisure Ryanair s U turn on customer experience By Ed Walker 12 Feb 2014 As Ryanair turns its attention to the customer experience will its strategy go far enough towards creating a culture where both Ryanair and its customers are winners Tags Brand marketing Experience design Travel leisure The secret to Butlins business transformation By Lauren Coleman 12 Nov 2013 Sketchnotes from our interview with Jamie Thomson Head of Entertainment at Butlins on the internal and external transformation of the business Tags Travel leisure Online Shopping Survey Travel By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013 In this first OSS review of the online travel market we use our established ethnographic research method to examine the various factors shaping the customer experience and influencing online holiday bookings today Tags Consumer behaviour Travel leisure A handy way of staying in touch abroad By Elsa Plumley 25 Jul 2013 We put Handy to the test Does this service which rents smartphone handsets to travellers with unlimited data and calls included enhance the holiday makers experience Tags Technology Travel leisure International Behavioural economics and the perfect holiday By Tom Wood 21 Jun 2013 Booking a holiday can be a stressful experience for customers Using insights into the way humans think feel and act you can create a holiday booking experience that evokes positive memories maximising the potential for brand loyalty and repeat purchase Tags UX design practice Consumer behaviour Travel leisure Do travel add ons add up By Elsa Plumley 19 Jun 2013 Holiday add ons such as travel insurance airport transfers or extra leg room are high margin products for the travel industry and because of this are aggressively pushed in the online sales journey Our research suggests there are more effective ways of making these ancillary sales Tags UX design practice Travel leisure Time for search engines to step up By Peter Ballard 11 Apr 2011 There s a lot of very good published research on the subject of human decision making and especially the mess we appear to get ourselves in when faced with too much

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?tag=Travel+%26+leisure (2016-02-14)
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  • recommendations from the information gathered I see myself as representing the voice of the customer and find ways of delivering value to them that are consistent with my client s business I believe the first step to designing and communicating effectively is to base design decisions on real customer insights At Foolproof I am happy to be part of a team that stays true to this philosophy and gives me the support to deliver on it Human behaviour is endlessly fascinating I love that we always have to work a little harder to peel the layers in order to truly get to know people Because of this an interview with the customer is never just about getting answers to questions but often finding ways to get underneath what is said Before I made a career out of speaking to people I was in the advertising business and also found time to design mobile apps Outside of work I have done a bunch of random things completed a diploma in massage joined an idol competition travelled three days from Istanbul to Tbilisi kayaked for four days photographed street children in Kathmandu cried at a Sigur Ros concert in the rain In

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/valerie-oon/ (2016-02-14)
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  • into early ideas and concepts Outside of project work I lead several client relationships making sure that we create value and overseeing the quality of our thinking I also have an active role in training and mentoring Foolproof s people My professional expertise includes experience planning conceptual design and user journey mapping I also have a wide knowledge of tools and techniques for gathering data and research insight into design projects All of which I honed during a decade of contribution to major digital transformation programmes and by working alongside advisory and tech consultancies like McKinsey and IBM I have particular expertise in the financial services sector I ve worked closely with many of the world s biggest retail banking brands and also with smaller players looking to disrupt traditional parts of the banking value chain I m particularly interested in how payments are developing and the role that mobile services will play at the centre of customer relationships More of my work is now looking at the intersection between the physical and digital worlds especially the interplay between digital services and retail environments I m active in the design community in the UK and internationally I m a regular writer and speaker on topics related to design in particular how companies organise themselves around design thinking and doing I have an extensive network of design thinkers and leaders around the world which is both a personal pleasure and a business asset I sit on the Digital Advisory Board for Thomas Cook I also founded and help to run a creative digital meet up group in my hometown Before Foolproof I was at Head of Advertising at Virgin Money where I helped launch their credit card And before that my first career was in direct response marketing at various agencies

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/people/tom-wood/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Thinking | Foolproof
    either or depends very much on the design decision you need to make Tags UX design practice New behaviours curated presence By Orla Hennessy 12 Mar 2015 In this our fourth post in our New Behaviours series we look further at how we build digital identities online and explore the motivations behind this behaviour Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour Tips for planning user research with children By Aleksandra Melnikova 25 Feb 2015 Conducting qualitative research with children can be tricky But with a solid game plan and a skilled moderator to design and run research you can gain valuable insight which could lead to design opportunities you didn t know existed Tags UX design practice New behaviours connection and detachment By Orla Hennessy 19 Feb 2015 Post number four in our photo ethnography series looks at the theme of connection and detachment Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour User research interviewing top tips By Foolproof 17 Feb 2015 Foolproof intern Gia Phua presents her top tips for interviewing research participants following observation of and interviewing Foolproof consultants during her internship Tags UX jobs skills New behaviours spontaneity By Orla Hennessy 12 Feb 2015 Post 3 in a photo ethnography study of how technology is subtly changing human behaviour This post explores the theme of Spontaneity Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour New behaviours distraction and immersion By Tom Wood 03 Feb 2015 Post 2 in a photo ethnography study of how technology is subtly changing human behaviour This post explores the theme of Distraction and Immersion Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour How the responsive web is redefining the role of a visual designer By Danielle Binns 27 Jan 2015 You can t help but notice that designing responsive websites has quickly become the industry norm But what s perhaps less obvious is that this is forcing visual designers to adapt and try out new practices Tags UX design practice UX design thinking Agencyisnotdead By Leslie Fountain 22 Jan 2015 Over the last year or so there have been a number of agency buyouts in both the UK and the US which has helped fuel an ongoing debate about the future of the agency model Leslie Fountain explains why she believes the agency isn t dead Tags Experience design Photo ethnography new behaviours By Foolproof 20 Jan 2015 Technology is enabling a subtle shift in human behaviour We set out to document these new behaviours through photo ethnography What emerged was five themes which we think point to how technology is changing behaviours Tags Mobile smart devices Technology Consumer behaviour Foolproof acquires creative technology agency Knit By Peter Ballard 14 Jan 2015 This week we announced our acquisition of Knit an award winning creative technology company Tags Technology Foolproof news Knit From Uni to UX By Foolproof 06 Jan 2015 Making that transition from university to the world of UX can be a bit daunting Duncan talks about his experiences and provides a bit of

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/thinking/?page=1 (2016-02-14)
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  • Open Device Lab | Foolproof
    It s a growing library of devices such as smartphones and tablets emerging technology e g virtual reality plus older mobile handsets Open Device Lab Singapore is part of the global movement of 142 Open Device Labs across 34 countries This movement makes accessible nearly 4 000 devices to support the community in creating improved digital experiences Find out more about the Open Device Lab movement Borrow a device Anyone is welcome to borrow a device we only ask that they stay in the studio You ll have access to Wi Fi coffee and a hot desk or our research lab if it s available We re located at Seah Street in Singapore a short walk from City Hall MRT station Office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday except public holidays Please send an email a couple of days beforehand telling us which device as well as when and how long you need it so we can be ready for you Donate your devices The Open Device Lab is free of charge so any donations from the community or sponsors would be really appreciated If you have an unwanted or under utilised device lying around give it new purpose by adding it to our collection Email us to contribute a device We also have a device lab in our London office The device library The following list is constantly evolving Last updated June 2015 We would like to thank Daniel Chong Michael Ong and Samantha Yuen for donating the Apple iPhone 3GS Blackberry Bold 9780 and Oculus Rift Manufacturer Model Operating System OS Apple iPad 2 iOS 6 1 3 Apple iPhone 3GS iOS 5 0 Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7 Apple iPhone 6 iOS8 Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8 1 3 Leap Motion Leap Motion Controller

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/open-device-lab-singapore/?switch=UK (2016-02-14)
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  • User experience, UX design jobs & internships Singapore | Foolproof
    field on projects all over the world At career entry level we can offer work experience internships or junior roles in either our Experience Design or Client Services teams We can also offer roles for people further into their career Many of our practitioners come from non design backgrounds and there are a variety of ways to develop your skills and experience if you would like to make the switch Current vacancies Here are the UX jobs we re hiring for right now Essential qualities What does it take to be a Foolproofer We look for these qualities Excellent communication skills You need to communicate regularly and confidently both with colleagues and with clients and partners Working well within a team You will rarely be working on a project on your own You need to enjoy working with other people and good at raising and resolving issues as part of a group Creative thinking There is more than one way of solving every challenge You need to be able to contribute ideas and work with others to evaluate and prioritise potential solutions Attention to detail Our reputation relies on the rigour and accuracy of our work from design deliverables to email You need an eye for detail even when working under time pressures A sense of fun there s a time for formality and a time for playfulness We can t do great work and stay sane without a bit of both in our working lives Ambition not just for yourself personally but for our company and the whole field of user experience design Package For permanent positions we offer a competitive salary twice yearly reviews an annual bonus scheme 20 days holiday which increases to 25 with long service awards a generous training budget and medical benefits Get in

    Original URL path: http://www.foolproof.co.uk/team/careers-singapore/?switch=UK (2016-02-14)
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