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  • Excipients | Abitec | Ajinomoto | Dr. Paul Lohman | Meggle | SPI Pharma | Danisco | IFF | Budenheim | AsahiKasei
    Lactose compounds for Direct Compression More information Sorbitol Mannitol Maltose Fructose Directly compressible Calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide Drug delivery systems More information Xylitol Xylitab Litesse polydextrose Fructose Alginates Rylo emulsifiers triglycerides Carrageenan CMC Xanthan More information FLAVOURS FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL AND ORAL CARE INDUSTRY From prescription and over the counter medicines to toothpaste oral care and health care products IFF responds with the carefully formulated flavour profiles that meet

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  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) | Axellia | Dr. Paul Lohman | MOEHS | Sandoz | Siegfried Actives | SPI Pharma
    an extensive network of manufacturers in Europe and Asia that allows us to provide our customers with a first class sourcing service Forum has an office in India which is managed by a team of highly qualified staff with an intimate knowledge of Indian pharmaceutical and bulk API manufacturers Coupled with our in house regulatory team we are able to provide API s with the necessary assurance of quality that you would expect and require If you are looking to source an API or interested in finding an alternative API supplier please do not hesitate to contact us CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION Xellia Xellia is a leading producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs specialised in fermented antibiotics PRODUCTS INCLUDE Amphotericin B Bacitracin Bacitracin Zinc Colistimethate Sodium Colistin Sulphate Fluticasone Propionate Gramicidin Mupirocin Acid Polymyxin B Sulphate Tobramycin Base Tobramycin Sulphate Tyrothricin Dr Paul Lohmann High quality mineral compounds based on Alunimium Ammonium Calcium Copper Iron Lithium Magnesium Manganese Potassium Selenium Sodium and Zinc MOEHS Since its foundation in 1962 MOEHS has been producing Active Ingredients intermediates and fine chemicals for the international Pharmaceutical Industry Today Moehs offers more than 40 generic API s which are in regular production with several more in the development pipeline Moehs also carries out custom manufacturing of specific API s for clients THE SUCCESS OF MOEHS IS BASED UPON CERTAIN KEY VALUES Quality of products and services Flexibility and reliability Cost optimization Strong technical regulatory support Sandoz The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs has traditionally been one of Sandoz s core competencies Our customers can rely on the highest quality standards whether in the field of ß lactam antibiotics penicillins and cefalosporins macrolides or of hormones and enzymes SANDOZ MANUFACTURE Oral penicillins Sterile penicillins Clavulanic acid Oral cefalosporins Sterile cefalosporins

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  • Empty Capsules | Suheung Capsule | Hard Capsules | Gelatine and HPMC Capsules
    1737 857700 Empty Capsules For over 40 years Suheung has provided high quality empty capsules Hard capsules are available in a range of sizes 00 to 3 and in a wide range of colours Capules can also be customised with

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  • Intermediates | Chloroalkylamine Salts | Substituted Aceto/Benzophenones | Acid chlorides | Substituted Phenyl Piperazines | Silicon Derivaties
    44 0 1737 857700 Intermediates We are able to offer a number of intermediates relevant to the pharmaceutical sector THE MAIN PRODUCT GROUPS ARE Chloroalkylamine salts Substituted Aceto benzophenones Acid chlorides Substituted Phenyl piperazines Silicon derivaties Additionally through our office

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  • Amino Acids | Ajinomoto | Fine Chemicals
    used in the food pharmaceutical animal feed cosmetic toiletry agriculture and many other industries Today the Ajinomoto Group is considered as a world leader in the amino acid industry with 121 subsidiaries in 23 countries and 30 000 employees We offer grades of amino acids that meet the requirements of the international pharmacopoeias JP USP and EP THE CURRENT AJINOMOTO AMINO ACID RANGE INCLUDES GLYCINE L ALANINE L ALANYL L

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  • Forum Products | Animal Nutrition | Amino Acids | Proteins
    them themselves They have to be supplied in the feed Animal feed contains vegetable and animal sources of amino acids soya is the best known of the vegetable sources and fishmeal is an animal source Amino acids in these feedingstuffs are found mainly in complete protein chains When feed enters an animal s digestive tract proteins are broken down to release individual amino acids or short chains of them These are then absorbed into the blood stream and used to make new proteins that will be useful to the animal The amino acid pattern of a protein is dictated by an animal s DNA This sends signals that control the way in which individual amino acids are incorporated into protein chains Like a master chain maker who has to follow a set pattern that dictates the sequence of links the stocks of each link amino acid are slowly used up as the chain is built At some point the stocks of one of the amino acids can run out At that point the building of the chain protein has to cease The key link is missing and although there are other links available in the chain maker s stores they

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  • Forum Products | Food Ingredients | Finished Products
    Applephenon Ethyl Maltol Maltol Manuka Honey PTX Natural Flavour Enhancer Savoury Applications Nucleotides Ajitide I G IMP Amino Acids Amino Acids blends Arginine Branch Chain Amino Acids Cysteine Synthetic Natural Flavour Enhancers Glutamic Acid Glutamic Acid Salts Kokumi pdf download Koji Aji Super YE Super RK Monosodium Glutamate MSG Salt replacers see salt replacers for more details Sodium diacetate Functional Ingredients Anti septic and Gastro intestinal Properties Manuka Honey Dental Properties Xylitol Fibres Litesse Polydextrose liquid or powder Oat beta glucans Lowering Cholesterol Oat beta glucans high oat beta glucan crispies Oat Bran Meat Fish and dairy Binder Litesse Polydextrose liquid or powder Activa Transglutaminase Nutritional Related Ingredients Amino Acids Amino Acids blends from our extensive range Alanine Arginine Aspartic Acid Branch Chain Amino Acids Cysteine Synthetic Glutamic acid Glutamine Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Methionine Phenylalanine Proline Serine Taurine Threonine Tryptophan Tyrosine Valine Prebiotics Litesse Polydextrose liquid or powder Minerals Mineral mineral vitamin blends Standard micronized granulated encapsulated or chelated minerals Calcium salts Calcium propionate Copper Salts Glycerophosphates Iron salts Iodine salts Magnesium salts Manganese salts Molybdenum salts Potassium salts Selenium salts Zinc salts We also can supply customised blends of the products above or blends of minerals and vitamins Salt

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  • Forum Products | Food Ingredients | Finished Products
    Our Calcium lactate plus offers a clean tasting highly soluble calcium source that providing a premium amount of calcium Sugar Reduction Reducing glycaemic load and Calorie reduction Forum supply Fructose Litesse polydextrose Aspartame and Ace K to facilitate the reduction of sugar in beverage applications These products are useful in a range of products from Sports drinks and carbonates to juices near waters and smoothies Adding Fibre The addition of fibre in beverages often results in significant modifications to beverage viscosity Litesse Polydextrose has very low impact on viscosity and is 90 fibre It provides the ideal fibre choice for beverages resulting in a clear and transparent product Adding Prebiotics Published data shows Litesse Polydextrose to have prebiotic function at a level of 4g day It s neutral taste pH stability and solubility make it a great choice for adding prebiotic function to a range of beverage applications Amino Acids Many studies have now been published to show the beneficial effects of BCAA s Branch Chain Amino Acids on improving stamina during exercise and fatigue and muscle recovery after exercise Glutamine provides a key energy source whilst Arginine can accelerate muscle synthesis The two major categories with growth still predicted

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