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  • Secure Online Backups : Forest Software
    backing up their critical data every night Sometimes they will even store the backups offsite on a regular basis just in case But are you actually one of those smart minded business owners or do you trust to luck Without a proper backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable Imagine losing your data by means of theft fire flooding virus power cut or a technical malfunction This would be a disaster and it is at such a moment that you realise just how vital it is that you have a proper backup of your business information According to the DTI 70 of businesses that suffer a major data loss will be out of business within 18 months PerfectBackup offers you the ease and assurance of online backup You won t have to invest anymore in expensive backup software tapes tape streamers or time to make and check your daily backup Nor will you have to trust a member of staff to take the backup tapes home each night and keep them safe and away from things such as telephones microwave ovens etc where the magnetic fields can wipe the data from the tape With the online backup service provided by PerfectBackup your daily data backup is fully automated Every day your data will be copied and stored savely in a secure datacentre and you can access your data backup 24 hours a day if you need to restore any of it Just because you have a backup system in place does not necessarily mean that you are properly backing up your data Are your backups kept in a secure place away from the computer that is being backed up If your data backups stay with the very computer it was meant to backup then you will have

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  • Marketing Your New Business : What is marketing : Forest Software
    business standards and products This scenario is not just for business s that have large marketing budgets Your local business or industry group and they are there wherever you are in the world are likely to run a number of affordable exhibitions As long as you can accept that attending an exhibition is an unbeatable opportunity for feedback and not just about immediate sales The costs of such an exhibition can range from just a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand depending on the venue size and expected number of visitors Don t forget that the cost of the exhibition is not just the cost of the stand you should factor in the cost of the special printing cost of staff even if it is only you as a one man band there is still a cost and anything else that you need specially for the exhibition Marketing is also about knowing yourself and both your potential and existing customers If you fail to understand what type of customer buys your products or services you cannot market to them you then end up buying advertising space in general publications with little prospect of a return for your investment If you do not understand what you are good at and what you are not so good at you cannot adjust or compensate your actions The greatest craftsmen will not be successful if they are terrible are pricing their products Likewise if you cannot communicate you will fail to sell in sufficient numbers If you are willing to invest in a serious marketing campaign relative to the size of your business and you feel that you lack knowledge and experience in any area you must accept that you need to involve professionals in one or more of the ways below You could decide to get a design agency to add their expertise to your direct sales talents Maybe you need to buy targeted direct mailing lists and use your telemarketing skills to back up the mailing Get an agency to identify your target customer and use your design and communication skills You design and mail out your sales literature and use a telemarketing company to follow up your mailings after two to three days You use a website design company to build your website for you or maybe buy a website template and have this used for your website Maybe you use a specialist search engine positioning company to promote your website You do not need to totally outsource your marketing campaign It is most important that you have control of output and costs The best small business marketing strategy is to allow a few hours every week to Talk to existing customers Talk to past customers why are they no longer customers Talk to possible customers talk to at least 10 of the above in total per week Send all of the above your latest offers although you should be aware of the data protection and direct marketing regulations in

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  • Make the Most of Email Marketing - Forest Software
    population of the UK is suffering from an excess of emails so how do you make sure that your marketing emails get read and get results for you Targeted email marketing campaigns can be very cost effective and a great way of increasing sales to existing and new customers but think about it for a minute how many unsolicted emails do you get each day your customers probably get just as many of not more the author regularly gets 200 300 emails a day that are spam or otherwise considered junk As the number of emails increases you need to make sure that your email marketing stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons Keep the email concise and on message Keep it brief is the best thing to remember you should try to get your point across in as few words as possible and also outline the main points early on in the email People that are pushed for time may only read the first paragraph so they need to have their interest piqued enough that they want to carry on reading Make sure that the subject of the email is relevent and eye catching we have all had emails with a subject line that doesn t give you any reason to even open the email However with the increasing use of spam filters you need to be careful about the wording using FREE in the subject is more than likely going to trigger a filter and may even result in the email being automatically deleted Keep the number of messages in the email down If you ever hear a political speech you will probably find that they are limited to a maximum of 3 key points so that people remember them Use the same technique for

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  • Database deduplication : Forest Software
    of your business and grow the value of your customers By really understanding your customer base how many active customers you have how many inactive how many are lapsed who are or were the most profitable what is their average order value what do they order and how many times a year do they order You may be a retailer who needs to decide who should receive information about a new product Your customer information is contained in a database of previous exchanges with customers and the features associated with the customers such as age post code and details of their previous purchases The data mining software used to interrogate the database would use this historical information to build a model of customer behavior that could be used to predict which customers would be likely to be interested in the new product This then allows you to select a list of prospects so that the right customers receive the right offers There are many tools that allow you to drill down into your customer database and tell you all these things as long as the data is up to date and accurate Do you have lots of duplicate records caused by customers signing up again each time they order or by using slightly different details each time This is a common problem and will effectively make understanding your customers a difficult task How do you know whether Mr Smith of Pembroke Road is the same person as Mr Smith of Pembrook Road for example And what about Mrs J Jones and Mrs J E Jones they live at the same address but are they the same person or maybe mother and daughter This is where the skills of database cleansing and deduplication come in You need to be able to

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  • Logo Design for Businesses
    Software PC Software Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Logo Design for Businesses Stop and think for a second or two your logo business cards and advertising are all a reflection of you and your company After all a logo can be considered to be a business s single most valuable marketing tool Properly designed they communicate to your employees and your customers that your company is credible trustworthy and professional Your business image depends on a logo design that is polished and distinctive We believe that company logo creation is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness both for your existing and future customers At Forest Software we understand how critical that stage is and are happy to recommend LogoWorks Their goal is to provide you with specialised professional custom Business Logo design services at a price that will fit your budget It is a proven fact than not only does a high quality logo show your customers that your business is professional but it also makes you stand out from your competitors in the minds of your customers and prospects When they need your product or service they ll think of you It doesn t matter whether your logo is on the front of a business card or on the side of a van or a bus Over time it will build customer recognition Having a great logo on your business card could mean that instead of a passing glance your new prospect stops and actually looks at the contents of

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  • What makes a good business card ? : Forest Software
    2 inches with print on one side maybe with a colour logo on it What does it say about you and the way you handle your business Is it something that makes you think that this is a good business card Forget those flimsy black and white cards of the past The current crop of cards shows amazing diversity in paper stock thickness and colour dye cuts design techniques illustrations and are even sometimes cut from metal made as a CD Rom or cast in plastic In today s business world business cards are no longer used just for contacting potential clients Other uses include updating information with long time friends and even for exchanging contact information with potential dates Your business card is an integral part of a business identity often being the first impression that a new client gets of a business and remember that first impressions count This means that it should reflect the image that you want to present to clients For you would want to present trust and professionalism from a stockbroker and show creativity and clear communication if you are a graphic designer Remember that the look of the logo the style of the typeface the colour and even the way that the information is laid out can all contribute to what that business card says A professional such as a lawyer or architect should probably have a full set of contact details landline mobile phone and fax numbers office address Web site e mail name and title A freelance graphic designer working on their own may only need a mobile phone number although remember that people often look for a degree of reassurance that a landline and office address gives Computer software and high quality printers have made it easier for people outside

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  • The Essentials of Copyright : Forest Software
    area for copyright to apply as it only applies to photographs music books plays etc but you would be wrong As stated above copyright normally is considered to protect artistic works such as music books plays and so on but it also protects the more day to day things that are created in the modern business environment Examples include the obvious things like web sites plans and technical drawings brochures reports and software but what about powerpoint presentations advertising manuals company logos the list could go on for ever Yes copyright encompasses all these remember though that copyright covers the way an idea is presented not the idea itself so it s the words and photos used in your brochure about the service you provide that is copyright and not the service itself There is no official registration system for copyright it occurs automatically once a work has been created although some people will send themselves a copy of the document or presentation etc though the post so that the envelope has a postmark on it remember if you do this not to open the envelope As a business you should be aware that unless the work has been done under a contract of employment it is the author that retains the copyright hence if you ask a web designer to build you a web site or you have a graphic designer put an advert together for you you should ask them to assign copyright to you and a tip is to make sure that any images that they use are either theirs to use or that they have a licence to use Depending on what has been created copyright lasts for different periods of time in the UK Business Documents it lasts for the lifetime of the employee who

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  • Taking Photos For Your Business : Forest Software
    Security software Online backups Marketing What is marketing Email marketing tips Know your customer Logo design Business cards Copyright essentials Business photography Advertising Products Second Life Business Marketing blog posts Misc Pages M Consultancy PC Support Email forgery spam Internet tools Useful links Business links Local links Contact Us Blog Business Photography Many of the photographs that a business may take will be used in advertising whether this is for printed brochures leaflets websites or even to be added to advertising products This is obviously different if you are running a photography business where you may be taking photos of almost anything during the course of a day from products through children and weddings up to images to build your portfolio or sell as stock images Photographs for your business As you may imagine for most businesses that are taking photos for their business the images fall into one of two categories Photos of people such as staff Photos of property flats shops offices factories etc Photos of their products be it running shoes machinery chocolate or anything else that they may produce or sell If you are taking shots of your products the key to a good photograph that works is presenting the product in a way so that it appeals to your potential customers it is normally not enough to produce a standard image that looks like 1000 s of others It follows then that there are some things that you need for good photos these include a decent digital camera probably a tripod to ensure you get sharp pictures an ability to manipulate lighting to your advantage and a fair technical knowledge so that you understand things such as depth of field and shutter speeds Continued below If you are looking for the right equipment for your

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