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  • READ MORE TIMETABLES What time do you need to arrive READ MORE ABOUT FWT READ MORE OUR SERVICES We specialize in anything to do with conveying graphic information and specialize in public transport wayfinding in all its forms Read More CASE STUDIES In order to solve a problem first the problem must be clearly identified A selection of reports can be found here Read More LATEST NEWS GTR Builds on

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    reputation for the provision of high quality passenger transport information Our goal has always been to understand our clients problems and offer them wide ranging solutions that make their products the best Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo da Vinci We have always believed that providing information that is accurate and easy to use are the main factors that underpin any successful passenger transport information strategy Within this website you will find many examples of our work from auditing of networks through to design and full implementation of information schemes from schematic maps to full system GIS consultancy from paper to automatic timetable production We now have over 300 clients across the UK Europe and USA Our partner websites Oxford Cartographers create bespoke branded mapping putting your company s name and contact details in front of your clients on an interesting product with a long life people like to keep our maps http www oxfordcartographers com National Map Centre provides a fast and efficient large scale mapping service including site centred plans for planning applications at our Mapping Data Centres in Hatfield and Rainham http www mapsnmc co uk Customer Information Solutions for Public Transit in America http www chkamerica

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    CASE STUDIES NEWS CONTACT US OUR SERVICES FWT can supply as much or as little help with your project as you like We like to get involved in projects at the earliest stage and help with advice in saving you money based on over 40 years experience Our primary focus is on value for money based on foundations of a solid understanding of usability in real circumstances in the home in the street and during the journey Depending on the project type and scope we offer full audit recommendation and report on existing products and infrastructure compilation of timetables and maps from registrations ready for production checking and validation of timetables from source databases design and production of maps at all scales and styles for a variety of applications compilation design and production of rail and bus network diagrams automated timetable production to print ready files interactive websites invisibly linked to static and printed materials design and production of signage including manufacture project management from inception to implementation printing from one or two copies to millions NEXT SERVICE OUR SERVICES Interactive Mapping Cartogold Audit Report Information Wayfinding Technical Planning Diagrams Timetables Mapping Data Print LATEST NEWS GTR Builds on the

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Audit Report Information
    be thought viable without really understanding the circumstances and context in which it will be experienced by the user It has been said To what problem is this seen to be the solution Our Audit Report service establishes what is in place now what may be succeeding what may be failing and importantly what may be missing We evaluate existing information and how it is being made available in terms of street infrastructure and the products themselves We then recommend design and product solutions maps signage street furniture they all matter We know it is an old cliché but the total is greater than the sum of the parts and we ensure all parts are considered and all parts work seamlessly The solutions in different places are often similar though the application of them can vary enormously to achieve the same end Local geography complexity of networks and so on must been accounted for to reach a cost effective outcome In truth one size fits no one We only look at product delivery from the point of view of your customers and not your s or FWT s Having successful products well designed and crucially in the right points along

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/audit-report-information/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Wayfinding
    services right is equally important to you We urge all our customers to evaluate our products in real circumstances and not in the office Context is everything Maps without signs usually don t work If your passengers are trying to use your buses or trains you will want them to find you with the least possible effort Consider the parallel situation for drivers When using a road atlas the motorist would quickly become lost if there were no road signs Even with satellite navigation drivers still need road signs Wayfinding does not just mean signage A public transport user unfamiliar with an area or service needs signs as a minimum to get to your entry point Maps will make their lives easier if they are well designed Entry points to your services don t just mean the station entrance or bus stop they also include the display on the front of the bus the bus stop flag and more We will help you with as much or as little of this as you wish but urge you to put yourself in the position of a customer divorce yourself from what you may know and try to see it through the eyes of the unitiated That s what we do and we don t pretend it is easy In the UK we have standardized road signs and markings Whether you are in London Lands End Holyhead or Aberdeen learn the highway code and you should be fine Public transport users are severely disadvantaged compared with the motorist where there are no standards at all We aim to harmonize everything under your control for your customers to have as easy a life as possible That way they will come back for more We can even try to improve things not under your

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/wayfinding/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Interactive Mapping (Cartogold)
    mapping solution Cartogold Cartogold is an intuitive attractive and professional platform for accessing complex travel and planning information for both corporate and public audiences Ordnance Survey based mapping combined with our specialist skills allows complete flexibility to portray public transport stops routes and times both scheduled and real time and recommended walking and cycling routes Our growing number of local government clients also benefit from the systems ability to illustrate colour coded environmental and development zones and related policies as demonstrated by Wyre Forest District Council The latest version of our interactive public transport solution for Durham County Council allows users to directly access bus routes and times by highlighting their chosen bus stop This has been made possible by our development of software compatible with TransXChange timetable and stops data supplied directly by the client The latest generation Cartogold sites are built using HTML5 to ensure compatibility with mobile and tablet devices Cartogold is a complete managed solution from concept to delivery hosting account management and future developments If you would like more details on Cartogold please call on 020 8347 3700 or alternatively email us at info fwt co uk NEXT SERVICE OUR SERVICES Interactive Mapping Cartogold Audit

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/interactive-mapping-cartogold/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Technical Planning Diagrams
    London Underground which resulted in the production of 24 large format diagrams covering all ten of its operational Lines These include details of power supply sections sub stations station and track management divisions asset codes platform configurations and types tunnel types ventilation engineering access points and capacities there are thousands bridge types with inventory codes track measurements and so on Each diagram was compiled by FWT from over 20 disparate sources and many site surveys We also collated the diagrams and supplied them ready for use in heavy duty loose leaf D ring binders which we designed ourselves and had made for less than half the cost of standard quality proprietary ones As well as a highly versatile portable paper product this suite of diagrams is now also in use on London Underground s intranet site We then created the whole set with other supporting data as an interactive memory stick for ultimate portability Having seen these London Overground approached us to produce a single diagram 4 5 metres long to aid as a planning tool for their track signalling and platform upgrade programme This was a most interesting challenge as the diagram needed to depict the entire railway as

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/technical-planning-diagrams/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Mapping
    packaging or written instructions Packaging has to be attractive in the true sense of the word and information design must be attractive too in order to capture the readers attention in the first place However the primary function of any map is to help the user to plan or find his way Producing one that achieves this is no mean feat and it is routinely under estimated how complex a task it actually is when done well Maps can fail in two basic ways they can of course simply be inaccurate and the outcome becomes obvious but often only when used they can also fail when the factual content is sound but presented poorly Everything on a map is symbolic and all facts are conveyed by implication alone Maps are not like written instructions and a high cognitive load is being put on the user Different situations require different mapping solutions A geographical map may be ideal in one context and a straight line diagram better in another Scale is usually very important and simply making a map bigger or smaller is not what scale is about Scale is about proportion and content We are here to help you make

    Original URL path: http://www.fwt.co.uk/our-services/mapping/ (2016-02-16)
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