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  • Small Business Links Legal and Financial Links
    take credit card payments Take Credit card payments on line with Paypal Finance for a new business Starting a new business and wondering about finance This article on the Local Accountants directory is a brief explanation of some of the options for financing your new business We have also found this Corporate Finance Directory that you may find useful if you are looking for Corporate Finance advisers Expatriate Tax Advice If you are lucky enough to be sent overseas for any length of time by your company you may need specialist expatriate tax advice One of the leading teams in this field are Fiztgerald and Law a firm of London Accountants who have a dedicated expatriate team that will take care of filing your UK and overseas tax returns International Health Insurance Again if you are being sent overseas to work or your own business needs you to work overseas maybe on a project you should consider taking out International Health Insurance Click here for an instant quote Local Peterborough based bookkeeper Albert Kirkman is a local book keeper who offers a friendly professional book keeping and payroll service to small and medium size businesses in the Peterborough and Stamford area He is fully insured and a holder of a Practising Certificate as well as being an associate member of the Institute of Certified Book keepers Business and holiday travel insurance Go Travel Insurance has had an Internet presence since 1998 Our website promotes a simple user interface together with instant online cover Full policy documentation can be downloaded from the site prior to any purchase Our visitors have access to a wide range of comprehensive travel insurance products that are competitively priced Our policies are tailor made for travellers going on holidays business trips weekend breaks or backpacking for 12 months The policies are underwritten at Lloyds of London All payments are taken via credit card using our secure SSL providing customers with the confidence they require when buying online Free Credit Report Did you know that shopping around for the best deals on cards loans and mortgages can affect your chances of success If too many lenders carry out a full check of your credit report the personal financial history that lenders see when they are deciding whether or not to grant you credit it can look as if you are desperate for money or raise suspicions that a fraud is being committed Instead sign up for a free 30 day trial at CreditExpert the online credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian You can then check that your enquiries haven t been misinterpreted as applications for credit and that any footprints make it clear you were only asking for quotes And if there is a problem CreditExpert will help you to set the record straight Financial Advice Following a recent exercise where we were looking for an IFA we have started to build a directory of financial advisers that state that they specialise in the small

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  • Local Solicitors : A list of selected solicitors and lawyers dealing with the smaller business : Forest Software
    buying and selling houses civil and business disputes family breakdown preparing Wills and administering probate in Bristol and Gloucestershire Blain Boland Co This team of Solicitors in Ellesmere Port also have offices in Little Sutton and Willaston They provide a professional and affordable solution to meet all of your legal advisory needs and work hard to get to know you in order to deliver timely individual advice on how to deal with your legal issues and where relevant improve and protect your business and personal wealth by offering legal advice and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals Burley Geach This team of Solicitors in Petersfield Hampshire can be traced back the the end of the 19th century Since then they have opened branch offices in Liphook Haslemere and Grayshott and help both individuals and small to medium sized businesses with a range of specialist legal services Their business services includes commercial property corporate law employment law and many elements of personal law amongst many other subjects Crust Lane Davis Crust Lane Davis combines in depth specialisation in core areas of the law with advanced technology to deliver a personalised service direct to the public one of their focus s is on commercial law Driver Belcher This firm of solicitors in Southampton Hampshire is able to trace it origins back to 1792 meaning that firm of independent solicitors has a wealth of experience enabling them to deal with all your day to day legal needs In addition to providing legal advice and support to small businesses and the self employed they also advise and act for individuals and larger businesses in the local area Eatons First established in 1887 they claim to be one of the oldest solicitors practices in the country With offices in Bradford Leeds and Otley they have a substantial regional presence and have grown to become one of the larger firm of solicitors in Yorkshire by providing exceptional support to both individuals and businesses Goodyburrett LLP Goodyburrett LLP is a solicitors firm that has offices in both Colchester and Great Dunmow in Essex They provide legal advice and assistance for both private and commercial clients with a specialist commercial law team Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP is a solicitors firm that has offices in both Liverpool and central London They provide legal advice and assistance for commercial clients with a specialist commercial law team that understands that every business is based on personal risk hard work and commitment They believe in developing a long term personal relationship with their business clients and will take the time to understand your business and ambitions so they can provide the tailored expert guidance that will help you achieve your goals Lawson Coppock Hart Lawson Coppock Hart is a specialist and independent firm of solicitors in Manchester and is proud to be one of citys longest established firms established around 1870 Richard Griffiths Co Richard Griffiths Co is a family run firm of solicitors

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  • Invoice Factoring : Forest Software
    tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting If you are running your own business and have problems with cash flow it may be that you have clients who are not paying on time This ties up your capital as you may already have paid your suppliers for materials used on jobs for these clients Factoring your invoices can dramatically improve your cash flow by releasing money as soon as you have completed an order and raised an invoice rather than having to wait for your customer to pay It could be considered as a short term loan based on the value of your outstanding sales invoices Because it s linked to sales invoice factoring is ideal if your business does not have the financial track record or security available to negotiate overdraft facilities with your bank and may even prove to be cheaper A key advantage is flexibility Because the whole thing works around your invoiced sales the amount you can borrow grows in line with these sales and it may even be possible for you to repay bank loans and overdrafts with the money raised Typically when an invoicing factoring scheme is set up you can borrow around 80 of the value of your approved invoices that are less than 3 4 months old there is no point in factoring possible bad debts Thereafter cash will be made available against invoices on a daily basis The remaining 20 of the invoice value less charges is paid to you by the invoice factoring company once the value of the invoice has been collected Once the system is established the level of advance you receive against invoices depends on a number of issues such as collection rate size of invoices etc but can

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  • Credit Control Tips : Forest Software
    on accident or deliberately When you think about it there s only one thing worse than having no work and that s having plenty of work but not getting paid for having done it In order to reduce the risk of this happening to you you should really think about taking some credit control precautions In most businesses it is normal practice to carry out a credit check on any new customer requiring credit terms Depending on the size of the contract this reference should then be discussed with your advisers before signing a contract to supply the customer with any work or goods In seems to be a fact that you cannot afford to rely solely on the apparent size of the organisation or claims about it s size As you will no doubt find out even the largest companies don t always pay their debts on time in fact sometimes it seems that the larger the business the longer it takes to pay invoices Once you have decided to extend your new customer credit terms it is important to set them a credit limit and notify them of your terms of business upon which you are prepared to do business with them for example how long will they have to pay and the credit limit that has been applied You should also ensure that these terms are clearly stated in your contract and also appear on your invoices Don t forget that as a business you are allowed to charge business customers interest on outstanding invoices The Better Payment Practice Campaign website contains more information about this right Once the credit limit has been set be prepared to withhold further credit from any customer who has exceeded their credit limit or whose account is significantly overdue Be prepared to turn business away although if the customer is not paying their invoices is it the sort of business you want It s amazing how many businesses for not check that the details on their invoices are accurate since errors will not only damage your credibility but will frequently be used by the customer as an excuse for delaying payment You should be prepared to send invoices as soon as possible not only is this necessary to establish the correct date for VAT and tax purposes but it also starts the credit period clock ticking Ensure that your debtors listing from your accounts system shows the age of all outstanding debt This allows you to identify possible risky debts and lets you deal with this at an early stage Chase overdue debts at regular intervals keeping a log of all reasons for non payment At Forest Software we start by using the telephone to request payment and after the second phone reminder we then send email and the telephone after another couple of reminders we switch to using recorded letters At each stage the tone of the reminders get stronger from have you overlooked the payment to Payment is due

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  • Credit Control and Company Credit Checking : Forest Software
    director by Date Of Birth Postcode TIP FOR SEARCH If you do not know how many directorships your target individual has complete the checkSURE directors search This will tell you how many companies we have on our database where your target is a director FREE COMPANY SEARCH buy Full Company Report Company Reports for 9 95 plus VAT Company Name enter company name or number checkSURE recommends the following approach for company director reports so that Users get best value for money If you know a the name of the company of which your target individual is a director and b that your target director has ONLY this one directorship then your best value report is a checkSURE UK Company Report on that company however if your target individual has more than one directorship you are best advised to buy a checkSURE Directors Report Details on these two types of reports are found below As a small business you will not doubt realise that although it is good to have many potential customers it is even more important that they settle their debts to you on time If your customers do not pay on time this will adversely affect the cash flow within your business and can eventually lead to bankruptcy The best way to reduce the risk of this happening to your business is to perform a credit check on every potential customer or supplier before you start to trade with them You will find that you cannot rely solely on the apparent size or age of the company as this does not necessarily mean that they will settle their debts on time In many instances larger companies tend to take a longer time to pay as they feel they have the power to do so Other than seek financial information from the company which is sometimes impractical the most reliable way to choose which companies to trade with is to perform a company credit check on them All limited companies within the UK will regularly file documents into Companies House the UK company registrar this will therefore verify the existence of the company The financial data filed by the company into Companies House will be used along with other information available on the company to score the company according to how good they are at paying up their debts The credit score and suggested credit limit will then give you a guide as to how much credit you can extend to the company if you wish to trade with them Working in association with checkSURE Ltd provider of online commercial credit checking and directors information Forest Software is pleased to offer our clients the ability to obtain credit reports on all UK and Irish limited companies as well as credit reports on sole traders partnerships and company directors The checkSURE Ltd service is an online company credit checking service where clients can obtain both Full and Comprehensive Company Credit Reports Registering online is simple and reports can be

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  • Choosing a small business bank account : Forest Software
    and the type of relationship you want from your bank Listed below are some suggestions which may help you decide which bank would best suit your needs 1 You must set up a business account if you re starting up as a Limited Company Partnership or most other business structures Sole Traders can use their own personal accounts but preferably should open a new account Eva Brick trading as ABC to make accounting easier at the end of the year 2 You do not have to choose a small business bank account simply because you are a personal banking customer at the same bank You may well feel more comfortable with a bank you already know personally but they may not offer the best deal for your business and you may want to keep the two accounts seperate for other reasons 3 You should only go for banks that have names you will have heard of or possibly internet banking brands which are owned and operated by the big players Smaller banks may promise higher interest rates and or lower costs but will they still be around in a year 5 years 10 years and if not what will have happened to your money Do you remember BCCI 4 Make sure you compare the details of several business bank accounts a good place to start would be with the business or money section of the week end papers These will often provide you with an overview of the costs and charges associated with most business accounts in the UK You could also ask your accountant or friends in business for suggestions 5 Bank Charges A major point to consider is how much it will cost you to have a business bank account Many banks charge per transaction although some will have a free limit before they start to charge You may have a large number of monthly transactions to process for example lots of cheques coming in to your account so ensure you know exactly what charges will be levied on your account before signing up Some of the larger also banks provide free banking for set periods to new businesses so this may also be of interest 6 Online Banking this is an increasingly important service and most of the bankc in the UK will now provide an internet service so you can check the status of your account at any time during the day or night Rather than ringing the bank to check if a payment has been made to your account you can do this yourself in a fraction of the time 7 Interest although the major banks have improved their interest rates on business current accounts in recent years they still vary wildly Some high street names pay no or very little interest if your account is in credit Remember that there is always a trade off between free transaction costs and interest rates so do consider the overall benefits each account would provide to your

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  • PC software for sale on Ebay - Forest Software
    Business broadband Business advice blog posts Business recovery Identity theft Eat well at work Chosing a consultant Business books Business directory Laser toners Memory upgrades Document scanning Buying online Accounting Local accountants Small business accountants Charity accountants IR35 accountants Payroll for small businesses Legal Finance Local solicitors Invoice factoring Credit control Credit checking Bank accounts Software PC Software Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Looking for software for your PC Here at Forest Software we regularly check ebay when we are looking for software especially if we are looking for something that does not have to be the latest version and often pick up what we are looking for at reasonable costs Why not check out the Ebay co uk site we have shown a selection of current PC software that is available to be bid on below Please note before bidding Forest Software has no responsibility for any of the items listed and it is

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  • Anonymous Web Surfing - Forest Software
    M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Worried about your online privacy Surf the Internet anonymously and shield your online communications from prying eyes Get Anonymizer Total Net Shield for only 99 95 Total Online Privacy is achieved by taking an active participation in your personal safety on the Internet While it is sometimes easier to ignore the dangers present online it is much more costly than taking a few steps to insure that you and your family has adequate protection from the threats that lurk online There are three main areas that safeguard online privacy Privacy Protection Having full time privacy protection software such as Anonymizer s Total Net Shield enables you to encrypt or hide all traffic to and from your computer This prevents online snoops from tracking your surfing habits watching your instant messages reading your emails and using this information for undesirable and possibly damaging purposes Virus Blocking It is often said that there are half a dozen new viruses created every day with the sole purpose of causing havoc on your PC by possibly corrupting or deleting files on your hard drive The best line of defense is a powerful anti virus utility designed to stop damage to your computer from multiple sources such as web surfing e mail and rogue programs spyware Anti Spyware from Anonymizer not only detects and removes harmful spyware but actually prevents it from downloading in the future for only 29 95 Firewall Security While viruses and privacy concerns could be considered as passive threats hackers take a more active approach to attacking your PC directly Without a full firewall protection solution privacy thieves have an open doorway to your PC and all of your personal information They may

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