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  • Playing Hard To Get - Front Recruitment
    your previous anecdotes and thought I d let you know about something which happened at a Hotel I was a receptionist for in New York I once received some flowers on Valentine s Day from one of the doormen working there He was a nice guy but really unconfident very shy and extremely nervous in front of women in the two years I d been there he d never even had the courage to say hello to me I don t usually go for the shy types but I d just come out of a relationship with a bad guy so thought the change would be refreshing I went to thank him for the flowers and couldn t find him anywhere I spent the afternoon trying to catch up with him but every time I got close he seemed to disappear At the end of the day I asked the others on the door and they told me he d been hiding every time he d seen me coming at one point apparently he d even leapt into a cupboard I gave up after that Follow FOH100 RECEPTIONIST TEMP AGENCIES FOH is one of the only Receptionist Temp Agencies in

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/playing-hard-to-get/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Big Bag o' Money - Front Recruitment
    reception desk a sports bag which was open and as I came around I noticed it was brimming full of money In front of them was a man in a suit with shades on Unfortunately I can be in a real grumpy mood on a Monday morning at the best of times but this morning I was in a corker I d already had two of my team call in sick So I ll be honest my immediate thought was oh that s just typical they ve won the lottery now that s just great I suppose I ll have to start interviewing for more staff wont I My second thought was he was a solicitor who d come to bring me a suitcase of money and the news that one of my relatives had died so I cheered up instantly Unfortunately this wasn t the case it wasn t inheritance money You see I supervise a team of receptionists on the ground floor of an Investment Bank We often have people come in who mistakenly believe we are the retail wing of the bank where they can withdraw or deposit money and the man in question had come to

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/big-bag-o-money/ (2016-02-15)
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  • How To Impress Clients - Front Recruitment
    important one I wanted to do my bit for the company so armed with a new found urge to impress I enlightened him with the name of the plant This is what s known as an ANTHURIUM See image above giggles When the client leaned forward to catch a scent of the plant he exclaimed it didn t have one WELL THAT just wouldn t DO and seeing as a few weeks prior I had been watching a nature programme about plants and the such I remembered a segment about THIS particular plant so I decided to re enact the process of extracting the plant s natural scent I didn t explain what I was doing because I thought the surprise would be brilliant So with forefinger and thumb I began RAPIDLY encouraging it s scent After a couple of minutes tugging happily away I looked up to see the client in complete shock and horror and remembered I had yet to explain what I was doing Before I could catch myself I d stuck out my fingers and asked him if he fancied sniffing them somebody stop me I thought I was going to die on the spot when

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/how-to-impress-clients/ (2016-02-15)
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  • She Didn't Look Like Trouble - Front Recruitment
    trouble she was pregnant yes but I thought she d just come in to get directions with her Dad After trying to understand her rasping manic voice for a few minutes it occurred to me that she actually had no intention of making it to a Hospital but wanted to do it right there and then So with chairs moved out of the way and a space on the carpet now clear she collapsed on the floor They had already dialled the ambulance so I just prayed it d get to us in time It didn t So I ve got the ambulance crew now shouting orders I ve got a woman screaming and to top it all people have begun to wander in off the street to watch it all and I m trying to move them back when her Dad thinks he s having chest pains Typical So I we ordered another ambulance With the reception full of people most of them shouting and a woman screaming over the top of them all I wondered whether it would be worth calling my Bosses emergency number I didn t need to though because she arrived back around that time

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/she-hasnt-looked-like-trouble/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Stupid Questions - Front Recruitment
    Birdseye you ve won a life time supply of fish fingers and a trip aboard his yacht The Saucy Sue 2 It was your mother you re a naughty boy you forgot your sandwiches 3 It was your brain telling you to get in touch some time What are you doing 1 I ve been waiting for you to hang around my desk to tell me your life story like always 2 Nothing I sit here day in day out because I ve nothing better to do I m kind of like a door stop with an attitude 3 Playing a game which involves sitting very still for large periods of the year and grinning quite a bit and you re ruining it 4 Praying that I m invisible and that you don t talk to me again damn 5 Loading a rifle under the desk so I d start running Are you busy 1 Yes sorry I wont have a chance to fold your envelopes damn 2 No these 15 meeting rooms and 300 calls I get a day manage themselves Are you on your break 1 I didn t think we were but still the git went off with the copy house woman Have you got time for me to start from the beginning 2 I m on a break from being asked stupid questions but give me twenty minutes and I ll be back 3 Yes but I finish around 5 if you want to come back How long will they be on the phone 1 Let me listen in on their conversation err she s just saying there s a pillock salesman on the other line so she s got to go so I m guessing shortly 2 What a stupid question how would I know

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/stupid-questions/ (2016-02-15)
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  • I Need A Lawyer - Front Recruitment
    as if I was stupid and said It s her init she s doing my nut in I nodded and quickly came around to his side of the reception desk because I realised I d need to lead him away from the area quickly a couple of important clients from the US were waiting on a couch watching with interest Then suddenly a very large woman burst through the doors behind him huffing and puffing Robbie She screamed I love ya you know I do I aint saying nothing to ya you talk to my lawyer She looked at me and suddenly I felt afraid Listen luv She spat at me you get your dirty little claws out a him he s not your next meal ticket I m not a lawyer I m a receptionist and we don t handle divorce cases we re not that type of law firm I m so sorry Listen to er we don t handle divorces we DON T NEED A DIVORCE YOU CHEEKY CAAAAA At that point my colleague arrived and managed to coax them to the door I turned around after they d gone to see one of our clients laughing

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/i-need-a-lawyer/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Cabin Crew to Receptionist - Front Recruitment
    interviews and soon I had landed a job as a corporate receptionist in the City The first thing that struck me was how friendly people were when I went for my show around people had time to talk to me and ask me questions It was a far cry from someone tugging on my apron and asking for more milk The job involves a lot more than answering the phone that is part of my role but there is a lot more During my first week there were a few dinners so I stayed late still not as late as I did when I was flying And it was all a very social affair with me and the other receptionist sipping champagne behind the desk as we chatted to the waiters I think my biggest fear when I stopped flying was doing a job that would be like Groundhog Day you know the same thing everyday With a receptionist job no two days are ever the same I m not stuck behind a computer all day long I m meeting new people every day the shift work adds even more variation and the problems we face each day are always different One of the girls at my new job had flown for years before joining so I can swap flying stories Another real bonus is having the uniform and being involved in the choosing of it as it changes every six months When I start my day if I am on an earlies there could be breakfast meetings to prepare for so this involves checking the meeting rooms making sure the pastries have arrived similar to checking the catering on an Airbus but without so many gaping mouths to feed Then I could be booking meeting rooms The reservation of rooms takes skill and accuracy if you book the wrong people into the wrong meeting room and they receive the wrong food there s a reasonable chance the clients in the meeting will feel unsure about the professionalism of the company as a whole Emails and calls can come through thick and fast You really need to be on the ball be able to multi task and to know what s going on In a corporate receptionist environment the partners executives or directors are a little like executive card holder passengers on flights they like to be made a fuss of for example remembering what they drink or which room they prefer for their meetings From my experience in going for interviews before I accepted this position shifts in companies can vary greatly The shifts I do include a later shift which means I have to be very flexible so when the waitresses go home I make the drinks show the clients to the rooms and inform the hosts their guests have arrived In my company this means a little running around and there s a chance I could fall behind with my admin if I don t keep a

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/cabin-crew-to-receptionist/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Be Nice To Receptionists - Front Recruitment
    inspire receptionists everywhere we asked ClearRock Executive Coaching and Outplacement for their comments Job Seekers Guide for Dealing with Receptionists One of the biggest reasons newly recruited managers and executives are continuing to fail in their new jobs at such a high rate at least 4 out of 10 is their inability to fit into a company s culture and get along with the people who work there So more organizations are asking employees right from the start their impressions of candidates and receptionists opinions are increasingly being sought said Annie Stevens managing partner for ClearRock Some companies feel a lot can be learned from how candidates treat receptionists particularly if they are rude condescending or arrogant Employers feel this is an accurate reflection of how candidates would treat their co workers and direct reports added Greg Gostanian managing partner for ClearRock ClearRock has compiled the following tips for candidates as a guide to interacting with receptionists Be polite and friendly with receptionists but don t be too informal Learning and remembering their names can only help as you advance in the interviewing process Treat receptionists as you would other business colleagues and don t regard them as underlings They are not a candidate s secretary to help with scheduling or other personal problems Always ask the interviewer if you need help from anyone else at the place where you interview instead of seeking this directly yourself You can accept an offer of a beverage but keep this simple Don t ask for brand names of any hot or cold beverages or expect them to make freshly brewed coffee And don t expect a receptionist to run out to Starbucks to get a latte for you Be careful of anything you say and expect that everything you say will get

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/be-nice-to-receptionists/ (2016-02-15)
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