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  • Turning Around Your Business
    around should be at the top of your list of priorities Some of the things you will need to do will take time for example cutting costs talking to suppliers to try and get better terms or rates diversifying into other business areas or even making staff redundant so it is important to take action as soon as you have decided what needs doing However you should not should rush into things and take actions that you have not thought about fully You have probably spent many years building your business up so a few days of careful consideration is called for a good way of doing this it to take a few days away from the business either at home or go away for a couple fo days and sit down to think about the options and the pros and cons of each Options Some of the options that may be available to you include Increasing your profit if you are losing money on a deal why carry on with it a deal worth 100 000 is no use to your business if your costs for that deal are 110 000 and you are losing 10 000 on it how many such deals would you need before you ran out of money Concentrate on the deals where you are making money and your profit will increase of course as a good business owner you do know which deals these are don t you Make sure that you credit check each client if appropriate there is no point in getting a new customer if they are about to go under without paying you This happens more often than many people realise ad is a reason for many business failures someone further up the chain has collapsed and this works it s way down the chain until the small businesses at the bottom are hit think of Woolworths for example their failure also brought down other shops as they relied on Woolworths to supply them with DVDs and other items Better credit control Chase customers for quicker payment of their debts to you If payment terms are 30 days start asking for confirmation that the payment will be made after 20 days try not to let the debt go past the due date you are effectively lending your customers money on a zero percent interest rate when they buy on credit from you so why let them borrow it for longer than they need to especially if you are paying interest on an overdraft or loan to finance the deal If you need to consider using professional business debt recovery don t just sit back and think that people will pay you many will not and will take advantage of the fact that you are not asking for payment to keep the money in their bank account Keep control of costs even down to small items for example it may be nice to have a selection of the best brands of

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  • ID theft and how to prevent it : Forest Software
    identity stolen Thieves can get your personal details in many ways for example they may steal your post go through your rubbish looking for old bills or bank statements steal your handbag or wallet and may even use software to gain access to your online details And it s not only individuals that can be targeted small business have recently been approached to try to obtain secure filing codes for Companies House These could then be used to set up fake companies and then get money goods and services using the fake company How can I protect my identity Following the 10 tips below will help reduce the tisk of your id being stolen Be careful if you work or live in a property where other people have access to your post If you think that your post is being stolen either in the property or before it reaches the property contact the Royal Mail immediately If you move home or business premises tell your bank credit card companies and anyone else that might send you letters cheques or bills Arrange a post redirection with the Royal Mail so that your post is delivered to your new address of course if you have people sending you post by any of the new companies that are being used instead of the Royal Mail you will have to contact them and ask if they operate a similar scheme If your credit debit or membership cards are stolen or lost cancel then straight away in fact if you think they are lost it is safer to cancel them even if you find them later Check your statements as soon as they arrive and if there are any transactions that you do not recognise contact the relevant organisation bank card company supplier immediately Don

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  • Eat Well at Work : Forest Software
    the night before if you can from experience it is too easy to say I ll do it in the morning and then be so rushed that it doesn t happen and also try to take a few healthy snacks with you This will help prevent the trips to the coffee shop or sweet shop where the temptation is to fell up with cake crisps or chocolate Rice and Pasta salads or even cous cous are easy and quick to get ready and many keep overnight and taste good the next day Don t forget Breakfast You have probably heard it said that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day It gets you off to a good start boosts your metabolism and even helps you to control your food intake for the rest of the day A good breakfast will include fibre and protein Try some of the following ideas Porridge with fruit A wholegrain bagel with peanut butter Yoghurt with fruit and honey Beans or Egg on wholemeal toast A fruit smoothie made with yoghurt Keep up your fluid intake Did you know that our bodies are 2 3rds water This means that to maintain this level and stop dehydration especially in the summer or an airconditioned office you should try to drink 2 1 2 litres 4 5 pints of fluid a day this can be plain water sparkling water squash fruit juice and even the odd cup of tea or coffee but not too much tea or coffee Dehydration will affect your productivity at work as well as your health and well being with studies at Leeds University showing that just a 2 dehydration affecting performance at arithmetic Eat nuts Both seeds and nuts are convenient healthy snacks but be careful not to eat too

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  • Choosing a Consultant : Forest Software
    training and consultancy services at some time or other Finding the right type of consultant for your business can be both time consuming and costly all the more so if you get it wrong Consultants can provide advice on your to make your business more successful either by using new processes altering existing processes or by giving advice in particular circumstances Usually consultants are brought in to deal with a specific problem or task although it s not unknown for a business to use the same consultant on a continuous basis for many tasks over a long period of time From experience consultants are most effective if you know what you want to achieve before they start If the consultant knows where you want to get to it can often give them enough information to plan the route for example using a consultant to manage a particular task such as the launch of a new product will tell them that they need to look at the marketing and possibly the production and logistics as well Many consultants specialise in vertical markets for example they may be specialist food industry consultants or marketing consultants It is important that you have set the objective and also a time frame for the project this will lead to you setting a budget for the consultant What ever you do remember that the objectives should be S M A R T S pecific M easurable A chievable R elevant and T ime limited and that what you want the consultant to achieve should be clearly defined if you do not want to run the risk of the job not being done the consultant staying longer than anticipated and costs rising out of control Before you meet the consultant try to create a brief or specification

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  • Business Books : Forest Software
    sitemap Should I optimise my site Search engines your website Web crawlers bots Registering Keywords Website traffic Increase your click through rate What is DMOZ Affiliate marketing Understanding affiliate programs Page rank predictor SEO Blog Posts Business Advice Working at home Work Life balance Office types Virtual office services Business types Business Insurance Business broadband Business advice blog posts Business recovery Identity theft Eat well at work Chosing a consultant Business books Business directory Laser toners Memory upgrades Document scanning Buying online Accounting Local accountants Small business accountants Charity accountants IR35 accountants Payroll for small businesses Legal Finance Local solicitors Invoice factoring Credit control Credit checking Bank accounts Software PC Software Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Best Selling Business Books Looking for a business related book Why not check out the books below or alternatively search use the search option to find the book you want at Amazon co uk Sitemap Cookies Privacy Policy Terms

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  • Forest Software Directory
    Finance Local solicitors Invoice factoring Credit control Credit checking Bank accounts Software PC Software Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Business and Economy Directory Page in our UK Business Directory Business and Economy The sites below are just a small sample of some of those on the internet that relate to business and economy here in the UK We have included a link to each of the sites a thumbnail of the home page where available these have been refreshed and we are in the process of re adding thumbnails of the business and economy related sites and also a very brief description of the site to help you decide if it is a business and economy based site that you want to click on The directory was initially based on the DMOZ directory but over the past 13 years has had many further amendments and further personalisation provided by Forest Software Sub Categories This category

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  • Laser Printer Toner Cartridges : Forest Software
    tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Laser printer toner cartridges Ah I hear you say We don t ever buy new toner cartridges for our laser printer we use refilled toner at the cheapest price we can find While this seems to make sense did you know that some distributors will sell their defective ineffective or even damaging laser toner cartridges to unsuspecting resellers who then sell the toner cartridges on to the public that s you and me These cartridges will give poor quality prints and may cause serious damage to your printer So be sure to buy cartridges from an authorized reseller that the manufacturer audits Check the manufacturer s website to obtain a list of authorized resellers Beware of laser toner cartridges that are priced too cheaply or have bad or old packaging If your cartridge runs out of ink too quickly gives bad quality prints or damages your printer don t buy from the same retailer again This is not to say that all compatible toner cartridges are junk But if you re going to spend maybe 50 to 100 on a cartridge why take the chance What is a remanufactured Laser Toner Cartridge Some manufacturers and some third party distributors will give you money or discounts in exchange for your old laser toner cartridges They in turn replace the guts of the cartridge refill it with toner and resell it at a big discount In many cases the quality is almost exactly the same as new For example at the time of writing May 2006 a black toner cartridge for an

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  • Upgrading Computer Memory : Forest Software
    increase memory capacity When you think that the increased use of memory intensive applications such as video editing has already caused 1 Gb configurations to be the standard specification on many new machines and Microsoft s forthcoming Windows Vista operating system release is bound to increase the minimum amount of RAM required with reports saying the 2Gb is the ideal memory size Though maximising the amount of memory on new systems is as easy as choosing a standard system there are several questions you should ask when upgrading existing systems such as What memory speed and type of memory does the motherboard support How much RAM does a particular system support What issues might affect compatibility Is there any reason to buy name brand RAM Fortunately RAM is normally rated at its highest tested stable speed first of all by the chip manufacturer in cycle time measured in nanoseconds or ns and then by the module producer in frequency megahertz or MHz By design DRAM maintains its data only as long as a charge is applied to the cells so there is no maximum cycle time For example 133 MHz SDRAM could operate at 133 MHz 100 MHz 66 MHz or even at speeds of less than 1 MHz depending on how quickly the system accesses it This allows a wide range of compatibility for higher speed modules in older systems it has become common practice for RAM manufacturers to re label faster RAM at slower speeds whenever the slower RAM ceases production Double Data Rate DDR technology allows data to be transmitted twice per clock cycle so DDR SDRAM with a 200 MHz clock rate actually has a 400 MHz data rate and is referred to as DDR400 The naming convention for finished modules has become its bandwidth with

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