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  • Telephone Etiquette - Front Recruitment
    person may have with your company and first impressions always last Here are a few initial tips to help you on a first call Always remember to try and answer the phone promptly before the third ring if possible this will give the impression to the caller that their phone call is important Before picking up the receiver take a second to compose yourself and discontinue any conversation or activity such as typing or chewing gum Keep the tone of the conversation light and speak clearly Always follow up bad news with good news For example if the person they are trying to reach is out offer them a chance to leave a message with you or on their voicemail Always use the hold button so that the caller does not pick up any conversation which is being held near by When transferring a call be sure to explain to the caller what you are doing and where you are transferring them to Always have a pen and a pad of paper at hand to take down notes as well as any contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses you can provide to the other person When the called party is not in or in a meeting responses such as I am sorry s he has just stepped out of the office at the moment should be used as well as an alternative form of communication to protect the privacy of those in the office and to provide a tactful response 7 Key steps to becoming a more professional receptionist Corporate Awareness Simply answering the phone clearly does not make a good receptionist there is so much more to the role of the receptionist Take responsibility A corporate receptionist should always be willing to have the buck stop

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  • Stress Management - Front Recruitment
    actually gives a damn Well however tempting any of the above responses may be and speaking personally the foaming mouth and biting people has always appealed there are other and better options Better because they will enable you to relax and de stress and better because they will show that you can do your job efficiently First take a deep breath and remind yourself that NONE of this is really important in the great scheme of things these are minor puzzles that you will resolve Next take a second to mentally prioritize the tasks In this example perhaps it s guest courier client phone The exact order will depend on you and your organisations rules however the order is actually not that important What is important is to have them in an order Now deal with them one at a time giving each task 99 of your attention until it is complete The spare 1 is to allow you to monitor for things that would ABSOLUTELY mean that you need to re prioritize your tasks OK you are probably thinking It s fine to say that but I ALWAYS get the situation where several things are equally critical How can I possibly prioritize them No matter what I do people are going to be unhappy with me You know what you are right Sometimes multiple things are equally critical so what just start on whichever one takes your fancy or put them in alphabetical order it really doesn t matter You see you have to realise that you are limited to doing the possible You cannot do the impossible that s why it s called impossible and the sooner you acknowledge that just like everyone else in the world you have limits the sooner you can relax and get on

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  • Personal Safety - Front Recruitment
    Purse credit cards keys to your home probably mobile telephone which is then a double whammy because you re now unable to make any calls and chances are you have no change because it s all in your handbag as well Worse still if you do keep everything in your handbag what s to stop your assailant rushing straight around to your home because chances are that you ll have something in there with your address like a driving licence and ransacking your home as well triple whammy and then perhaps finding your car keys and taking that as well quadruple whammy Find a way to distribute your belongings it makes sense and finally if there is no way out don t be hero simply hand over your bag immediately using strong body language and disengage from the situation forcefully if necessary Goods can always be replaced you can t 5 Mobile telephones Have your mobile telephone security marked with your office address it might not stop your mobile being stolen but if it does get recovered at a later date it will help the police to know where it came from and perhaps break up a bigger gang who are selling these telephones off Do you know your IMEI number and what it is and does It s the long number underneath your battery and if call your service provider they will be able to disable your SIM card and prevent that mobile from being used Have it on silent if you are in a secluded area and be especially wary when coming out of the underground as this is where most mobiles are stolen from as they tend to bleep when you come out and get a signal Try not to walk around texting with your head down or crossing a busy road If you need to text stand with your back against a wall or at least pay attention to your surroundings 6 Walking When walking try to walk with the traffic coming towards you Why Simple if you get accosted by someone in a car you can see them coming they also have to talk to you through the passenger car window if they are by themselves If they have someone with them you will at least see them coming and be able to prepare yourself to deal with the situation If you feel threatened don t be afraid to scream and shout and if you have one set off your personal attack alarm Don t stand on the spot but run to a place of safety as soon as you can and remember they will have to turn the car around to follow you again buying you those precious seconds 7 Being followed If you think you re being followed it s very important not to panic What happens when you panic Chemicals get released in your body cortisol adrenaline you can t think straight STOP Have a procedure in place that you can follow

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/personal-safety/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview With Tim Grant Of Taylor Wessing - Front Recruitment
    ahead of a meeting and appreciate some beauty it can only help your temperament for the day The three metre high images you were greeted with can be very easily changed Tim explained The firm s long standing sponsorship of the National Portrait Gallery gave us inspiration and the images were from German based photographers Billy and Hells The beauty of the design is that at such point that we want to replace them they can be peeled off and replaced with new images We are considering a change but unfortunately he sighed it s finding something that would compete because you see we ve had so many good comments about these ones and I wonder He seemed to be lost in thought for a moment probably picturing an array of three metre possibilities Suddenly he was back So you want to see our forest Forest I asked realising he was beginning to enjoy this Keeping client privacy behind glass meeting rooms has always been a tricky problem to tackle so why not hide them behind trees We first went for real bamboo but realised it just didn t work To create privacy glass it is usually frosted However Taylor Wessing have gone with another look a kind of woodland scene The trees change colours depending on the light The building has so much glass the light comes through and each change to the weather greatly affects how this corridor looks If it s snowing or raining cloudy or even once in a while sunny everything changes Each day is never the same Very different corporate still but adds that creative feel which once again lifts the mood And for clients arriving and needing to freshen up there are male and female shower cubicles with fresh towels There are also

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/interview-with-tim-grant-of-taylor-wessing/ (2016-02-15)
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  • London Evening Standard - Corporate Receptionists - Front Recruitment
    Office figure representing their company when clients walk through the door The new generation of super receptionists are now often recruited from leading airlines such as British Airways or London restaurants Simon Cooney director of receptionist provider Office Concierge said the old days of say hello and sign people in have long gone He said Now they are expected to get involved in roles such as client management handling top end visitors meeting room bookings and setting up teleconferencing Typical pay has risen in recent years from a maximum of 20 000 to 25 000 or even 30 000 he said Some City clients are now even demanding that receptionists be graduates according to Susanna Tait associate director of recruitment firm Tay Associates Bill Hutton director of specialist receptionist job agency FOH Recruitment said My clients are scrabbling over themselves for good guys If you ve got a team of 20 receptionists all of them female you ve got to bring a couple of guys in They bring something new to the team However the survey commissioned by Office Concierge reveals that there are still some perceived differences between the sexes The poll of 1 000 office workers found that the worst traits in female receptionists were that they seem bored 22 per cent they gossip 21 per cent and they spend too much time texting or on social networks 13 per cent Among men the worst traits are they are rude and grumpy 29 per cent and they get visitor s caller s names wrong 18 per cent You do get people making stereotype remarks Jackson Win Boh started working as a receptionist at City insurance brokers Marsh McLennan Companies last summer and loves it so much he plans a long term career in the role The 26 year

    Original URL path: http://www.frontrecruitment.co.uk/magazine/london-evening-standard-corporate-receptionists/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Reception Manager Job Description
    from laptops and the ability to help individuals log on to the network etc The ability to understand and meet the requirements of Service Level Agreements Personal Skills Experience of working in a highly customer focussed service delivery role An excellent customer focused manner at all times Demonstrating the ability to be proactive and to possess strategic thinking skills The ability to lead and develop a large diverse team The ability to communicate effectively at all levels The ability to manage change A very high standard of personal appearance The ability to manage a large diverse workforce A good eye for detail and a desire to take responsibility through to resolution for issue and concerns generated by our customers A willingness to travel to regional offices to participate in training and coaching Other Information A significant element of this new role is an ability to help the service managers to bring the concept to life in their offices The postholder will be passionate about customer service and service excellence and will have to provide a strong and visible lead for the team which will initially be under the direct control of the postholder Initially the position will be to evaluate the existing resources and to implement change in order to ensure the provision of a consistent professional service across London It is envisaged that towards the completion of this staff management exercise there will be increasing amounts of project work to action to ensure the successful implementation of the concept This could potentially lead in to contract management responsibilities and project responsibilities on a national level Reception Manager Job Description 2 Our View The Manager will be required to work on all of the desks and be completely familiar with the different aspects and functions associated with the FOH operation and to train any new joiners and temporary staff Reception Manager Duties and Responsibilities To greet clients and visitors and ensure that all reception staff maintain the desired level of client service To ensure that records of the arrival of clients and the issue of passes are completed in a timely and professional manner A thorough knowledge of the computerised system is required to ensure correct procedures are always followed To monitor and provide statistical information of the types and categories of people visiting the office and usage of the adjacent conference rooms providing such information to management on request To ensure that notification of any person s being visited are informed of arrival of visitor in a timely manner and kept informed as and when required To ensure that service levels are maintained to the highest degree and particular attention is paid to client care to ensure that all visitors receive the highest quality of service and attention To ensure staff provide all assistance that a visitor may require To take full ownership of the reception and all associated areas making sure that they are kept in the best possible order at all times liaising with cleaners facilities security and other departments as deemed necessary To ensure that appropriate records are kept of the departure of visitors on the computerised logging system To ensure that when necessary coffee is made available to clients and presented in a timely manner To ensure that all reception staff are aware of and are providing a full business centre support for clients visitors and other personnel This will include all administrative support duties and will also extend to the arrangement of personal requests To ensure that all reception staff are trained and are fully conversant with all aspects of the software To collate and deliver accurate reports on all aspects of room booking information on request from manager To ensure that all desks are appropriately manned to ensure service levels are met ensuring adequate cover for sickness and vacation To regularly monitor team member s performance giving appropriate feedback and set achievable objectives prior to giving annual review Conducting annual appraisal process Shift working will be required as follows 0700 1500 1000 1800 Flexibility in both attitude and working hours is essential Previous supervisory experience essential Previous experience in conducting appraisals desirable but training will be provided if necessary Switchboard Supervisor Job Description Summary Of Role A challenging opportunity exists to take responsibility for the day to day supervision of staff and the callboard and switchboard services provided to us Managing the effectiveness of the team s performance with a focus on providing a quality service the supervisor will ensure the team achieve industry benchmarking standards Responsibilities MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Overall line management of up to 10 operators Monitor absence holidays and sickness Produce monthly management information as required Enhance communication channels with callboard and switchboard operators who work on shift basis SERVICE Ensure that the callboard and switchboard delivers a First Class service to the Company Review the day to day operation of the callboard and switchboard making process improvements to ensure that the function adds value to the Company enhancing the profile of the function internally Liaison with the Monitoring Agency regarding standards Effectively deal with any complaints bringing them to a satisfactory conclusion Maximise the use of systems to improve the service on offer RESOURCING Implementation and daily management of a monthly rota system Ensure that the operation is fully covered making adjustments for annual leave and absence as appropriate Responsibility for selection of new operators as required DEVELOPMENT Conduct six monthly performance reviews for employees Analyse training needs and implement training and development as required Provide constructive feedback to callboard and switchboard staff on a daily basis to drive service levels and productivity up Reception Supervisor Job Description Detailed Ground Floor Purpose of Job Responsible to ensure the efficient and smooth operation within reception and guest areas To ensure all customers are greeted in a professional friendly and courteous manner Notify host area of visitor requiring collection immediately and chase host if necessary Issue and retrieve all security passes Assist in ensuring no visitor allowed into building unaccompanied Assist Security

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  • Front of House Manager Job Descriptions
    large facilities team based in London and will provide Front of House Manager assistance to our London offices The post holder s main responsibilities will be the management of the Front of House team Catering contractors the Switchboard team the on site helpdesk and call system The post holder will have responsibility for managing a large number of staff with varying degrees of functions and duties and also the management of a number of subcontracted services and relevant staff Reception Manager Responsibilities Front of House Catering contractors Switchboard team On site helpdesk Call Logger Conference call providers Monitoring of and delivering to service level agreements Reviewing and setting procedures for effective operation Compilation of statistics for senior management Staff development and performance management including conducting annual appraisals Providing budgetary information Providing support to other facilities areas as necessary Skills and Attributes Required The post holder will be responsible for the reception management and day to day running of the above key areas which involves approx 30 staff A pre requisite for the post holder is excellent people management skills with a proven track record in this area The post holder will be able to operate with minimal input from senior management exercise excellent judgement and decision making and be totally customer service driven The post holder will possess excellent communication skills both orally and written and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels The post holder must be capable of organising large volumes of work for both themselves and others able to multi task work to tight deadlines when necessary and produce high quality work under pressure The post holder with be confident in both when to make a decision and when to seek further clarification on a decision The post holder will be a clear self starter with the ability to demonstrate innovation and drive Corporate Front Of House Manager Job Description Reception Manager Member of Facilities team responsible for managing Front of House services Part of a focused and dynamic team delivering a multi faceted co ordinated facilities management service to our company This is a proactive role which requires someone who is able to consider wider team issues whilst developing and refining the service The ability to provide the service to agreed SLA levels whilst working within strict budgetary controls will be a prerequisite The successful candidate will have management experience working for a large blue chip company with experience in managing corporate Reception Services to a 5 star standard A wealth of staff and change management experience is essential Main Duties and Responsibilities Main duties and responsibilities are Liaising with Clients and key business managers to ensure full and proactive business support is provided to their areas of responsibility Invest time and energy in the management and development and motivation of Reception team in a manner to ensure highest quality and value for money while maintaining high team morale Under take skills enhancement and personal development through monitoring and mentoring on individual and team basis

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  • Apply For A Job - Front Recruitment
    needing a fun and charming outgoing enthusiastic super polished confident receptionist or ex cabin crew Benefits include Gym Private health Pension and Bonus PLEASE ONLY APPLY If you have solid experience as either a receptionist or member of the cabin crew This company is looking for the best of the best in customer services A truly polished receptionist concierge of member of the cabin crew Someone who has worked for either a 5 Hotel or within reception OR airline cabin crew If you are immaculately presented with a warm professional and confident personality then this could be for you This company knows what an IMPORTANT job their front of house staff do They know their receptionists are essential to their overall image The main duties are as a receptionist with a high level of responsibility Receptionist needed urgently for this Hedge Fund as their current receptionist is leaving shortly Corporate Receptionist DUTIES Operating a switchboard in a warm confident and happy manner Reservation of meeting rooms on a computerised meeting room booking system Meeting and greeting clients in reception Ensuring clients receive VIP treatment Liaising with other receptionist the catering team and the AV team Liaising with the PAs and

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