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  • Web Crawlers and Bots - Forest Software Ltd
    pages as frequently as it can Some sites such as News and media sites are crawled more frequently possibly every hour or so by advanced search engines like Google in order to deliver updated news and content in their search results whilst other less important sites may be spidered on a daily weekly or evern monthly basis Although the webbot is visiting your site to get as many pages as possible if it is well written it should not flood a single website with a high volume of requests at the same time but spreads the crawling over a period of time so that the web site does not crash from trying to serve too many pages at once Usually search engines crawl only a few three or four levels deep from the homepage of a website Note that this is not the number of directory levels that the page exists in but the number of clicks needed to get to the page from the home page One way of ensuring that all of your pages are crawled if you have a large site is to build a site map that contains a link to every page on your website link to this sitemap from your home page and the crawlers will find the site map on their next visit using the generally accepted 3 click rule Home Page Click Site Map Click Any page on the site 2 clicks You may see the term deep crawl used in SEO search engine optimisation forums and websites the term deep crawl is used to denote that the crawler or spider can index pages that are many levels deep not that the spider is more capable of reading pages in deep sub directories Google and MSN are examples of a deep crawler Controlling Crawlers Crawlers or web robots follow guidelines specified for them by the website owner using the robots exclusion protocol robots txt The robots txt can specify the files or folders that the owner does not want the crawler to index in its database Details of the format of the robots txt file are available on many websites including the Search Engine World site Spotting Crawlers If you have access to your websites log files you can easily spot the majority of crawlers as they access your website for example extracts from a recent website log contained with the crawler identified in green 66 249 64 13 06 Mar 2005 05 21 04 0000 GET search engine article1 html HTTP 1 0 200 16056 Googlebot 2 1 http www google com bot html 66 249 65 13 13 Jul 2006 12 13 31 0100 GET dell desktop html HTTP 1 1 200 15418 Mozilla 5 0 compatible Googlebot 2 1 http www google com bot html 66 249 65 13 13 Jul 2006 12 15 27 0100 GET credit control html HTTP 1 1 200 19423 Mozilla 5 0 compatible Googlebot 2 1 http www google com bot html and

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  • Registering Keywords - Forest Software
    job doing research which is how I stumbled upon your site I hear a ton about keyword selection but I don t hear what you do with these keywords once they are selected I understand that one is supposed to optimise the copy of their website to incorporate as many of these keywords as will logically fit but is there a registering process that goes along with the keyword selection process Also if you can direct me to anything on the web or otherwise on the basics of SEO and keyword campaigns I would be greatly appreciative Thank you Marie Jill s Response Hi Marie There is no keyword registering process when it comes to optimizing your pages for the natural search results The engines have to logically figure out what keywords are relevant to your site by how they are incorporated into it and by the links pointing to it I d suggest reading the articles referenced in this Tips for Newbies thread at our forum for more info Things are a bit different however for search pay per click PPC advertising such as AdWords or Overture With those you do actually register your keyword phrases as part of your ad campaign Basically you create your ad or ads in their interface and then list all the words phrases you want your ad to be associated with Then if you ve bid enough money when someone types those words phrases into the search engines your ad will show up In Google if it gets a decent amount of clicks your ad will continue to run for that word phrase If after some time your ad doesn t get clicked on much for the words phrases you chose they will be disabled You can always add or subtract keyword phrases

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  • How do I get traffic to my website - Forest Software
    example is the Google Adwords system where you appear on the Google sites and external sites that display Google Adsense adverts In the main you decide on a list of key phrases and how much you want to pay each time someone clicks on your advert Many of the PPC companies allow you to set either a daily or monthly budget for the campaign Again you also have to factor in the cost of either running the campaign yourself or paying someone else to do so It is important that results and costs are monitored on a regular basis some would argue daily to get the best from the money being spent An advantage of PPC is that it can be turned on and off very quickly and can be useful if you have special offers or need a boost in sales at the end of the month for example 3 Links from other websites If you can get good links from other relevant high traffic sites you may well find that you get a considerable number of visitors You may be very lucky and have a site that is mentioned on the BBC website in the UK for example maybe related to a news article Sites such as the BBC get a very high number of visitors and if it s a major news story you may well find that your site gets many new visitors looking for more information You may even find your site or business discussed on blogs around the world Of course such a thing is not likely to happen very often However if you can get press releases onto newspaper or trade magazines this might be a way to increase traffic to your site It is even possible to buy links from other web sites although you should be careful that the sites you are purchasing links from are relevant and will provide good quality traffic to your own site You should also remember that any links that are brought should be marked as no follow as failing to do this breaks the Google guidelines as they see it as an attempt to manipulate rankings which it may or may not be you can read more about the guidelines on the Google site here 4 Buying traffic There are many web sites that offer to sell you traffic to your own site These can be either targeted visitors for example if you are launching a new site about Real Estate you can sometimes find sites willing to sell you traffic from people looking for new houses This targeted traffic is much better than the second option which is untargeted In this case the site will send a given number of visitors to your site some of whom may be interested in your site but many of whom will not be 5 Off line adverts It may be that you can run an advert in a national paper or trade magazine that will generate traffic

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  • Increase your click through rate - Forest Software Ltd
    your site but on search engines like Google it can even drop your ranking like a stone How can you improve your click through rate Here are 3 tips to improve your click through rate and pre sell your audience so that your web sales go through the roof 1 Include the highest searched term the most popular term in your title and or description For example if you re bidding on a cluster of keywords surrounding the theme Cheap Web hosting try to include the term cheap web hosting in both your title AND your description This will dramatically increase your click through ratio and thereby also increase sales While this is a fairly well known fact many ppc marketers don t do it But think about it from your searchers point of view There is an OVERLOAD of information out there People are extremely uncomfortable with information overload It sets up a form of cognitive dissonance or searcher discomfort Searchers remove this discomfort by finding a website that matches what they re searching for When they see that your title and description has matched their search term they think This website has exactly what I m looking for and they eagerly click on your ad 2 Use emotionally charged words While many website builders are brilliant at creating websites let s face it they re not so hot at selling Selling is an emotional creative process People buy with their emotions and then justify it with reason If you want to sell to them you have to access their emotions access your right brain and use your feelings to empathize with their desires Building a website and promoting an online business is a very organizational logical process It requires mostly left brained abilities So you can see how some people can build a beautiful website but find it nearly impossible to sell from that website Here s where you can leave your competition in the dust and rake in the sales Use emotionally charged words and phrases in your ad copy and people will be falling all over themselves to click on your ad to see what you have to offer For example instead of Sweet why not say Mouth watering or Sumptuous Instead of How to start your own Internet business how about Travel the world while running your business from the luxury of your hotel suite The options are endless and if you look at most ppc ads you ll easily see areas where you can tower over your competition and make your ad stand out even if they bid higher than you 3 Include a sense of urgency Again this is one feature that is completely ignored by most pay per click marketers With competition heating up every day you need to give people a REASON to click a little push a feeling that they re going to miss out on something BIG if they don t click on your ad RIGHT NOW There are

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  • What is DMOZ ? - Forest Software
    links into a website one from DMOZ Google spiders DMOZ just like it does any other site and one from the Google directory Both of these usually have decent PageRank Then add the links from the thousands of smaller sites that have downloaded and use the DMOZ directory and you can see why it is usually quite beneficial for a website to be listed in DMOZ Simply being listed in DMOZ can take a website from a Toolbar PageRank value of 3 to 4 and even from 4 to 5 due to the number of incoming links to the web site Why does it take so long to get listed At the time of writing the front page at DMOZ states there are 68 983 editors who review and add websites to the directory but this is fairly misleading There are not really that many editors or anywhere near that many The 68 983 is the total number of editors that have signed up since the project started Many of them are no longer editors Of the ones that are still editors a significant proportion of them are not actually active or only log in every so often This means that the number of editors who are actively reviewing and adding websites is relatively small On the other side of the equation there is a massive backlog of sites waiting to be reviewed Each editor can only edit in his or her own categories there are currently 787 774 categories Some editors have small categories with very few submissions to deal with and they can be dealt with very quickly Others are simply overwhelmed by the mountain of unreviewed sites and there is little chance of getting through them in the near future Of course there are many categories that no longer have an active editor and any sites added to these categories face a very long wait But the huge backlog and the relatively low number of active editors are not the only reasons why websites seem to wait forever to get listed Often the delay is the fault of the person who submitted the website Imagine that someone submits a site to a category that is reasonably close to what the site is about for example Regional Europe United Kingdom Travel and Tourism Accommodation Hotels but the site really belongs in a different category Regional Europe United Kingdom Travel and Tourism Accommodation Inns What happens The submission waits in the unreviewed queue of the category to which it was submitted Sooner or later its turn comes and the editor reviews it but finds that it belongs in a different category That editor can t edit the other category remember that editors can only edit their own categories so the submission is passed along to the other category where it is added to the unreviewed queue It doesn t jump the queue just because it has already waited in a different queue Eventually its turn will come again and

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  • Making money with affiliate marketing
    replace their offline income from their job Affiliate marketing can be a great way to start in making money online with not a lot of expenditure in cash continues below Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between an online merchant and one or more affiliates The affiliate is paid a commission for referring clicks leads or usually sales to the merchant An affiliate s advantage is that he can make money in a business where he doesn t have the up front costs of creating his own product or keeping items in stock and he doesn t have to worry about e commerce or customer support as this is the merchant s responsibility Having said that you may be thinking that you want to be an affiliate marketer with all that benefits an affiliate could get But do you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer Before you begin your affiliate marketing you need to decide which area interest you What products do you know about the most and which products you could do the best job of selling on a web site For example do you know a lot about movies you could promote DVD s film posters etc or maybe you are an expert in photography you could promote camera s films memory cards printing services printers etc Once you have decided what you are going to concentrate on perseverance patience determination comes next These are all the qualities you will need to be a good affiliate marketeer You must remember that it will take time to gain a good income from affiliate schemes they are not get rich quick schemes as some people will have you believe Too many online business prospectors lose out because they become impatient You also have to know what your strengths are the things in which you are good at The most important thing though is that you have to have a strong desire to succeed in affiliate marketing To be an affiliate marketer is not going to be an easy job You have to learn the techniques of marketing your selected product or service You need to be selective about what you do and not sign up for the latest craze unless you are convinced that it s worthwhile remember that marketing is all about attracting you to look at this or that particular opportunity To be a successful affiliate marketer you should learn how to listen and to be taught because in business as in life we need to learn skills to get by For an affiliate marketer you should know how to market your site effectively this will enable you to get thousands of visitors coming to your site which will convert into more sales This does not mean that the faster you set up a website the higher your chances of making money online faster You should avoid the same mistakes some affiliates make everyday they build hundreds of pages that take a scattergun approach

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  • Understanding affiliate programs
    website There are 3 basic affiliate programs though only the first two are commonly used Pay Per Click this is when an affiliate is compensated for sending traffic to the merchant AdSense is an example of PPC affiliate program see the button at the bottom of the navigation section of this page Pay Per Sale this is when the affiliate is compensated by the merchant if the referral generates a sale or purchase Tradedoubler see left is an example of a business that gives access to many affiliate schemes Pay Per Lead this is when the merchant agrees to pay for a qualified or sometimes unqualified lead which is very uncommon because it is subjective and up to the merchant Affiliate websites tend to provide information entertainment and content services to their customers The online merchants sell products goods and services online These are programs permitting affiliates to earn money based on the visitors to your site who click through to another s website Some pay a token amount for the click through and others provide a percentage of sales when a visitor clicks through to your site and buys a product or service on the other party s site This could represent a value added service to you visitors continued below Affiliate programs allow you to pay and track incentives from other websites that send web surfers leads or paying customers to your website Commissions based on purchases made by traffic sent from the referring website can be paid Besides a commission an affiliate can receive a flat fee or other incentives for all valid transactions it refers that generate a sale or lead Be careful that the affiliate s web page is not cluttered with banner ads that may crowd out your link or that be annoying to customers Affiliate programs enable affiliates to leverage their traffic and customer base in order to profit from e commerce while merchants benefit from increased exposure and sales Commonly traffic to merchant sites is measured and affiliates can clearly see conversion rates Meaning they track the percentage of people they are referring and how much of it results in earned revenue If the affiliate finds a very low conversion they will find a better way to monetize that traffic quite possibly with a competing merchant product In order to be a successful affiliate the affiliate site needs to either have tons of traffic or target a specific audience frequently one untapped by the merchant It has been my experience the closer the affiliate site content resembles the merchant products the higher the likelihood of a good conversion rate Once you are committed to the idea of affiliates the next step is to determine the kind of tracking system you are going to use Sales can be tracked by HTML code which is placed in a shopping cart or on the order confirmation thank you page and cookies which are created after the customers click on a banner ad Cookie killers have

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  • Page Rank Predictor : Forest Software
    scanning Buying online Accounting Local accountants Small business accountants Charity accountants IR35 accountants Payroll for small businesses Legal Finance Local solicitors Invoice factoring Credit control Credit checking Bank accounts Software PC Software Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Predicted Google Page rank tool As you may be aware one of the supposed factors of getting a good result in Google is the Page Rank of the page roughly translated as how important Google thinks the page is To quote from the Google technology page PageRank Explained PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page s value In essence Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B But Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes or links a page receives it also analyzes the page that casts the vote Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important This predictor tool does what the name suggests it tries to predict your future Google PageRank How to use this tool 1 Enter the exact website address of the page you want to check the prediction for into the text box eg www glinton net tesco html You can enter up to 10 different websites to check the prediction for After entering the first address press Enter and enter a new address on the new line 2 Click the Check button

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